Monday, January 25, 2016

DAP bashing

There is a fair bit of DAP bashing over at RPK's Malaysia-Today, wakakaka. For me, a known DAP supporter for eons (but not a party member, yet anyway, wakakaka), a few of the barbs thrown around stung home, but some have been outright nonsensical.

But then, isn't that precisely the beauty of free speech, where we can fence, parry and riposte at those bashing, and vice versa, and hentam kau kau when the accusation against DAP assumes monstrous proportion of preposterous bullshit, wakakaka.

One humongous bullshit of an accusation was written by a bloke named Megat Ibrahim in his article titled WHY MALAYS WOULD RATHER VOTE FOR AN UMNO-LED BARISAN THAN A DAP-DOMINATED PAKATAN.

He wrote the following:

The Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque in Shah Alam is in a state of disrepair

These are actually words going around in Shah Alam. The exterior of the state mosque looks terrible. Panels have fallen off, whatever that were blue and white are now blue, black and grey. Moss seems to be flourishing on top of the dome and it has never looked as bad as it is now. Word is going around Shah Alam that since there are so many DAP EXCO members in the Selangor government right now, the government won’t approve funds for the mosque to be routinely cleaned and maintained.

Tens of thousands of Shah Alamites drive past this mosque every day feeling sorry and ashamed for something they used to be proud of. These are probably the respondents in IDE’s survey.

This mosque is a symbol of Islam not only in Shah Alam but in Malaysia and these people feel that this symbol has been compromised by the government the DAP is part of. Don’t blame UMNO for not maintaining the mosque post-2008.

So I asked in a comment at RPK's:

  1. How many DAP exco are there in Selangor?
  2. Who is the MB of Selangor?
  3. Are there PAS exco members?

... and ended up with an expression of my take on the above article (extract), to wit, Podah! Wakakaka.

The rabid mob over at M2D went feral, abusing me with all sorts of racist insults, with their oft-used 'DAPigs'.

mind, in abusing DAP as pigs, there's a certain innocent charm in their limited mental capacity and narrow lexicon


I wonder whether I ought to advise them (from their names/nick, most being Muslims) not to be so fond of using Porky, or that Chinese don't mind being called pigs as some even named their children by that, eg. Aw Too, Too Knia, Tua Pooi Too, Too Bah Chek, etc, wakakaka.

The Selangor state cabinet comprises a MB and 10 exco members. Out of the 11, only 3 are DAP ADUN (1 Indian and 2 Chinese).

The MB is a Muslim from PKR and so are the 3 PAS exco members.

PKR, the Pakatan component party with the least number of ADUN but the largest number of exco members, wakakaka, as well as the exalted position of MB, has 4 exco members, three of whom are Muslims. I do not know whether Eli Wong is a Muslim so I'll leave her out of this discussion.

Thus there are 6 Muslim exco members (3 PAS and 3 PKR) and a PKR Muslim MB, 7 out of 11. So tell me, why has Megat Ibrahim put the blame on DAP for the pathetic state of the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque in Shah Alam?

This is not disinformation but rather mischievous Machiavellian misinformation. 

One of M2D's regular commentator, fair-minded Syed Putra Jamalullill informed us: The Shah Alam mosque was already crumbling ten years ago. There were no water in its pools and the marble tiles looks shoddy. Unpolished. Cracked. Missing. Just like those in KLIA.

Ten years ago make it around 2005-6. Shouldn't we then ask the three previous MBs, our infamous Khir Toyo (UMNO) and his successors, Khalid Ibrahim and Azmin Ali, the latter two PKR blokes being (my guess) Royal MBs? Why ask DAP?

Recall, Megat Ibrahim wrote: Word is going around Shah Alam that since there are so many DAP EXCO members in the Selangor government right now, the government won’t approve funds for the mosque to be routinely cleaned and maintained.

But the feral anti-DAP mindless moronic mob (wakakaka) either ignored or swallowed his bullshit assertion and abused me for my three pertinent questions (see above).

Dear HT Low, a commentator at M2D, who always made serious deep thinking comments came out to defend me - thanks but poor Low had a few nasty names hurled at him too for his kind efforts by the same pack of attack hounds.

Another was GrandMarquis US, who though defending me (thanks matey) was not so supportive of the DAP (his rights).

Even the article about Dr Bari being dropped from the list of proposed councillors in Selangor (in another M2D post) was lashed at ferociously with wild reckless (or moronic mindless) accusations that DAP had played out a Malay, a leitmotiv loved by the jackasses, who either didn't read the article properly or who used every occasion, regardless of facts and figures, to bash DAPigs as being anti-Malay.

