Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Rambo Tee

Malay Mail Online - Utusan columnist says would have attacked Singapore over island

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 16 — Malaysia should have waged war on Singapore to keep Pulau Batu Puteh instead of bringing the dispute to the International Court of Justice, Utusan Malaysia columnist Ridhuan Tee Abdullah wrote in an editorial today.

In a sharply-worded piece touching on criticisms by Singapore founding father Lee Kuan Yew (picture) in his book “One Man’s View of the World”, Tee said the republic was fortunate he was not the prime minister of Malaysia during the time.

“I certainly would not bring the matter to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The only resolution to the dispute is war,” he wrote further.

“The world has witnessed the loss of Malay land to the ultra kiasu.

“Today, Malays are humiliated, but ‘we’ remain silent,” he added.

I like that part where the news report said: "Tee said the republic was fortunate he was not the prime minister of Malaysia during the time."

All I need to say is Alhamdulillah for Rambo NOT being the PM or the Defence Minister or anyone significant in Malaysia. We should all be thankful for small mercies.

BTW, if he includes himself as a Malay, then the Malays haven't remained silent, wakakaka.


  1. Majullah Singapura6:48 pm, September 16, 2014

    A military threat from Malaysia is always there in the background.

    That is why Singapore maintains squadrons of F-16s and F-15s, as well as Apache Longbows.
    Singapore may be a tiny red dot, but Malaysia would get an extremely bloody nose if it ever attempted such stupidity.

    1. S Rajaratnam, Sri Lankan born and Seremban bred had once said in his Kampung Glam constituency. Yes, Kampung Glam........hehehehehe.......Singapore is a hornet nest. Mess with it and you kenna mampus by the stings.

      At times, when singapore got rather low class fighter bomber........remember a4 skyhawk...........you will never know what major changes done inside to make it even better than........hehehehe

  2. Unfortunately for Tee Chuan Seng (that's his real name) , the MH370 has exposed Malaysia's defence capabilities for all to see, and they certainly don't provide Malaysia with any possible military options.

    Either one or more of three scenarios occurred :-
    a) Military radar failed to detect the wayward MH370 real-time
    b) Or radar did detect it, but command and control procedures utterly failed to respond to the unknown flight.
    c) Or Command did respond to the detection , but RMAF have no capability to scramble a figher on 1/2 hour or even 1 hour notice at 1 o'clock in the morning.

    How to fight a war like that Ah ?

  3. Ridhuan Tee is on the payroll of the Malaysian National Defence University , so he's a government servant.
    By right he should be in hot soup for making such war-like statements against what is supposed to be a friendly neighbouring country.
    However , he knows very well he has immunity stronger than the armour of an M-1A1 Abrams tank.

  4. the new kampung man8:50 pm, September 16, 2014

    This pariah Ah Tee has always claimed that he is a real ultra Malay.So the Malays are not totally silent.It is better that this Ah Tee Ridzuan go to Lorong Perlis and do the belakang or BJ's.Hahaha.

  5. Time and time again, he chooses to antagonize ultra kiasu knowing full well they would throw shits in his face. What could be his motives ?

    Send him on a solo mission to retake the island as brave Rambo usually operates alone !

    1. The once upon a time former ultra kiasu (if it's true that he now belongs to another community) has provoked yet another round of controversy. To leave the old forever to the point of no return and to be accepted by the new, he condemns and denounces all his ancestral roots. To that end:

      1. Only members of his new community can tell whether he has succeeded or
      2. All ultra kiasu have disowned him. Perhaps this's exactly what he has

  6. A person who speaks like that is dangerously capable of doing stupid 'ultra' acts. He should be locked up in jail with the key thrown away. Where are the authorities when you need them?

  7. Ridzuan Tee @ CSTee is very ashamed to be born a Chinese.So the next best thing for this fake convert is to chop off his batang so he cannot mass produced with his Chinese blood.That way he can show that he is a pondan and can continue to ridicule the Chinese.For me I pay no fuck to this creature.

  8. this mualaf of sino stock is merely an attention seeker who i would consider a harmless loudmouth just out to show he is more malay,
    there is a more sinister female version whose blog is used specifically to stoke christian and muslim discord, all she does is instigate and incite her readers, she does not propose or offer solutions as any true muslim would

  9. Obviously this scum has not read Lee Kuan Yew's response when Mahathir made similar threats! Malaysian media did not report widely on this.
    Singapore can win without a single bullet being fired!
    That is the ultimate humiliation for such scumbags.
    Go find out yourself!

