Thursday, July 09, 2015

Night of the Long Knives

Undeniably the knives are out for Najib Razak. Wait, that's not right because the knives were out long ago, since his DPM days when there was a G.A.N (Gerakan Anti Najib) campaign by supporters of a certain party.

(Hmmm, was it Parti Kajang-satay Rancid? wakakaka).

I like a go at being boss
I'll be the de facto boss
I'm still the de jure boss

OK then, let me rephrase that - Undeniably MORE knives are now out for Najib Razak, wakakaka.

Even Siti Hasmah has now (indirectly or unwittingly) screwed one into the side of Najib's better half, wakakaka - for more, read Malaysiakini's Siti Hasmah: No need to compete with hubby.

Then there's the old favourite, about Altantuyaa's murder (incidentally started by G.A.N) being resurrected by a so-called 'hoax' message purportedly about one of the convicted murderers Sirul Azhar about to tell-all in Australia.

MKINI reported: A message circulating on social media that former police commando Sirul Azhar Umar was going to confess to the murder of Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu on the orders of prime minister's wife Rosmah Mansor is a hoax, reported Utusan Online.

Sirul's lawyer Hasnal Rezua Merican dismissed the news as a rumour, saying that this appeared to be an attempt to get at Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak amid allegations that he had taken US$700 million (RM2.6 billion) in state funds.

It's certainly more than a 'hoax' but, as mentioned by Siruls's lawyer, an attempt to get at Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak amid allegations that he had taken US$700 million (RM2.6 billion) in state funds.

It has been a sinister underhanded tactic to bury Najib by him being collateral damage to the wild allegations of his wife's instructions to murder Altantuyaa. This is far far worse than the '50 Dalil Mengapa Anwar Tidak Boleh Jadi PM' - at least no one accused Anwar of being a murderer or married to one.

Wow, someone's throwing the kitchen sink at Najib, and then some.

[the colloquialism 'and then some' means far more than the ultimate kitchen sink have been thrown at Najib, wakakaka]

In my previous post, I mentioned my grave disappointment with Lim Kit Siang for forgoing DAP's once redoubtable standards in political decency, due process and a high sense of fair play when he lamentably called for a RCI (Royal Commission of Inquiry) into the 1MDB affair plus plus, to be chaired by, can you beat this?, Dr Mahathir. See my post Is 'conflict of interest' alien to Lim Kit Siang?

Lim KS has also been responsible for calling on the police to re-open the case of the murder of AmBank founder Hussein Najadi. See FMT's Probe Najadi’s murder, says Kit Siang which reported (focus on bold highlighted phrase):

Najadi was shot dead in broad daylight in the centre of Kuala Lumpur in Lorong Ceylon in Bukit Bintang on July 29, 2013 a day after he lodged a police report on matters that he had earlier reported to Bank Negara.

The investigations, said Lim who is also DAP Parliamentary Leader and Gelang Patah MP, will be to ascertain whether the murder had any links with the RM42 billion 1MDB scandal.

“There are reasons to re-open the file on the murder given the new information that has emerged in the wake of the Wall Street Journal report last Friday,” said Lim.

Hussein had reported to Bank Negara in March 2013 about significant amounts of money being deposited into Najib’s personal accounts, added Lim. “Subsequently, he reported about the withdrawals of significant amounts of money from these bank accounts.”

“Najadi lodged a police report on the same matters on 28 July 2013 when no action was taken by Bank Negara.”

I'm not sure whether Lim KS's recount (as reported by FMT above) and attempt to link Hussein Najadi's murder with Bank Negara's failure to check into the transfer of large sums of money is slanderous [Najadi was shot dead ..... a day after he lodged a police report on matters that he had earlier reported to Bank Negara], so I went to Lim KS's blog to check what he has actually written, which has been as follows (focus on bold highlighted phrase):

A WSJ spokesman said it does not know “where the money went” as “Basically, the trail we have ends at the bank account that has the Prime Minister’s name on it".

