Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Capitalizing on a Mahathir's prediction for Kedah?

TMI (25 Jan 2015) - Removing Mukhriz will doom BN at next polls, warns Dr Mahathir

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has warned that those working to unseat Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir as Kedah menteri besar will lead Barisan Nasional to its doom in the next general election, The Star Online reported. "I'm not saying don't change the menteri besar, but know the consequences."

An Umno lawmaker today said Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad should not question attempts to remove the Kedah menteri besar, as the former prime minister had done the same thing during his tenure.

Padang Terap MP Datuk Seri Mahdzir Khalid brought up Tan Sri Osman Aroff's sacking during Dr Mahathir's administration in 1996, which he said happened without the consent of Kedah state representatives.

"I remember during Tun's time as prime minister, 22 state representatives in Kedah had signed a petition in support of Osman as the menteri besar.

"But Tun, who was also Umno president at the time, decided to replace him anyway," Mahdzir, an Umno supreme council member, told a press conference in his constituency.

Dr Mahathir decided to replace Osman with his loyalist, Tan Sri Sanusi Junid.

There is a small though vital (overriding) difference between removing Osman Aroff and removing Mukhriz Mahathir, oops-a-daisy, I've inadvertently let the cat out of the bag by providing the latter's name, wakakaka, which is precisely that: Mukhriz is Mahathir's son while Aroff is not!

What do you think of Papa Mahathir's words or credibility? Bukan saja Papa mudah lupa tetapi juga cakap ta'serupa bikin, wakakaka.

A few days ago I posted Kedah MB issue - the royal consent in which I penned:

... if the avenue to oust Mukhriz takes an intra-party avenue, ie. for BN-UMNO to change its choice for the MB a la Pakatan's attempt to kick out Khalid Ibrahim (but which flopped disastrously thanks to PAS), the dear boy is definitely finished (unless daddy can pull a rabbit or two out of his songkok) ...

In other words, Mukhriz can be removed without the need for the anti Mukhriz faction to show there are a minimum 19 ADUN against him. The minimum 19 is ONLY relevant in the 36-seat State Assembly which will include the vote of non-BN ADUN.

Because BN with 21 ADUN commands the majority in the Kedah DUN, it is the state ruling party with the right to nominate one of its member to be MB, for HRH's consent.

If the majority of the BN ADUN informs HRH that the majority of them (to wit, at least 11) no longer have any confidence in Mukhriz leading the BN ruling majority in the House, then HRH can consider a new nomination for the MB position from the BN.

Admittedly, a mere 11 of 21 BN ADUN may be too wafer-thin a majority to fully convince HRH, but if say, 15 or so UMNO ADUN are against Mukhriz, HRH will have to recognize there is a sizeable majority among the BN ADUN who have no confidence in the Mukhriz's leadership in the state DUN.

But Pakatan has challenged BN to call for a vote of no confidence in Mukhriz in the House?

Incidentally, did Pakatan in Selangor call for a vote of no confidence in Khalid Ibrahim?

They could have and should have because they had the numbers in their favour, with 13 PKR (minus Khalid Ibrahim, though we weren't too sure whether Khalid had any allies among PKR), 15 DAP and 3 Amanah ADUN against the former MB, making that 31 a definite majority in the 56-seat Selangor DUN.

PAS' 12 (15 minus 3 future-Amanah) and UMNO's 12, plus of course Khalid Ibrahim himself (15 total) would have voted against the vote of no confidence against Khalid Ibrahim.

Why then didn't Pakatan call for that vote of no confidence, when they are now so eager for BN to do so in Kedah?

I suspect that's because they feared Khalid Ibrahim doing a Czar Alexander's 1812 'scourged earth' tactic by advising HRH Selangor to call for fresh elections, and with HRH being very supportive of his (previous, wakakaka) Royal MB, that would have been a very likely possibility, nay, not just a possibility but a probability.

It wasn't that Pakatan couldn't have won in the fresh elections, but with an uncooperative PAS in the Khalid Ibrahim MB issue, PKR was scared shitless.

By the by, isn't it a fantastic coincidental that now, in the Kedah MB issue, there'll be also at least 15 ADUN (PAS' 8 assuming they want to vote against BN, DAP 2, PKR 4 and Mukhriz himself) who will cast their ballot against the vote of no confidence?

4-Ekor lucky number for this weekend - 1515? Wakakaka.

