Tuesday, September 30, 2014

DAP - remember 1999

Malay Mail Online - As Pakatan forks, can PKR and DAP take Putrajaya without PAS?

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 30 ― DAP and PKR leaders have admitted that without PAS, Pakatan Rakyat’s (PR) hope of capturing Putrajaya will recede further, as the Islamist party holds the key to unlocking crucial votes from Malaysia’s Malay heartland. [...]

PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli ... The former PKR strategist noted that although the federal opposition pact had succeeded, to some extent, in steering voters to pledge support for its issue-based policies in the last federal polls, there are still large pockets of the society that identify better with a race-based cause.

“The Malay psyche is that PAS and Umno represent the Malay agenda and both are considered a Malay-based party.”

Hmmm, I am not so sure about the assertion that the Islamist party holds the key to unlocking crucial votes from Malaysia’s Malay heartland.

If so, why hasn't PAS (prior to Pakatan, to wit, 2008 and 2013) been long a major federal force like UMNO.

No doubt there are reportedly around 60 federal seats which are marginal seats for both PAS and UMNO, where the 'nons' could play kingmaker in their decisive votes. But this is quite different from the claim that the Islamist party holds the key to unlocking crucial votes from Malaysia’s Malay heartland.

The reality is PAS needs DAP and PKR more than DAP and PKR need PAS. The putative winnable 60 seats mentioned above has been the sole reason Pak Haji Hadi Awang has forced himself to be tolerant (to a certain extent) of DAP. He still wants Chinese and Indian support for PAS to win these seats. But I believe he is not sincere to the Pakatan multiracial and democratic concept.

Yes, DAP and PKR, especially PKR, can suffer some seat losses if PAS supporters do not back them in those marginal seats in the next general elections.

But why wait until GE-14 when we have already seen PAS hold-back in GE-13 in Sungai Aceh (Chegubard) and also in the Teluk Intan by-election (Dyana Sofya) though admittedly the latter was additionally complicated by suspected internal DAP merajuking over the parachute candidate and the weekday polling day.

PAS can also participate in a spoiler role (3-corner fight) to benefit UMNO, especially when PKR (or any other Pakatan friendly party like PSM) is competing - example, Kota Damansara in 2013.

But given PAS right-wing stand on both race and religion, do DAP and PKR, especially DAP, want to nurture a cobra in their bosom?

I have often blogged on this issue before. It was only an Anwar Ibrahim's conceived Faustian Pact that has allowed socialist-secularist DAP (and forget about those minority hallelujah-ing DAP members) and Islamist PAS to work in a coalition against BN. And it has to be said the short-term success of this coalition has been very much to Anwar's political credit. 

But the tenuous nature of the alliance was clearly observed in Pakatan's refusal to have a shadow cabinet. It gave all sorts of bullshit excuses but the fact remains it won't/refuses to have a shadow cabinet, hardly the hallmark of a modern democratic party.

The reason for Pakatan shying away from the imperative of a shadow cabinet is obvious but the consequences are nonetheless discouraging, depressing and augurs that the coalition can only be in a short-term relationship, which will be ended the moment the centrifugal effects of the component party's different ideologies and different interests bite in.

A long term coalition can only survive when the stakes, shared equally or pro rata or even a la Taikoh-decides-best, are laid out in a clearly defined chart.

Even the often believed Pakatan agreed PM-designate of Anwar Ibrahim was shaken when Pak Haji Hadi Awang insinuated his claim (by stealth) to that post.

Talking about Pak Haji, recall how he had been (and presumably still is) of one mind with his erstwhile party deputy president Nasarudin Mat Isa, in their Malay Unity proclivity.

The reality about 'racial unity', whether this be of Malay, Chinese, Indian, XYZ variety, is that it is racist in nature and harbours belief in ethno-supremacy over other races.

We have seen this in the biblical Israelite-then-Judean supremacy, Aryan supremacy of earlier northern India (against the south), Aryan supremacy of Nazi Germany and former South Afrikan White Supremacy (and a Lite version in Rhodesia or today's Zimbabwe), and at very low level (thuggish) grade of racist supremacy in the Ku Klux Klan and the so-called national fronts of Britain (Blood & Honour, British National Party, etc) , Canada, Australia (Australian Nationalist Movement, Patriotic Youth League), NZ, Brazil, Belgium, Netherlands, France, etc.

If unity is desired it should be Malaysian national unity, and not of race.

