Thursday, January 14, 2016

Kill in God's name

TMI - Isis issued cryptic warning ahead of Jakarta attacks, say police:

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Isis) issued a cryptic warning before multiple blasts hit the Indonesian capital Jakarta today, killing at least four people, police said.

National police spokesman Anton Charliyan said it was not clear yet which group had carried out what the Indonesian president termed "acts of terror".

But he said Isis issued a cryptic warning before the attacks.

“The warning said there will be a concert in Indonesia and it will be international news,” he told a local radio station.

He did not give any further details, or say when the warning was issued.

Police foiled several terror plots in Indonesia last month, with some believed to be linked to Isis.

Hundreds of Indonesians are feared to have joined the jihadist group, which has taken over vast swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria.

Why is it that the most warlike religions or religions that encourage war and killing through several millenniums of their respective history (since around 1400 BC) have been the Abrahamic religions, the fearsome troika of Judaism, Christianity and Islam?

Judaism was the pioneer warmongering religion:

1 Samuel 15 (KJV)

15 Samuel also said unto Saul, The Lord sent me to anoint thee to be king over his people, over Israel: now therefore hearken thou unto the voice of the words of the Lord.

2 Thus saith the Lord of hosts, I remember that which Amalek did to Israel, how he laid wait for him in the way, when he came up from Egypt.

3 Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass.

Christianity saw wars waged in its name, including the terrible series of crusades, both medieval and modern (the latter under George Bush Jnr), and the genocides in various parts of the world especially in the Americas.

You wouldn't believe it but Christianity almost won its war in China in the late 19th Century, in the Taiping Revolution (1850 - 1864).

The Christian revolutionaries led by Hong Xiuquan, who claimed to be Jesus' younger brother, wakakaka, very nearly succeeded in overthrowing the Manchu government but for the intervention of the English and French who saw it in their national interests to aid the Qing.

If the revolutionaries had won, China would have become a Christian nation in mid-19th Century.

It was one of the most violent wars of all times, where between 30 to 70 million Chinese perished in that Chinese civil war.

While helping the Qing government against the Chinese Christian revolutionaries, the English also took advantage of the Chinese government's dire military situation to attack them in the Second Opium War.

Jesus' younger bother, Hong Xiuquan 

By comparison, the American Civil War, which occurred just as the Taiping Revolution was winding down, experienced around 600,000 dead.

WWII with its deadlier arsenal (including two A-bombs) and worldwide occurrence saw 38 to 55 million civilians killed, including 19 to 25 million from war-related disease and famine, while the military suffered around 22 to 25 million, including deaths in captivity of about 5 million POWs.

Thus WWII had a grand total dead of around 60 to 80 million.

The American war in Vietnam from 1965 to 1974 killed a grand total of approximately 1.3 million, where 600 thousands were north and south Vietnamese civilians, 450,000 NVR and Vietcongs, and 280,000 Allied troops (mostly Vietnamese). Of these, we know the Americans had 55,000 dead while the Australians 500.

But thanks to Christianity, 30 to 70 million people perished in the 15-year Chinese Civil War in the mid-19th Century, with several tens of millions displaced.

The war history of Islam equals that of Judaism and Christianity.

Yes, Hinduism has its warmongering myths in both the Ramayana and Mahabharata, but those conflicts were more deeply embedded in unverified myths such as monkeys aiding Rama's military expedition against Lanka. And, was Ravana a Sri Lankan and Rama a northern Indian Aryan? Wakakaka.



My theory is that the belligerent bloodthirsty bellicosity of the Abrahamic religions might have their origin in (Middle-Eastern) tribalism, first among the Israelites, then among the Arabs, Turks, Persians, etc.

Christianity just apes the territorial truculent tribal nature of Judaism.



  1. Suicide and mass destruction of people committed in the name of God/Allah is not a function of any religion! Nevertheless, the ecclesiastical authority justified the killings of the Jews because the Jews were responsible for the death of Jesus Christ. Generally, in the Abrahamic faith, it is lex talionis – an eye for an eye.