Also see my earlier article What's the REAL reason Dr Bari has been rejected as a MPAJ councillor? in which I voiced suspicions on the sabotage of Dr Bari's candidacy. I had then written (extracts only)

Kena sabo kah? The Selangor State government or better still, its MB, should investigate into the admin mess-up and clarify, at least to clear up the fishy stink from the air!

It would be f**king ironical and an obscene treacherous travesty of justice in coalition fairplay that a DAP nominee gets blocked from a councillor position while non-Pakatan PAS people are enjoying such positions within a Pakatan-ruled state.

Just a reminder, Dr Bari was formerly in PKR but decided he could serve the people better by being a DAP member.

When I pointed out at M2D that the DAP had actually nominated Dr Bari among 5 others to be a councillor for Ampang Jaya (instead of the wild reckless accusations that DAP marginalized yet another Malay), and that his name was dropped because I suspect he was sabo kau kau by a non-DAP person, you could virtually hear the unearthly racket spewing out from the vile abuses written in that post.

Mind, I have to admit I was not handling those attack jackals with kid gloves, wakakaka.

Eventually, in another RPK post, one of his regular commentators Edwin Jansz provided information which threw sad lights on why Dr Bari's name was dropped. Jansz had written (only relevant extract):

... azmin's recent silent but deadly chess move against bari says a lot. and i suspect (merely guessing) that azmin is under the sultan's tutelage. 

So, if Jansz' info is correct, then Dr Bari was 'done by' his former PKR party No 2, supposedly an ally of DAP, wakakaka.

I won't touch on Jansz' suspicion that Azmin was acting under HRH's orders - Ampun Tuanku.

But I've to grudgingly admit that regarding the sad state of affair for DAP in Selangor, I've been terribly disappointed with the so-called DAP whiz-kid wonder, Tony Pua.

Since he took over DAP in that state he has been outmanoeuvred by Azmin Ali every which way, even with Azmin once rejecting his pathetic beg for a DUN deputy speaker position for DAP, for supporting PKR in the Kajang Satay bull.

Thank goodness for the dignity of DAP in general, Azmin said no to a post which if you look at seriously, offered no real benefit to the rakyat. You may wish to ask: Why the f**k did TP ask Azmin for that position for DAP?

I can tell you more about Tony Pua and how I first came across him but I won't. I still have emails (years ago) between us on a cut & paste issue at his blog to substantiate my story and first (lousy) impression of him, where I had then found him to be pretentious, overly proud and strangely for a new budding politician, quite unfriendly.

But let's leave it at that as those email exchanges were only between us, but which led to my personal poor impression of him.

From there, he further dismayed me by his unsatisfactory interactions with PKR (initially Khalid Ibrahim where he was played out of a 4th exco position, and then Azmin Ali), for example, allowing the DAP to be stupidly sucked into the Kajang Bullshit, even unto playing out the role of Chicken Little.

Well, perhaps Tony Pua can now tell us how the f**k has that Kajang Bullshit moved Pakatan nearer to Putrajaya or protect the alleged swamping of Pakatan Rakyat in Selangor by BN?

Hasn't the exact opposite happened to PR?

In mitigation I have to say Pua lacks the political training, exposure and fine honing to be the consummate cunning crafty politician Azmin Ali has demonstrated kau kau that he is, wakakaka.

But then Azmin was trained under the best (or worst, wakakaka) in the art of political cunning, craftiness and Machiavellianism, wakakaka again.

Alas, Azmin's mentor has a terrible personal 'weakness', but which Azmin appears not to share, well, not that same 'weakness' anyway wakakaka, so that makes Azmin a far far more dangerous player on the political stage, and a difficult operator for the state DAP to do business with.

I feel that for DAP to deal firmly, securely and adequately with a smooth slick operator and potential adversary like Azmin Ali, who now has the ears and full confidence of HRH, DAP Selangor needs a better leader, someone like Gobind Deo or even Teresa Kok (bring her back lah) or Dr Bari, though the good doctor needs to mend his fence with HRH a.s.a.p, wakakaka.

TP should stick to financial figures and continue learning politics from his seniors (LKS, LGE and Dr Tan Seng Giaw) and betters like Azmin Ali or even Tian Chua, wakakaka.


  1. First lets be clear - the procedural rejection of Dr. Bari's application was proper and above board, done by an non-aligned Civil Servant. His application actually was improperly submitted.

