Saturday, July 04, 2015

Bugis Sandwich

It's interesting and ironical too that two archfoes are unknowingly, unwittingly and unceasingly united now in their attempts to get at their common enemy, wakakaka

They are sandwiching Najib Razak in a relentless campaign to discredit, disrupt and dispose of the PM.

one with a bad heart
one with a bad back
one with a bad image


In the blue corner we have Anwar Ibrahim and his bunch of Kajang Satays while in the red corner we have Mahathir and Kumpulan Ketuanan, but they are not going for each other in a 1,500 round bout which has no umpire. And just add another zero to the 1,500 round bout should the fight don't end by then, wakakaka.

Mahathir and Anwar, once father and son, former sifu and disciple, erstwhile mentor and mentee, now united at last in their respective campaigns to get Ah Jib Gor.

And hasn't it been gnam gnam that we have two roti's ('roti' being a word of Indian origin, wakakaka) with a Bugis kaya in between.

and they'll CHOP him up as above, wakakaka


  1. I thought that was what happened with hitler being sandwitched between churchill and stalin.

    However, hitler earned certain respects since he got to fight for it. Najib More like daddy kasi. Hence Ok for najib to die cock stand

  2. no one could discredit najib if he did nothing wrong, not sure y najib apologist like rpk, rb, make so much noise. some even wanna talk abt anwar as if he is one that misuse the people money. pity la all this full of hatred blog host.

  3. Ain’t they got something in common? Ain’t they not smiling? From your caption of the first visual – ain’t bad the common word? What is the difference then?

    Doesn't look like a Bugis Sandwich after all?

  4. No Bugis Sandwich.
    The Bogus Bugis Warrior has fallen on his own sword.

    Whatever predicament the Bogus Bugis Warrior currently faces over 1MDB is either his own doing or done by others with his knowledge and approval.

    Arul Kanda , 1MDB himself has flatfly stated that all external transactions by 1MDB require Najib's approval as Chairman of the Advisory Board.

    Pandan and PJ Utara are merely highlighting the issues and demanding answers. They didn't manufacture the issues in the first place.
    The Wall Street Journal is no Utusan Meloya, so the report cannot be simply brushed aside.

    Anwar Ibrahim is occupying a 4 foot x 8 foot cell in Hotel Sungai Buloh, restricted to visitor once a fortnight, so don't muddy the issue by bringing him into the picture.

    The right thing to do is for Najib to stand aside until the investigation results can be published and acted upon.

    A man cannot preside over his own investigation.
    Gani Patel, Zeti, Ambrin Buang are all accountable to the Prime Minister.
    If Najib phones them, they have no choice but to answer "Jawohl Mein Fuhrer".

    It is ridiculous to have an investigation in alleged wrong doing by Najib with him still in the PM seat.

    1. i luv to bring anwar in as he was part of the UMNO gang, a very big part, wakakaka

    2. "i luv....." yeah, very typical of the anwar haters, but u still have some decency not to bring in the chinese, unlike rpk.

    3. aiyoyo, how the anwaristas like to use the word 'hate' and its various variants such as 'hatred' and 'haters' (against their deformasi icon of course, wakakaka) like Nat Tan, once an uber anwarista, used to