Friday, July 24, 2015

Question? 1 - Tony Pua's travel abroad

Question has been puzzling me. Why have the authorities prohibited Tony Pua from travelling abroad?

Does this move spell his impending arrest? And for what?

If not, then why hold him back in Malaysia?

Any (unpaid) Kajang satay seller involved? wakakaka.

democratically-elected (by a mile) Prime Minister of Thailand, Yingluck Shinawatra, prevented from travelling abroad

but I prefer to look at sweet her than Chicken Little, wakakaka


  1. Kaytee,now that the nets have tightened,Tony Pua has admitted that he has indeed met many times with Claire Rewcastle in London,Singapore and Indonesia.Meetings even in Indonesia.Why the hush hush clandestine meetings?Untraceable money changing hands?An arrest is pending and coming soon.

    Kajang satay seller,many.Rafizi,Nasution and maybe Tian Chua and a few more from PKR.

    It doesn't matter what we think is fair or not fair.A middle man or a fence buying and storing stolen goods,when caught cannot say that he or she was going to surrender the goods.Especially when they were going to use the stolen goods for their own benefits.This is the problem that Tony Pua and the gang is facing now.Plus conspiracy and money laundering charges added,you wouldn't want to be in their shoes.And in Bolihland,Umno will make sure that the IGP and AG make the charges stick.

  2. Tony Pua is under investigation for active involvement in a conspiracy to discredit and destabilise the Malaysian government..

    I believe the charge, once a primary case is proven, should be Waging War against the Yang DiPertuan Agong. The maximum penalty upon conviction is Death.

  3. In a way, I have a grudging admiration for Najib.

    He's would be a genius to have pulled this complex maneuver off.

    By the way, who is the Idiot who says this is just Poo ?
    It is so easy to prove or disprove, as True or Untrue.

    People Names, Organisation Names, Bank Account Numbers. Everything is there.

    It should take the authorities a few keystrokes on a computer to confirm those transactions existed or not.
    The longer they drag, the more suspicion they are trying to cover up or "inventing" a new story.

  4. Yesterday I listened to a spirited discussion between some Malay gentlemen in a warung - and I was pleasantly surprised.

    I should thank Najib and his GST in a backhanded way.

    For the first time in Malaysian history, many low-income Malaysians now actually pay taxes in a direct way - and the corollary to that is for the first time they feel a direct stake in how the Malaysian Government spends its money, and how accountable it is.

    Previously when some of us drone on about corruption and abuse of government funds, many people just roll their eyes and shrug - they feel it has nothing to do with them.

    The 1MDB issue and GST - no direct relationship - but coming in the same time frame is doing plenty of political damage to Najib in the Heartland whether he realises it or not.

    Its too bad PAS has chosen to back Najib as a quid pro quo for its Hudud dream, helping to shore him up in this moment of weakness.

    I'm pretty sure PAS is going to be betrayed again by UMNO, but Hadi has already burnt his bridges with DAP and PKR.

  5. Treason sandiwara in Malaysia cooked up by the ruling party, Instead focusing on the USD700 millon in the PM's account, the people who criticize and expose the 1MDB are being ridiculed by the BN government.

  6. Those who are digging up 1MDB dirt are only dangerous to Najib.
    There is no indication they are dangerous to the country.

    Why is Ktemoc jumping up and down like a monkey having an orgasm ?

  7. Perhaps you should ask Najib personally just as what Saiful did with his scholarship

    Plus, pukimak kaytee can check if his little willie is at the same length as najib has......

    Enjoy the show.......I love every part of it especially when Hacker asking the rhetorical question

    1. and cibai you, how did MCA sponsored your education?

      besides you should know the size of my willie as you had it in your mouth before, wakakaka


    This is what Najib The Crook does not want you to know, and Ktemoc The Village Id*ot refuses to acknowledge.....

    1. My English teacher in Penang told me that "It takes a bigger idiot to call someone an idiot", wakakaka

  9. We all know that from the time Mahathir took over as PM,corruption and cronism have gone big time.The only thing is that corruption is getting out of control,and is now a runaway train in Malaysia.Just ask Anwar,he has been in gomen and he surely knows the game.Or else where he got all the money to kick Ghafar out and become DPM.

    The only way to solve this problem is to kick Umno out.And that way is through the ballot box.Screaming 1MDB this and 1MDB that and taking to the streets is not going to solve the problem.In fact it is adding more problems.The Arab spring is not coming to our shores anytime soon.So get it in your thick heads and stop dreaming.Street demonstrations and trouble making is Anwar's forte.That is the only reason that Mahathir took him into Umno.

    I have been saying for a long time now,that the opposition has to get it's house in order.It has to consolidate it's resources to get ready for the next GE.Chasing the 1MDB ghosts is not going to help the opposition.What can the opposition do that Mahathir cannot do?

    Who do not know that Najib and Umno took 1MDB's money for GE13 plus more for their personal piggy banks.Just look at the million ringgit toys that their offsprings are driving.All this coming from a minister's salary?And one minister paying 200k a pop to his mistress for that piece of pussy?.

    So,when all the investigation are finally over,and of course Najib is going to come out clean as an angel.He did not take or stole a single cent.So what are you guys going to do about it?Take to the streets again?This time is going to be different.They are going to come out and give the demonstrators a hell of a beating.Many times worse that Bersih 2 or Bersih 3.Do not go knock heads with Umno,unless you have the Marines behind you.