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Was Najib's covert plan foiled by Dr M?

Eight days ago, on 26 August 2014 I posted Sedition! For what purpose? which discussed the slew of sedition charges laid against Pakatan politicians.

I like to believe I was the first or at least among the first to analyse (wakakaka, big word lah, so maybe just speculate, wakakaka) that Najib was knee-jerk reacting to Dr Mahathir's severe criticism of him, especially on the issue of doing away with the dreaded ISA (Internal Security Act).

TMI reportedDr Mahathir said Najib’s slide began when the latter listened to his “enemies’ demands” and abolished the Internal Security Act in 2011 and the Restrictive Residents Act, which allowed the government to detain anyone including suspected criminals without trial.

... quoting Dr M saying: “These actions did not reduce opposition from the other side. Instead, crime increased because many gang leaders were released.”

“But the views of the race and the party, which had all this while supported and saved the government, are not given fair treatment.”

Najib has been Dr M's protégé tersayang, probably because of Dr M's sense of hutang budi (sense of debt) to Najib's late dad who brought our enfant terrible back into mainstream politics after the infamous May 13 race riots.

Then Tunku had expelled Dr M from UMNO for the latter's letter to Tunku, blaming the then-PM for failing to uphold Malay interests. Maybe Tunku was annoyed by the tone of the letter, as perhaps a wee too biadap-ish, wakakaka.

But after Razak deposed Tunku in a bloodless coup d'état, the new PM brought Dr M back into UMNO's fold and appointed him a senator. The rest of Dr M's meteoric career is, to use a cliché, history, and a big one as it covers almost half of Malaya-Malaysia's history as an independent federal state.

So Dr M's public withdrawal of his support for his tú dì (徒弟 or disciple) would be deemed a very serious disadvantage for the latter's continuing position as PM, as Najib knows what had happened to AAB and previous DPMs, wakakaka - now do you know why I had described Dr M as Malaysia's éminence grise, wakakaka.

So in that post Sedition! For what purpose? I wrote:

Are these gross persecutions (and prosecutions) against Pakatan politicians nothing more than a Najib-Zahid grand-staging to show the Heartland that even without the ISA, the Najib government is still firmly in control, and that Dr Mahathir has been unduly and unnecessarily worried and stirring shit for no purpose, and thus to be ignored for crying out "the sky is falling down, the sky is falling down!"? Wakakaka.

Now we read in the news that many political observers have analyzed Najib as kowtowing to Dr M in the authority's recent draconian actions against Pakatan pollies, which has seen a sinister and nasty dragnet that has unfortunately affected academician Azmi Sharon, the Penang PPS, Malaysiakini and probably my sweetie blogger matey, Susan Loone.

The IGP has added to the atmosphere of gloom by his intimidatory over-the-board intolerance even against twitterers of minor significance. Maybe he has forgotten that as a public servant, he's supposed to serve the public and not intimidate them. But alas, this is Malaysia and it's very Boleh here.

Okay, well and good (or bad) that we believe Najib is showing his sifu that even without the ISA, the security situation or rather UMNO's dominance over the political scenario is well under control, so Tun, relax lah! Wakakaka.

But wait, what about Tun? What had caused his concerns that Najib might be losing control or doing something a la AAB (wakakaka) that the Grand Olde Man didn't like - remember also what Tun Musa Hitam had said, that unless and until there is a clone of Dr Mahathir sitting in the PM's seat, Dr M won't ever be happy, wakakaka.

The following is purely kaytee's speculation, in the same way as I had earlier speculated Najib has been trying hard to show his sifu a la Ops Lalang that he is just as tough and also looking after Malay interests.

I began my speculation when I observed the movement of one minister, namely, Mohammed Nazri, who was previously Minister in the PM Department and currently the Minister of Tourism and Culture of Malaysia.

Okay he may have a son who has been in the news, but let us not follow the biblical threat of:
Thou shalt not bow down thyself unto them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God [am] a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth [generation] of them that hate me - Deuteronomy 5:9 

or for that matter, the iniquity of the son upon the dad, wakakaka. Besides, he had said that his son is not his wife and he (the son) doesn't tell him what he does, wakakaka, so let's examine him for what he is or has been.

From my observation, Nazri has always been the PM's man. Whether AAB or Najib, he has loyally supported the PM.

So, whenever something was or is against the PM's interests he would show his nastiness or unreasonableness, eg. in the Medical Council's derecognition of the Crimea State Medical University degrees (he called a MIC Aneh 'racist' 28 times, wakakaka), railed against Lim KS, called Bersih 'pondan' (then contextually 'coward'), and accused Dr Ponthirp Rojanasunand of lying during the inquest into TBH's still-unexplained death and on her allegations of political pressure on her not to continue participating in said inquest.

