Wednesday, July 22, 2015

War in Bolihland

Day in day out we hear, read and talk about 1MDB and its attackers and defenders. It's obviously war, and war of the dirtiest kind.

Now, we even read about DAP's Tony Pua being stopped from going abroad, and of an ex DAP member (stress on 'ex'), Tony Tan, alleging that Pua has put (Tan used the word 'parked) RM3 million in the overseas account of Tan's wife.

Incidentally the bloke who had arranged for Tony Tan to speak out against Tony Pua is Ramesh Rao Krishnan Naidu, the same bloke who had brought Lester Melanyi out with the latter's stories and videos against Clare Rewcastle-Brown behind the recent controversial 1MDB-Sarawak Report.

Maybe Ramesh is Najib's answer to The Black Ninja of Dr Mahathir?

Meanwhile Rewcastle-Brown has described herself as a 'do-gooder' who has got a bit between her teeth (meaning she's doing what she needs to be done in a forceful and energetic way) and who's being oppressed by rich, powerful and very ruthless people in Malaysia whom she has crossed with her exposures on 1MDB.

No, she didn't say that one of the rich, powerful and very ruthless people had spoken to her, wakakaka. And I have to say I am very much astonished by her description of herself as a 'do-gooder' which, incidentally I might have agreed to if she had been doing her reporting on Sarawak and the state's forest management, the raison d'etre for her Sarawak Report and Radio Free Sarawak.

But her change from reporting on Sarawak and its beautiful forests to 1MDB came uncomfortably with her seen association with you-know-who wakakaka who has said quite openly he wants to depose Najib from the PM's position, so I still have some questions as to her motive. RPK wrote a piece on that (allegedly her motives) in his CLARE REWCASTLE BROWN: THE PROBER NOW BEING PROBED.

We no longer knows who's lying, fabricating and manipulating what, or who's really telling the truth, or who's somewhere in between, wakakaka? And even if we think we do, we sometimes wonder whether our own beliefs are well founded and not biased and influenced by our own political inclinations.

In fact I had a post on this, our own prejudiced weakness, published on 17 June 2015 but titled cryptically as Wasting precious pearls - 'cryptically' because I fear some didn't understand what I had meant, wakakaka. Let me provide one example about what 'casting pearls before swine' means.

About a month back there was a report of a Chinese naval vessel parked for apparently 2 years at James Shoal which is 50 nautical miles (nm) off the Sarawakian coast. I saw some media interactive forums populated with deprecating comments about the hopeless Malaysian government and useless Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) for not taking action against the Chinese naval vessel stationed there.

OK, fair enough on those comments as most initially didn't know what was involved. BUT then, a few commentators joined in to point out that while the Malaysian EEZ was 200 nm off our coast, Malaysian territorial waters only extend to 12 nm off our national shores, and that James Shoal (at 50 nm from the Sarawakian coast) was outside Malaysian territorial waters. They even explained the difference between EEZ and territorial waters, saying that our navy couldn't do anything because the Chinese vessel was in international waters, provided of course the Chinese sailors didn't dig up our oil, gas, ore, bullshit and sheer muddy ignorance from the sea and seabed around James Shoal.

But golly be, even after those few commentators pointed out that that James Shoal was outside Malaysian territorial waters, and the difference between EEZ and territorial waters, those feral commentators continued their tirade against the Malaysian government and RMN as if those notes on why our navy or government couldn't do anything didn't exist. Yea, no one nor facts were going to stop them from a bloody good rant against our government and navy. Of course their vile rants included the to-be-expected raves about our unsinkable submarines, wakakaka.

That's what's meant by 'casting pearls (of good explanatory information) before (unappreciative moronic) swines'.

Okay back to our issues - Maybe it's worthwhile examining the actions of the two warring parties, wakakaka, against the principles of war and how well each has been applying them. For today we'll examine just the first and MOST important principle:

Selection and Maintenance of the Aim

A single, unambiguous aim is the keystone of successful military operations. Selection and maintenance of the aim is regarded as the master principle of war.