  10. Dont be an idiot , Tee boy, you dont know the strength of SAF. A Singaporean military officer told me that SAF has three military bases in Thailand,in the event Singapore goes to war with Malaysia , their tanks and APCs will roll down from the north and their Island based forces will be attacking from the south. Very likely Singapore will be occupying a big part of Southern Johor in no time.

  11. A chinese convert is a Malay?
    My impression is that he is trying to be more Malay than the genuine Malays :D

    And his lack of thinking skills is simply astounding...

  12. Mohd Ridhuan is a true Malay patriot.
    He may have not been born a Malay, but his heart and mind are dedicated to the Malay cause.

    I'm informed that his course lectures at the National Defence University are very popular and well attended.
    Among the military cadets and post-graduate officers who attend the university, his views resonate with their core beliefs.

    1. Ever heard of birds of the same feather flop together?

      Bird brains, indeed!!!!

      Enuff said.

    2. Kepada Warrior: Muka Ridhuan Tee tu dengan mata sepetnya, true Malay? Wakakakak!! Gelak sampai sarung saya jatuh. My foot! (Kaki besar saya!) Baik cadangkan dia pergi ke Korea untuk buat muka baharu. Dan saudara-saudaranya boleh mula kutip wang ringgit untuk tujuan tersebut.

  13. Begs acceptance at the expanse of former self !
    What shame !
    What disgrace !

  14. "BTW, if he includes himself as a Malay, then the Malays haven't remained silent, wakakaka."

    Undoubtedly, Singapura was part of the Johor-Riau-Lingga Empire. Raffles did not discover Singapura in 1819. Actually, Johor-Riau-Lingga lost Singapura from that date. When Engku Puteri (Raja Hamidah) the keeper of the Royal Regalia wanted to bring the regalia from Pulau Penyegat to Singapura in order to conduct a proper ‘nobat’ ceremony to legitimize the Sultan, the Dutch stopped her and confiscated the regalia. This is due to the treaty between the English and the Dutch to split the Malay Empire: Riau-Lingga will be under the Dutch Indonesia and the Malay Peninsula to be under the British Malaya.

    What happened to Tengku Abdul Aziz who supposedly was the last Sultan of Singapura? What happened to the Istana Kampung Gelam (originally, the size of this property is about 57 acres)? The prior Sultans gave their endorsement to Raffles to develop Singapura but not to cede it away. The Malay rulers should have prior sovereignty over Singapura. Thus, the decolonization of Singapura should have involved the restoration of the Sultan’s power and status.

    At the very least you give some honour and decorum to the Sultan’s descendants lah? This is a property that perhaps has estimated value of about S$60.0 billion but what was given was a meager S$7.0 million and to be distributed to the descendants over a period of 30 years, which translates to about S$2,900 each per year to the 79 descendants. Sir LKY, you deserved a standing ovation and a loud applause. Wakakaka…

    I have not read the book “One Man’s View of The World”. However, from the review, someone mentioned that LKY wrote about the privileges for the Melayu at page 170. When asked about the privileges for Malaysia’s bumiputeras, he (LKY) gave a non-revealing opinion. He said, “Where do you think the talent pool is?” I do not know whether he is arrogant, inaccurate, racist, crude, or all the aforementioned?

    To Sir LKY… The Melayu through Sir Stamford Raffles have given to you Singapura and Pulau Batu Putih. If you can’t cut your tongue, why can’t you just say something good about the Melayu?

    Saudara Ridhuan Tee may be right after all. Indeed, Singapura should have been Rambo-ed a long time ago! OTH, it is only LKY’s view (and it is only one man), one who have not only inherited the colonialist mentality, but who have also reinforced it. Why bother?

    - hasan

    1. To settle territorial sovereignty disputes at the ICJ between nations is a civilized way of doing things.
      When we lost, doubts were raised on whether we had put forward a good case. A 10 year period of appeal is still possible if more evidence as to our ownership can be gathered. Malaysia boleh !

    2. LKY didn't get S'pore via Sir Stamford Raffles from the Malay.

      Neither did S'pore gets Pedra Branca from the Melayu.

      LKY earned to develop S'pore, from what was left by Sir Raffles, into what S'pore is today. The Melayu of the old had zilch contribution.

      Petra Branca was fairly attributed by the ICT to S'pore for a long standing of servitude. The Melayu, old & new, have zilch contribution.

      If u want to claim credit, just bcoz yr ancestors used to 'me-layu' around the island & rock since ancient time, then u r going nowhere with yr argument!

