Tuesday, July 28, 2015

PKR gone Islamic a la PAS in Sarawak?

From Sarawak via Malay Mail Online's In pre-election blitz, PKR grooming candidates to know Sarawakians better

old and new moons

... the future of PKR’s partnership with DAP in Sarawak now also looks to be in jeopardy.

DAP’s Sarawak chapter had previously said that it is withdrawing from talks with PKR over seat distribution for the state polls due to the latter party’s ambiguous stand on hudud.

also in the same report:

According to PKR’s elections co-director Nurul Izzah Anwar, her party will focus on 28 state seats in Sarawak for the polls.

[Hope none of the 28 are currently held by DAP, wakakaka]

PKR has also finalised its list of potential candidates, she confirmed, although the state’s opposition parties are still negotiating the seats. [...]

“For Sarawak, we want to champion the ideals of the party to prove that it’s a truly Malaysian party.

We have also been pushing a narrative to the Sarawak people, that Islam is against racism, that Islam supports a civil state.... and this idea has been well-accepted by our Sarawak leadership,” she said.

It appears that Nurul is promoting the idea of an Islamic State given her emphasis on the support of Islam for a civil state and that the religion is against racism, true or otherwise, depending on our personal experience and perception.

So, has PKR now become an Islamic party like PAS, which may explain why DAP Sarawak has refused to talk with PKR due to the latter's "ambiguous stand on hudud".

What do N Surendran, Sivarasa, Xavier Jayakumar, Tian Chua and my dearest Eli Wong have to say?


  1. Najib a better chess player than his mentor Mahathir Mohammad?

    Well,his latest cabinet reshuffling seems to say so.It was a very good move to sent Muhyiddin back to Johore and be a taikopr in Iskandar.With all the multi million apartments and mansions coming up,he will have a helluva time enjoying his retirement being the shakedown king.

    Adding a little salt to injury,Najib brought Nur Jazlan into the cabinet.A very smart move from an underestimated PM.Killing two birds with one stone?Maybe the sleeping giant has awaken?

    1. Hence why so uptight if Najib being played from behind.........What it takes to ensure Najib die cock stand is ok for me

      Balls to pukimak kaytee la............

      M Bakri Musa's take is much more logical