But I suspect Pak Haji suffers from 3 grievances which will not allow him to be sincere in his commitment to Pakatan, these grievances being: (a) his personal long rivalry with his erstwhile ABIM matey, Anwar, wakakaka, (b) his belief that PAS with its claimed superb party network and strength is and should be treated as the primus inter pares in Pakatan, and (c) his belief in his Islamic cause, though he somehow fails to see this cannot exist within an ethnocentric mindset that he and Nasarudin Mt Isa hold dear in the deeper recesses of their 'hearts' and minds.

Hence Pak Haji wants to be PM.

If this issue of PM-designate cannot be settled within the Pakatan working framework, how then would a shadow cabinet be possible?

No shadow cabinet, no workable alliance, then no possibility of being in a workable government. 

Don't believe me? Well, just think Selangor state government 2014, wakakaka!

Yes, Selangor 2014 is an ominous harbinger of what a Pakatan majority government will be after GE-14.

While politics is the art of the possible, there has to be a limit, i.e, short of a Faustian Pact in working together with PAS.

The DAP has done well enough - see my 2012 post The 2 dreams of Lim Kit Siang.

While it's natural for a political party like the DAP to aspire to majority rule eventually, either in a coalition or even by itself, I urge the party not to be stampeded by the personal agenda and timeline of Anwar Ibrahim who is known to be impatient and whose entire once-glorious career was let down by this, his Achilles heel.

It would be true to say that the concept of Pakatan, one in which a socialist-secularist DAP was brought to work with PAS, obviously a working relationship of dubious but undeniably short-term fashion, has been born out of Anwar's most un-manamanlai impatience to be PM.

Regardless of whether the Erdogens take over PAS, its stripes, fangs and predatory (big cat) scent are now more than ever very obvious to the Chinese and Indians.

And the Chinese in particular love to punish political parties which they believe have betrayed their cause or interests - recall Wong Pow Nee's Perikatan in 1969, Gerakan in 2008, MCA in 2013, wakakaka.

And DAP, please do not forget 1999.


  1. The unholy league of PAS, PKR and DAP have all the hallmarks of a Mafioso criminal alliance. They (mostly) work together to achieve a common objective - power - but really do not have shared values.

    They will not hesitate to stab the other ostensible partners in the back, when it serves their own advancement.

    They are little more than a power hungry Axis.
    It would be most unwise for voters to risk their future by supporting them. Fortunately , the Kajang Move and other recent putrid maneuvers have opened the eyes of voters as to their true nature.

    I expect many to return to the BN fold after this.

    1. wakakaka Kalai, you never fail to amaze me with your swooping in at the first opportunity to plug for BN

  2. This is most probably the saddest part of Malaysian history. The glue that holds PR together is dependent on Anwar. Anwar, the reformer, the renaissance man, the Gandhi-Mandela-Suu-kyi, the messiah... whatever... wakakaka.

    People like Anwar only exist because of a lack of better choice within UMNO or even BN. DAP is also another sad substitute for the impotent MCA-Gerakan.

    We hate to admit it but nobody can step into the shoes of Tun M. We may have never had the opportunity of seeing Kuli or Musa Hitam test themselves but its certain, there are few that can fill the old man's shoes.

    Anwar albeit charismatic but lacking in substance. A frequent user of repeatable quotes. As the proverbs go "speak human language to humans and devil language to the devil."

    This he has perfected to a tee within PR. The sad part is DAP wants to be used or rather, is crying to be used. Since the mother ship left for Spore and leaving a pod behind in the likes of LKS, having colonized Penang is better than a zero sum game. It gives LGE as chance at reviving a "dharma initiative." Wakakaka

    And the other maiden only awaits the opportunity to stab the groom and inherit the kingdom with utopian fantasy of rule. Blame it on the curry chicken gone bad.

    So is chicken little (no, not "bo hoot" Tony) going to remain prophetic? And it will be nice to see DAP go in alone for GE14... may the cards fall where they fall. Wakakakaka

  3. Kaytee,as I have said before these three strange bedfellows needed each other.Without either one,the other is fucked.They needed each other to look after the other's backside.That is why they are called strange bedfellows.

  4. pr is a antithesis to bn, some pr leader may not to our liking but most of them r fine, in fact many from pas r dependable n honorable. i believe all 3 r equal partners, only those dumb dap fanboy think highly of their party.

    ps/ wrong thread, paste here, again.

  5. “But given PAS right-wing stand on both race and religion, do DAP and PKR, especially DAP, want to nurture a cobra in their bosom?”

    POISONOUS words indeed: Claiming its victim indiscriminately on Malays and Muslims. I have to respectfully rebut KT’s statement.