But he is not without his merits, being personally against capital punishment (death sentence), had supported Eli Wong when PKR and that MB acted dunno and were damn eager to abandon her - For more of the story, read my post UMNO's Nazri supports Elizabeth Wong, PKR's Khalid Ibrahim equivocates.

Then I had written: Oh, may I remind everyone again that Nazri was/is UMNO, Khalid Ibrahim was (wakakaka) PKR and Eli was/is PKR! Gawd, gasp, omigosh (Eli's lovely expressions), what a f*up party PKR has been!

Now this one is especially for Anwar's fans. Nazri had blasted Dr Mahathir as a 'bloody racist' for the latter's support of the Biro Tata Negara's (BTN) racist indoctrinations of civil servants and university students.

Then when Najib initiated his 1Malaysia policy, very much to Dr M's unhappiness and Muhyiddin's out-of-synch declaration that he was a 'Malay first' rather than a 'Malaysian first', Nazri wrote a letter to Utusan's Awang Selamat stating his famous "And yes, I am a Malaysian first and Malay next. Does any bigot have a problem with that?”

At that point in time, Dr Mahathir was unhappy with Najib's 1Malaysia, because as I suspected, he couldn't bear the thought that under Najib's 1Malaysia administration, O Horror of Horrors, the Malays might no longer be the masters, the tuan of their ancestral land.

For him, 0.35Malaysia was acceptable provided 0.65Malaysia was flourishing and well ahead. Yes, during his 22-year term as PM he had ensured that, even unto tolerating those lil' Napoleons exceeding the boundaries of his policies, and corrupting the implementation of most.

Muhyiddin was then perceived as evasively tap-dancing away from his due support of the PM’s policy of 1Malaysia and into Dr Mahathir's camp. Hence Nazri's "I am a Malaysian first and Malay next. Does any bigot have a problem with that?” could also be considered as a smart slap in Muhyiddin's face and a strong condemnation of Dr Mahathir's criticism of Najib's 1Malaysia.

Yes, as mentioned, there’s also a conscionable and decent side to Nazri in being against capital punishment when most in his party support the death sentence. Now, hadn't he been a regular (UMNO) heretic? Wakakaka.

But this is not a post on Nazri per se, but rather my observations of him as, if you like wakakaka, a Head-kicking Heretic Harbinger of the PM's policies and intent. Dr M had once called him AAB's Hatchetman, wakakaka.

His Head-kicking qualities are already well known where he would even call Dr M a 'bloody racist' and those against Najib's 1Malaysia policy, bigots. He was also not very nice to Lim KS, the late Karpal and the MIC anehs on the issue of the Crimea State Medical University degrees.

His (political, not religious) Heretic characteristics have been his condemnation of the BTN's racist indoctrination, his personal stand against capital punishment which was at odds with UMNO's hardline stand for the death sentence, his "I am a Malaysian first and Malay next. Does any bigot have a problem with that?”, a virtual tight slap at Muhyiddin.

Late last year he was reported by TMI as follows:

Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz believes that his contributions to Malaysia pale in comparison to that of Datuk Nicol David or Datuk Lee Chong Wei, who both wield racquets in the country's name.

“I am nothing compared to Nicol’s contributions. She has done so much for Malaysia on the world stage,” the Umno veteran and Tourism and Culture Minister tells The Malaysian Insider.

Yet the pride that he expresses towards the world squash champion and badminton ace is tempered with pain when he thinks of how some Malay-Muslims feel towards people like Nicol and Lim.

“When they go overseas they fight for Malaysia. Not for China or India. Yet when they come back, there are people who say their community has got no place in this country.

“That is unacceptable,” he stresses with a shake of the head.

“For the first 50 years we can excuse ourselves for tolerating each other’s racial and religious differences. But now we have to start accepting that we are all different and think of ourselves as Malaysians first.”

But the most telling Nazri-heresy (wakakaka) of all was his statement in an interview with The Edge Financial Daily in 2011 saying that a non-Malay could be prime minister if he was right for the job.

In the interview he (then as acting Law Minister) said: “If it happens that the best person is a non-Malay, so be it. I cannot say, ‘I’m Malaysian first, but the prime minister must be Malay.’ You can’t have your cake and eat it (too).”

Undeniably the above statement to UMNO would be political heresy, hence Nazri would be considered by his political party as, not unlike Pharaoh Akhenaten, a heretic, wakakaka.