In this connection, I call on the Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar to re-open investigations into the murder of founder of AmBank, Hussein Ahmad Najadi who was shot dead in broad daylight in the centre of Kuala Lumpur in Lorong Ceylon in Bukit Bintang on July 29, 2013 to ascertain whether the murder had any links with the 1MDB scandal.

The Police should investigate whether it is true that in March 2013, Hussein had reported to Bank Negara about significant amounts of money deposited into Najib’s personal accounts and subsequently about withdrawal of significant amounts of money from these bank accounts; and that Hussein lodged a police report on the above matters on 28th July 2013 when no actions were taken by Bank Negara.

The 75-year-old Hussain was shot dead in a car park in Kuala Lumpur on 29th July 23, 2013.

See the difference between the two, in which the FMT report appears to be slanderous (Najadi was shot dead ..... a day after he lodged a police report on matters that he had earlier reported to Bank Negara) whilst LKS' post posed a question as to whether it is true, wakakaka.

But sadly (at least to me), Lim KS would seem to be in undue and rather OBSCENE haste to depose of Najib by whatever and whichever it takes, even unto sleeping with his once archfoe and now his redeemed rehabilitated and reconstituted best mate, Dr Mahathir.

FMT in another article reported Lim's views on a post-Najib PM, as follows: (again, please focus on bold highlighted phrase)

KUALA LUMPUR: DAP elder statesman Lim Kit Siang thinks that the focus on the way forward, in the wake of the allegations in the Wall Street Journal last Friday against Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, should not be on who will benefit when the premiership falls vacant. “The question at the moment may be whether the Attorney-General will charge the prime minister or whether the latter will sack the former.”

“Again, the focus should not be on which individual will take over as prime minister after Najib,” added Lim who is also DAP Parliamentary Leader and Gelang Patah MP. “What should be of paramount importance was to ensure that the real beneficiaries in a post-Najib scenario would be the people.”

kt's comment: fully agreed.

Lim was commenting on the fact that the guessing game has already begun in the media, in the social media and among the people everywhere on who will benefit when Najib goes, everyone being convinced that he has to go and will go when Umno decides between itself and Najib.

The media, he noted, has mentioned five names viz. former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, Umno Vice-President Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, jailed former Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim and veteran Umno leader Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, in that order, as beneficiaries in a post-Najib order.

“It seems that Mahathir will not be prime minister again but he will be behind whoever becomes prime minister after Najib,” noted Lim.

kt's comments: so, if Dr M will be the power behind the throne, wouldn't that make Dr M the de facto PM? 

And just how will that ensure that the real beneficiaries in a post-Najib scenario would be the people? Oh, I forgot my own views, that Dr M should be OK as de facto PM to Lim KS as the former is now his redeemed rehabilitated and reconstituted best mate.

In writing off Najib, he continued, the media has already trotted out headlines like these: Malaysia’s Najib Razak fights for political life amid 1MDB claims; A broken prime minister?; Is it ‘Game Over” for Najib?; Can Najib Survive 1MDB scandal?;

Lim argued that the time has come for all progressive and patriotic MPs and political leaders in Malaysia to come together on a common programme to save Malaysia from becoming a failed state as a result of rampant corruption, abuses of power, socio-economic injustices and the collapse of good governance.

kt's comments: my dear Lim KS, please f* that word patriotic as Samuel Johnson had long advised us to be wary of it since patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel. I'm damn bloody suspicious of those who called themselves patriots.

Malaysians who love their nation shouldn't be called 'patriots' but just 'Malaysians', would you believe that?

Secondly, on rampant corruption, abuses of power, socio-economic injustices and the collapse of good governance do you think Najib invented all these? Didn't you use to berate one certain political leader for the same issues? What now?


I have titled this post as The Night of the Long Knives because I recall that in Germany in 1934, from June 30 to July 2, there was a political change (by force) from the dominance of the unpalatable Sturmabteilung (SA) to the dominance of the equally unpalatable Hitlerian Nazis. It became known as  The Night of the Long Knives.

To be continued ...


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    But I've got to feed the hunger in my soul.
    And if I never have a nickle, I won't ever die ashamed.
    'Cos I don't believe that no-one wants to know.

