Wednesday, March 08, 2017

The woman behind the man?

Today I wish to comment on a couple of paragraphs, in fact the first two and one half, that RPK penned in his latest post titled Najib's week of victories.

Of course my commentaries on his 'couple of paragraphs' might emerge 'out of context' but WTF, who cares, wakakaka.

Sometimes it's fun this way, because I can then go any which way, but look, if you want to enjoy full context of what RPK has written, visit his blog and don't kacau me, okay? Wakakaka.

The following extracts from his post are:

Those in the know knew that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad ‘had plans’ for Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak when soon after the May 2013 general election the former started criticising the latter. At first it was a ‘mild criticism’ and basically ‘recycled’ issues that had earlier been used against Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi from 2006 to 2009.

I am now adviser to Petronas
alamak lah, siapa rugi? hehehe

It was clear that Mahathir was just testing the waters to see how far he could go with attacking Najib. When it was apparent that the criticism was not gaining any momentum, Mahathir had to step back a bit and reconsider his strategy. He cannot attack Najib the way he had attacked Abdullah and hope that the Prime Minister would step down.

Najib was not going to step down like Abdullah did. Najib would need to be ousted or pushed out. And it has to be with great force against the backdrop of very serious charges.

Presumably those initially 'mild criticisms' must have been about:

  • the crooked bridge
  • removal of someone's grandoise projects, wakakaka
  • kowtowing to Sing
  • over-favouring the ungrateful Chinese
  • etc

But given Najib's known inclination to avoid confrontation of any kind, as Zaid informed us, why did he obdurately or if you like, courageously hang on?

Could it be because:

  • he was in reality a brave bloke
  • he thought "F* Maddy" for being 'ungrateful' to the son of Razak who resurrected Maddy
  • he was too thick to know Maddy wanted him out
  • his wife cubit-ed him into staying?

Wakakaka. Let's analyse each one.

The possibility that he was a brave bloke would be contrary to what Zaid told us, that Najib has a mild nature, where he preferred and no doubt still prefers to avoid aggressive, aggravated and acrimonious confrontations.

That characteristic was confirmed by Moody who told us that when Najib wanted to sack him, the PM did not, could not look at Moody in the face. In fact it was left to Moody to ask "Am I being sacked?" to which Najib silently, and seemingly ashamed or embarrassed, nodded his head. OK, he was not brave or if you like, cowardly then, wakakaka.

Second point - given above, I doubt he would dare to think "F* Maddy". OK then, he was not even brave in his thoughts. Wakakaka.

Third point - I doubt he was that thick, precisely and especially as Zaid had informed us of his aversion to unpleasant discordance.

Such people are usually sensitive to criticisms by others so he would have known that he had fallen from Maddy's favour, a favour that was part of a Maddy's strategic sequence to see his scion become PM.

I hope you know the difference between the words 'strategic' and 'tactical'? Wakakaka. Anyway, I believe we can comfortably rule out any aggressive thoughts by Najib towards Maddy.

By the by, just a quickie, wakakaka - my Unc asked whether you guys know Ah Jib Gor's mum, Tun Rahah Noah?

yes, she's a Tun in her own rights 

She's around 84 now, but the most unique thing about her is that EVERY Chinese (Tionghua) Ambassador, wakakaka, posted to Malaysia visited or will visit her as a virtual-mandatory courtesy call.

Do you want to know why? Try and guess dahulu lah, wakakaka.

Anyway, the message my Unc wanted to pass on is that if you want to know Najib's character, look at Rahah Noah's personality.

OK back on track, so where does that leave us regarding Mahathir's initial criticism of Najib gaining NIL traction?



  1. A few points for yr syiok-sendiri pondering.

    1) didn't u wrote this trash - "What Najib is/was/has been, via facts, evidence (or a lack of), unsubstantiated allegations', or black propaganda, is entirely at the mercy of your personal opinion which no one should nor could change, but what is undeniable is that he is the head of his ruling coalition who has been nominated through their consensus (and not by Mahathir as the old man had believed) to be the PM of Malaysia."?

    How to reconciled with yr current take of 'he would have known that he had fallen from Maddy's favour, a favour that was part of a Maddy's strategic sequence to see his scion become PM."

    Wakakakaka.. spin lah!

    2) "the most unique thing about her(Tun Rahah Noah NOT that hippo) is that EVERY Chinese (Tionghua) Ambassador, wakakaka, posted to Malaysia visited or will visit her as a virtual-mandatory courtesy call."

    A 'vow' was made by Zhou Enlai - that the leader of the country, who committed to the FIRST diplomatic relation with China within a geopolitic region during China's early difficult & often problematic diplomatic outreach, will be given upmost respect till his/her death.

    It has since become a unbroken tradition of every new generation of the Chinese leadership.