Anyway, the safer avenue for Kedah UMNO (as was initially thought to be for the Selangor Pakatan during the Khalid Ibrahim saga but subsequently proved not so when HRH flexed his royal biceps) is via the intra-party avenue.

But say, if push comes to shove, and UMNO fails to convince HRH in its intra-party decision and associated SD (shot down by friendly or not so friendly fire, wakakaka, to wit, the two MCA king-makers, wakakaka, with Gurun ADUN Leong Yong Kong even stating that he and his Kulim colleague's alleged support and signing of a SD to remove Mukhriz was only a rumour, wakakaka again), then the process, the vote of no confidence in Mukhriz Mahathir, will have to take place in the Dewan Undang2 Negeri (DUN) Kedah.

In my previous post I stated that Pakatan Harapan (not Pakatan Rakyat, wakakaka) would vote against the UMNO motion, while I wasn't sure of PAS' intention. We all know PAS is definitely on the side of UMNO, but then which UMNO? Najib's or Mahathir's?

That's the problem with a snake. You don't know which end is its head until it sinks its fangs into you, wakakaka, and like so with the smaller but equally poisonous PKR, wakakaka again.

And that has been why I stated (for simplicity's sake) PAS' 8 ADUN may abstain.

But look, Mahathir has now warned UMNO that unseating his darling boy as Kedah MB will lead BN to its doom in the next general election ..... which should give PAS another possible chance to form the state government in collaboration with its sluttish ally, PKR, wakakaka.

Surely that possibility stemming from a Mahathir's prediction (hopefully a prophecy, wakakaka) makes for better motivation than being friends with Najib's UMNO?

So on the basis of logic, PAS should vote together with the anti-Mukhriz faction to ensure BN loses the next state elections.

Again, on the basis of logic, so should DAP. In other words, vote against Mukhriz to (first) topple the BN government, and (subsequently) deal with a possible PAS state government.

As for PKR, from its sluttish behaviour with PAS, they may vote together with the Islamic Party, wakakaka.


  1. The Kedah Chinese community is overall very negative about UMNO and BN, especially the younger generation.

    However, many have recognised Mukhriz as someone they can work with. Not ideal, but can do business with him.

    There is Zero support in the Kedah Chinese community to have Mukhriz replaced. That is the reason for the about-turn of the two MCA ADUNs (initially they went along with the Najib-sponsored direction)

  2. The opposition does not practice what it preached.All the opposition knows is to scream their fucking lungs out till they burst.These screaming hyenas have teeth but have no nuts to bite.All these hyenas are good at are go roaming the streets and fucking all those stray bitches and have puppies.

    The reason our opposition are sitting at the parliament's opposition benches,is because the rakyat sees them as a pack of useless creeps.Good for nothing and a bunch of screwups.

  3. Mukhriz is definitely toast.In the coming few days there will definitely be a new MB.That prick sucking Ahmad Bashah,Najib's lapdog and bodek kaki will be the new MB.

    Mukhriz's daddy,Mahathir,still wields considerable power in his home state,Kedah.He will made sure,Kedah falls into opposition hands come GE14.

    1. What can Mahadey do? Ahmad Bashah is da man. If Mukhriz wants to survive, he has to have a war general like Ali Tinju on his side. Unfortunately it's not gonna be cheap. Hidup Ismail Sabri!

  4. Is that a threat from TDM?

    Last night I had a dream. Hadi/PAS will abstain in this Mukhriz issue. It is an internal issue of UMNO. Let UMNO resolves it.

    For GE14 in 2018, Hadi/PAS will do a stand alone. Because: that is the safest route and most islamic for Hadi/PAS. Let's see its impact on PH especially PAN. We will see whether the Malays love Hadi or Mat Sabu.

    Thus, as Bruno has always reminded us it would be BN rule for many many more moons.

  5. Politicians and groups,whether the are NGO's or "KAY POH CHEES",are up in arms against Malaysia joining the TPPA.

    Politicians,NGO's and "KAY POH CHEES" from the US to Malaysia and some planet in Mars are up in arms against the TPPA.The fact is most,if not all the signatories in this TPPA,have pollies and jackasses screaming this and that to their disadvantages.

    If everybody from all the signatory countries are screaming foul mouthed language about this TPPA,then who is fuck is benefiting from this TPPA agreement.

    It is time these screaming jackasses ponder and figure it out.After figuring it out,they should just bend over and let the camels screw their asses kau kau.

