Monday, January 11, 2016

Pakatan led by weakest leader in the world?

As I see it, Karamjit Gill is either pro BN or anti Pakatan, or both wakakaka!

Recently he wrote an article in Malaysiakini titled Did Pakatan attack hastily? in which he criticized Pakatan. One of his major criticisms is as follows (extract):

The Pakatan battalion is led by possibly the weakest leader in the world.

Although Lim Kit Siang says that BN is comprised of clowns and they are like a circus, the fact remains that the head of Pakatan itself is a clown. She has no idea what to say when there is no script to read from. In order to ascertain she is a leader, she rattles statements that would make Ahmad Maslan look intelligent.

She is a symbol of weakness. Until a new leader is selected, Pakatan will continue to struggle.

Very harsh words, but alas, I feel Karamjit might be right.

I feel sorry for Wan Azizah because she is known to be a reluctant politician, never wanting to be one but being unfortunately thrust into that role by her MIA hubby and a PKR which has more Chiefs than Indians.

She took over from Anwar when he went to jail for Sodomy I, gave the federal seat back to hubby when AAB freed him, took over again in Sodomy II including a state seat scandalized outrageously by the Kajang Satay fiasco, which incidentally was supported by some DAP Chicken Little, much to my annoyance.

I feel even more ashamed when Chicken Little begged the Dwarf for a deputy speaker position - what the f* for; how would this f* useless post help the rakyat?

From Wan Azizah's regular sub-ing for Anwar, it would seem that either there is a dearth of worthy alternative politicians in PKR (has that been why it behaves like a taxi sapu, wakakaka?) or the Anwar clan is keeping certain positions within their family embrace.

At one stage they even considered bringing Nurul Izzah's younger sister, sweetie Nurul Nuha, into the game but from what I read somewhere (can't recall, sorry), the Pakatan leaders had second thoughts after hearing her speak, wakakaka.

There have been complaints too that Wan Azizah didn't do much for the people in Kajang or for that matter in Permatang Pauh as their respective representative. Was it because she had merely filled in for her absent husband as a representative, but not to the extent of meeting the accompanying responsibilities of one?

DAP gallantly offered to look after her Permatang Pauh duties while PKR in Selangor did likewise for Kajang, but what did/does she do then? Nothing? Why shouldn't/couldn't she do those duties herself? After all she's been paid for both her representative positions.

In Sarawak 2011 state elections, DAP had surrendered its Batu Lintang seat in exchange for Padungan, an exchange which was initiated by PKR. But PKR's Dominique Ng, who previously held Padungan but was not given another seat to contest, went rogue and stood as an independent against DAP there, in total violation against a Pakatan deal.

What did Wan Azizah as party president do?

As if the 3-corner fight with a PKR interloper wasn't bad enough, guess how my temperature soared when I read The Malaysian Insider reporting:

Meanwhile PKR’s top leadership have refrained from condemning Ng for his contest with party president Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail even sending the former an SMS to wish him well.

How f* sweet and how f* treacherous PKR had been. But wait, here’s the froggie clincher:

When asked if the party would accept Ng back into its fold should he request to do so in the future, Wan Azizah did the samba and said: “We cannot force him against his will.”


Another of her unfortunate demerits has been her scary and preposterous declaration or boast that her hubby is God's gift to the people.

Wakakaka, I wonder whether this had anything to do to influence HRH's perceptions of her unsuitability to be MB Selangor?

But my poor impression of her leadership in PKR (let alone Pakatan) was formed during the PKR party elections, no not the last one which was also bad but the far more atrocious one before, in 2010, when even Brother Haris Ibrahim saw fit to step in to question the party election "process", wakakaka.

Because of the perceived dodgyness of the party polls, then-PKR member Jonson Chong wrote an immaculate letter of appeal to her, the party president, offering to fund an independent audit of one polling station in Sabah so as to settle the unrest within some sections of the party, but 
the sad shocking shameful silence from her was deafening  – see Dr Wan Azizah ignores Jonson Chong's plea?

It was the most disgraceful behaviour by a party president on such a crucial moment for her party. Haris Ibrahim praised Jonson for his constructive approach but alas, not so Wan Azizah, who as mentioned, ignored him completely - yes, we would like to know whether she had even replied to Jonson?

Why did a party president ignore a constructive proposal from a sensible, fair and balanced gentleman like Jonson Chong which would have put to rest all complaints if the polls had been conducted fairly, unless for reasons known only to herself, she chose not to. 