    Fuck kaytee because he will NEVER understand the real malaysians

    1. incoherent - why don't you hau-lam for anyone murdered like what some PKR supporters did for Altantuyaa

    2. Like Phua chu Kang says, use your brain.......use your brain

  2. In your paragraphs on Lim Kit Siang's comment on Dr M role on the post-Najib scene, your contention is that Lim contradicts himself by accepting Dr M's role against his own call for people being the beneficiaries?

    I read Lim's original post and found that TMI's reporting sequence is reversed. Lim actually notes the fact that the hoo-hah is now on which successor is going to benefit, and he subsequently states that by right the focus should be on the people as beneficiaries. That is, he deplores the current focus being on which individual will get the spoils, leaving out the people.

    I can't find the line in Lim's posting about "Dr M .... behind whoever becomes prime
    minister after Najib", I think is actually TMI summarizing Lim's quoting from Zulkifli
    Sulong’s article.

    1. yes Al Bert, on that point you're right in that Lim KS quoted Zulkifli Sulong. I stand corrected on that. I caught one of FMT's (other) errors but missed this one. Thanks. But we also need to recall (and indeed lament) that Lim KS proposed Dr Mahathir for the chair of a RCI to probe into Najib's alleged naughtiness

    2. Agreed, Lim's proposing Dr M to head the RCI is atypical of him. I was also contemplating the speculation mentioned by some commentators that Lim said it with sarcasm, knowing DrM's 'allergy' to RCIs, especially his "I don't remember" defense when cornered. And in the light of DrM's sarcasm when proposing RCI for the pre-Merdeka mass-granting of citizenship.

    3. Lim Kit Siang is of the old generation who learned the Queen's English.

      Most Malaysian who went through school after the early 1980s, whether Sekolah Kebangsaan or Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (Cina) or Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (Tamil) have precious little capability to catch the finer points of the English Language such as sarcasm, irony, double meanings or dry humour.

      That holds true even for those who otherwise have excellent communicational English, able to clearly communicate and also understand information, opinions and normal prose.

    4. Like you, I once admired in fact adored Lim KS so much that I rationalized away and "defended" his actions - see my post Long-ish moderation

      but no more lah - I'm gonna be as discriminatingly strict with DAP as I have been with PKR, PAS, UMNO, MCA, and Gerakan (MIC is such a joke I won't bother to state that here)

      Mind, I am not the only one who has begun to entertain doubts about his once redoubtable impeccable enviable "bearings" - read this to learn who the only guy is -

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Sayang sj considering Rocketman has just posted a comment on Queen's English, to which I may add that it's in the nature of the educated English (or those educated in English) to underplay their words.

    7. Don't care what yingerand la

      Najib just got to die cock stand.......kindly ensure kaytee die as well

    8. Fijian SB are looking for a methodist subversive - I suppose that can only be you

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I was brought up in a family where Honesty and Integrity were absolute , granite rock solid values. You never , ever, took something which is not yours, or you have not earned. You paid your bills on time, even if it hurt you.
    I have kept that absolute Honesty throughout my life, and - it has never been an impediment to succeeding in life.

    That is why I am absolutely aghast at the Wall Street Journal report that RM 2,600,000,000 was paid into Najib's personal account.

    Guys - please face the truth, no matter how much you may love Najib.
    The Wall Street Journal report is a credible one.

    The motive of the RM 2,600,000,000 being paid to Najib (legally that's basically it, don't try to tap dance, OK ) is not essential to there being a prima facie case for Corruption or Criminal Breach of Trust or Money Laundering.

    Just as motive is not essential to the case to convict a murderer. That was the PDRM and the Malaysian Court System's excuse for not pursuing anybody beyond Altantuya's direct killers.

    Well, what is Good for the Goose , ought to be Good for the Gander.

    No need to cry about "I never took any money for personal gain".
    No need to scream about Mahathir conspiracy.

    Najib fell on his own sword in the first place.
    Mahathir may be twisting the sword in harder and deeper, but he didn't manufacture the issue from thin air.