    I don't blame Dr Bari for the debacle, he is the New Kid , after all. As DAP's candidate, the party was responsible for vetting to ensure his nomination was all in order and procedurally impeccable.
    Similarly for PKR and PAS nominees.

    I can only conclude , logically, that Dr. Bari was sabotaged by DAP as a party or people inside DAP.

  2. tp is fine. problem is dap dickless prick (not my word wakaka) like u, who is no diff with another dickless prick edwin jibai, could accuse someone without any evidence n solely base on suspicious n guess. tp dun evade n blame azmin or pkr, he own it n face it, unlike those dap supporter that mostly lived in australia (not my word again)that talk cock all the time.

    in fact the one that love to accuse dap with baseless claim is that turncoat cum pathetic coward, but we still see some (or perhaps one?)dap supporter continue to kiss his ass in the name of free speech, pity la.

  3. Tony Pua is like Khairy Jamaludin and Rafizi.All talk,bark and no bites.

    Teresa Kok will outshine Tony Pua,as a politician and DAP Selangor chief anytime.But,the DAP,now looking like a party full of fools, picked the clown,Tony Pua.Now,DAP Selangor looks like an enuch.A party with tiny pricks and no nuts.

    After GE14,which Najib will led the BN to a landslide,and the opposition pact will no longer exists.Since,the first time I started voting,the DAP has been my favorite.Nowadays,I felt very dissapointed at the direction the DAP is going.

    I hope they will be taught a very bitter and painful lesson for their egolistic behaviour,take it in stride,consolidate and come back a better party,with much smarter political leaders and win the GE 16.For now,we are stuck with Najib till at least GE16,if not more.

  4. No other way. We have to get Anwar out. Bruno, your idol needs you more than ever now. Hehehe.

  5. But RPK said that DAP supporters are rabid n racists. So which is which ley.

  6. RPK,whom Anwar once regarded as a spent force and bad discarded garbage,is now flourishing.Full of energy,loaded with cash and serving Najib,his sugar daddy loyally,as an attack dog.

    And Anwar,once riding high and mighty is a permanent resident, having fun and quality time in Hilton,Sungei Buloh.Go figure.

  7. Ah Tee(Ridhuan)is screaming out till his lungs burst,that Chinese vernacular schools be abolished.This is to teach the ungrateful Chinese a lesson.

    Ridhuan Tee Abdullah (born Ah Tee),from parents,both whom are Chinese.But,Ah Tee had always insisted that he is pure bred Malay.Because Ah Tee is pure bred Malay,no wonder the pigs are flying.

    One reminder to this pure bred Malay,Ah Tee,who was once discarded as bad garbage,go shiok sendiri with the flying pigs.

  8. A mosque has its own committee who are elected for a term of two or three years. The committee is responsible for all the repairs, maintenance and upkeep of the mosque.

    On every Friday prayers the donation from the people is a lot. Lets say, for Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz mosque the collection is about RM2,500-00 per week. So, for a year the amount should be about RM130,000-00. What about other personal donations? What about the yearly contributions from the government? How much does it cost to rent a crane or scaffolding to clean/repair the dome, or to maintain a pond/fountain to replace broken tiles every year?

    Dr Bari should be more tactful and diplomatic and start mending his fences if he aspires to be a successful politician. A constitutional expert should offer complex intricacies of experience and expression of constitutional creativity rather than just a valid claim of justified legal opinion!

    TP has made two great blunders; the Kajang Move and his inaccuracies on 1MDB. He should put his brains on some fruitful things. He thinks he is clever but actually he is a deadening opposite. His bias and opinionated perversity is very telling. Perhaps, he should take a sabbatical and go back to Batu Pahat to tap some wisdom from his father!

  9. I can share my experience with a DAP election candidate's campaign. The party has long realised that inexperienced candidates , especially, may make mistakes in filling in their nomination forms, or miss out compulsory information.

    So an experienced friendly 3rd person usually helps check the forms first to make sure everything is OK. That is standard procedure.

    Kua Kia Soong lost Bukit Bintang to MCA, a then super-safe DAP seat because his nomination papers were not in order, and were successfully objected to. Now, Dr. Kua was not a newbie. So , did he himself make a stupid mistake or did someone in DAP Sabo him kau-kau ? Until today, there are strong opinions either way in DAP.

    If Aziz Bari's nomination got set aside even though everything was in order, that is a different matter. Then the MB Azmin has to answer , as the Selangor state administration is under him. I expect DAP to be the first to raise a loud protest if this was the case, but nobody has made the case.