    Razak was the 1st ASEAN premier to visit China & to establish the 1st diplomatic relation in 1974. That's where the honor that Tun Rahah Noah inherits till today.

    So, what Rahah Noah's personality, tu????

    It's doubtful that jibby CAN continue with that honorary reception.

    3) "his wife cubit-ed him into staying?"

    Look no further lah than the fact that when Lau Lee of the RedDot made his 1st & last official visit to M'sia in 2009, he asked for a face-to-face meeting with hippo!


    Wakakakaka, just to find out who was that 武则天 that henpicked the ahjibgor.

    Harry was sharp & knew the political scene of bolihland well & through.

    Hippo has too many baggages around her back. The worst dream she has is to retire disgraceful to Kazakhstan to chew betel nut! So she WILL fight tooth & nail to salvage her legacies.

    1. that he had fallen from Maddy's favour did not hide the reality he is the head of his ruling coalition who has been nominated through their consensus (and not by Mahathir as the old man had believed) to be the PM of Malaysia

    2. by the by 武则天 (Wu Zetian) was one of China most successful ruler and the ONLY woman to ever sit on the Dragon Throne

    3. Wakakakaka...A wordsmith that can't read!

      Not the historical 武则天, but the urban legendary theatrical wannabe.

      But credit is due for her talent in people behavioural manipulation & political Machiavellian moves, despite her prodigiously distasteful greediness!

      Without her, yr ahjibgor is history long before Maddy's farse!

      BTW, ain't she in control of the throne NOW???

  2. Such a fawning and toadying write up on a man who had RM 2.6 Billion from unsubstantiated sources laundered through his personal bank account.

    1. when I praise LGE you don't like it.

      when I wrote about Najib, you come up with preposterous allegations

      I know you want me to praise Mahathri and Anwar, wakakaka. I will when I am allowed to join Pribumi

    2. Dear Monsterball.. Why can't you accept the fact that the "Ringgit Malaysia Dua Perpuluhan Enam Bilion" was donated by the Saudis for the purpose, to  put it bluntly, to help Najib and his coalition to win the election?

      What is so unusual about the donation, huh?.. as the Saudis operate in a very similar way to other countries too?  For example Jordan has received more than $1bn and Sudan's central bank had received deposit of more than $1bn from Riyadh, while billion of dollars for Egypt too, just to mention a few.

      Now, perhaps you are not even half-an-inch grateful that the Saudis had decided to invest more than $7.0 bn to take up a 50% stake in our tank farm project in Pengerang. Arab buat investment pun salah dan China buat investment pun lagi salah. Wakakaka...

      Monsterball.. you nie kan.. tak habis habis intertwined the donation with 1MDB of which you are trying very hard to NOT accepting the fact that 1MDB is still very much alive and still kicking today! Get real lah.. wakakaka.

  3. "alleged corruption"!!!!

    "local propaganda reduces inset prejudice"???

    "What Najib is/was/has been, via facts, evidence (or a lack of), unsubstantiated allegations', or black propaganda"

    Remember these words written by u?

    Obviously, u DON'T believe a sh*t about 1MDB, Altantuyaa's murder, Scorpene-class submarines scandal & the profligation of billions in jibby's AMBank account!!!!

    All these were just FAKE news to taint yr ahjibgor's 'outstanding' characters that he inherited from Rahah Noah.

    Tsk...tsk if u think this way, then u SHOULD also realise that like father like son. Mother included. Yr idol has inevitably casted a long dark shadow on his mother! RIGHT????

    I can understand the approaches of yr megalomaniac sifu in defending his 'master', as he personally said support Najib.

    So what's yr stand??

    U support najib too???

    For what??

    For what he has done in the past to help yr uncle during his military years???

    “大义灭亲,其是之谓乎。” Tau tak???

    Unless there is REALLY something else that fit the called of a "paid" wordsmith!

    1. all news adverse to Najib, I am not sure except the Altantuyaa case. In the Mongolian case I don't see any thing DIRECTLY linking her or her murder to Najib. The person you should question should be, in my humble opinion, Baginda Razak.

      I did not (still do not) find the tale spun by PI Bala plausible at all (everything allegedly linking Altantuyaa was based on the words of ONE single person in a virtual hearsay fashion.

      Nor did/do I believe the man who seems to be always behind every scene accusing Najib, namely PKR's Sivarasa.

    2. then y u seem so sure on cases involve mahathir? u know something we dun?

    3. I lived under his regime

    4. To paraphrase yr 'very simplistic' argument;

      We r NOW living under yr idol's regime!!

      Bloody hell, how much simpler is that????

      Oooop.... 1MDB is still alive & kicking?

      Ya loh, on continue life support from the tax payers of bolihland, currently & the next 2 gen (based on the prevailing GDP projection)!!!

      & soon to be wrapped up in voluntary liquidation - no more, so that ALL evidences can be torched!

      Ular sama tikis selobang!!!