Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Crusade in Sabah?

TMI - Muslims, not Christians, targeting natives, Sabah group tells Hadi (extracts):

crusade, a war between Christians and Muslims

A Sabah Christian group, Perpaduan Anak Negeri Sabah (PAN), has hit out at PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang for his remarks against Christian missionaries, saying it was Muslim dakwah groups, not Christians, baiting their targets with money and other forms of aid.

PAN chairman Pastor Esther Golingi said Muslim preachers from the peninsula were known to enter interior areas in Sabah, such as Pensiangan, Pitas and Ranau, offering locals cash and other incentives to embrace Islam.

“It was only after the formation of Malaysia, that Sabahans experienced being offered inducement and bribery to convert to Islam.

“Creeping Islamisation from the peninsula into Sabah is as clear as day,” she said.

She said there were cases in which people converted based on the promises offered but the bargain was not reciprocated.

“An individual’s conversion to or out of any religion should be done out of free will – without inducement, bribery nor deceit.

“These conversion tactics have been raised time and again, but our cries seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

“As a matter of fact, these dakwah groups have intensified their operations here. What is our local government doing about this?”

Esther also asked if the dakwah groups were funded by taxpayers in the form of allocations from the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim).

She said teachers from the peninsula posted to Sabah schools repeatedly persuaded children to convert with Islamic teachings in classrooms and hostels.

Problem is both Islam and Christianity are evangelistic religions. Followers of these two religions deem it their holy duties to proselytize (convert), by whatever means, whatever it takes, every which way.

Their competition has always been referred to as a crusade.

But what annoys me most is not so much the proselytization but the use of taxpayers' money to fund the dakwah (Islamic missionary-proselytization) movements.

You may care to note JAKIM requires an annual budget of approximately RM1 billion, yes, billion not mere million.

Religious activities of any denomination should be funded ONLY by believers of the respective religious denomination, not unwitting non-religious or not-affiliated taxpayers. Indeed, money from/by the latter would be very haram funds.


  1. Normally, the tabligh missionaries go to the interior of Sabah/Sarawak and all over the world. The tabligh group is self funding i.e. each and every one comes out with their own fund when they go out for 3 days or 40 days or 4 months.

  2. In Malaysia,anything to do with the Muslims are possible.To convert any peoples from any religions to Islam is possible.To snatch bodies due for burials are possible.

    But the best thing is to create distraction,and so to blame the Christians for all the wrongs the Malays or Muslims did.

    In Indonesia,the land with the most Malays and all the Muslims combined together,do not practice all these phony things.

    In Indonesia,the land with the most Malays and Muslims on this planet do not have national universities exclusively for one race,that is for the Malays only.I may be wrong,and stand corrected.But,Malaysia mesti boleh.

    1. Bruno...

      The Jews are divided into 71 groups and only 1 group will go to heaven.

      The Christians are divided into 72 groups and only 1 group will go to heaven.

      The Muslims are divided into 73 groups and only 1 group will go to heaven.

    2. suni, syafiee, hanafi, hambali, maliki, wahabi, shia, qadiani, tabligh, talibani, daesh, sharifi, apa lagi eh.. hasan?

  3. tabligh is non political. the members do not vote in general election.

  4. Little Napoleans from the various gomen religious departments are running amok,stark naked down the hard beaten down path of the interior of Sabah and Sarawak.It is no wonder that with their backwards animal mentality,it has brought shame to their race.At the same time,due to their shameful animal mentality,their actions have delegated Malaysia to the standards as the very sick old man of Asia.

  5. Regarding the proselytization by whatever means and with collusion of authorities, your sweetie did a spirited write-up on one case in your hometown state:

    As usual, complete with her deftly apportioning some blame on her hate targets.