    DAP and PKR already know that PAS stand is neither right nor left, as it is always based on the Quran; which PKR, and especially DAP may think it is 1400 years out of date. DAP and PKR - please remember PAS is not seeking to impose any Quranic values either on DAP or PKR or people of other faiths.

    In regard to race, the Malays are split mainly between PAS and UMNO. Similarly, the Chinese are divided largely between DAP and MCA. But though the Chinese appear to be divided, they are actually united or bonded under their Chinese Guilds & Associations, that have affiliates and networking around the world, and whose members are in hundreds of thousands. These guilds and associations are financially powerful and economically mighty.

    I am just curious KT, do you think that these Chinese Guilds and Associations are not left-wing or in your own words - “racist in nature and harbours belief in ethno-supremacy over other races?”

    I do not think the Malays would be able to take the economic supremacy away from the Chinese, ever. However, if the Malays are not alert and cautious, the Chinese might one day take the political supremacy away from them.

    If Malaysian National Unity means that the economic supremacy would be ‘Ketuanan Cina’ and political supremacy would continue to be ‘Ketuanan Melayu’, then perhaps the Malays could live and survive with it.

    OTH, if Malaysian National Unity means that the Malays would one day be deprived of its political supremacy by the Non-Malays, then Pak Haji Hadi Awang is correct ‘to be of one mind with his erstwhile party deputy president Nasarudin Mat Isa, in their Malay Unity proclivity’.

    And PAS - remember and do not forget what KT said: “And the Chinese in particular love to punish political parties which they believe have betrayed their cause or interests” which are best known to them.

    - hasan

    1. hasan, there's no such thing as Chinese Unity - just look at MCA, Gerakan and DAP, the last if you want to consider DAP as a Chinese party. Then, look at the political and economic rivalry among China, Taiwan, HK and Singapore

    2. KT, in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ is a non-issue socially, economically, and politically.

      In Malaysia, the Chinese Guilds are very strong and united. They control the day-to-day commercial and economic activities. The Chinese are even selling their own homemade nasi lemak and satay to the Chinese community.

      Kesian orang Melayu, kalau buka restoran atau kedai apa-apa pun, orang Cina tidak akan datang. Kalau ada orang Cina yang datang membeli pun hanya berapa kerat aje. Oleh itu kalau politik pun orang Melayu tidak jaga betul-betul, apa yang tinggal? Jadi you kena lihat dan faham isu ‘Malay Unity’ dari suduk itu lah.

      - hasan

    3. 'I do not think the Malays would be able to take the economic supremacy away from the Chinese, ever. However, if the Malays are not alert and cautious, the Chinese might one day take the political supremacy away from them.'

      Here lies that ultimate siege mentality factor that clouds all these blur-sotong's ketuanan thinking!!!!

      1st - the political scenario;

      By one swift statement, u forgone yr numerical 'rabbit-like' population count. Never mind also about that yrs of background underhand built up of govt machinery with those hares - capable, incompetent all inclusive.

      Oh... there is that killing feudalistic institution disguised as a mutant constitutional monarch, too

      So, how does the Chinese M'sian goint to claim that political might, any time soon?

      2nd - Yes, if one casts the sight all over the whole world, then the Chinese economic supremacy is indisputable, especially with the fast rising China.

      But back in bolihland, the economic might of the Chinese M'sian is a myth perpetuate by ketuanan freaks to counter-balance the plain-to-see political might of the Malay. A sort of quid pro quo reaction dreams up by these ketuanan freaks to justify their pro-racial preferences!

      If one has to do a REAL economical dissection of bolihland, the upper hand of the Melayu elites in all corners of the businesses would be VERY obvious.

      The goal of the 15-yr limited duration of the NEP has long since achieved. The continuation of the current NEP is just to satisfy the bottomless proclivity for rent seeking activity. These 5% Melayu elites, together with the 14.5% counts as live-&-let-live blur-sotongs middle class Melayu, control 80% of the cornered NEP cake. Meanwhile, the poorest 80% of the Melayu survives on bread crumbs & still continuously been ultilised as the prime reason to preach the ketuanan's inherent fear & rent-seeking.

      Get yr crap economist to do a proper Gini coefficient among the Melayu, to see the galactic-wide of the differences between the poor & the rich Melayu. Unofficially, it should be in the same range as HK – in the high 50%. & while doing so, tell Wahid to shovel his 'famous' average Melayu income to that place that sun doesnt shine!

      So, what rubbish u r talking about? Perhaps, u r high on that tongkat induced ketuanan dream?

    4. hasan, surely you don't believe your own words, to wit, The Chinese are even selling their own homemade nasi lemak and satay to the Chinese community. ... Kesian orang Melayu, kalau buka restoran atau kedai apa-apa pun, orang Cina tidak akan datang. Kalau ada orang Cina yang datang membeli pun hanya berapa kerat aje.

      Have you heard of the mee rebus-pasembur stall in Ayer Itam Penang? It's a mamak Muslim stall where almost 100% (but not quite) are Chinese. Why so? The fare is damn good, and that's why the customers, mainly Chinese, keep going back. Thus, if the Chinese, as you mentioned, are buying the Chinese homemade nasi lemak and satay, that's because they're good.

      My uncs and I used to go, and kept going back to Kampung Attap KL for the best nasi lemak I've ever eaten. The owner of the stall was a Makcik, yes, a Malay lady (not a Chinese or a mamak). We did not look upon her fare as from a Malay, but rather as the best unbeatable nasi lemak we've ever tasted

      Chinese will eat from anyone who serves good and hopefully reasonably affordable food, like the banana-leaf Indian curry rice at Brickfields, Malay mee soup in Kampung Baru (not sure whether it's still there) and wakakaka, Kajang satay ;-) There are more examples like Malay kueh mueh, nasi ulam, etc.

      hasan, we need to move away from racism and ethnocentric and religious issues. For example, I am one of the few nons who support the Palestinian cause, because I don't see it as an Islamic/Muslim issue but as a just, justified and also humanitarian one. On this I have recently offended my auntie who as a Christian has been blindly (and stupidly) supportive of Israel - I tore her arguments to shreds. Now she won't cook me my favourite tomyam wakakaka but my 'sacrifice' for the Paledtinians, wakakaka again

    5. Alahai dear KT... kedai mamak of Indian origin memang laku.. but kalau kedai Melayu memang tak meriah... kedai runcit, kedai kain, kedai jahit dan kedai apa-apa pun lah memang slow.

      @ Anon 8.48

      I am engaged in a conversation with KT, not you lah! However, if you want to join in you are most welcome, but on one condition; please strip away the many layers of your unintelligibility that make hate and conflict, so that together-gather (wakakaka) we can create an atmosphere of comprehension to opine and debate about the post, ok? Bye my dear…

      - hasan

    6. It is sad, and also quite frightening, that we have come to this....see, even a person like this hasan, a Malay person by the name of hasan here, a person fluent in English, a person supposedly well-read and well-travelled, even with such a person, when we scratch the surface, we find, alas, no difference ( except the tone of language used and better manners) between him and the rabid pro Umno bloggers....it is We Malays are in Danger of Losing All to the Pendatangs, We Malays must Unite, else Melayu akan Hilang di dunia, We Malays as a race is Supreme in this Land of Ours, We Malays are the True children of the True god, We Malays are the Ones going to Heaven. Sigh.....

      It is no wonder that everyday, we hear of Chinese parents telling their children who are studying overseas not to come back, telling them to try to make new homes away from this land.

    7. So KT & u r having a monologue, that outsiders shouldnt interfere!

      Fine, go play somewhere else & keep the rants to yrself, aka isma-style close-door section for members only.

      Then, nobody would care a hoot about yr 'intelligent' posturings!

      Get the fuck out of this free WWW that many of u would like to claim ownership!

    8. @ Anon 9.53

      I think the issue here is about Pak Haji Hadi Awang whom KT likened him a cobra. I have given my reasons why I have to rebut him. However, my diagnosis and prescription may not be acceptable to you or KT or others. I have indicated a road of uneasy compromise for example the Nons can focus on economic and the non-Nons can focus on politics. If we cannot share that common premise then let’s have a genuine debate and think of how we can move forward. Your remarks are not the kind of idea that invites to tea for a polite chat. Thank you very much.

      - hasan

    9. Hahahaah....'Your remarks are not the kind of idea that invites to tea for a polite chat. Thank you very much.'


      Say that again!

      Anyway u probably WONT see/understand the catch of WHAT u wrote!

      U r REALLY one confusing beloq.

    10. Ini lah bacaan yg menjadi darah saya boiling!

      Read - http://kadirjasin.blogspot.com/2014/10/inequality-taking-bull-by-horn.html

      Especially this portion of - 'The same happens with Amanah Saham Didik, which is open to Bumiputeras only. Based on its 2014 annual report 2014, the average investment is about RM14,500, but the bottom 86% has an average investment of RM980, while the top 0.5%, or about 1,700 kids, have an average RM 1.5 million.'

      See the catch?