    1. Seriously Rocket as if ktemoc really bother what you say

      Sai Hei la

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. no nid to buy lah when we have you so FREE with your accusations, wakakaka

    4. aiseh cc looes, as if I can't have my own views? wakakaka, Fijian SB looking for methodist you on seditious matters

  4. Even if Najib goes,whoever takes over from Najib,Malaysians are still fucked.What is the different between putting another fox in place of another in charge of the hen houses.Of course the hens (whores) are going to get raped.Just ask Thambi Chik about this.He will surely and definitely swear to it.

    1. Najib will stay on as PM. I am on the same page with you. Najib will succeed. Just watch.

    2. Therefore don't know why kaytee becomes a jumping bean.

      Fuck Kaytee!

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. If it can be proven that 2.5 billion was spent on influencing an election,wouldn't that nullify the results and prompt another GE.Not for personal gain is Najib's how was it spent? If it was channelled to the GE,and can be proven,it is illegal since there is a limit on how much can be spent for pol parties.-in effect nullifying the results . A long shot..!
    And btw,if indeed ,the money was used to influence elections, then He may have bought his PMship.That counts as personal gain in any one's books.

    1. If it can be shown that sums of money beyond what is permitted by the EC for a political party to spend in its campaign for an election (I don't know how much is that under current laws?), then that political party has violated an election law and can be penalized (again I am not sure to what extent?)

      Thus, the penalty could well be a voiding of the election results, which will make Pakatan very happy. Assuming all wins for just UMNO will be voided to enable new elections, one wonders whether the penalty or voiding will be just confined to those UMNO wins or will also affect the entire GE including wins by Pakatan?

      That's according to election laws which I have to admit I'm not very conversant with the finer details. But even if the laws find such excessive spending on elections illegal, I can see UMNO dragging out the court case until 2018 (the end of its ruling term) with UMNO still in charge which means lots of happenings can, nay, WILL happen.

      Unfortunately with Pakatan now in disarray (I have my doubts about the liberals of PAS and as usual I have my doubts about PKR, wakakaka), I am not sure what advantage such a scenario will give Pakatan Mark 2?

      And we need to remember those in UMNO against Najib aren't likely to hand over government to Pakatan either.

      But it makes for wonderful speculations, wakakaka

  6. this seems so familiar

  7. Corruption is now a runaway train in the" land of the bolehs".And the internal infighting among the Umnoputras is weakening the gomen.Very soon,because of the factions opposing Najib causing scandals after scandals,Malaysia will become the sick old man of Asia..

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. same blokes who excoriated me when they don't like my post or comments at M2D wakakaka

      and BTW, I prefer Hansolomoc the one who gets the sweeties, wakakaka

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. PM Najib said he would leave to the Auditor General to investigate the accusation by WSJ. That’s the way Mr PM. Stay cool. No one should haste you to leave your office.

    If the day ever comes for you to leave, just leave slowly and quietly. Don’t bring the other Malays or UMNO or the country with you to wherever you have to be. Face it just a lone and take the bullet, so to speak, for the sake of Bangsa dan Negara.

    As you have said you have warrior’s blood flowing inside you. Remember then when you couldn’t fight it anymore, sacrifice yourself - face it and take it just alone. Biarlah Rahsia selama-lamanya…. and many would remember you as a hero, a truly Bugis Hero indeed.

    1. From Najib's statements , it looks like he is giving directions to the Task Force and setting the objective of the investigation - they are only to prove that he did not take the funds for personal use.

      Nemo iudex in causa sua Latin for "No person can judge a case in which they have an interest"

      Applied more broadly in this case No person can give direction over a investigation case in which HE is the subject of the case.

      Najib must go on leave pending the investigation results.

    2. Rather Najib should be........

      I will cheer the day when it really happen


      PM Najib has got three (3) options. He has chosen the first one. The benefit of the doubt is still there and it should be allowed to flow in his favour. If I am in his position I would do the same thing. Being a PM, there are so many ‘other’ considerations. We must give him that right and the decorum.

      In regard to using the Government machineries/agencies to assist him, we have to wait for the findings. What if the Auditor General could prove and concur with WSJ’s allegation? Aren’t we jumping the gun for not trusting the AG?

      Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat - the burden of proof is on he who declares, not on he who denies.

  10. This is a really strange country, with laws for common people, and a whole set of people who are above the law.

    If Ah Tee Mok, man-in-the-street, suddenly received a RM 2,600,000 wire transfer from a New York bank into his personal bank account (1,000 times smaller than Dear Leader's alleged windfall - but a huge amount of money ,nevertheless) , you can be very sure he will be investigated by the authorities very quickly , on their own inititative - not 2 years later, after a Wall Street Journal article.

    If he can prove it is payment against an Invoice for a RM 2,600,000 container-load of Sex Toys shipped to New York (lots of sex perverts in the USA, just like in Malaysia), Ah Tee Mok is probably mostly off the hook.
    However, the payment into a personal bank account, instead of a company account could trigger more investigation.
    Enter the IRB. Ah Tee Mok declared his income from all sources last year was RM 200,000. So...where did this RM 2.6 Million business suddenly come from ? IRB may order him to produce last 7 years of Income Tax documents.
    Further checks reveal Ah Tee Mok's company SexToy's R'Us last year declared a profit if RM 150,000 on a Revenue of RM 700 K. More trouble for Ah Tee Mok.
    His factory could also be subject to a JAIS raid for flouting religious laws. His Muslim employees could be subject to prosecution for Syariah offences.

    If Ah Tee Mok is a government officer he could also attract a very serious investigation from the MACC. Its practically a logical assumption of corruption, unless proven otherwise.
    If Ah Tee Mok is a DAP aide he could be subject to a severe continuous 16 hours night time interrogation, and perhaps go flying at the end of the session.

    Bottom line, for a common citizen, you can get into lots and lots of trouble for large amounts of extraordinary , unexplained funds suddenly appearing in your account.
    For Dear Leader ? how ?

    1. It is extremely starnge that people like that pukimak kaytee still supporting Ah Jib Gor

      stockholm syndrome?

      Kaytee : Please screw me......screw me hard.....


    2. looes joins JJ in recklessly accusing me of being pro X or pro Y, though I have to admit they know I'm not pro AI wakakaka (but gasp gulp omigosh I had defended AI before, wakakaka again)

  11. those who claim to be believers as well as submitters are surely aware of the allah's command;

    004.135 O ye who believe! Be ye staunch in justice, witnesses for Allah, even though it be against yourselves or (your) parents or (your) kindred, whether (the case be of) a rich man or a poor man, for Allah is nearer unto both (them ye are). So follow not passion lest ye lapse (from truth) and if ye lapse or fall away, then lo! Allah is ever Informed of what ye do.

    deputy president of Pas Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man reportedly made the following statements;

    "He made a mistake when he himself explained the scope of the investigations of the special task force.

    "His statement invites the perception that the special task force is not independent, under orders or reporting the investigations to him... This is not right and not good for Najib's efforts in clearing his name.

    "This action is even worse than the fact that the four individuals heading the probe – Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chairman Tan Sri Abu Kassim Mohamed and Bank Negara governor Tan Sri Zeti Akhtar Aziz – are working under him.

    the maharaja will only 'turun takhta' when the maharani issues a decree.

    1. The four Tan Sri (s) should do their investigation without fear or favour. They should fear only ALLAH and NOT PM Najib... ok kampong lad?

    2. the should world and the real world are 2 diff things. not only the 4 investigators but also the one(s) involved or implicated.

    3. There is always a maker and a checker. The checker must always check and remind the maker.

      But OTOH we the citizen always want to be the judge, the jury and the executioner. That's the real issue.

      Have seen the movie 12 Angry Men?

    4. 'we' doesn't include me. those yang ada kuasa memang kuat. as a kampong bloke like me just consider watching a movie titled pang5 bugis vs pang6 kerala. penyamun bertelagah dengan penyangak, nak tengok siapa yg nak kena pang,pang,pang.

