Thursday, January 21, 2016

Empire strikes back?

MM Online - Is Umno’s Mukhriz ouster backed by MCA, Gerakan, DAP MP asks?

It's hardly surprising there is now a 'move' to oust Mukhriz Mahathir from his MB position.

It's Team A and Team B again.

. US-led boycott of Olympic Games Moscow 1980
. Moscow-led boycott of Olympic Games Los Angeles 1984

Tit for tat.

And add on to that some competing ambitions, jealousy and resentment against a parachutist upstart within UMNO Kedah and Bob's your sambal kerabu, wakakaka.

But political ouster based on 'loss of confidence' in a political leader, in this post Mukhriz Mahathir, is not unique to Malaysia or Kedah but quite common in Australia.

Kevin Rudd - Julia Gillard

Tony Abbot - Malcolm Turnbull

Once a political party senses a leader is unlikely to inspire or secure a win for his party in an approaching election, he or she is done with, discarded so to speak, to enable another/new leader to bring about better prospects for the party in the elections.

So I presume DAP's Lim Lip Eng (Segambut), who knows all these, in asking MCA and Gerakan:

“I'd like to ask the MCA and Gerakan leaders of Kedah ― What sin did Mukhriz commit for this to happen? Were there donations that weren't shared?

“Is Mukhriz being investigated by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission or Bank Negara? Did he abuse state funds for golfing holidays or hire family members into state posts?”

..... was being rhetorical, merely char koay teow-ing, the political kind, wakakaka. Tor-tee latchew, huan cheow kar chay, lebih cabai, wakakaka.

Besides, Lim knows the opinions of MCA and Gerakan are f* worthless.

But while Mahathirists like Rafidah Aziz comes out to defend mummy's dearest darling boy, it's interesting to see how poor young Mukhriz will cope with his own party's predators.

And whether these predators have been prompted by Ah Jib Gor or their own self interests and ambitions, or both, doesn't matter as Mukhriz will have to deal with them.

Frighteningly for dear Mukhriz has been that his own deputy, Kedah Umno deputy chairman Ahmad Bashah Md Hanipah had been the one who held a press conference to highlight 4 reasons why UMNO Kedah has lost confidence in their state No 1 man, as follows:

  • failure to unite the party’s leadership and machinery at all levels in Kedah; 
  • lack of strategic planning to face the 14th General Election; 
  • failure to lead and galvanise the party machinery after taking over Umno’s leadership in Kedah; and, 
  • as menteri besar, he had failed to administer the state government effectively.

More than a dozen UMNO division leaders (to wit, almost all division leaders) were present at the press conference while Mahdzir Khalid (Padang Terap Division) who was away in London was represented by someone from his division and who had since voiced his support for the ouster.

Most embarrassing for Mukhriz, his own Jerlun Division was also at the press conference in the person of his deputy division chief Othman Aziz, ouch and et tu Othman.

Can Mukhriz deal with these himself or does he need daddy's power and connections to achieve the necessary Houdini act?

Ignoring his personal 'conflict of interests', wakakaka, Ahmad Bashah, who will be the one to gain most from ousting Mukhriz, has called for Ah Jib Gor to intervene and replace Mukhriz as Kedah MB.

I love to see what Najib will do, wakakaka again.

Interesting times.


  1. One of the leaders at the press conference, Wanita Umno chief Datuk Maznah Hamid had said that she have been misled into participating.

    The move to oust Mukhriz is likely sanctioned by Najib himself, the press conference is just a formality, don't be surprised at what Najib will do.

    Lim Lip Eng of 'we-can-find-MH370' fame should have exercised more restraint in his remarks.

    1. Umno’s Baling MP Datuk Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim believes differently.

      Abdul Azeez, who was also at the press conference yesterday, insisted that all those in attendance were “well aware” of the decision to urge for Mukhriz’s removal.

      “I was there, and I was aware of the reason why I was there, so were many others who attended.

      “If Datuk Maznah did not agree to the purpose of yesterday’s event, she could have walked away anytime. She sat next to me,” he told Malay Mail Online when contacted.

      - See more at:

    2. Yes, in the malaymail report Abdul Azeez contradicted Maznah's remarks. But the report also mentioned others who corroborated Maznah’s version.

      I was also contemplating a scenario where a naughty Maznah should have thrown a spanner in the works by asking 'where is the briefing?' during the press conference; imagine the spectacular outcome and fireworks. Quite likely she chose the less disruptive way like she has done.

      If she was lying, why would she create contradictions now?

  2. underdog oso can strikes back, no wonder dap is the enemy of the state.


    Mukhriz telah mendendangkan lagu ini bila beliau merasmikan mesyuarat perwakilan di Subang pada 9 Ogos 2015.

    Kusangka aur di pinggir tebing
    Kiranya tebu di pinggir bibir
    Kusangka jujur pancaran batin
    Rupanya palsu penghias zahir
    Kukira hati jiwa nurani
    Suci seindah wajah terbayang
    Kukira puji seikhlas budi
    Kulupa lidah tidak bertulang
    Di manis gula semut binasa
    Kail berduri bersalut umpan
    Di manis kata insan terlena
    Kerana budi hamba terkorban
    Inikah dia lakunan hidup
    Di pentas dunia insan berpura
    Tipu dan daya pencapai maksud
    Budi dan harta merangkum noda

    There is no two ways about it – Mukhriz must go. He is clearly with MY.