    I have to reluctantly accept the comment by "Warrior" above that DAP Selangor was fundamentally accountable for making sure their nominee Aziz Bari's nomination met all the formalities.

    Was Aziz Bari's nomination sabotaged by PKR or DAP or just a plain Fuck Up ? We may never know the truth.

    1. what if AA told TP: "Look matey it really was out of my hands ..."

      Warrior is welcomed to leave his own views here, but we need to note it would be that of an unfriendly-to-DAP view.

  10. Hi
    This bloke "Edwin Jansz" is not a good critique. Whether he knows what is he writing about as he is on the payroll for Najib.
    Ironic is that he is studying in Singapore rather than in Malaysia.
    Looks like he did not get his scholarship from the government.

  11. Joceline Tan and RPK will make a good pair or couple.Pigs do fly.Hehehe.


  12. "You need to make people hate the DAP Chinese, the Amanah Malays, Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Anwar Ibrahim, Mat Sabu, the opposition, etc. This is how the opposition does it and if Umno and Barisan Nasional want to remain in power then this is exactly the same game they need to play. If not, in 2018 Malaysia is going to get a new government."
    ---RPK (as pointed out by Nicole).

    "I wouldn’t risk allowing Pakatan to sink their talons into Putrajaya, not even for a single term. Over my dead body. I’m a Selangorian. We can’t get rid of DAP two terms already and they will retain Selangor in GE14 and Hannah Yeoh can hold on to Subang Jaya for many more terms to come. Pie chart below – red is Pakatan, blue is BN. Once the dajjal get Putrajaya, you Melayus will never be able to recover your land. See how they gobble the pie, like Pacman."
    ---your sweetie blogger

    1. It is a pity that PAS is not on the same side with DAP/pkr/PAN anymore. It looks like who is going to be the winner in 2018 hinges on PAS' votes!


    Sidetrack a bit....but Malaysia hits international headlines for the wrong reasons....

    This evening, over our prearranged phone conference, my Canadian counterparts guffawed over the phone....your Prime Minister got paid USD $ 681 Million by the Saudis into his personal bank account...and your chief law enforcement officer says no offence has been committed ? You guys trying to outdo Uganda or something like that ?

    I could only hang my head in shame.........

    It is deep winter in the Northern Hemisphere, and perpetual summer in Malaysia.
    But we are in the deepest of deep winter of Malaysia's international reputation.

    Basically the Malaysian Prime Minister is a Crook, and the legal system is utterly incapable of bringing him to justice....

    1. To bring in and out USD681 million into Malaysia is for BNM to say it is ok or not ok, right? Why not you ask BNM Chief and Chief Law Enforcement Officer to switch jobs eh?

      If you are feeling so shameful perhaps you can try to bury your head in the snow. When your face can feel the numbness you would not be shameful anymore!

    2. Let's move on....

      Guys, take a 'time out' and enjoy this song (from the legendary Leo Sayer - The Show Must Go On)

    3. If you, Hasan, hold a post related to the government, and a report made that USD $ 680 K appeared transferred into your personal bank account, without any explanation, unable to prove it is from Rezeki Halal, you will probably lose your job, be charged with corruption, and end up in Sungai Buloh jail, next cell to Anwar Ibrahim.

      And you will fully deserve what you get.

      There must be no separate law and separate principle for the Prime Minister.

    4. I can accept the argument that it be highly contrary to Malaysia's national stability to arrest and charge the Prime Minister, and have him sent to jail.

      It was the same logic Gerald Ford made to pardon Richard Nixon over the Watergate scandal, so that no legal and criminal action would be made against the ex-President. Trying to drag a President to jail would have torn America apart.

      I can accept that.

      But in that case , the Prime Minister must resign and leave office. His successor can advice the Yang DiPertuan Agong to pardon him.

      The Bullshit that Apandi tried to feed us that there is nothing wrong was like trying to deceive small children.

  14. Ah Tee aka Ridhuan Tee Abdullah claims that he is pure bred "M".He kept on claimimg and screaming his lungs out that he is pure Malay,that eventually we are all going to believed him.

    Why I said so.Because he keeps on calling the Chinese "kiasu",which means afraid to lose.If he was born Chinese,he would have called the Chinese "kiasi",which literally means chicken hearted or coward.So,if he is not pure bred Chinese,then Ah Tee must be champor and be labelled a "chapchengkiah".