    In the Illiad, we can find example on the close connection between suicide, grief and the desire for vengeance as portrayed by Achilles. When his best friend Patrocles was killed in the battle, Achilles was devastated by his death that he directed his vengeance indiscriminately towards the enemy. Achilles spared no lives, not even those who pleaded mercy for their lives. Only death, even his own death, could make up for the death of his best friend.

    In Hamlet we see a similar relationship between suicide and vengeful behaviour for the death of his father – “O that this too sullied flesh would melt, thaw and resolve itself into a dew, Or that the Everlasting had not fix’d his cannon against self-slaughter. Oh God! Oh God! How weary, stale, flat, and unprofitable seem to me all the uses of this world!” – that ultimately leads Hamlet to murder an innocent man, the death of others, and then his own death.

    “Revenge as a popular tool to resolve human conflict has reemerged from primitive time as a rescission of the social contract. In the eyes of most people, the state has failed. Civil justice, governed by rules that have become so arcane and technical that who wins has nothing to do with the crime – is expensive, inefficient and totally unpredictable.” ~ Rex Julian Beaber – Los Angeles psychologist and lawyer.

  2. hitler was elected under a democracy system, can I therefore claim democracy kill millions, or the loss of democracy is the actual culprit?

    having said that, I still think organized religion is a problem and hindrance to good life.

    1. what the hell has hitler or democracy or dictatorship got to do with warlike religions?

    2. my point is that the warlike religion in the numerous historical event cited in yr article may not have much to do with religion. from my understanding, at least taiping revolution (n boxer rebellion) was war against oppressor, and perhaps due to a sense of nationalism among the so called believer. religion is a scapegoat. just like democracy has nothing to do with what hitler did, though he was elected by the people.

      however like I said earlier, we must keep 101% alert against any organized religion, and their fanatical deed to impose their value onto us, similarly like what yr bro bush action trying to democratizing iraq libya etc. tis people brandishing their "good intention" with banning concert, ban tis ban that. wtf.

    3. ban tis ban that in the name of religion can be considered as imposing values on others. the right thing to do is to abstain from going or buying.

      holocaust is political action/aspiration. arpatheid is a product of a distorted religion. the crusades is a warlike religion. blowing up the rainbow warrier in nz is an organized terrorism.

      most of them if not all are considered civil.

    4. re your "... religion is a scapegoat ..." that may well be the case and I don't have any quarrel with your take, but weren't and aren't millions killed, slaughtered, murdered using religions and their respective god(s) as justifications, from the Israelites slaughtering the Canaanites to the Christian crusades and genocides and oppression of the American and African natives to the Taiping Revolution to today's Islamist militants like al Qaeda and ISIS murdering thousands of innocents?

      There's no good intentions behind any religious edicts or fatwas promoting wars or so-called crusades or jihads of violence.

      Your good Christian friend George Bush Jnr's crusade was about oil (though his 1st Administration was packed full of religious ultra Zionists and religious Christian neo-cons who wanted to destroy Iraq and Iran for Israel's strategic benefits).

      Here at home we must never ever forget the religious-empowered persecution (not just legal prosecution) of Nik Raini, the Borders store manager who despite two civil and one syariah courts clearing her of any violation of a non-existent Islamic ruling at the alleged time of crime, was forced to suffer the threat of possible prosecution/persecution by JAWI appealing against the 3 courts' very clear dismissal of the JAWI's incorrect and unfounded charges. It was like a sword of Damocles hanging over her head, allowed by evil misuse of religious-empowered bullying.

      Her case is a classic example of why, with the rotten petty-minded bullying religious lil' Napoleons we have (and the evil example of Saudi syariah courts oppressing/bullying a Shiite girl - Qatif case), Malaysia should not ever implement full compliance with any religious laws. We will then be at the complete mercy of bullies and pocket dictators in religious garbs.

      But returning to the topic of my post, the 3 religions of the Abrahamic faith are particularly promoting of wars, violence and killing in god's name. The real motives behind using god's name were/are irrelevant because the 'faithful' had or will do the killing in god's name.