During WWII, Hitler balls-ed it up when he (personally and interferingly) turned the Luftwaffe's primary aim of destroying the RAF's radar and fighter bases towards bombing London and its civilian population instead, just because a RAF bomber had accidentally bombed Berlin.

By his silly hubristic vengeance he f*-up the Luftwaffe's 'selection and maintenance of aim', thus allowing the RAF to not only recover and regroup its fighter squadrons and pilots and return them to full strength but more importantly, to save its vital and crucial radar network. These subsequently won the Battle of Britain for them.

And Winston Churchill would then not have the occasion to say his immortal words of "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few", eulogising the RAF fighter pilots which included many foreign (non-British non-Commonwealth) pilots especially the Poles.

A salutary lesson to never let forget the primary war principle of 'selection and maintenance of the aim'.

Well, obviously Team M (wakakaka) has selected as its aim the exposure of 1MDB to defeat Najib, but I sometimes wonder whether it is still maintaining this aim as I could from time to time read Team M going off in different directions, like accusing Najib for being a proxy of the Singaporeans, wakakaka. But WTF has Sing got to do with 1MDB?

Aiyoyo, has he allowed his personal prejudice against the lil' red dot to divert his selected war aim against Najib?

Thus it's not only about selecting a war aim (which I think Team M has done well) but also maintaining that aim (which is another story altogether).

What about Team N then? wakakaka.

It appears its selected aim is to discredit its accusers on 1MDB. Team N has been slow off the mark and it has only done its counter-attack recently so we need to wait a while to see whether it'll maintain its aim steadfastly (unless it's defeated before that).

We now have Rewcastle-Brown on the defensive. I'm sure you can make out the rest's actions and make some conclusions or at least primary assessments on them, wakakaka.

As I said earlier, we no longer knows who's lying, fabricating and manipulating what, or who's really telling the truth, or who's somewhere in between, wakakaka?

And it won't necessarily be the truthful ones who will win. War is such a bitch!


  1. clare motive is clear, she expose the wrongdoing of the power that be, who have huge impact to the people life shd their dirty deed continue. she is entirely diff with rpk n kt, whose task is to non stop criticizing n slandering those that already retire or incarcerated. i strongly believe they r from the team n who work very hard to divert the issue at hand.

    kt is the master of diverting. even the topic of keris he would relate it to anwar, he claim he is not bias, n everyone know jenna jameson is a virgin wakakaaa

  2. I am very, very, disappointed that there is not more, much , much more indignation and outrage at what has happened under 1MDB.

    Nobody I know in the financial industry in Malaysia believes that 1MDB's financial transactions were "halal" or clean and above board. All the fingerprints of financial fraud are there. And these are experts in their field, not politicians.

    Put it this way, if the same facts were attributed to an ordinary commercial company, not tied to massive entrenched political agendas, most people would have long ago shouted "FRAUD" in capital letters.

    The accusations "conspiracy to bring down the Malaysian Government" are Bullshit.

    Why is it a crime to expose that multi-multi Billions of Ringgit which have been stolen from the People of Malaysia ?
    Don't feel anything at all ? Why ?

    Najib is NOT the Government of Malaysia.

    Whatever wrong Najib has committed is a personal matter. If proven guilty of crime, he must face the legal penalty personally.

    Instead you have Idiots like Raja Petra trying to spin moronic fairy tales.

    1. Why did you leave out kaytee when his article whitewash najib and rosmah? Anyway few brain cells wasted reading this when simple questions would be

      What did najib do and know about 1mdb
      When did he najib know it

      Najib is mdb chairman

    2. poor ccb looes, wakakaka, always trying his luck at controlling what a blogger should post or not post. always trying to instigate quarrels among bloggers. start your own blog lah and you can write anything on anyone you want to, or start your own war against any blogger, wakakaka

  3. Kaytee,the recent developments and revelations by the CEO of the Edge have one thing in common.He admitted that they did indeed have contact and got the information from someone.The only thing is that they did not pay for the information.Is he really kidding,that they got all the damning information for free?That this dude is willing to risk his hide and all for free?

