Saturday, January 23, 2016

Kedah MB issue - the royal consent

HRH Sultan of Kedah is currently in the position of HM the Yang di Pertuan Agong. A Council of Regency, comprising his brothers and daughter, discharges his duties as Sultan of Kedah.

Presumably on the issue of Kedah MB Mukhriz Mahathir 'losing the confidence' of his UMNO colleagues, when that comes to the royal consent, HRH the Sultan may choose to directly give his consent rather than leave it to the Council of Regency.

If HRH sticks to true form, I have no doubts he will follow the constitutional avenue as he is, like many of the Kedahan royalty (and unlike royalty of a few other states), known to be a strict adherent of the constitutional process and protocols for rulers vis-a-vis the federal and state political process.

I'm not a lawyer let alone a constitutional expert like Dr Bari, but I believe that proper process to remove Mukhriz from his position as the MB may come about via two possible scenarios, the DUN and the intra-party process.

If the DUN passes a motion of 'no confidence' in Mukhriz as MB, he has to vacate that position.

Currently the BN holds 21 in the 36-seat DUN including Mukhriz seat of Ayer Hitam and MCA's two seats of Gurun and Kulim.

This means the anti-Mukhriz UMNO faction can at best count on 18 UMNO ADUN but as we have read since then, Maznah Hamid, Kedah Wanita Umno chief and Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah Sanusi, head of Umno Youth’s Bendang Baru branch in Langkawi, both of whom attended Ahmad Bashah's press conference, wakakaka, have had second thoughts, wakakaka again.

But OTOH, both Maznah and Akhramsyah are not ADUN (unless I'm grossly incorrect on this point). And it'll be in the DUN that the votes of 'no confidence' in Mukhriz will be taken so their 'second thoughts' may mean for nothing, unless they are able to influence their ADUN kakis.

A majority in Kedah's 36-seat DUN calls for 19 ADUN. Let's say PAS' 8 ADUN will abstain, notwithstanding its current rapport with UMNO, Najib's UMNO that is, wakakaka.

DAP's 2, PKR's 4 and Amanah's 1 will definitely support Mukhriz on the basis of 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend'.

But even if PAS joins PH in opposing any 'no confidence' vote against Mukhriz, mummy's dearest darling boy will get (including his own vote) 16 votes, still shy of 3. Thus Mukhriz must secure another 3 more votes from his BN.

How many of the remaining 18 UMNO ADUN can Ahmad Bashah count on? I'm speculating wildly to say, perhaps and a BIG perhaps, 17, that is if he is lucky, wakakaka.

Wow, that then makes, Chua Thiong Gee (Kulim) and Leong Yong Kong (Gurun), the two MCA blokes king-makers, mind you, not a position they would want to be in, wakakaka.

Chua Thiong Gee 

Leong Yong Kong 

MCA HQs will undoubtedly instruct them to vote against Mukhriz and earn the gratitude of Ahmad Bashah but the wrath of Mahathir, wakakaka. I doubt Chua and Leong will exercise any personal kam-cheng for Mukhriz, wakakaka.

OTOH, if the avenue to oust Mukhriz takes an intra-party avenue, ie. for BN-UMNO to change its choice for the MB a la Pakatan's attempt to kick out Khalid Ibrahim (but which flopped disastrously thanks to PAS), the dear boy is definitely finished (unless daddy can pull a rabbit or two out of his songkok) because Ahmad Bashah will be guaranteed of an overwhelming majority.

Whichever way, HRH's consent is vital and as I reckon, he'll strictly observe the correct constitutional way. Kedah won't be another Selangor.

There is a third possibility. If the DUN process is taken and Mukhriz loses by a simple majority in a vote of 'no confidence' in him, he may do what Czar Alexander did to Napoleon in 1812, wakakaka, and ask HRH to dissolve the DUN and call for fresh elections.

Russian 'scourged earth' tactics defeated Napoleon campaign  

It'll then be up to Ahmad Bashah to convince HRH that is not necessary as he commands a majority in the DUN.


  1. This is a winner takes all thing.No matter what we all want,when push comes to shove,the Umno rebels win.That is if they got the blessing and backing of Najib.It is a no brainer that Najib has given the go ahead.It is better to get rid of one's enemy and a thorn in the ass,than to let Muhtriz stay on as MB and be a pain in the ass.

  2. "pas 8 adun will abstain"

    y abstain? still blur blur dun know who to support? cannot be. pas under hadi now play religion n race issue to the core, pas will take over umno n dap to become the most racist party, sure they kamcing with the red communist la.

    1. an intoxicated fatwa from hy.. kt u r on the right track... +1

    2. this so called god fearing man is actually a powermonger, sampai tahap jadi a race baiter, so cheap la.

    3. another classic example of a distorted imagination from hy..

    4. "pas 8 adun will abstain"

      Of course la PAS will abstain. It is an internal issue of UMNO. But the two ADUNs from MCA should not abstain as Mukhriz is indirectly a BN MB. So, it is 20:1. A straight forward issue lah. Habis satu cerita

      However, if Mukhriz chosed to be a Czar Alexander, UMNO/BN would still control Kedah. The opposition malays are split into PKR, PAN and PAS. Advantage UMNO/MCA/MIC. It would be the end of Mukhriz political career!

      Powermonger? Race baiter? Apa benda tu HY? True, you are using your dream-distorted fiction as ko punya locus central which is necessary untuk ko punya logical conflation on Hadi/PAS... wakakaka

  3. Barack Obama,the golfing buddy of Najib is one of the most powerful man in the world.

    But when it comes down to ruling their respective countries,Najib is a giant,while Barack is a midget.

    Why Najib is a giant and Barack is a midget?Because Najib is the most powerful man in Malaysia,and can do whatever he wants to do.And there is nothing anybody can do about it.

    Whereas,Barack cannot do whatever he wants to do in the land of the free,the Olde US of A.If he dares do whatever he wants to do,the Americans will have his tiny prick fried and fed to the dogs.

    1. bruno matey, aren't you going off track in this post? wakakaka

    2. That's because his mind is permanently on ass humping, leg spreading n dick sucking. Bruno, go out n get some fresh air la. Hidup Muhyiddin!

  4. Mukhriz's days were numbered the moment he showed up in Muhyiddin's home,in the evening he was fired from the cabinet.But,a defiant Mukhriz,taking for granted that a "roti canai" without "telor",Najib did not have the nuts to take him on.

    Najib was just bidding time to finish off his enemies.Najib had survived so far because of his patience and "ulur the tali" inch by inch for his enemies to hang themselves.Even the opposition's non stop harping on 1MDB have painted themselves into a corner.

    Now,after the Umno GA,because of the 1MDB and constant attacks on Najib and Fat Mama,the couple have emerged much much stronger.No thanks to the fuckups of the opposition.

    So,it is no surprise that the Kedah Umno rebels have openly demanded that they want Mama's Boy out.Mukhriz's days are not only numbered,but his goose is already cooked.

  5. Kaytee,I think that your matey,RPK,is doing a fine good job on Mukhriz.He is putting the final touches on Mukhriz.I think that he is one of Najib's best man,among his team of sleepyheads.He has surely earned every single cent paid to him.And hey,who can blame RPK,after all what Anwar had done to him.

    Najid is smirking like he had just lost his virginity.And hey,who can blame him.He finally got his money's worth for what he paid for.One thousand times more.Hehehe.