    5. Can 4 Prophets investigate God without fear or favor? Imagine the consequences.

  12. No smoke without fire.! From out of seemingly nowhere,Pascal Najadi all of a sudden throws in His Father's assasination into the muddied mix..As if its some warning shot.! That many brush off at the moment as some bitter grievance..of a cheesed off son .still with the Arabian/Middle-Eastern connection of AMBank -,won't take much to stir up imaginative fantasizing..

    Although gotta admit,nice touch with the Title of the Article "Quo Vadis Malaysia" - nicely appropriate to the classic novel,of same name -set in Rome.of antiquity - depravity and decadence and madness and cruelty of Nero's court.-unprincipled excesses of self-indulgence etc

  13. I think that the forces behind the move to oust Najib is getting very desperate.These are the factions beholden to Mahathir and the opposition.Sarawak Report was started before the Sarawak elections to kick Taib's sorry ass.And of course,yours truly need not ask who was the financial backer/backers of this propaganda blog and it's sister clandestine radio.

    Why I said that Najib's enemies are getting very desperate.They have been throwing everything about 1MDB at Najib for the last few months,to no avail.Then come the deposits into Najib's personal account.And now deposits in 'fat mama's' account.In fact,these forces have not just been throwing the kitchen sink and the toilet at Najib and missus.They have started pumping the smudged watery juice from the sewage tanks too.Next these pariahs will be shioking sendiris,shotting sticky jelly at anybody within sight..Crazy bastards these binatangs are.

  14. This one is so funny I can't resist plagiarising it from OutSyed The Box (with some embellishments.

    Last week my uncle made a police report that his motorcycle had been stolen.

    He also stated that the incident had been recorded by the CCTV installed on a nearby office building , and the perpetrator clearly identifiable from the CCTV.
    He also stated the office cleaning lady Makcik was a witness to the incident.

    I got a shock to learn my uncle had been hauled in by PDRM last night for interrogation.

    The security guard who showed the CCTV recording to my uncle is also being investigated.
    The security company has been issued a show-cause letter from the Home Affairs Ministry why their licence should not be terminated.
    The company which installed the CCTV system is being investigated.
    The cleaning lady Makcik is being investigated.

    NOBODY has taken any action to find and arrest the Thief who stole my uncle's motorcycle.

    The 2.6 Billion Ringgit question is - Why is this happening this way ? What gives ?

    1. I put in a some comments in OutSyed The Box... the most recent is something on verses of the Qur'an but was not published. Sorry lah.. to me he is just another hypocrite. He is not in KT's class. Wakakaka..

    2. this is the legacy created and left by bapak penswastaan. he controlled all the institutions & apa binatang yg dia tak buat? now the maharajaship is inherited by bapak transformer. i still don't understand why the bapak koridor turun takhta.

  15. Nixon's gang of four.......haldeman, erlichmann, mitchell and dean

    Najib's special task four.........Zeti, Khalid, Patail and Kassim Malek

    And the song.......hahahahaha


    "The murderer in the case was eventually arrested and named the man who had hired him for RM20,000 to carry out the shooting. However, Najadi says there is no evidence the Malaysian Police made any effort to arrest the man, who was traced in Australia and who is believed to be connected with people high up in government."

    Hahahahaha........Kaytee, your life is in danger......Hahahahaha!

  17. Just how ridiculous is the organisational structure of the 4-Tan Sri's Task Farce ?

    The 4-Tan Sri's Task Farce @ Clorox Committee was created to investigate the allegations contained in the Wall Street Journal report.
    The Wall Street Journal alleged that a total of RM 2.6 Billion was funnelled from several different sources into the personal bank account of Mohammad Najib bin Abdul Razak.

    Who does the Task Farce report to ? Mohammad Najib bin Abdul Razak.

    Might as well just write the finding now and be done with it. Don't waste our time.

    When Anwar Ibrahim appeared in the courtroom days after his arrest in 1998 with a black eye, even Mahathir The Crook could understand that an investigation by a tribunal which reported to him would not pass the believability test.
    So a Royal Commission of Inquiry it had to be.

    1. The 4 must break the hold that UMNO/PM has over them, if any. As Teo Akbar insinuated - perhaps a heroic prophetism? A monumental work - it could be.