Saturday, September 27, 2014

Selangor - conventions and padan muka

Haven't we been aware of the catastrophic series of satay-initiated f**kups in Selangor over the last several months leading to annoyance, agitation, anger, acrimony (among so-called Pakatan allies), and angst?

their (lack of) relationship was the casus belli

Forget about legal constitutional what-nots but consider just the issue of 'conventions'. Haven't we been lectured daily about conventions but many of which were recently thrown out of the window? Take for example, the conventions that:

(a) only an anak jati Selangor could be MB?

(b) caretaker appointments cannot make 'major' policy decision on behalf of the organization?

and regardless of whether it was just a politician's promise, don't forget Azmin Ali's pledge of support to Dr Wan as the PKR sole nominee for MB.

Fortunately for him, he can 'blame' HRH for flinging his earlier pledge to Dr Wan out of the window, wakakaka, and accepting the royal appointment because naturally, wakakaka, he wouldn't didn't couldn't want to be seen as 'being insolent' to HRH.

Be that as it may, look at the current Pakatan makeup in the Selangor State Assembly, where the coalition's total number of ADUN comprise 13 from PKR (Khalid is no more PKR), 15 from PAS and 15 from DAP.

Previously PKR had 14 and were allocated the MB position plus 3 exco seats, while PAS had 4 and DAP only 3 (after a stab in the back as complained by Tony Pua - for more, see my last year's post Selangor saga shows PKR's ketuanan mentality?)

So now PAS has one exco seat taken away from it, presumably for its errant ways. Padan muka?

But was DAP rewarded for its 'through thick & thin' loyal partnership to PKR?

Oh, I forgot - DAP backed the wrong PKR horse so it was lucky the new MB didn't punish it like he did PAS.

Well, I don't know about PAS but most certainly padan muka for DAP, wakakaka.

Often we have heard of anwaristas in PAS, principally those Erdogens who subscribe to a coalition cause because they could see the strategic view for their party, instead of just women wearing tight jeans or with lipstick and perfume.

But in DAP there are also anwaristas, especially in Selangor. I can name two easily:

(a) Hannah Yeoh for her flabbergasting support for Anwar's deformasi 916 - I was being kind to her when I said she was mathematically challenged in believing 82 was greater than 140,

(b) Mr Henny-Penny Tony Pua for his 'sky is falling down' alarm about the imperative for Anwar (and later, Dr Wan) to win the Kajang state seat. I have been so so so disappointed in Tony for getting unnecessarily involved, too involved in a PKR internal grubby feud.

And what did he win for DAP in his loyalty to PKR? Padan muka again.

But consider once again, that PKR with only 13 ADUN has grabbed not only the MB position but also 4 exco seats, while a DAP with 15-ADUN has 3 exco members.

Truly that defies coalition sharing 'convention'.

Truly that calls for a reiteration that indeed the 2nd Selangor saga shows PKR's ketuanan mentality.


  1. Azmin is only warming the MB's seat lah.....he's seeing himself seated in he PM's chair ultimately. Being the umno-nite that he was and is, forever and ever more, he is just doing the 'convention' lah.....his party is boss, dap be the gundik and padan-muka pas will always be relegated to Kelantan, even that is only if pas behaves from now onwards, wakakaka

  2. tony is not as shortsighted as u. he work, not only talk n write from far far away.

  3. Kaytee,in your earlier postings,I did ask you how come that Tony Pua is the Selangor DAP chief,and could not the DAP find anyone better than this smart entrepreneur turned stupid politician.If he was as good in politics as in business he wouldn't shoot first before using his fucking brains.This guy is an Anwar bodeki suitable only for Mca lackeys.No wonder the DAP is now counted as among the follow the blind believers.No wonder,Dyana Soyfa lost in Teluk Intan by a nose.

  4. Azmin Ali is the newly minted MB of Selangor.But Anwar is the de-facto MB.He is telling Azmin what to do.He is asking Azmin to revise the pay rise of assemblymen and excos,etc.What the fuck do this moron still wants.Does he not know to stay the fuck out of Selangor politics.Hasn't he been sacked from his economic adviser's post.Does this screwup not understand that he has to play or shiok sendiri his own self.Get lost,you pervert.

  5. the new kampung man8:39 am, September 28, 2014


    Do you mean that the pretty lass Dyana lost because Tony Pua was the election or strategic director?No wonder lah.Gerakan Mah must be a very lucky man,lah.He has to send angpows to Tony,lah.Hehehe.

  6. The sex blogger Alvin has shown Umno the middle finger.He knows that he is safe in the US,seeking asylum.

    Azmin already said that he will not be remote controlled by Anwar.If so than Azmin should speak his piece.Tell Anwar to FO or better show him the middle finger like Alwin.

  7. i think not be remote controlled should also mean doing what is right, if anwar advice not put people first, then show him middle finger.

    i like khalid, at least in the first term. or even today simply bec he is naive politically, but that is oso his weakness. hope he continue to struggle for democracy, or spend more time to understand democracy.

  8. Actually there is no change in the composition of the Selangor Exco/Government. We must include the MB, Speaker and Deputy Speaker as part of the Selangor Exco/Government. The Deputy Speaker’s position will be given to PAS.

    Thus, before Kajang Move it was PKR 5, DAP 4, and PAS 4. After Kajang Move it is still PKR 5, DAP 4, and PAS 4. The Kajang Move, as it is what it is, was just to remove or replace KI. It did not matter whether AI or WA or AA became the MB because AI=WA=AA=PKR.

    The Kajang Move had resulted in a lot of fracases and skirmishes. To PKR that was a brilliant idea. This was the idea of PKR, by PKR, and for PKR. It was not meant for PAS or DAP and their members or supporters.

    PKR is now left with only 13 (Tiga Belas) seats. Hence, the MB and the four PKR’s Exco are indeed living on the charity of DAP (15) and PAS (15). Malu lah sikit - PKR!? It is actually charity NOT democracy. Thus, PKR should reciprocate or demonstrate with a more charitable sharing of power, perhaps a 3-5-5; PKR-DAP-PAS respectively.

    Memang padan muka DAP. You have been tarred with the same brush that PKR used on PAS. Sudah lah DAP/PKR! PAS/Hadi jahat konon? Wakakaka…

    - hasan