Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Someone went to Muhyiddin's house

If you're thinking I am referring to my dear friend Mukhriz you're wrong, wakakaka.

what do you mean did my dad okay the visit? wakakaka

Nor was I referring to Zufkifli Noordin, as I expected a bloke like him to be a matey of "I am Malay first, Malaysian second" Muhyiddin.

After all, why would I want to post about Mukhriz going to Muhyiddin's house after the latter was sacked from the cabinet when it's well known in Malaysian political circle that Muhyiddin has always been Dr Mahathir's man, and the man Mahathir had probably expected to mentor Mukhriz all the way eventually into the PM's position.

Notwithstanding the fact that Mahathir's wish has now suffered a setback, most of us would have expected Mukhriz to pay a solidarity visit to Muhyiddin's house, at least to strategize or re-strategize, wakakaka.

And who knows, that setback might only be temporary as Muhyiddin can still make a comeback if Ah Jib Gor screws up kau kau. As Anwar Ibrahim could have told him, ‘There’s many a slip ‘twixt cup and lip’, which Anwar found that out to his invincible distress in 1999.

Yes, I believe it has been this narrow miss by Anwar at the highest political office, just by a hair’s breath at the eleventh hour, on the cusp of his ascendancy to the highest political position in Malaysia, that has made the man super-geram, a frustrated anger beyond normal boundaries, even sending him into unbridled rage.

It has been a terrible experience that has tormented him since, more so he now sees his once-Youth Chiefs becoming respectively the PM and now also the DPM, while he languishes in prison.

So, if I were Ah Jib Gor, I would not be too complacent yet as I'm sure our dear eminence grise wakakaka would no doubt be cooking up something right now, as he once did against Anwar.

Okay then, the bloke I read going to Muhyiddin's house as the former DPM fumed at home at his sudden loss a la Anwar, was our next dearest matey, P Kamalanathan, yes, he of the hand-kissing fame, the one who had sucked up to Muhyiddin in 2010 during the pre-election campaign in the Hulu Langat by-election in 2010.

Look, when Dr Mahathir was on the ‘outer’ during PM AAB’s era, he commented that people who once kissed his hands were ignoring or even badmouthing him. That sort of confirmed that those hand-kissers (who subsequently ignored him) were insincere Bodek-ites.

In 2010 Kamalanathan, the MIC (or should it be UMNO) candidate for the Hulu Selangor by-election was photographed kissing DPM Muhyiddin’s hands. Kamal tried to deny it when asked, but alas for him, he was as mentioned photographed in that act.

as passionate as I was when I kissed my girlfriend's hands, but probably more dignified as I was too outrageously greedy with my sweetie's hands


Aiyah, if you wanted to kiss Muhyiddin's hands, why then denied that?

Anyway that was 5 years ago, so what can we make out of his very recent visit to Muhyiddin's house after poor Muhyiddin was sacked from the cabinet?

Did that mean Kamalanathan (call me 'Kamal' or 'Nathan', wakakaka) was sympathetic to the former DPM or felt his 'future' has been inevitably tied to Muhyiddin's fortune?

Wait, Kamalanathan has been deputy Education Minister to Muhyiddin so I wonder whether he went there to ask Muhyiddin, "Tan Sri, mohon serah semua kunci pejabat kepada saya sekarang." Wakakaka.

But 'Kamal' or 'Nathan', wakakaka, should at least be relieved Palanivel is now out of MIC, or at least out of power in MIC, as the latter hadn't taken kindly to him when he was appointed by UMNO over the MIC proposed candidate (Palanivel himself) for the Hulu Langat by-election.

Hmmm, I wonder whether he kissed Muhyiddin's hands when he last visited the former DPM? Wakakaka.


  1. Who knows? Maybe he did asked for the keys to the safe? Or the account and pin numbers of off-shore accounts? Or,just pretending, he offered to resign too?

  2. The smoking gun............hahahaha

    Nixon's style........

    The difference is Nixon was caught........and this is what happened in UK

    I bet with 2 cock hairs that this film is obtained illegally......The sun can sue me

  3. "Hmmm, I wonder whether he kissed Muhyiddin's hands when he last visited the former DPM? Wakakaka"

    maybe, n i am quite sure u will kissss najib n petra assss if u do meet them wakaka

    1. wakakaka, I haven't met anyone yet as bitter as a PKR bloke, especially you. you have a bitter perspective of malaysian politics and for some reasons (which I don't want to know) you hate rpk. najib I can understand but rpk? and now poor kaytee? but that's your personal problem wakakaka

  4. Just look at this dude kissing the "moo's" hand.The positioning of his body looks rather awkward.He is standing to near Muhyiddin,maybe he actually wanted to kiss him on the cheek or lips,but changed his mind at the last moment and kissed his hand instead.

  5. The guys standing beside Muhyiddin were shocked.Maybe they thought that he was going to do more than kissing hands?

  6. This case has gone way beyond politics and political maneuvering.

    I believe we now have a leader who is using all the powers of his office and the apparatus of the Malaysian state to protect himself from the consequences of personal wrong doing.

    I don't mince my words, and I say this as someone who still supports UMNO, but I'm sick and nauseous of this Crooked Bugis Pirate