      Let me gives u a helping hand.

      What happened to the 'Malacca Sultanate' after her called via internal treacheries?

      What happens to the modern Melaka after the Melayu retains the control & administration?

      Melacca never regains her glory while S'pore is growing strength to strength.

      LKY is right - where's the gene pool, indeed!

      Why claim 'anything' when u didn't/don't fulfill the potential of a given location, even u might be the first to use it as yr official jamban!

      It begins to show that u have that inherent gene/meme to blame others, whenever u fail!!!

    3. "Let me gives u a helping hand"

      Yes, please let me too. You are jingoist enough! One day people of your gene will say, "I was born in this hospital, I developed this hospital, so this hospital will be mine". Wakakaka

      First you said, "Stop At Two" then "Two or Three if You Can Afford, Why Stop at Two?". You are absurd! You should have stopped at zilch. Wakakaka

      - hasan

    4. Typical spoon-fed mindset!

      Policies change with time, especially good policy.

      In economic term, it's known as adjustment with (black) swan effects & changing circumstances.

      In bolihland, it's understood as covering one's own ass & finger-pointing.

      U r right - people like u SHOULD stopped at zilch.

      Still wakakaking????

  15. Stamford Raffles did not discover Singapore - the island was already inhabited, sparsely by Orang Laut, and it was recognised as part of the Johore Sultanate.

    In 1819, Stamford Raffles was given permission by treaty with Sultan Hussein Shah to develop Singapore as a trading post.
    In 1824, Singapore was ceded outright to the British - and here's the controversy - signed by the Temengong, not the Sultan. Singapore became British soil outright "forever", or until Independence in 1965.

    That Temenggong Abdul Rahman is the direct ancestor of the current Johor Sultan.
    That Temenggong family was richly rewarded for their Cooperation or "Collaboration" with the British, becoming deFacto Sultan and eventually the deJure Sultanate in Johor, until today.

    No doubt there was British deceit and trickery in taking over Singapore, but it was done willingly by the Malays in power at the time - no shots were fired.

    It was not done under threat of muskets or cannons , so who do you want to blame for the loss of Singapore to the British ?

    1. @ Majullah Singapura

      "No doubt there was British deceit and trickery in taking over Singapore"

      It is nice of you to acknowledge that. Actually, to add just a bit, it is by deceit, trickery and gunboat diplomacy. Thus, you have inherited land from the British that was fraudulently conveyed to them from the Melayu who had trusted the British. Breach of trust? Fraudulent conveyancing? O well, we better leave it to ICJ, eh! Wakakaka...

      O yes of course I blame the British. Wakakaka...

      - hasan

    2. Majullah Singapura6:32 pm, September 17, 2014

      You can't make any clapping sound with just one hand...

      If you really open your eyes, other than the British, the other transgressor in Singapore's loss is Temenggong Abdul Rahman who ceded Singapore to the British "forever".
      He's no innocent victim. He and his descendants collaborated with the British, first in Singapore, then in Johore.
      In the process, they were well rewarded, and that's how they became the present-day Johore Royal Family.

      I'm not a subject of any of your Sultans , so I suppose I can look at this more objectively.

      In the end Istana Kampung Glam was just a piece of private property, since the Sultanate (through its Temenggung) had ceded the island in perpetuity to the British, and the Sultan was no more than a private citizen in Singapore.

      The Singapore government did offer the descendants who had title over the land at the time the first right to develop the land. They couldn't come up with a unified proposal, either that or they couldn't come up with the financing.

      Land in Singapore is too precious to be left idle or in decaying condition.
      In the end the owners were given compensation purely for the land, not its potential commercial value. I think it is fair, since they were already offered the first right to develop the land, but they couldn't do it.

    3. My eyes are already wide opened.

      It was undue influence, coercion and jingoism on the part of the British to sign the ill treaty. But at least they recognized the royal family by giving them 53 acres of land. But you took away that property from them by giving them ultimatum to develop the land.

      What good faith or fairness on your part to give them a first right of refusal if they do not have the capacity to develop it. BTW, you too initially did not have the money to develop Singapore until you allowed ‘everything sinks in’ into your banks.

      - hasan

    4. I sincerely hope that you are a melayu. Kindly teach this cibai Hasan a lesson.

  16. Just cut-off their water supply ("unavoidable interruptions" - just be creative) and see how long they can survive on NewWater (basically drinking their own Sh*t).

    Singapore can lose without firing a bullet....

    1. Hahahahahaha! Before you even think of cutting the water, singapore troops already in Putrajaya. No thanks to Madhater. Why? Ask him la

  17. Ridhuan and Helen both love to write stuff of such nature. Can you imagine if they had married each other - what a lovely couple they'd make !!

    They are both very boring. They say the same things over and over, but only using different words. If you find their opinions tedious and tiresome, ignore them, don't read them and don't visit their websites/blogs. Especially if you suspect that they may be paid to write stuff like that. Each time you visit their blog you inadvertently increase their page views and this helps them to earn money from Google or advertisers. Ask yourself why help them get rich when they write offensive and negative stuff like that? Just ignore them completely and soon even their paymasters will abandon them when their readership has dried up.

    1. I was a real admirer of Helen Ang's blog , before she "turned" or "transformed" into somebody / something much scarier...

    2. Ridhuan Tee and Helen Ang...what a great partnership !

    3. Singapore's strategic situation (and strategic weakness) is essentially the same as it was in December 1941. No amount of fancy high-tech 21st century weaponry can change geographical strategic reality.

      Singapore Island on its own is essentially indefensible. Its water supply is easily cut-off. Even the desalination plants and water recycling facilities that it has spent Billions to provide partial water independence are very vulnerable.

      Singapore's security is dependent on making secure a large zone up to 1,000 km away. Defence in depth. In practice that means living in peace and harmony with its neighbours.
      A strong SAF can then defend against threats from beyond the immediate neighbourhood.

    4. Remember the six days war........Hahahahaha! Singapore was trained by the Israelis

  18. Just do it then and suffer the consequence!
    You are not dealing with local citizens whom you can bully, you are only the jaguh kampung, the village bully.

  19. Having worked and lived a number of years in Singapore, I have to say "Ultra Kiasu" is a very apt description of fairly typical middle-class Singaporean (meaning Chinese Singaporean) attitudes towards their career and material well-being, as well as the educational development of their children.

    It can get quite hilarious to an outsider, but also sadly has an ugly side to it. The grasping, selfish attitude towards economic advancement has helped propel Singapore to 1st World status, but many people have been diminished by it.

    Some of that Kiasu attitude inevitably rubs off the middle-class Chinese in the Klang Valley and Penang. Fortunately, people in Malaysia are still more relaxed compared to the other side of the Causeway.

    So Ah Tee is not quite correct in labelling Chinese Malaysians "Ultra-Kiasu" as well.

    1. More than half of singaporeans are from Malaysia. So sama sama lah........Hahahahaha

  20. Sorry I still do not understand Helen Ang's vitriolic obsessive hatred for the DAP, Hannah Yeoh LGE, LKS, Chinese, Christians, KJ, Regina Lee, Wong Chun Wai etc.
    Her CPI articles and articulatrions are very different with her rantings now. What gives? Could any reader enlighten me? She seems to have done a 1180 degree turn sometime in 2010.

    1. No need to understand. Perhaps, it's something to do with her personal problems with DAP nong nong time ago

    2. Its similarly the reason why Ktemoc Hentam Anwar Ibrahim in every post.

      Often the reasons are valid or at least debatable, but the root of the vitriolic obsession is founded on some personal hangups a long , long time ago.

    3. aisehman Puk matey, "why Ktemoc Hentam Anwar Ibrahim in every post" is way too harsh and incorrect. Why, I have even DEFENDED Anwar lah, wakakaka - see http://ktemoc.blogspot.com.au/2010/03/defending-anwar-ibrahim-wakakaka.html

    4. I think BN blackmail her by using sedition act, then hijack her and pay her well la. Very soon, she will be binti Abdullah just like RTA. So we can see how cheap BN can buy chinese talents..

  21. Malay wannabe........how pathetic!

  22. We won Sipadan at the ICJ !
    If we could assemble a strong legal team, there's still time (about 4 more years) and hope to claim back Pulau batu Puteh.
    Malaysia Boleh !

  23. Fact is , If the SAF ever had to go into a hot conflict in future, its very likely opponent would be a Malay-based military, either Malaysia or Indonesia.

    That is unfortunately one reason why very few Malays ever make it to Senior command in the SAF.
    Many Singapore Malays serve loyally and honourably in the SAF, but there is a definite Glass Ceiling for Malays in this institution, which in other ways is very much based on meritocracy.

  24. Can someone confirm if this Assoc Prof Ridhuan TeeKoh [deledted] is still with the Defence University. Heard that he is no longer teaching in that uni and that his services were terminated .... reasons ..dunno!!

  25. Personal Grievance