Sunday, September 07, 2014

River of no return

PAS is in internal divisive turmoil over the party's membership in the Pakatan coalition, with its ulama group against it while its Erdogens camp still wants to remain within the alliance.

Obviously the individual group's perception differs on whether Pakatan will be of value to their party.

One of the bizarre perceptions to emerge from their tussle is that the ulama's political (and stated) preference would be considered less Islamic than the party's young Turks (excuse the pun for the Erdogens - it's intended).

The ulama have demonstrated they're more ethnocentric, preferring ketuanan Melayu over the fight against UMNO, while the Erdogens see the coalition as essential to overthrowing what they see as a corrupt BN from majority rule at federal level, an aim they believe is consistent with Islamic justice.

Whichever, whatever, however, the poison spewed by the ulama camp in the person of Pak Haji Hadi Awang, PAS president, against Pakatan is already far far too toxic for Pakatan to accept, let alone trust, PAS ulama leaders.

Pak Haji Hadi Awang in setting course away FROM Pakatan has sailed its boat on the river of no return.

Would this inevitable end of the old Pakatan be good for those who want to change the federal government?

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  1. Treachery ! Betrayal !
    Treachery ! Betrayal !
    Treachery ! Betrayal !

    1. According to Confucius teaching in human relationship, he's the epitome of complete lack of 'xin' (trustworthiness) !

  2. For sure....PAS will split into 2..... PAS and PasMa

    In the recent posting in M2D, if rpk is to be believed, it seemed Anwar has been planning for this for a long time, bidding his time for such an occasion ( like now ) when the old ulamas turn their backs on him. And further more, according to is the MONEY at the root of it all....Anwar needs the 3 billion to build up PasMa when the split come. And he (rpk) went on merrily to declare that THIS IS RAKYAT's MONEY and Khalid is staking his political life to prevent the dirty hand of Anwar trying to steal the rakyat's money.

    Hahaha....lupa ke did Umno's Treasury fills its coffer ? And Anwar, himself from Umno, almost the Nombor Satu man there at one time, long time ago, should know better, what ? Of course you need rakyat's money to fight lah....fight fire with mean to say, for a party to fight the Big Devil, these puny fellas have depend on the sepuloh, dua puloh rinngit donation from the general public ah ?pordahh lah

    Of course KT is right....definitely this is a river of no return now...what is pas sudah jadi past the bridge of no return dah. Btw....nice touch with that MM video...quite charming, so mellow-y

  3. the new kampung man8:08 am, September 08, 2014

    Before we play the blame game,let us ask ourselves who are to blame for all the turmoil in the PR.That fucking Mr Manmanlai is the fucking fucking problem.Fuck that butt loving asshole.

  4. Hadi is the man who got sepak bola size real balls for standing up and showing Anwar the middle finger.He asked Anwar to go play and fuck his ownself.Hehehe.

  5. No to Tokongs and Dynasty Parties10:08 am, September 08, 2014

    I'm very glad PAS has finally opened its eyes to the Unvirtuous nature of its alliance with DAP and PKR.

    DAP's outlook is clearly at odds with Islam, while PKR is little more than a vehicle for Anwar Ibrahim, family and cronies.
    Having either of them as political partners amounts to an immoral relationship.

    PAS should go it alone if necessary, or work out an acceptable Etente with UMNO.
    UMNO , flawed though it may be, has much better alignment with PAS objectives than either DAP or PKR.

  6. the gaffe guy who know's10:32 am, September 08, 2014

    It should read Hadi got football size real balls.DAP got green beans size artificial bolas.DAP is blindly following Anwar and Rafizi to the whorehouse.

  7. the new kampung man10:38 am, September 08, 2014

    Maybe the Kajang satay fiasco was done intentionally by Anwar to cause internal strife among the PR component parties.It could be his deal with Umno as his get of of jail free pass if PR breaks up or at least get weaker and not to be a threat to Umno/BN in GE 14th.No way Jose?In politics anything is possible.

  8. Achtung ! Achtung !1:03 pm, September 08, 2014

    Looks like HRH is preparing to appoint either PAS or UMNO MB.
    A vote of No Confidence against the newly minted "Royal Vizier" could then be construed as Sedition.

    "Majority support not the sole criteria"

  9. In the end PAS may or may not leave Pakatan, but it is obvious from this latest episode that , of the three parties, PAS has the least commitment to stay and the least comfortable with staying

  10. ......Ktemoc, your link to the Youtube River of No Return brings back so many memories.
    It was a 1954 hit song and movie by the same name.
    I was barely 6 years old then (old man now haha ) ....I only saw the movie years later.
    To be frank , Marilyn Monroe was a lousy actress, but she sure looked yummy to a teenager at that time.....

    BTW I vote PAS, and would not hesitate to do so again...but my area PAS MP has good relationships with people of all races and religions.
    That may not be true for all of the PAS leadership.

    1. she's not just yummy to a teenager but to John F Kennedy and his brother Robert. They were bonking her. Many believe MM was murdered to hide her sexual romps with the American President\

  11. So true....Anwar himself brought all this about And so true too....this sort of crisis brings out the true colours - zudhi and his ilk with the jentik dan sergah, hadi revealing the knives from his back while his thick lips mouthed holy words alternate with what look like convenient excuses. All these [deleted] politicians don't come out smelling good......greedy, power crazy, racists, bigoted, untrustworthy and hypocritical