Monday, September 01, 2014

I ain’t no chicken farmer

Malaysia Boleh - Think BIG lah
My letter to Malaysiakini published today:

2:25PM Sep 1, 2014
By K Temoc

‘I ain’t no chicken farmer’

Torn from my vigilant duties at the border
Guarding against entry of seditious ashes
For Negara and Merdeka I restored order
By arresting those purple-dressed pipi-ess

Wearing wrong colored shirts was their fault
When blue would have won for them the day
Then their Merdeka march I wouldn't dare halt
And their intention, I won’t have a single say

2009 was 2009, so why still talk about Kugan
And I also resent being labelled a mongrel
Regardless of whatever political affiliation
My groomed hair shows I’m not a scoundrel

I admit I am angry for what I saw on Twitter
But only for failing to give me proper due
By comparing me to a failed chicken farmer
For that mistake I'll make the offender rue

Don’t you dare confuse me with legal fact
Of what's ‘illegal’ and what's ‘unregistered’
Don’t trouble me with obfuscating abstract
I am who I am, I've decided they've erred

Yesterday Boss wanted us to up our unity
To face any challenge and whatever test
Well, what better test than free nasi curry
So stop whining, whinging and your protest

Look at those who praised my patriotic action
They of blue ‘pedigree’, ‘proper’ upbringing
Saying my mini Ops Lalang has justification
From them I hear only encouraging singing

I shall help leave behind a peaceful Malaysia
Of prosperity where RM6 billion is nothing
Once my duty's done, for jolly good measure
I’ll be back at the border so no ash sneaks in


  1. "Boss wanted us to up our unity"

    Pupils are taught to respect people of different races and religions.
    Outside school, however, they are very confused to see adults fighting over those matters !

  2. If Malaysia had any semblance of police accountability, this PIG (Police Inspector General) would have resigned or failing with, been fired from his job.

    The Court of Appeals has already found the police responsible for Kugan's death in police custody.

    The Selangor police chief at the time - January 2009 - resused Kugan's family request to have a second autopsy after the first Cover-up autopsy (the now infamous "Cause of Death due to water in the lungs").

    That Selangor police chief [deleted] should be charged with Obstruction of Justice.


    1. The August 8 , 2014 Court of Appeals ruling on the Civil suit against the PDRM by Kugan's family is actually ground breaking, a lot more important than the criminal conviction against the police officer who killed Kugan.

      Once the government admitted Kugan had been violently killed in his cell, the criminal case against the policeman was really just an ordinary prosecution for unlawful death.

      Historically it is very difficult to win a suit for compensation against the Malaysian government. Even if proven that the government acted wrongly in law, you will not get a sen of compensation. Malaysian courts protect the government's "Administrative privilege".

      The High Court ruling, upheld by the Court of Appeals, was that the Government of Malaysia, and the Royal Malaysian Police are legally liable for the unlawful killing by a police officer of the detainee in police custody, and liable for legal damages. That is a very important point.

      Its not just an offence committed by the individual police officer against the deceased. The Malaysian Government and PDRM are legally liable for Kugan's death and have to pay damages.
      Unfortunately, the Court of Appeals reduced the quantum of the damages, but the principal stands.

      The IGP Khalid Abu Bakar, who was then Selangor CPO, by right should have been sent back to his kampung by now.

  3. Relieve the duties of all vigilantes .
    Housing estates are forbidden to form gated communities.
    There would be peace !
    All are safe !

  4. better not come back.
    crackdown has begun
    chicken goes into the coop haha
    your idol gives no hood about u eh.

  5. What to expect when the top gun did not execute ipoh court order to look for converted man with his youngster? Who is not obeying the law?

  6. The non-Malays , especially the Chinese have become increasingly Kurang Ajar.
    Insulting Islam, Royalty, challenging the Police.

    Time to teach them a lesson. The IGP's action is to be applauded

    1. hear hear ! spoke like the true blue umno ball carrier racist....your action is to be applauded

    2. Still play like lp broken record. Now p
      lay blame game. Look at which race are charged.

  7. The Chinese will all become capon soon...

  8. In general, I do not support vigilantes. They lack status as well as accountability.

    If the police are not good enough, focus on getting their performance improved. Hold the relevant authorities to responsibility.
    As today's Utusan headline blares - only the Federal government has the power and right to form any organisation related to law and order. Right - lets hold the Federal Government fully accountable.

    When things go wrong with vigilantes, as it appears to have occurred with the alleged assault on Ong Eu Soon, it is difficult to pin down responsibility.

    Is it just a few black sheep in an otherwise praiseworthy unit, or is PPS really a group with a sinister agenda ? Or perhaps Ong Eu Soon was the provocateur to start with ?

    1. Hahahahahahahaha! Hahahahahahaha! Fuck you la! I think we should start by improving your head first

  9. No , you are not a Chicken Farmer.
    You are a Dog (in the Malay-language meaning).

    I'm not referring to Ktemoc, just to be clear.... wakakakaka...

    1. Ya, calling him a Dog ("Anjing") in Malay is a pretty severe insult, and that person deserved it.

      The guy who made the Twitter post was not IT-savvy though, using his Twitter account. There are various ways to make it difficult for authorities to trace who you are, but using Social Media is NOT one of them.
      A person's network of friends, family and acquaintances are easily traced in Social Media, and its usually not that difficult to investigate who you are based on that.

    2. What is with muslims and dogs hah? You mean they will bite you when they saw a melayu. If that is case, padan muka la! Even a dog also doesn't like you