Tuesday, July 28, 2015

God has been busy in Malaysia

Najwa Mahiaddin, Muhyiddin's daughter, said his dad's fate is in God's hands.

hmmm, sweet god, she's not bad

Ahmad Zahid humbly said his appointment as DPM is God's will.

Anwar Ibrahim must have exclaimed OMG or alternatively WTF-that-punk? with a degree of jealousy when he heard his former (1999) budak Kaam-See-Tui* is now the DPM.

* suicide squad a la Kamikaze

You-Know-Who might have sighed a big sigh of (also) OMG, remembering the new DPM once claimed his admonition of young Zahid in 1999 was just a father-to-son advice, but wondering who to back now with Muhyiddin gone.

Pak Haji Hadi no doubt would be consulting God on what to do next.

I wonder whether Ah Jib Gor would have said "Thank God. I have finally found the backbone to do what I should have done long ago!"

Busy day for God.


  1. I have been saying it for a long time.Do not underestimate Najib.The man's silence for so many months,keeping his cool,not panicking and just shrugging off all his critics.The opposition,Mahathir and his gang read it as a sign of weakness.I said eventually Najib's trawler nets will haul up all the opposition and Mahathir's gang.Just look at the last week or so.Najib was just getting ready to rumble.and many of the main players in 'getting Najib out at all cost' were squealing admissions of cheating this fellow and meeting that sweety gal,in the process peeing and shitting out through their pants.Wait till the gorillas come a calling at their front doorsteps.

    Why go through all this shit to get Najib out,I just cannot figure it out.I have been asking this questions so many times,why? Get Najib out and replaced with Muhyiddin?Now we even hear of Mahathir,Badawi,Musa and even Anwar?Anwar of all persons?Com'on guys,is this all we have got? Recycled goods?

    Can anyone remember 1 or 1 1/2 years before GE 13,in many blogs,including Kaytee's,I said if PR wants to win GE13,Anwar and his blue eyed boy must take a hike?One year before Warthamoorthy came back from the UK,I said he already had a deal with Najib's boys.You guys think that these guys are saviours.That is the reason that PR did not win GE13.Everything was in PR's favour,and that was the GE for PR to lose.And they blame it on gerry meandering,which was already in place decades ago, during Mahathir's rule.

    In the mean time let us all sit back,wait patiently and ponder what will be the dramas unfolding in the next few days or weeks.Maybe we can all be doing the guessing game.Guessing how many are going to do 10,20 or even 50 years?

  2. I have finally seen the light !
    Hallelujah !

    Najib is the wisest , most ethical Prime Minister in the World !

    The Attorney General , a very sick man, though he didn't know it, must be gracefully retired in order for the 1MDB investigation to be pursued with the utmost vigour by a far more energetic man.

    The new Attorney-General , former UMNO Kelantan Treasurer, will ensure the 1MDB probe will be pursued without fear or favour.

    The UMNO members of the PAC have done such a marvellous job to date, they absolutely must be rewarded through Promotion to the Cabinet.
    DAP's Tony Pua , who must be exhausted after so many months of excellent effort on 1MDB should be given a good rest.

    Muhyiddin was a useless slacker who was just warming his seat as Deputy Prime Minister. What more can you expect from an ex-TNB electric meter reader ?
    Malaysians deserve a dynamic and stern Deputy Prime Minister.

    Bravo Najib !
    Wan Wan Suey !

    1. Fucker,
      That CL Flamiaris, the Lupus whom should have bitten that motherfucker kaytee had spoken


      “All hail J! All hail J!
      You have brought light into the world to illuminate our Banks and our Meat! Give twice as much cash as thee receives O Merciful J! So that all of Locker Malaysia will li frightfully into the future!”


      Hahahahaha......cibai kaytee

  3. wow very powerful underdog. must be mahathir, anwar, tony, rafizi, clare n hmmm god fault.

  4. Essentially the 4 most powerful ministries of Goverment PM DPM FINANCE HOME under 2 ministers and the 5th - Defence-under PM's ally and cousin. Basically means all the Economic Power, Law Enforcement and Military concentrated on them.Barring unforeseen,They are between them the most powerful individuals in the country now...And another thing from a comment in MI- If Najib resigns,,look who's waiting in the wings..
    Hmmm.really wondering, Is this reshuffle,removal of DPM plus others and AG going to have a backlash ? Should the public be worried as things develop ?

  5. I have said it many times before that the opposition should stop chasing the 1MDB ghosts.Because,first of all,it is getting the opposition from somewhere to nowhere.

    But looking at the recent developments,it is getting Najib from nowhere to somewhere.He is being forced to act and act he sure did.He has reshuffled his cabinet and has consolidated his power and grip on his cabinet and Umno.Now,tell me what can the opposition and Mahathir's gang do?Nothing,except having nightmares and sleepness nights,waiting and praying that the gorillas will go a visiting some others homes before they come to yours.Well,you guys should have taken heed of your mama's sound advice and not play with fire.

  6. Is it a Bugis earthquake of 7.0M? Be prepared for its aftershocks, main shock or foreshock lah…

    To the new cabinet and all the new appointments, this song is for you.


  7. Hahahahahha......hahahahaha


    And before he becomes a minister


    What cibai fuck kaytee going to say about fairplay......Fuck kaytee

  8. "I'll help PM regain public confidence, vows Nur Jazlan"
    Newly minted Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed has vowed to assist Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to increase people’s confidence in the government.

    "I promise to help him in ensuring public order and heightening the people’s confidence in the government.

    "I will also help (newly appointed deputy prime minister) Ahmad Zahid Hamidi in his capacity as home minister," he was quoted as saying by Bernama.

  9. The Cabinet reshuffle bothers me little.
    Most of the Malaysian Cabinet is not so bright up there anyway, so it matters little who comes and goes.
    Everyone serves on the Cabinet at the pleasure of the Prime Minister, so Najib is well within his rights to reshuffle his dim cards.

    Far more worrying and dangerous is the gross interference and obstacles placed in the 1MDB investigation.
    The Attorney General has been fired. OK, retired for health reasons that he doesn't know of , and escorted out of his office.
    The PAC committee has been castrated by 4 of its BN members removed, OK, promoted, so the PAC investigation comes to a grinding halt. Arulkanda, Jho Low, Past and Present 1MDB board members now don't get to be questioned by the PAC.

    To me this obstruction of justice is as good as admission that Najib is a Crook, and he is now doing his damndest to prevent himself from being brought to justice , and he is arrogantly telling the rest he can very well succeed in doing that.

    Najib is not an underdog. Najib is an attack dog.

    Even Richard Nixon had the decency to resign at the end, and he was dissuaded from trying to fire the Watergate Special Prosecutor.

    1. Yeah, 2 months before retirement.......Fairplay as claimed by pukimak kaytee who is extremely silent over Najib's crooked action.

      But the PAC thingy is extremely bad precedent but yet no shouting cibai shouting from kaytee that made me PUKE.

      Yes, Najib is a crook and that pukimak cibai kaytee as well.

      By the way, Nixon did sack Archibald Cox, Watergate special prosecutor. That is after going 2 carcasses, namely

      Attorney General Elliot Richardson and Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus