Saturday, April 01, 2017

Pribumi shows its ketuanan claws?

So Pribumi has joined Pakatan. But I read it insists on a Malay party leading the new coalition.

Yes a Malay party not just a Malay individual like Anwar Ibrahim or Azmin Ali or (forget about Dr Wan) Saifuddin Abdullah to lead the new bloc.

If true then Pribumi is showing its Umno claws.

I will be truly disappointed if the Dap goes along with such a dictate from a new and bloody junior member of Pakatan.


  1. according to rpk, dap is full of shit (fraud) n lead by cheaters (lks n gang). kua oso believe dap know nothing abt democracy. thus such seniority worth zilch, moreover their next motive could be buying bangalooo with swimming pool, so to let ah tuan to lead pakatan might perfectly suit this shit party.

    ps/ I believe rpk is a liar but since u admire him so much, i have to choice but to cite this liar to suit u. btw, rpk the liar mentioned tan seng giaw have the dap grassroots support shown his ignorance abt dap, i still dun understand y u admire a liar.

    1. "... i still dun understand y u admire a liar..."
      Like KT, I also admire RPK. My admiration is very much based on the person I know than what he is currently writing. (None of us really know what happened in the past 2 years that caused him to write what he does currently. I am certain he would not say so if asked. Even his son Azman could not give me an answer.)

      I sincerely believe there are other compelling reasons at play; I do not believe it is to do with money.

    2. low, since u seem to have good impression toward that liar, perhaps u may find a good reason by reading yr good pal kt. for eg, its quite obvious najib have the biggest role in 355, but kt could only condemn almost everyone except najib.

      another parallel comparison, read helen, hatred toward dap is the main reason i guess.

      that said, the above 2 rarely commend najib as the liar did, ergo to me, the only reason i could think of is money, the liar is a dedak eater, n a cheap one.

    3. btw only a cheap cb liar would publish zairil intimate photo, ini macam punya cheap kaki u n kt pun admire, i suspect perhaps u 2 oso quite cheap.

  2. Dr Mahathir is the boss of Pribumi.So,Dr Mahathir automatically becomes the boss of the opposition front.It makes sense.

  3. Ai-yah...How come hy still takes fake news from that megalomaniac of Manchester?

    His article on "Jahabar Sadiq and the mystery of his funder" shows how desperate he is in generating fake news.

    He becomes careless!!

    He ranted about the mysterious funding of millions that those news portal were canvassing from unnamed sources in order to sustain as an ongoing business.

    Yet he'd conveniently forgotten in mentioning his mt portal's funding source!

    Walau-eh, his kopitiam in Manchester must be generating millions for him to support mt, single-handedly in the current business environment of Manchester!

    Lesson for the day, desperate people USUALLY become careless in their actions.

    Thus, throwing wide open their udang dibelakang batu.

    Sad indeed!

    1. what mysterious funding r u talking abt, the liar clearly said lks/dap is behind jahabar tmi.

      i suspect the liar always exaggerate the cost to run mt in order to reap more dedak, almost all article is curi lain orang punya except his own shit, still wanna talk big.