      Let me emphasized - 'the bottom 86% has an average investment of RM980, while the top 0.5%, or about 1,700 kids, have an average RM 1.5 million.'

      Let's run the maths again.

      0.5% of the Amanah Saham Didik kids is 1700 & they all have an average account balance of RM1.5M!

      This means there r about 340,000 account holders in this scheme. So 86% is 292,400 poor kids, with ONLY average of RM980 in their accounts

      RM1.5M vs RM980! CBMF, why such a BIG difference in average (Wahid’s famous word) account saving in a scheme, that supposedly to uplift Bumiputra kids?

      These 86% or 292,400 families MUST have it had. Badly, too. While his elite kindred of 1700 in number MUST be enjoying winfalls (rentiering, alibaba, undertable..whatsoever) here & there to be able to save RM1.5!

      Meanwhile, there r also those live-&-let-live blur-sotongs that r stacked within these two extremes.

      There is ALSO a hidden catch of that missing families that r, for whatsoever reasons, NOT enrolled in this scheme. They MUST be in the THOUSANDS, consider the poor Malay populace in the country.

      So, Wahid, yr averaging argument shows that ALL these kids have a combined average of RM14,500 in their accounts. Banyak pandai!!! Lagi, semua budak2 tu, kaya s’haja!

      BTW, this is a reputed research done by a reputed Melayu economist.

      So apa nak jadi?? This is ALL happeneing under the watch of Umno!

      Perkasa, Isma dll, Ooop.. Umno juga – sekarang nak buat apa? Polis repot ke? buat senyik & buat tak tau lagi BEST.

      Kau pengjuang bangsa atau memang2 pengkhianat bangsa, CBMF!

    11. Aww, encik hasan....no tea and polite chit chat for me ??.... Tak apa lah. But do pause and try to understand why I wrote about that hopelessness. You are educated, you are more than capable to express your views in English, you seemed well-read, well-exposed and been round the world...been-there, seen-that sort-of-guy. But EVEN with the likes of such a person as you, the famous siege mentality keeps peeping out, what more those millions lower down the line !

      Methinks the BTN courses plus other informal 'courses' have done their irreparable damage. Soon with the oil running out, the threat of ISIL round the corner, the power-that-be feeling insecure about an imminent loss of power........I forsee the coming storm, and the first people to bear the brunt will undoubtedly be those scapegoats that have for far too long been the favourite punching bag when the going gets rough for a certain elite group.

      P.S. and...what compromise are you proposing ? the nons taking economic power while the bumis take political power ? Err....the understanding is that BOTH political and economic power ARE already in the hands of the bumis lah....so you are a trifle bit too late with your proposal, even IF this sort of proposal is even allowed by the power-that-be. Not even in your wildest dreams lah...

      kindest regards,

      From Anon 9:53 am

  6. I really think this is one of your worse write KT. Why is it when TGHA and PAS mobilize Malays/ Muslims based on race/ religion is called racist and when the DAP mobilized the Chinese based on racial siege mindset it is not? You're not arguing with parity. If PAS is racist ipso facto DAP is racist too.


    1. Ellese, if indeed as you accused, the DAP has mobilized the Chinese based on racial siege mindset, then it has become a racist party - no if's no but's. But you must provide examples of what the DAP has done in this respect, as I have with PAS.

      But far more remarkable than any racist parties who mobilized their respectively ethnic groups based on racial siege mindset or 'ketuanan bangsa' (any bangsa), has been PAS which is supposed to be an Islamic party.

      Islam is one of the great religions of the world and is supranationalistic (above race, creed and colour), so how has PAS remarkably reconciled its Islamic credentials (if Islamic then supposedly supranationalistic) with Malay Unity? And Never the twain shall meet.

      Malaysian Muslims particularly those in PAS (I won't bother UMNO, wakakaka) should know that Christianity and its churches have moved beyond race, unlike what they were a couple of decades back, where for example the Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa had supported apartheid, and which it doesn't today, having even made an apology to the SA blacks.

      The only racist religion today is Judaism. Today India is in danger of having Hinduism moved into the same bracket as Judaism, whilst in Malaysia PAS' ulama obviously favour Islam being conflated with Malay nationalism.

    2. KT, ur WRONG & coming out from a well-researched religious dogma-basher like u is just.... NO cricket!

      Yr half anmoh sifu is dead on the spot, about ALL Abrahamic sects ( Judaism, Christianity, Islam etc etc), that THEY r all racist in nature.

      The 'gene' that bonded them as a race is that same monotheist god, translated as an inherent long standing religious meme that ALL members MUST subscribed to.

      Such trace, doesnt exist in other polytheist believes.

      Yr fingering of Hinduism is based on loop-sided understanding of a small section of the Hindi, hinted on yr (well-undertood????) Aryan superiority.

      Just to let u know!!!!!! Wakakaka - I'm not trying to teach a cow to drink, iff u understand what I meant. Wakakakak, again!!!!

    3. In Malaysia , Islam = Melayu = Islam.

      Malaysian Islam is an exclusive religion, it has a race identity.
      That's where PAS comes in.

      And, yes, there is such a thing as Malaysian Islam, that's why all the appeals that Allah is used by Christians in their vernacular tongue in other Muslim countries have been disregarded.

    4. So, there r manu version of Islam, ye????

      Dont u know this is considered sirik?

      Those who hold true to the idea of this M'sian Islam, r not ummat Islam, as dictated by Allah.

      They r not Muslim.

      They r deviationist sect, period!!!

    5. Yup, it appears the Malaysian version of Islam is fast becoming a kind of deviant sect, from the Top Guy (you know who...no need to get Seditious) downwards, deviating from what many Muslims around the world accept.

      This is because there are a growing number of "Malaysia only" interpretations of Islam.

      - e.g. Allah cannot be used by Christians , when so many Muslims around the world have no problems with that.
      Import of Bibles in Bahasa are forbidden, many cases of seizure never to be returned. There have been Bahasa Bibles existing for over 300 years.
      Dogs are najis (unclean) and forbidden for Muslims - many Muslims around the world keep dogs around the house or tent.
      ....and so on....

  7. One of the reasons for the misconception , especially among the Melayus that "Chinese control Malaysia's economy" is due to the Chinese focus on the retail sector.

    For the average person, their most common interaction with any business entity is with retail , where they are most likely to be buying from a Chinese-operated ship.

    The fact is Retail is just 16% of Malaysia's GDP.

    A much larger chunk of Malaysia's GDP is now controlled either by GLCs or Melayu companies - Banking, Oil & Gas - including production, upstream services, engineering fabrication and support - this is a huge business, Transport, Telecommunications, Plantations, Infrastructure development, etc. etc. all controlled by commercial Melayu companies, or GLC run by Melayu.

    These are all fat cats who still insist on being subsidised for their "special rights" .

    Put it this way, they are being subsidised by Chinese hawkers and Chinese manual workers (YES, there are plenty of them).

    1. The Umno government knows this...and they are privy to the actual facts and figures to support what you've written above. But instead of releasing the data to enlighten the rakyat and dispel any misconception, this gomen instead mislead, and even actively instigate to claim otherwise to the Malay population at large...all for political expediency. Now at least with the world wide web, SOME of the real facts can be made known, although not to the rural Malay heartland. But even then, most of those who have access and can analyse the real situation, still persist to stay blind, too indoctrinated with the siege mentality...the damage is too far done.

  8. HY.... Thanks for your opinion on the earlier post. It is good to hear something from Ellese too.

    Now, it is show time : www.youtube.com/watch?v=83I9El6C47A

    - hasan

  9. There are many really seditious comments here.
    Beware !

  10. The Islamic state issue was not the only factor or even the most significant factor in the 1999 electoral debacle for DAP.

    That was the year Reformasi street politics reached its peak.
    The protests, the violence on the streets of KL, the tear gas frightened the Chinese. There was an entire generation whom the sight of Malays marching on the city streets brought back nightmares of May 13.
    On top of that, the Reformasi movement had never reached out to the broader non-Malay community, except for a few fringe types like Tian Chua.

    Mahathir and BN propaganda successfully tapped into these fears. Mind you, this was in the age before broadband Internet.
    That year, the Chinese became UMNO's best supporters, and were instrumental in propping up Mahathir to keep in power.

    If Chinese votes had swung together with Malay votes, the tsunami would have occurred in 1999.

    In 2013, the opposite occurred.
    14 years too late, the Chinese swung heavily against the Government. This time , it was the Malays who were frightened of the possibility of a Chinese-dominated government (a practical impossibility, but UMNO propaganda is believable in the Heartland) and swung towards UMNO..

  11. I am an Australian now, I was Malaysian once, an anak Melaka of 100% Chinese descent.
    hasan, I just want to tell you that, my food of choice is Malay, sambal belacan, cincaluk, ayam percik, mee rebus, nasi lemak, cendul, nasi campur, nasi goreng kampong, asam pedas, etc. Chinese food is too bland for me. I eat at malay shops, malay stalls and malay pasar malams

  12. The Chinese are a small , shrinking proportion of Malaysia's population, even more shrunken by an electoral system which is assigns higher, sometimes much, much higher weights to rural Heartland votes.