  3. Najib has to order his twitter happy IGP,to round up racial fanning bigots like Ismail Sabri,Ali Tinju and Ikan Bakar Jamal.Then send them to the vet to have them neutered.After the vet had done with them,they will be ball-less.It is trouble makers like them that encouraged and bred these cuckoo militants.

    Wait till Putin with his non stops bombarding of these militants,chased these frightened cuckoos out from Syria.These shell shocked and scared cuckoos will have no more fighting spirits left in them.Then,they will hightail quietly all the way back to Malaysia.When they are safely back home,off the radar from our intelligence,then they will be back to their naughty ways.When these guys turned really cuckoo,they will make Ismail Sabri,Ali Tinju and Ikan Bakar Jamal look like infants dirtying their diapers.

    My matey who idolized these three screaming baboons better take note.

  4. The fact is ANY -ism or -ity taken taken to a pure extreme beyond the bounds of human compassion or decency will result in barbaric cruelty and genocide.

    Three of the worst man-initiated kilings of the Twentieth Century outside than Wars was not related to any of the Abrahamaic religions, but by the extreme application of Atheistic Communist ideology.

    When is Ktemoc going to face the fact that his Atheism can be every bit as Barbaric and Bestial as the Abrahamaic religions ?

    1. The Soviet Collectivization Genocide 1932

    2. The Maoist Collectivization Genocide 1958

    3. The Cambodian Killing Fields 1975

    1. see my comment below in which I asserted that the issue in this post is not about which war was the most cruel or which had the most number killed.

      The principal issue I wanted to offer for discussion (in connection with the Jakarta terrorist bombings) is that only 3 religions, those of the Abrahamic faith, advocate killings, war, slaughter in the name of god

  5. Massacres in the name of Islam.

    The Armenian Genocide 1915. 1.5 Million (40% of the ethnic Armenian Christian population in the region).

    Muslim Massacre of Jews - Granada, Spain.
    Estimates 90 - 100% of the Jewish population of the city. Women , children and babies were not spared.
    Many times in history, Muslims have treated Jews as almost non-humans.

    Massacre of Jews - Hebron 1929.
    "Only" 67 killed, but this incident has major, major repercussions on the modern Middle-East.

    Israel has been made to understand if ever the Jewish state is defeated by its Muslim adversaries, mass massacre will be the fate of its Jewish inhabitants.
    Much of Israel's policies and actions are a result of this assumption.

    1. you missed out Deir Yassin Massacre, Operations Cast Lead slaughter, Yehida Massacre, Khisas Massacre, Qazaza Massacre, Al-Sheikh Village Massacre, Naser Al-Din Massacre, Beit Daras Massacre, The Dahmash Mosque Massacre, Dawayma Massacre, Al Aqsa mosque massacre, and several others

  6. Ktemoc - "Hinduism ....warmongering ... but those conflicts were more deeply embedded in unverified myths such as ....."

    The Old Testament is also full of unverified myths, which most Christians (other than fundamentalists) regard as metaphorical descriptions of semi-historical events....

    but Ktemoc uses it as justification for vicious attacks against Judaism and Christianity.

    Why the double standards ?

    1. for a start, there was no monkey army in the OT, wakakaka.

      2nd-ly, there are collaborating evidence (documentary and archaeological) from non-OT sources, from neighbouring countries (Babylonian, Persian, Roman, Greek, etc) which support many (but not all) of the historical aspects of the OT.

      For example, modern day analysis of the OT and its several but different sources has revealed, among other issues, the murder-sacrifice of Isaac by Abraham, a happening that was 'covered up' thousands of years later when the Judeans, by then revolted at the thought of human sacrificial offerings to YHWH in "earlier" days, "edited" the bible when they were in Babylonian bondage.