    As we all know that having stolen information or stolen goods in one's procession is a criminal offence.It does not matter if the stolen information or stolen goods are obtained free or paid for.We do not have to be geniuses or rocket scientists to figure it out,that very soon familiar faces will be joining Anwar in Sungei Buloh.The media people form the Edge and at least a few PKR Anwar cronies.

    1. Even if the information was stolen and/or paid for , it was PetroSaudi information, no crime has been commited in Malaysia. Malaysian police have nothing to base any arrest on.

      On the other hand, if 1MDB funds have been secretly diverted.
      Unaccountable funds have been paid into Mohammed Najib's personal bank accounts,

      crimes have definitely been committed on Malaysian soil.

    2. Hi Bruno,
      "As we all know that having stolen information or stolen goods in one's procession is a criminal offence.It does not matter if the stolen information or stolen goods are obtained free or paid for.We do not have to be geniuses or rocket scientists to figure it out,that very soon familiar faces will be joining Anwar in Sungei Buloh.The media people form the Edge and at least a few PKR Anwar cronies."

      The same can be said about the "conspiracy" between Lester Melyani, Ramesh Rao and A. Rahman in the video confessions series.
      1. They had stolen emails, knowledge of meetings, data on an expert forger etc.
      2. They went about making videos for the press instead of immediately handing the evidence to the authorities.
      3. They even had time to edit and input subtitles into the video under the directorship of someone.
      4. Admitted that money was involved.
      5. 2 bankrupts could not have paid for all the who paid? Anwar Ibrahim again?
      6. Only after all these preparations, had they handed the video to the police.
      The offence you referred to is that they had in their possession such stolen evidence and knowledge of forging emails etc. but keeping quiet until now? And they should go and join Anwar in Sg. Buloh?

  4. For the last few months,I have been saying that the opposition and Mahathir's gang is getting nowhere and getting very desperate.They were throwing everything,kitchen sink and the toilet as an added bonus too.

    Najib's refusal to cave in,resign and relocate to Zimbabwe as demanded by Dr M and instead choose to dig in and fight it out.This took Mahathir,his gang and the opposition by surprise and they decided to go all out on the offensive by all and any means.I have said it many times before,that a very cool Najib with his trawler nets will have Mahathir and his gang,with the opposition as his biggest catch.

  5. Najib is fighting the war on many fronts: - DrM, PKR/DAP, WSJ, NYT, SR, Edge....
    Aiming and its maintenance is not going to be easy like DrM is doing with just one target.

    The bulk of the ammunition is from the leaked emails published by SR, so efforts were made to discredit SR via PGI and Lester, and the latter have turned out to be unimpressive so far, so now internet blockage is used. At the other fronts, travel bans, character assassination, lawsuits and possibly detention are or will be used.

    Actually they could have followed-up on PGI's work and prove that the emails were
    tampered, if they really are. Just speculating ... maybe the emails WERE tampered, and Najib is collaborating with Jho Low to give the critics enough rope to hang themselves? (Sort of like luring enemies into vulnerable positions e.g. Napoleon in Russia, 1812)

    1. actually the "many fronts" confronting Najib supports the one sole aim of destroying Najib. And Najib's counter attack should also be one sole aim, to discredit them

    2. True, but Najib have his hands full as he has to discredit so many parties....

      However, he has the advantage of using the state's instruments to hit back. (A 19th century philosopher, much abhorred in some countries but idolised in many others, once wrote that the state is the committee managing the common affairs of the whole bourgeoisie... ).

    3. Precisely when this jibby has every fucking cibai advantages that calls any sane malaysia to ensure he die cock stand

  6. Its funny that for all the screaming and blustering and huffing and puffing about "tampered documents" Jibby dares not sue sue the Sarawak Report and Claire Rewcastle in Her Majesty's Courts for defamation.

    Its been 8 months and I'm still waiting....

