Sunday, September 28, 2014

Cheshire Cat ate the Red Herring

Last week I posted Satay always meant for Dökkálfar Dwarf and Red herring in Selangor.

Dökkálfar Dwarf, wakakaka

Today Lee Chin Cheh, the PKR bloke who deliberately resigned from his Kajang state seat to allow PKR's Rancid Satay to commence its offensive odour has come out with the 'goods' or if you like, the low down, wakakaka, on the underdone or overcooked Satay.

Read TMI's Azmin was Selangor PKR’s first choice for MB, says former Kajang rep.

I rest my case.

Now you'd also know why Anwar Ibrahim, Rafizi Ramli and Saifuddin Nasution didn't object to HRH's choice, despite their earlier pompous insistence on only Dr Wan as their choice for MB.

Now I hope the DAP would be a wee wiser.


  1. is pkr wrong to make azmin a first choice? is azmin not qualify to become an mb? base on what? hearsay from rpk? what if pkr n pas oppose dap choice in penang? n prefer chow ky over lge? what would happen?

    dap stupidity is they think khalid is easier to handle, i oso hope DAP would be a wee wiser after this episode

    oh btw lcc is azmin "crony".

    1. PKR's sin was in the bullshit about the Satay as "... variously, a decision to “strengthen” or “save” PKR (we heard both versions), a “tactical” move which soon became a “strategic” one to combat the evils of Mahathirism following the pending disposal of Prime Minister (PM) Najib Abdul Razak, then to showcase Selangor as a shining example of Pakatan rule, also to resist racial and religious incitements, and so on so forth; until we also heard it is to make Selangor as Anwar’s launch pad to take Putrajaya."

  2. Will this ultimately lead to Selangor voters feeling that they have been jerked around and betrayed and thus respond by giving Pakatan Rakyat a massive defeat in the next election? If that happens, DAP will be the crestfallen collateral damage for sure.

    1. Or would you prefer Khalid to tidur dalam satu selimut with Umno and together with Pas forming the so-called Malaly Unity to take over Selangor ? Better to be 'jerked' around than to lose the whole state

  3. Rpk bites the dust ! The student has overtaken the 'sifu', hehehe. ( but in the first place, why is he being honoured as a sifu ???? most time now, what is churned out there is just so lame ).

  4. Power,greed and lust makes men go to great heights or eventually bite or smell the dust.

    In PKR's MB fiasco,the signs are there for all to see.PKR will bring along their strange bedfellows,the DAP and PAS to share the last meal of biting the dust.Selangor MB fiasco has shown the rakyat that PKR are made up of Umno clones and therefore is no better than Umno.If GE 14 is held next month or next year PKR will be totally,or rather almost wiped out,losing at least 75% of their existing seats.

    No matter how PKR and PR cried,wailed or begged they will definitely lose more ground in GE14.At GE 13,BN was at it's weakest,and still the PR can do no right,fighting to the very last few days before the GE,with their strange bedfellows.

    At GE 13,MCA sunked to it lowest performance in election history.Almost completely wiped out.MCA has been on a downhill slide for the last 12 years or so.When stock markets tanked in a real bear market they should recover at least some lost ground in the next cycle (3-5 years)MCA is way way overdue for their next best performance in the next election cycle,that is GE14.

    DAP played the blind rats following the pipe piper into the sewage.DAP will definitely regret playing bridesmaid to the PKR in this MB fiasco.For not having the balls to stand up to Manmanlai DAP will pay the price in GE14.Anybody who thinks that the MCA will be wiped out in the next GE after this MB fiasco,better think twice.This latest MB fiasco have awoken the opposition diehards as to whether they should blindly support the opposition, just like the DAP blindly support the PKR, because they dislike the Umno, Mca or BN as a whole.

    We support the opposition because we thought or rather assumed that they can do no worst than the corrupted Umno/BN.The way this MB fiasco dragged on and on,and it is still on,even after the new MB Azmim Ali is being sworned in,speaks wonders about the PR.

  5. HRH has given a severe public reprimand to both PKR and Anwar directly.

    Given the circumstances, I think it is quite understandable if Anwar and PKR have "no objections" to HRH choice.

    It would be most unwise for Anwar and the others to continue butting their heads on the issue.