Sunday, March 12, 2017

Five fingers of ISMA

From the Malay Mail Online about Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (ISMA) [extracts only]:

our hearts to only Muslims including a foreigner

The leader of a conservative Islamist group has branded Datuk Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin’s move to give zakat (alms) to non-Muslims in Perlis as “cheap publicity”. [...]

Isma deputy president Aminuddin Yahaya, on the other hand, said while the policy may be in line with Islamic teachings, priority for zakat distribution should still be given to poor Muslims.

“Conceptually there is no problem with it so as long as they have intentions to embrace Islam.”

In other words, ISMA deputy president said that zakat for non-Muslim poor is okay provided they have intentions to masuk Islam, though his leader was not so 'friendly'.

In the aftermath of the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, Chinese Buddhists in Penang rushed to Batu Ferringhi and the Teluk Bahang area in the NW of Penang to provide aid to Malay-Muslim fishing community, but without requiring anyone there to show intention of becoming Buddhists.

another goodwill Buddhist effort in Kelantan

Tzu Chi’s volunteers handing out bottled drinking water and biscuits to evacuees at a relief centre in Rantau Panjang, Kelantan. January 5, 2017 — Picture courtesy of Buddhist Tzu Chi Merits Society Malaysia (via MM Online)

Chinese film star Jackie Chan donated his own money to re-build an entire village in Sumatra for the locals

The Chinese Buddhist goodwill in their support was deeply appreciated by the good folks in the Penang NW to elicit comments from those fishermen there that the Chinese Buddhists provided aid without first checking who among them was supporting UMNO, PAS or PKR.

Help to the poor should be provided when needed BUT without, as a prior condition, sussing out the religious (or political) preference or inclinations of the recipients, as some Christians and some Muslims have been wont to do.

Give willingly or don't give at all.

In the meanwhile, ISMA after showing heels-dragging reluctance on helping Malaysian non-Muslim poor, wants to make a foreigner, Zakir Naik a Malaysian citizen.

The notorious Indian Islamic preacher has been banned from several countries including his own homeland of India though police there would love to have him for serious questioning on security matters.

Zaki Naik is a man who once preached that wife beating is okay as hubby is the leader of the family and thus has the right, though he suggested hubby should beat his wife "lightly", whatever that means - 6 strokes or 100 strokes?

Just 3 weeks ago, Downunder, Keysar Trad, President of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, said that using violence against women would be a last resort for men.

He described beating women as Step No 3 in a process of dealing with issues in relationships, after (Step No 1) counselling and (Step No 2) buying chocolates or “taking her out on a dinner”.

And Keysar Trad is supposed to be a 'moderate' Aussie Muslim?

On another matter, according to Zaki Naik, Muslims have the right to have sex with their female SLAVES where to him, slaves would be prisoners of war.

He recommended the death penalty for homosexuals because they suffered from sinful mental problems (what, no healing?) and because those homosexuals watch pornographic movies.

He condemned America's Guantanamo Bay prison for holding Muslims as slaves there. I wonder whether those Yank (female and male) guards are having sex with their Muslims slaves as Zaki Naik has said it's okay to have sex with slaves.

Once he was reported to have said that pigs invited other males (presumably pigs and not cats) to have sex with his female mate (presumably pigs and not cats), saying that has been similar to what have been happening in Western society where those Westerners go to dance parties and do (wife) swapping. And that was because Westerners ate pork.

Most (though not all) Chinese eat pork too, and according to Zaki Naik, you are what you eat. In this sense Hindus are safe from behaving like lembu's and kerbau's and unta's.

Oh BTW, I didn't know that a pig could INVITE other male pigs (not cats) to f**k its piggy (not cat) mate, thus I have to kowtow to Zakir Naik for his profound and quite intimate knowledge on the ways of pigs, yes indeed, for him to be able to make such an assertion.

So ISMA wants to recommend such a person to become a Malaysian citizen.

It's amazing about the "priority" of ISMA. Promote a foreigner like Zaki Naik but show less goodwill towards Malaysian non-Muslim poor.

Chinese (non-Muslims and Muslims) have a saying that if one were to fold or bend one's fingers, the fingers will naturally fold inwards to the palm - (kepada sendiri).

But it seems ISMA's fingers fold outwards, away from the palm (kepada yang luar dan asing).

We should be thankful that we are currently at odds with North Korea and not some "other" nations.

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  1. Zakir Naik aspires to be a speaker of international stature. However, having an Indian passport places substantial inconvenience to him, as many countries have strict restrictive visa policies on Indian nationals.
    Ideally he should get the passport of a Western Eurpean EU Nation or other affluent Western country, but that may be impossible, considering his questionable past statements.

    Malaysian passport holders face relatively few obstacles in international travel, so this may be his next-best move. Looks like ISMA is aiding him on this.