Saturday, March 25, 2017

Mango tree

There is no national tree for Malaysia, yet when I went around KL and Penang recently I saw mango trees in general being planted almost everywhere outside houses.

Delightfully I also saw a couple of nangka trees planted outside a house in KL but alas that was the exception to the rule.

I wonder what would be planted outside the houses of LKS, Anwar, Hadi Awang, Mat Sabu and Najib, wakakaka. And I speculate that Atuk would most probably have planted carrots outside his mansion for his reputed 40 thoroughbred horses.

Should we make the mango tree our national tree?


Since I wrote above on 25 March 2017, Malaysia has identified its national tree, as announced on 23 August 2019. It's the Merbau.

Read following post for more on national tree of Malaysia:

National tree of Malaysia.


  1. The mango tree or mangifera indica is the national tree of Bangladesh. But wait.. perhaps your suggestion is apt as there are so many Banglas in our country today.. wakakaka.

    Hadi planted a lot fig and olive trees.

    1. Now all hadi needs are a camel and a tent and omar bakr is his uncle

  2. Hmm. Apasal nama Anwar disebut dua kali ni...hehehe.

    1. Maybe i now like him wakakaka but it should have read Mahathur. HY has given a hint as to Mahathir plants outside his mansion, a catcus wakakaka

  3. i always thot msia tree is coconut? y no lge, his no swimming pool bangalooo can plant durian tree.

  4. 橘化为枳 南橘北枳 - same type of orange, once it changes its habitat, turns into a mutant variation.

    So, what so important about the tree that u grow in front of yr house?

    Same shape, same leaves BUT the beared fruits taste vastly different bcoz of the environment!

    A simple case of superficiality.

    Just like an exCJ turns himself into a laughing stock of the legal profession by mouthing his emptiness of substance on the highest law of the land.

    Same title but deplecting of REAL substance for the job.

    CJ selected bcoz of kaki ampu, on top of race & ummat!

    I strongly suggest that plasticized jagung be the national plant of current bolihland.

    1. u mean do like dap better kah, ask mca to resign over 355? dari dulu sampai sekarang still sama? its sound like the chinese vote to dap is to sponsor them to plant durian trees in their new bangaloooo kah?

    2. Rubbish....橘化为枳 南橘北枳 applies equally to the/LKS.

      Zero exception!!!