    Future elections will largely be fought over what kind of Malay politics dominates -
    a. Towards a theocracy (PAS)
    b. Towards the enrichment of an exclusive elite (UMNO)
    c. Towards the advancement of a family dynasty and their cronies (PKR).

    Due to the shallowness of their agenda, PKR will likely be the earliest to disintegrate.
    So we are left with two backward, regressive Malay agendas - either a theocracy or a corrupt elite.

    There is no significant Malay movement for enlightened, humanistic progress, with the exception of a few lonely voices like Azly Rahman and Bakri Musa.

    How are the Malays going to compete in the globalised world competition of the 21st century ?

    Simply siphoning off wealth creation from the Chinese isn't going to work in the long run due to their shrinking population.
    How can an economic system based on reallocating wealth from a steadily smaller and smaller portion of the population survive ?
    The 20% cannot possibly continue to subsidise the 70%, that's simple arithmetic. But most of the Melayu have always been lousy with arithmetic.

  13. Hahahahahaha... wakakakaka....sigh....

    Cant help thinking of what Loose74 called u.....hahahahahaha..

    Whatever they were, now it's been confirmed by yr own words - '..Half of my close family and relatives are pro-secular. One of us became a Christian and another one is an Atheist. We also have hafizes - one trained in Yemen, and another two were trained locally. '

    Constitutionalised Melayu? Through & through!!

    Just to prove that - u have to be Melayu terlampau Melayu!!

    Apa nak jadi tu pula? Melayu tulin tak apa rasa, sebab suda lama berkauman seimbang sama kaum lain. Tapi, 'pengdatang' tulin tu yg jadi shit-stirer, supaya mebuti dia lah yg pengjuang Melatu asal!

    Yr deviant understanding of Islam is the same original source that comes out from the same hole as the ISIS.

    So u r just the same as that Ustaz Dr. Ridhuan Tee Abdullah!

  14. I support Alvin Tan....his middle - finger salute to UMNO and the Malaysian Government gangsters is exactly the kind of F-U treatment they deserve to receive.

    He is definitely facing political and religious persecution in Malaysia.
    I wish him well in obtaining political asylum in the United States.
    Under normal circumstances he should have a strong case to be given asylum in the US, just mention "persecution by Islamic authorities".

    However the Obama Administration has been praising Najib sky-high , and Alvin's case is an inconvenient contrary fact. The Administration may choose to intervene to prevent a potentially embarrassing person from residing in the USA.
    On immigration matters, US Courts tend to listen to Federal government recommendations..

    1. Such vicious calumny is unbecoming of you. Obama has promised to do that which Canute could not. The "A quantum leap in American consciousness" will surely do the right thing. The only fly in the ointment: who decides the "rightfulness" of it all ?
      Still, I am with you in wishing Alvin Tan well.

    2. Many even claimed him to be 'a classic psycho patient that psychiatrists and psychologists would love to analyse.'

      Well, let's drill a little bit about that famous bak kut teh Ramadan stunt that put them into 'BIG' trouble with the authority.

      Many claimed that the intention of the stunt was aimed at ridiculing Muslims and their faith.

      Is it?

      Or is it the over-sensitivity of certain group of people?

      I've seen Muslims dinned with pork eaters without any problem. In fact, there were jokes been exchanged during these session about their respective individual faiths. Such scenes r common in the Sabah/Sarawak, too. & the incredible thing is NOBODY raise a hoot about that!

      Back here in P M'sia - such incident would break a hell.

      Bad taste? Excessive tolerance?

      Could it be a case of over-reaction, that anything to do with khanzir is the worst sin of the Islam? The last that I check, Quran has quoted more worst sins that precede any piggy affairs. & many of these sins, that the P M'sian Muslims could easily close both their eyes!

      Using this as an argument to retain Akta hasutan is REALLY low blow.

      More so, if u considered him as a childish, insecure and an insolent person with a huge ego. & Judging from his writings, Alvin doesnt come across as what he is been labelled.

      More likely, it's just a case of political diversion, using overhiving religious sensitivity of a section of the populace.

  15. Yr depressing analysis is just one possibility that M’sia is heading to.

    I would like to propose a 4th option. More likely, a subset of yr (c) - let the young turks take over PR.

    Many, within PR, now realize that the current setup within the coalition is not working.

    PAS would have to leave the pack, hopefully minus the open-minded Erdogan sect. These Erdogan ‘elders’ should provide advices on the modern interpretation of the Islam to the young turks of PR.