    I have a simple hypothesis...because the Sarawak Report documents are true......
    Her Majesty's Courts...Level legal playing field mind BTN-trained Judges..

    Anybody care to rebut this ?

    1. the rebuttal is none other than mahathir did this, anwar did this, all malaysian know abt it, thus 2 wrongs do make a right. the motive to expose is therefore to discredit a democratically elected pm. i understand if some msian accept such fantastic reason, the curious part is y those reside in the west, who possess better understanding of governance under a more healthy democratic system would argue in the same manner, unless they r from the team n. it is fine if they openly declare so, for example i always tell i am a pkr supporter, the hilarious part is they still wanna preserve their independent outlook, n keep on criticize others as bias, they wan to have the cake n eat it too.

    2. He dares not even suing wsj. Perhaps pukimak kaytee can help jibby

      Take note that even lkw dares not touch the greasy pole

    3. HY,
      "the hilarious part is they still wanna preserve their independent outlook,"

      Fully agreed with you on this. If they are indeed independent, there is no lack of issues to criticize on both PR and BN. Their writings now point in only one direction.
      I am not a supporter of PR, but I do despise cowards masquerading as independents.

  7. Tony Pua has made a statement that the 1MDB interim report from AG to PAC (which he has access to) will put to rest which is fact and which is fiction regarding the credibility of the leaked emails published by SR; his confidence seems to indicate that SR was right after all.

    1. Al,
      One Simple question who clare related to. Just as what is the relationship between jibby and pukimak kaytee
      Kaytee is so uptight over jibby die cock stand. Why?

    2. vile, utterly vile and oppressive, oppressively allowing no difference in opinions or choice

      but then again, you are a methodist fugitive from Fiji and an underling of the Kuomintang government, lurking seditiously in Malaysia. WAit, Kuomintang means you may possibly be linked to MCA, wakakaka

    3. Again there is one important that clare related. Who?

      As for me, i learnt it from hisham rais, the chief penghasut. Gandhi is a penghasut too

  8. The War in Bolihland is going to get nastier?You can bet your last penny on it.

    Now that Najib's big boys are jumping feet first into the action,the drama is just about to begin.Be ready for some arrests to be made soon.

    The Edge's CEO has admitted to meeting somebody to get the documents.However,he denied paying for it.Did he know that,that somebody had stolen documents for him?Well,hmmm...?

    Tony Pua has now come out and said that he did met Claire Rewcastle in London,Singapore and of course the exotic tourist destination,Indonesia.I am pretty sure that Tony did not go all the way to meet Claire in London,and Claire all the way to meet Tony in Singapore and exotic Indonesia for chit chats and a peck on the left and right cheeks.There has to be something more than that,right?And wads of cash (Euros or USD denominated) more likely.

    Tony said that he has never met Justo.This I believed him.After all,he has no reasons to lie anymore.

    Rafizi,well,this dude is in more hot soup that he could have bargain for.Being an Anwar loyalist,crony and stooge he has to be there to meet Justo.Did he had meetings with Claire Rewcastle too?Of course he did.And many times too.And did wads of cash change hands too?Well ...?

    Conspiring with a mecenary against your well beloved PM with true or tampered documents is one thing.Conspiring with a mecenary against your well beloved PM with true or tampered stolen documents is another thing (actually two things and a very serious thing)

    Well,to conspire and plot to topple or discredit your own beloved PM is a very serious offence.Paying mercs to do the dirty job for you is very serious too,right?

    For conspiracy and money laundering in so many countries,if charged and found guilty,it could be 10,20 or even 50 years wearing striped pajamas.

    For a smart man like Tony Pua,who started a company and have it listed in Singapors,and later sold it off for big bucks can be so stupid in politics.I always said that this guy is a political clown.

    And for Rafizi,who was doing very well working for one of the GLC's.He made a smart choice entering politics and could have gone very far.His only regret was he had the wrong political master.

    1. "can be so stupid in politics" - who is smart then?

      "His only regret was he had the wrong political master." - what is a right political master?