  6. Kedahans will punish Umno in GE14.Umno is doomed in Kedah come the next GE.

    The opposition is doomed too.They might pick up Kedah in default,but on the whole they will lose more seats elsewhere.

    When the PR wanted to oust Khalid as MB,a statutory declaration is good enough.When Umno wants to chase out Mukhriz,a statutory declaration is no good.What the fuck this Pakatan really wants.To practice Umno's two sets of laws too.

    Like I have said before,the opposition will be fucked,really fucked come GE14.

  7. The Kajang satay excuses used to remove Khalid Ibrahim was rancid, but I'm still wondering what the Fuck is the reason for removing Mukhriz.

    Not that I support Mukhriz one iota, but I abhor idiotic fairy tales...

    1. If don't like your father, then you would have to leave the house not your father. Likewise, if you don't like your boss, you should get another job not your boss.

    2. Then the idiotic fairy tales UMNO is telling is just rancid Alor Setar pulut sambal.

  8. The opposition have since after GE13 underestimated the MCA,MIC and Gerakan.It is true that in GE13,these three parties stand a very good chance of getting the goose eggs.But,the opposition,especially the PKR screwed up.Their greed for more seats,made them stand inferior candidates,thus losing some winnable seats.

    Come GE14,Najib will made sure that these babies of his made inroads into the opposition held seats.Not only will the PKR be crying out for their mummies,but the all and mighty DAP will be humbled too.The only question is how many seats Najib and his boys will be taking away from them?

  9. This post from steadyAKu47 Re: Mukhriz is brilliant.

    Mukhriz did not meet Umno's expectation! Here are a few who did!

  10. Looks like Mukhriz will be gone by today....what Najib wants , Najib gets.

    Anyway, look where Najib is leading Malaysia......

    We used to laugh at Indonesia as an "Oil Country". To get anything done requires Lubricating Oil. Now Malaysia has the Mother of All Lubricant scandals.....

  11. My matey asked,'what can Mahadey do'?Well,for starters he can have him thrown into the same hotel room as Anwar and made them a couple.Hehehe.

  12. Malaysia's Attorney-General Pandi says he has absolute discretion in declaring the case against the Prime Minister closed.

    The then US Attorney-General John Mitchell was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for his role in the Watergate cover-up.
    What a great shame. He was the highest ranking law officer of the world's most powerful country......ended up a common criminal.

    The court upheld that although the Attorney-General has wide powers of discretion, if he exercises the discretion with intention of conspiracy, obstruction of justice (actively preventing prosecutions), and perjury (i.e. lying), he commits a crime, and he is subject to prosecution like any common citizen.

    That applies to you , too, Pandi.

  13. if one read one of the turncoat cum pathetic coward piece, one shd realise how tis half breed including mahathir look down the malay. they thot their anglo n indian or paki blood would make them less feudal, but fact is these elite bunch is the one that corrupt the malay mind, but still they talk as if they r the angel, stay in uk n dun come back, malay n malaysian would survive without all tis parasite.

  14. hy, it's yr right to criticie someone's opinion but yr words are highly offensive. really, bow many of us are purebred

  15. hy, it's yr right to criticie someone's opinion but yr words are highly offensive. really, bow many of us are purebred

  16. he has powerful grounds to write what he wants to write. does he mutilate facts? does he really totally disregard the sensibilities and sensitivities of his own milieu? if he could evoke your angst he is really an effective writer then. he is not an extremist or a fundamentalist..ok hy?

    1. I never claim he is a extremist/fundamentalist. I said he is a turncoat (for various reason). u think he support hudud? dun make me laugh la. he is a monarchist, i believe in fairness n equality, i know our world/life is not though. read his subtle message, he hate what mahathir n anwar did. his so called struggle is about the revive of his family power n standing. tis is his right to do what he wan, but to pretend his fight is for a better msia, i say fuck off.

    2. he is not a turncoat or a monarchist la kawan... it has something to do with his non-conformist eclecticism which is ever present as a motif, and offering a range of different ideas about reality for a dissonant reader like you to ponder and to say fuck off... ha ha

  17. bruno I have deleted your tirade against a sweetie journalist. too extreme lah. my niece might blush furiously wakakaka


    As the days go by, Mukhriz has become a hero of sorts, even for people who generally don't like BN or UMNO.

    Realistically, he cannot continue as Kedah MB, his position is becoming impossible.

    But many will be cheering Mukhriz as he goes down fighting....Way to Go !