Yes, she did nothing to instil confidence in her leadership and thus the credibility of the election "process" despite criticisms from within and outside her party.

Since that day, my once-respect for the lady plummeted to zilch. She may be a kindly looking lady but I reckon from her poor political performance she is not suitable to be the president of a political party.

How in the world then can she lead Pakatan? Why is Pakatan recycling this known-to-be-reluctant politician?

As my visitor Bruno would say: "Go figure". Wakakaka.


  1. malay dun like lks n lge, non malay dun like hadi, hasan n pas dun like mat sabu, almost everyone like wan azizah except anwars hater. go figure.

    1. what have Hadi and PAS go to do with Pakatan?

      leaders are chosen for their leadership qualities and track record, not because they're liked

    2. i already made my choice, what about u, tell us who u prefer, be more specific. dun beat ard the bush.

    3. as I have written in a comment below (btw, it's in English, wakakaka), I won't vote for Pakatan bu I'll for DAP. I believe, notwithstanding some people's perception of LGE as being arrogant I have faith in his leadership and competency. I think we should cut some slack for him vis-a-vis his seeming arrogance,especially for a man who went to jail for an underage Malay sweetie when both UMNO and PAS the so-called paragons of the Malays, buat diam2 or ta'tahu.

      A Pakatan leader need NOT necessarily be the PM. Knowing our racially-orientated country, it'll have to be a Malay, but LGE can be the leader of Pakatan for the purpose of leading the coalition.

      Should/if Pakatan wins GE-14, then the PM can be chosen from a number of Malay candidates, namely, Saifuddin Abdullah, Mat Sabu, Azmin Ali, a Sabahan-Sarawakian bumi, Ariff Sabri or god forbid us, Anwar Ibrahim (released by a Pakatan government after due process), wakakaka.

      By the by, I don't beat around the bush - most people know my political affiliation, but you and your likes don't, wakakaka

  2. Go figure. Aiyoh. Ain't that gonna open floodgates. Higher grounds, everybody!

  3. I think that the leaders of PKR should do their supporters a favour by doing the right thing.That is let the party self implode,or save face by dissolving the party.In another word,"close shop" and it is "curtains down".Then they can go join Amanah,PAS,DAP or even the mosquito party,Gerakan or PSM.

    PKR have political clowns like Rafizi and Tien Chua.Brutus like Azmin.

    DAP have political clown in Tony Pua.

    Together,Rafizi,Tien Chua and Tony Pua can appply to be TV3's three stooges.Azizah can retire from politics and be a happy grand mother by looking after her grand children.

  4. That's right.It is just as simple as that.'GO FIGURE'.

  5. in my opinion there's not much to choose between wa, lks, lge or ms? she's amongst the worst.. why should anyone vote for ph?...except for hy and wonks like him.. ha ha
    i think the level of self delusion is peaking up.. it would take a miracle for ph to win a majority in 2018?

    1. I won't vote for Pakatan bu I'll for DAP. I believe, notwithstanding some people's perception of LGE as being arrogant I have faith in his leadership and competency. I think we should cut some slack for him vis-a-vis his seeming arrogance,especially for a man who went to jail for an underage Maay sweetie when both UMNO and PAS the so-called paragons of the Malays, buat diam2 or ta'tahu

    2. typical selfish n sneaky dap fan.

    3. HY.. I agree that WA is weak and inexperience.

      Relax la kawan... here's one of my favourites:

  6. I have deleted a number of comments by looes74 because of his rude and obscene remarks. Behave yourself as if you're at Din Merican's place, wakakaka, you hypocrite double standard obscene bloke, wakakaka again


  7. A good or a bad leader
    Who make it to the top?
    It is the members in the party
    They chose a leader

    In the coalition who chose the pallbearer?
    It is again the members in the coalition
    The better ones hide it away
    Giving way to the one whom they think can do

    Every one wants an aggressive leader
    Breaking all rules and conditions
    Taking the bull by the horns
    When the dust settle on the ground..

    Many will shout; many will complain
    Every thing will be questioned
    The unsavoury words will fly
    Backstabbing, Brutus like shredding

    Like the song “Killing me softly with words”
    But all leaders must have thick skin else they will fall
    Nobody can satisfy every one
    It is always take a bit, lose a bit and draw a bit

  8. Strong leaders are overrated.

    Many of history's most wicked, most excoriable individuals have been strong leaders.