      Another was the Battle of Gibeah which though happened long before Israel had a monarchy, was described by modern day scholars as a political spin by King David's supporters (tribe of Judah) to demon-ize the tribe of Benjamin (tribe of David's greatest foe, King Saul). It's suspected that after David seized the throne from Saul, the tribe of Judah went about vindictively and systematically slaughtering the Benjaminites, but put the event a hundred to two hundred years before. The justification for the slaughter blamed the tribe of Benjaminites for their vile acts of raping a Levite's wife in a scenario scholars said was almost similar to the story of Sodom & Gomorrah, another spin by Judeans to demonize their Hebrew cousins, the MOabites and Ammonites (descendants of Lot, nephew of Abraham)

      Anyway, the issue in this post is not about which war was the most cruel or which had the most number killed.

      The principal issue I wanted to offer for discussion (in connection with the Jakarta terrorist bombings) is that only 3 religions, those of the Abrahamic faith, advocate killings, war, slaughter in the name of god. Amen.

  7. I would consider the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Movement as a religious cult which had absorbed some of the teachings of Christianity, among others, rather than an outright Christian rebellion. Its not like a Catholic or Lutheran religious society had turned against the Manchus.
    It was no more Christian than the Moonies are Christian or Al-Arqam or Ayahpin was Islamic.

    The rebellion snowballed into such a massive civil war , not because the cult had acquired many adherents (the cult never did have a very large membership), but because serious general dissatisfaction with the moribund Qing Dynasty led many to join the bandwagon. It became a broad rebellion against the Manchus.

    Ironically, the British officer who played the leading role in aiding the suppression of the revolt, especially their defeated attempt to take Shanghai, was Charles Gordon , later become famous in death at the hands of the Islamic "Mahdi" in Khartoum, Sudan.
    One of the greatest defeats the British Empire ever suffered at the hands of a non-European adversary.

    Hinduism also has a blood-soaked past, especially in the Mahabharata. An Indian supplier once presented my company with a magnificent painting of a scene from the Hindu text. It was a huge hand-painted artwork, like 4 meters long.

    A superstitious member of the management raised a concern that it was bad "feng shui" to display it because it was in fact a scene from a war, and could bring conflict to the company.

    We couldn't throw away such a well-intentioned gift, so in the end we put it up in an obscure corner that hardly anyone would look at it...hahahaha..

    1. a good take which nonetheless supports my point that some religions, more than others, advocate killings, slaughters and wars.

    2. "It became a broad rebellion against the Manchus."

      the ironical part is one that defeated the taiping regime is a han general name zeng guufan, n from then onwards, the military power was under the control of han chinese. n tis warlords lead china into one of it darkest age, until the rise of jiang jieshe n mao zedung. mao rated highly taiping rebellion, he interpret the rebellion as the uprising of peasant. n the funny thing is mao believe one of reason taiping rebellion fail is bec hong choose jesus as brother, he should pick confucius instead wakaka.

    3. the truth is they wanted to get rid of the chinese imperialism in the name of religion/Jesus.. or to borrow your words.. using religion as a scapegoat.. to plunder and murder millions and millions of chinese and manchus.. no wonder lah the taiping rebellion was a failure.. mao then just made good what the warlike missionaries had failed to achieve. But mao picked up communism instead of confucianism.

    4. I believe Hong Xiuquan was either truly religious or eccentric/mad. He didn't exploit Christianity for his cause but others might have.

      As Rocketman said, his popularity was enhanced by the Han's hatred for the Manchu ruling class, a hatred since the days the Ming were overthrown

  8. Our ministers,politicians and little Napoleans in the various religious ministries are always stoking racial and religious tensions.It is just a matter of time before our local militants follow the ISIS lunatics and go on the rampage.When all hell finally breaks loose,the militants will have these good for nothing politicians crying out loud for their mamas.

    1. Vomit blood la. Ali Tinju will whack them all. Hehehe.

  9. chinese civil war - 30.0 to 70.0 million died

    www one - 15.3 million died

    www two - 60.0 to 80.0 million died

    vietnam war - 1.3 million died

    wars to defend the islamic faith under prophet muhammad over a period of 10 years - only 379 died

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