Thursday, March 09, 2017

F* crimes, we'll flog immorality

100 lashes of flogging advocated by Hadi Awang as punishment for MORAL 'offences' is more than four times greater than the maximum 24 strokes that secular civil courts are allowed to punish CRIMINALS offenders.

bear with the floggings - it's purely educational 

30 years of imprisonment (up from 3 years) is far far far more than some country's LIFE imprisonment, and just for MORAL 'offences', not even criminal offences.

To Hadi Awang, issues of MORALITY (examples) like khalwat [make sure the couple arrested are not married please - see MM Omline's Married couple sues JAWI after traumatic khalwat raid (VIDEO)], ...

From left) Lawyers Adam Luqman and Yusfarizal Yussoff with their clients Mohd Ridhuan Giman and Siti Sarah Maulad Abdullah who are suing JAWI for wrongful khalwat raid and arrest. — Picture by Ida Lim

... drinking alcohol like over-fermented tapai juice and breaking fast before JAKIM, JAWI and JAIS allow it, seems to be far far far more important than CRIMINAL violations (examples) like murders, corruption and incest.

Hadi Awang should also tell his East Coast authorities not to interfere with non-Muslim businesses like ordering Chinese hair dressing shops not to display posters of Aishwarya Rai with her gorgeous hair or suffer their business licence NOT being renewed.

Arab men don't like or pretend not to like gorgeous tresses of sweethearts because probably their womenfolk don't have it ,unlike Malaysian women, wakakaka.

you shia bitch, you were raped because of your uncovered hair - what do you expect when your exposed aurat made us men 'gaang'


  1. let those who have not sinned cast the first stone, so let hadi who I assume have not sinned do the divine honour of flogging and let him explain to us afterwards what it feels like to do God's work, don't be surprised he would enjoy it, there's a word that describes a person who enjoys watching people wreath in pain and beg for forgiveness but it just escape my mind

  2. Matey dear... your are hostile to Hadi and I know you can't even wait to ban laicism or any of Hadi's religious insignia. Wakakaka..

    By the by Hadi didn't make Terengganu/Kelantan an Islamic state. You know that he couldn't even if he wanted to because secularism is one of the unchangeable rules of our Constitution unless you want to have a war between the jihadists and the crusaders. Wakakaka..

    He's just a conservatively religious politician who perhaps base some of his decisions on religion and trying to get the Malay/Muslim society more conservative/religious/pious, and who will never allow logical reasoning to triumph over his devout religious beliefs of which I will have no objection.

    Yes granted - Hadi may be seen/understood as taking steps to turn the secular Terengganu/Kelantan into an Islamic one but I don't  think his political allies be it Najib or Anwar or Maddy and Moody or Khalid or Sharil will give him a free pass.

    BTW I heard that Erdogan is going to be the Sultan and the new Islamic Caliph? What's happening to the Young Turks? Wakakaka..

  3. islam (submission) is simply islam which is the practice (syariat) of all moslems (submitters) concerning the relationship between them & allah swt and amomgst themselves. in other words, the actions of the human beings. di malaya yg ada hanya tanah rizab melayu. islamic state eh? taik lembu jantan.

    to the Parti Islam Se-Malaya esp its presiden, islam is all about punishment , humiliation & torture as if alquran never talked about welfare of the ummah, the economy of the ummah etc.

    islam is not a product brand which can be traded period.