Pharaoh Akhenaten

he introduced monotheism to the Middle-East and
was considered by the ancient polytheistic Egyptians as a heretic

So that's Nazri's Head-kicking Heretic qualitics, which brings us to his final (3rd) part of his title, that as a Harbinger or messenger of the PM's intention.

Tell me, when did you last read of his politically Heretic ways? wakakaka.

On 02 August the Star Online reported Nazri agrees with Penang proposal to bar foreign cooks in hawker stalls.

On 15 August 2014 FMT reported Nazri takes friendly fire which reads (extracts):

Nazri Aziz’s support for Lim Guan Eng’s proposal to ban foreign labour from cooking Penang street fare is one such case to highlight. More recently, there was an attempt by a pro-Umno blogger to link Nazri to a video of a group of people frolicking in their birthday suits on the beach in Teluk Bahang, Penang.

The blogger zeroed in on Nazri and attacked him for his cordial relations with the DAP Chief Minister of Penang, seeing some connection in Nazri’s presence in Penang at the time the video was purportedly taken. Nazri, in his usual frankness, called the blogger “stupid” and “sub-standard”.

This episode with Nazri in his role as the Tourism Minister supporting the government of Penang isn’t particularly controversial by any yardstick. But in the eyes of pro-Umno bloggers, Nazri had crossed the line because he was depicted in photos as having far too much fun with Lim at the Penang Arts Festival. [...]

But our fractured society and education system have engendered the belief that politics and government should both be the sole, exclusive domain of Umno or its proxies, and that everything or everyone else is an interloper.

A fanatic’s mindset will never admit fresh air and sunshine into its recesses. He will not acknowledge that any genuine act of good or kindness from the enemy is even possible.

Thus when Nazri strays into the crosshairs of the blogger’s “target acquisition system”, already pre-set to select Pakatan targets, the operator of the missile fails to discern friend from foe. He recognises Nazri, but fires anyway. “That smiling man must be an ally of the enemy; why else would he be in a war zone?” he thinks to himself.

On 18 August 2014, TMI reported Dr Mahathir withdraws support for Najib government.

As Nazri is known as a PM's man and thus also as a Harbinger of the PM's inclination, and Nazri was seen to be chummy with Lim GE, was Dr M alarmed by Nazri's friendliness with Lim as a harbinger of Najib's wooing of Lim?

wouldn't this drive someone mad?

no, am not talking about Dr M, Perkasa or ISMA, wakakaka

Yes, 'tis all kaytee's speculation, but consider the following:

Najib wants to progress Malaysia onwards and out of a likely coming slump - obviously he doesn't want to be known or seen as the PM of Malaysia who allowed his country to become a failed state.

Unlike UMNO's hardliners, he assesses he needs the nons to support him in his development plans.

The MCA, MIC and Gerakan have been monumental failures in their inability to gather support from the nons, so to Najib they're f**king useless. Sorry for my blunt words but I am bluntly truthful.

PKR is automatically persona non grata because of Manmanlai, wakakaka, and PAS is either already in the Malay Unity bag, wakakaka (the ulama camp) or staunchly anti-UMNO in a struggle for the Heartland support (the Erdogens).

By simple elimination, there remains only the DAP which coincidentally has enormous Chinese and to a lesser extent Indian support. Najib wants to harness those support (remember Hindraf, not so much for its failure but for the fact that Najib wanted its claimed Indian support, wakakaka).

Hence Nazri would be seen as Najib's Head-kicking Heretic Harbinger (in his chummy relationship with DAP's Lim GE) because for UMNO to cooperate with the DAP would be considered by its hardliners as an act of political heresy. But that's precisely why Nazri had that vanguard role, to test the DAP water with his toes and to also take the flak (friendly fire) from the anti-DAP UMNO-ites.

Now Najib doesn't necessarily require the DAP to join the BN, but to cooperate in bipartisanship on a number of development fronts.

Bipartisanship and inter-party cooperation will definitely involve a give & take informal friendliness and partnership, and that might have been what worried Dr M, especially the give-to-DAP part of the give & take relationship, wakakaka.

And Nazri's whole-hearted support of Lim's 'no foreign hawker-cook' proposed policy seems to be a give-to-DAP gesture.

Yes, MCA, MIC and Gerakan have been worried too but WTF could they do, wakakaka - wait, maybe they ran to tell daddy and cry in his lap? Wakakaka.

And I speculate/suspect that has been why Dr M launched a preemptive strike against Najib's wannabe-friends with DAP.