  15. Malaysia is facing an economic slowdown , coming on top of escalation of cost living , what economists call "Stagflation" - economic stagnation + inflation - one of the worst forms of economic trouble.

    You have inflation with none of the benefits of economic growth. You have economic slowdown without the benefits of cheaper prices.

    Everybody gets hurt, but the Malays , who form the majority of the lower income group have been worst hit. Cost of living hikes are proportionately worst if your income is less, and the lower income group has the least savings cushion when jobs are cut.

    One of the biggest headaches DAP is facing is that the Najib administration has successfully convinced most Malays that the economic crisis is not a government problem, and worse - it is caused by the Chinese.

    Price of goods went up ? - blame it on Chinese traders profiteering.
    That is why UMNO has played a treacherous role over the Low Yat and Kota Raya incidents.

    Facing retrenchment ? - blame it on Chinese-owned companies.

    I'm afraid Najib and UMNO are taking the playbook from Suharto's attempt to survive Indonesia's 1998 economic crisis.

    I personally hosted for a few months an Indonesian Chinese refugee family who had fled Medan during the time.
    I had to explain to my children , who had to vacate one of their rooms, these people had lost their homes and had nowhere to go. It was a small matter for us to help them out.

    I pray it never gets to that extent in Malaysia, but there are people in UMNO and PAS (now turned UMNO-lover) playing dangerous games.

    Mahathir's great contribution to the country (even anti-UMNO me recognises that) was to work out a way to keep Malaysia's economy afloat without resorting to a destructive Race-based blame which Indonesia unfortunately did.

    1. One day when the oil price is down to US5.00 per barrel, needless to say you/DAP would put the blame on Najib/UMNO. Of course when Petronas and also other oil companies in Malaysia retrenched their staff, you/DAP would also blame Najib/UMNO. If Ringgit Malaysia is worthless you/DAP must point your fingers to Najib/UMNO too lah. When the world is experiencing recession/staglation/depression, you/DAP/the world would say "This is because of Najib/UMNO/Malaysia. WAKAKAKA...

    2. C'mon lah, Bro Hasan, am I a Najib-basher (according to you) or a Najib-lover (according to HY)?

      Can you two work it out what or which am I? It's cruel to leave me confused, wakakaka

    3. no la.. u r hadi basher.. wakakaka

    4. The Global Economy and the price of oil affects every country, but not every country Is equally impacted.
      If all Najib can do is blame the price of oil, he should vacate the PM's residence.

      One Primary responsibility of the Government is to manage the country's finance in a prudent manner. In good years, you spend responsibly, and built up your reserves. "Sediakan Payung Sebelum Hujan". In bad years, you spend what you can of your reserves with counter-cyclical measures. This helps keep the economy afloat.

      3-4 years ago , when the economy was doing relatively OK, DAP raised the concern many times that the government was spending too much in unnecessary areas and overexposed on borrowing. But UMNO was arrogantly going around "we have plenty of money" and throwing money around as if it simply falls from the sky.

      "Menang sorak, kampong tergadai."

      BR1M was indirectly using borrowed money, to be exact, the government was borrowing money for projects, so that it could use operating budget to pay out BR1M. We told you so.

      Now, when the Global economy tanks, and the price of oil drops through the bottom, the Government has no money.

      The government's interest payments alone on its loans runs into Billions ringgit a year.

      Today, Najib will be announcing all kinds of massive cuts in government expenditure, except the Prime Minister's department, which continues with its bloated budget.

      Massive cutting of government expenditure in the middle of a recession is like pouring salt water on a wound. The time to manage money carefully was when the economy was doing well.

    5. What I have given you is a free lesson in Keynesian economics.

      The truth hurts....

    6. The truth is this: “There remains an allied, but distinct, matter, where for centuries, indeed for several millenniums enlightened opinion held for certain and obvious a doctrine which the Classical School has repudiated as childish, but which deserves rehabilitation and honour. I mean the doctrine that the rate of interest is not self adjusting at a level best suited to the social advantage but certainly tends to rise too high, so that a wise Government is concerned to curb it by statute and custom and even by invoking the sanctions of the moral law.” ~ Lord Keynes.

      It simply means that there is something wrong with the capitalistic economy. Give it a thought or two. It will not hurt you.

  16. keynesian is not totally at odd with najib school of economic, najib theory is we spend when we have money, n spend more when we have no more money. at the same time, najibkonomic oso possess hayek element, no interference, let the rakyat do what they wan, as long as they pay tax wakaka