      "Conspiring" - does yr conspire n plot imply najib n co did nothing wrong?

      "Be ready for some arrests" - duduk diam diam macam mca would never resulted in any arrest by the corrupted regime, is that what u aspire?

      u wrote many comments on this 1mdb subject, sorry i still dun understand yr points after reading yr many words.

  9. Regardless of whatever smelly stuff is being thrown around, and whoever you chose to believe or disbelieve, the objective fact, inescapable fact is 1MDB was in deep financial trouble, is still in deep financial trouble, and will still be in deep shit for a long time to come.
    Where has the RM 42 Billion gone ? Anybody's guess.

    Arresting Tony Pua, shutting down The Edge and blocking Sarawak Report will not change any of this.

    Tony Pua and Rafizi Ramli have been spot on accurate on so many past occasions, and 1MDB and the Malaysian government caught being econonomical with the truth and downright lying.

    1MDB was accused of parking Billions in funds in Cayman Island , a well known money-laundering hub. Proven True.
    The Government of Malaysia then stated that the money would be repatriated to Malaysia by late 2014.
    1MDB was exposed as having difficulty returning the Cayman Island funds to Malaysia.
    The Malaysian Finance Minister stated in Parliament that the "Cash" had been returned and sitting in a bank account in Singapore.
    The Deputy Finance Minister later admitted all that existed in Singapore was "Units". No Cash. The "Units" are just sitting in a deposit box in Singapore, not an actual Bank Account balance.

    What kind of units ??
    Anybody who knows the least about Financial markets will realise some types of fund "Units" are worth little more than toilet paper, and there are others worth just a fraction of their face value, or very difficult to convert into Hard Cash.

    Did the Finance Minister lie to Parliament ?

    1MDB was exposed as having its major international creditors calling in its loans early.
    Proven true.
    The Malaysian Government had to pull in Big Chettiar Ananda Krishnan to arrange emergency funds to prevent a default with 1MDB.
    Tabung Haji was roped in to do National Service for 1MDB, would have gone through if not exposed.
    Tenaga Nasional was roped in to do National Service, but its share price crashed the moment the market found out about it, so the deal is Off , for the moment.

    Now we have Lester Melyani accusing Tony Pua of fabricating the evidence.
    Just for background Lester Melyani is an undischarged bankrupt of no fixed occupation and in deep financial shit.
    For the right amount of Agong paper, he may be willing to "confess" his mother is Barbara Streisand, and his father is George W. Bush.

    Ramesh Rao ? Another MIC parasite...... enough said....

    Between the two sides , Who do you think I will believe ?

    1. And his favourite song is puppet on a string.........hahahaha

  10. "can be so stupid in politics" - who is smart then?If you want to know,the answer is the ones with drinks in one hand and popcorn in the other,cheering the clowns on.

    "His only regret was he had the wrong political master." - what is a right political master? You sure that you do not know?Maybe you should text message your idol Anwar.He will surely have the answer for you.Just a hint,there is only one "grand political master" in Bolihland.

    It does not matter whether Najib and co did no wrong or no right.Doing the right things the wrong way doesn't make it right.That is the reason Anwar is going to have familiar faces for company very soon.

    Having fake or stolen documents,using it for self or political purposes and not reporting or surrendering it to the rightful authorities is an offence.It is not an excuse to say that the authorities do or do not act on the information if surrendered to them.

    I have been saying for months now that the opposition is funding SR.And that they should cool down and let Mahathir and his gang do the fighting with Najib and his boys.I even said that a cool and composed Najib means that his trawler nets will have Mahathir and gang plus the opposition all haul up.Maybe not so much in Kaytee's blog,but you can go check up Sak's blog.

    Some of Sak's regulars do not agree that the opposition is funding SR.Some even called me a trojan.

    If you follow my comments,you will know that although I support the opposition,my comments are two sided.

  11. Sorry lah KT. Bolihland war dead are not allowed to be buried in Kranji War Memorial.

    1. just symbolic of the sad outcome of war