So if my speculations have been right, poor Najib has to hold that chummy-buddy-matey plan in abeyance to please the Olde Man of the Sea sitting on his shoulders, wakakaka, and at the same time show he's not particularly chummy with the DAP by charging DAP politicians with all sorts of bull sedition, at least until a more fortuitous period avails, ...

... but economically, time is running short for him.


  1. UMNO and DAP cooperation !
    Heaven on earth !
    Malaysia will be a great nation !

  2. Wishful thinking? But then again this is Malaysia Boleh.

  3. The Rise of the East Malaysian's political bloc will neccesitate bitter West Malaysian's parties to sleep and copulate for the sake of saving Fatherland/Motherland.

    Otherwise be prepared to be ruled by East Malaysians with Putrajaya shifted to Petrajaya or Kota Kinabalu.

    Just another heretic predictic, ya.

  4. Bro,Nazri tak hebat sangatlah.If he is not Tun Aziz'son,he is nobody.Not even a kapak kecil.You puji dia because he make himself to be seen as agreeing to your ideology.If you take away all his millions, then he will say he is Malay first a Malaysian second.

    1. If money, lots of it, is the criteria, then what about those politicians who are multimillionaires ( not on paper you know...those $$$$ stashed away somewhere or in proxy ) who are Malay First and Malaysian second ? Is Moo Moo a pauper ?

  5. You say: "Bipartisanship and inter-party cooperation will definitely involve a give & take informal friendliness and partnership"

    Now, purely out of curiosity and since you brought up the topic and are acquainted with Aussie affairs, may I ask - is the above a trait of Australian politics?

    1. actually yes - there have been bipartisan support of policies relating to US-Australian pacts, support of Israel and on a few highly sensitive local issues related to Australian sacred cows (war veterans, soldiers serving overseas, farmers, sportspeople, etc) .

      Bipartisanship doesn't necessarily cover all aspects of Australian politics, au contraire only on a few common areas. Back in Malaysia Lim Kit Siang has had voiced support for PM Najib on a couple of issues like the latter's efforts on MH17

  6. Don't get too excited about Nazi @ Nazri - this is a statement from last year, mind you, not something dredged from old history.

    "Nazri says it’s fact that Chinese caused May 13,

    finds Tanda Putera “well-researched "
    - I assume that's including the bit about Lim Kit Siang urinating in front of Datuk Harun's house.

    1. well, as I have written there's the black side of Nazri as well as his white side, and I provided soem examples. The objective of this post as also stated is not about Nazri per se but his role as the PM's harbinger, to wit, he could have been a harbinger of Najib's wish to work together with the DAP, which is what I would like you discussing on its possibility or unlikelihood (discounting the current sedition campaign which I suspect as well as many others do, has been more to please Dr M

    2. Whether it's
      UMNO + MCA +MIC or
      UMNO + DAP or
      UMNO alone,
      none will succeed without being more 'fair' to the minorities !

    3. there's no such thing as MORE fair because that in itself becomes not fair, as in our current system. Being fair (nothing more, nothing less) is the correct approach

  7. kt,
    for your perusal,
    tell me if this guy is not the alto ego, backer and co- conspirator of helen the shim

    1. While we try hard to unite, pthers strive to break us apart !

  8. Whatever Najib wishes deep, very deep, down is largely irrelevant to Malaysians. He does not have the courage and spine to carry out such "progressive" ideals, assuming he does have such instincts to start with (that itself is a Big If).
    He is now well into his 2nd term, and practical actions and inactions speak very loud indeed.

    He's a prisoner of Maha and various reactionary forces in UMNO. They effectively dictate the directions of government actions.

    Nazri is actually an intelligent and articulate , quite charming guy. I have personally met and spoken to him before. He's also a committed UMNO loyalist.

    In a Malaysia that isn't run by a Race (and Racist) based Ruling Party and kept in power by authoritarian suppression of dissent, Nazri could actually be a valuable and praiseworthy Minister.

    Alas...that is not the case.

    He doesn't even qualify to be an UMNO "Good Guy". That he is not, as he has played very nasty before in support of UMNO's iron fist.

  9. Well I suppose you hit pay dirt there. Najib may wants friendly ties with DAP. He also happen to want a good working relationship with PAP. A serius no no in dr M books.

    Other than that nasib has the balls to do reform, he just didn't has the balls to the the rakyat. As it is, he is committed to 50 billions ringgit MRT, 30 billions ringgit HSR, and so on, he on his way to tax those damn middle class urbanite who want everything, condemn everything but no pay taxes. He also will bring an end to subsidies and protectionism . This is pretty much a textbook approach to get out of a slump