  4. I am never ever favourable towards BN-UMNO, but as far as their Menteri Besars go, you could do worse than Mukhriz, in fact, a lot worse.
    Case in mind Pahang, Malacca (Chief Minister) , and Negeri Sembilan. It is a telling exposure of how awful UMNO has become in that these clowns are the Least Bad people UMNO can find to run these states.

    In fact Mukhriz was a factor in BN winning back Kedah in the last GE, second only to PAS mismanagement.

    The attempt to oust Mukhriz has little to do with ostensible "loss of confidence". More to do with a Mega-Crook's continuing efforts to reinforce his clinging to power by neutralising one of his more visible potential adversaries. Instead of his predicament coming close to being resolved, as Mega-Crook claims, the impending exposure of investigation results will likely make Mega-Crook's position a very difficult one.

    Anyway, just to put on a Machiavellian hat , it is in DAP's interest to shore up Mukhriz sufficiently to keep him in the ring as a potential irritant or even threat to the Mega-Crook. Old Man always hovering menacingly in the background, at least while he is still alive.

    So Lim Lip Eng's political shit-stirring has my support......

    1. Ousting Mukhriz may well be a Najib's strike against the Mahathir faction, but as the saying goes, those who live by the sword (as Mahathir, Mukhriz and Najib himself do) die by the sword, more so when Mukhriz has taken up the cudgel for his dad's personal war against Najib, vocally and by public boycotting of events Najib was at. He has openly declared war against his party president and PM. Whether he's right or not, we should not be surprised that Najib has now moved against him or more accurately, Mahathir.

      And I wouldn't elevate Mukhriz into someone saintly or credible like wrestling Kedah from PAS. PAS lost Kedah, Mukhriz didn't win it.

      In all fairness to Mukhriz, and as I have written at RPK's blog, Mukhriz is probably a nice man but he's too much of his father's son, caught in the wide shadow of his far-too-influential father, a situation where he both benefits and suffers from that association.

      But nice being nice doesn't make Mukhriz an influential politician himself. Politically, he is nobody without his dad's help, influence or presence. As a matter of argument, I dare say he became MB Kedah post 2013 GE [and deputy minister prior to that] ONLY because it had been Najib's attempt at mollifying Mahathir

    2. Jocelyn Tan (Star) wrote (extracts only)

      Najib, said an Umno insider, had been patient with Mukhriz throughout the whole of last year, during which Mukhriz joined forces with his father and Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin to slam Najib on the 1MDB issue.

      “If any MB had behaved like Mukhriz during Tun Mahathir’s time, he would have been sacked long ago,” said the insider. [...]

      A few months earlier, Najib had openly praised Ahmad Bashah for not making a fuss when Mukhriz was appointed mentri besar over him. Najib did this at an Umno function attended by Kedah leaders and it was to tell Mukhriz that he should grateful to be where he is today.

      Umno politicians have also criticised Mukhriz for spending too much time in Kuala Lumpur, where his wife and children are, and for not delivering on his election promises.

      But for Najib, the last straw was the “Saloma Bistro” incident. Mukhriz had hosted a dinner at the Malay restaurant for Kedah Umno delegates attending the party general assembly last month.

      The dinner was attended by the three thorns in Najib’s side – Dr Mahathir, Muhyiddin and Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal. Mukhriz had delivered a speech slamming Najib’s handling of the 1MDB issue.

      It was not a savvy thing to do, given the huge support that Najib had received from the delegates when he delivered his presidential address at the Putra World Trade Centre that morning.

      That was probably the moment when Najib felt that he had to remove the fourth thorn in his side. [...]

      Mukhriz has been trapped between a rock and a hard place. He has to be filial to his father while being loyal to his party president. If he was more experienced, he could have walked the fine line but it is obvious that he has chosen filial piety over political loyalty. [...]

      [Mukhriz} critics said that beneath that pleasant demeanour lies a misguided notion that he is bigger than the Umno president and that, like his father, he can also take on the Prime Minister.

      They said he does not even have the support of the division chiefs, which is crucial for the success and survival of any mentri besar. He refused to play ball with them and now they want him off the team. [...]

      Strategically speaking, there was no way Najib would have allowed Mukhriz to stay on given the way the younger man has provoked him. Najib wants to send a stern message to the rank and file to toe the line.

  5. It is perfectly OK for people to call for Mukhriz to resign as Menteri Besar , as they have lost confidence in him.

    Confidence is a very personal matter. If it is lost, it is lost. You can't force somebody to have confidence.

    I agree.

    It should also be perfectly OK for people to call for Najib to resign as Prime Minister because they have lost confidence in him.

    I agree.
    Surely it should apply both ways.

    But when it comes to Najib, people get arrested, interrogated by police , students get threatened with expulsion from their university, their employers get pressured to fire them.

    What the Fuck ?

  6. Joceline Tan writes well, but she essentially writes whatever her political masters want her to write. A hired gun.

    Sample Joceline Tan write up on Mukhriz from those days when he was smelling good....

    Next one not from Joceline , but another "analyst" that Mukhriz was helping swing support for BN in Kedah in the run-up to GE13. Believe it ...or not.....

  7. Hey Ktemoc,
    I remember you ranted about how the people who demanded to that Najib be removed as PM, because they no longer have confidence in him , as violating democracy.

    I'm no Mukhriz supporter, but isn't this the same thing, but now you are singing a totally different tune ?

    Just because its not directed against your beloved Najib, and Najib may even be the puppeteer / instigator ?

    Bullshit blogger....

    1. due process, that's what I said. It should be by "due process" that Najib or Mukhriz be replaced

      As usual, your comment is bullshit comment, yet once again, wakakaka