    PKR needs to transform in order to be of any relevancy with the electorates. The ‘dirty lining’ displayed during the Selangor MB debacle has turned many people off. They should let the young turks, who have NO political packages, to take over & lead. All those old umno left-overs should retire!

    DAP has to work hard to attract more capable young Malays into the party & these young turks must be awarded due to their performance. If they r been ‘uplifted’ just bcoz they r Melayu, then there would be more Aspan clones, thinking that bcoz he is the Melayu in DAP, he MUST be 1-up for all selection. Unfortunately, he is NO AK47 material! The dinosaurs of the party should retire too.

    If PR can moves according to this plan, then a workable 2-party political system can emerge in M’sia –bcoz the young Melayu r awakening NOW!

    Despite forcing many of them to go through the rigorous indoctrination camps, such as those set up by BTN & MARA, to infill that silo vision of anak budak kecil main api, there r now dissident voices coming out - loud & clear. They don’t behave like the earlier patches of blur-sotongs finishing products, whom we’d seen/read all over the WWW now.

    All those young activists, Ali Abdul Jalil, Safwan Anang & Adam Adli, who have openly declared themselves, have already subjected to this law.

    Dyana Sofea, Syefura Othman & Melati Rahim have joined DAP - a Chinese chauvinistic party as labelled by those conservatives & ultras, is a new phenomenon.

    The ultras & the conservatives Melayu r afraid. In fact, so afraid that they want to retain & use the draconian detention law like the Akta Hasutan to suppress & deter this growing tide.

    These r the new generation of Malay, well educated & intelligent, who knows HOW to choose & determine their own destiny, in face of strong family ostracizing & harsh peer pressure from their religion & race.

    They r green & not tested. But threats & sweet talks can no longer work for them, as we'd seen! They have a workable idealism coupled with their youthful drive. & if the PR ‘elders’ have trained them well then they would be a formidable force in time to come. With the wide-spread usage of Internet & easily available of long-concealed infos, THEY know what the on-going governing policies could lead the country & their future to.

    Currently, they r the declared minority! There r many, like them, r simmering beneath the radar, just waiting for the right moment/tune to strike. So makes room for them!

    They r part of the young turks that is going to shape the future political scene of M’sia.

    Hopefully, it would come to fruition before it’s too late!

  16. All these Pendatangs whinging about being 2nd Class citizens in Malaysia are really distorting the facts.
    The fact is the Chinese have very significantly higher levels of income and asset ownership than the Malays.
    The fact is we live in a society where money counts for a lot. Perhaps money doesn't buy happiness, but it buys plenty else. Status, prestige , power, influence, comfort, security....
    That's what the Chinese have in Malaysia and stop that crappy DAP Tokong-inspired propaganda about being 2nd class citizens.

    1. CBMF, support yr trash with proven facts & numbers lah!

      Talk is dirt cheap for crippled warrior like u, yes?

      For a start, read what RPK's http://www.malaysia-today.net/its-all-about-indoctrination-and-brainwashing/

      Pooh.. remember to add concepts like shifting goal-post midway through process while retaining a zero sum game thrust when the economic cake is not growing any faster due to rentiering!

      A mouth full of 'jagons'??

      U bet! That's how yr elites screw blur-sotongs like u - yr in & yr out, with 3R btn indoctrination camp trow in to wet yr ketuanan dream, sucker!!!

    2. "Today, the Malays own 20% (trust agencies included, of course) while the Chinese own 60% ".....written by RPK

      Where did that Manchester kopitiam owner get that 'fact '? Now that he's a full fledge umno-nite, semua yang keluar dari dia sudah terbalik.

    3. "Today, the Malays own 20% (trust agencies included, of course) while the Chinese own 60% ".....written by RPK

      Don't play-play....Ktemoc's good friend woi....

    4. check this one out;

      "The Colour of Inequality – Ethnicity, Income and Wealth in Malaysia" by Muhammed Abdul Khalid

      There r many more statistics than mentioned. All one needs is to read between the lines & do some numbering contextualization!

      Sometimes, I wonder WHY he didnt say what is obvious. Instead, he twisted & turned to divert a clear finding - perhaps not to offend or jaga maruah?

      But, overall, there r a lot of numbers that r very interesting vis-a-vis the economic progression of the Melayu.

    5. ""The Colour of Inequality – Ethnicity, Income and Wealth in Malaysia" by Muhammed Abdul Khalid"

      It would be more useful if someone could write a whole book which tells it straight, spelling out clearly those between-the-lines contained in that book.