Sunday, September 28, 2014

Only human and not a mere god-king

The Star Online - Aide: Sultan confident Azmin has support of lawmakers

TMI - Sultan blames Pakatan for MB tussle, defends role in choosing Azmin

First, HRH explained why he selected Azmin Ali as the new MB of Selangor, then he defended Khalid Ibrahim's record as the previous MB.

The former was in response to severe criticisms of his alleged breach of his constitutional role in ignoring the majority choice of Dr Wan as the new MB, while the latter was in response to him allowing Khalid Ibrahim to remain as MB for more than a month after Khalid Ibrahim was already expelled by PKR and rejected by the majority in the DUN, which in itself was also seen as a breach of his constitutional role.

HRH has also asserted he is not just a ceremonial head of state, implying he is not a figurehead which can simply be remote-controlled, nor one useful only for leaving his 'dhoby mark'*.

* 'dhoby' is an old British (naval) term of Indian origin which means 'laundry',  and 'dhoby mark' is an inked mark on the laundry to identify its owner. Colloquially 'dhoby mark' also means 'signature', especially one in an official document. 

What has muddied the waters (one of my fave phrases) has been the perception that Dr Wan will be a model Muslim wife who could possibly be beholden and obedient to her 'god's gift to the people' husband even in her duties as MB of Selangor.

HRH alluded to this in his wish not to have a 'remote-controlled' MB.

But the point of this post is not to revisit all those arguments, but to mull over the fact that HRH saw fit to make public statements explaining his decisions over the recent MB issue, which many constitutional experts have criticized. 

HRH needn't do so but his actions (in explaining his decisions), as I suspect, have shown him to be only human and not an aloof couldn't-be-bothered god-king figure.

Would we be correct in concluding he must have been troubled by the criticisms.

Yes, as humans we want to be liked.

What do you think? Will you be prepared to accept HRH's explanations as justified?

For a wider perspective of HRH's decisions, read also TMI's A right royal dilemma, written by Terence Fernandez.


  1. "Will you be prepared to accept HRH's explanations as justified?"

    the issue is how many times hrh prepare to justify his action? n until when?

  2. Anwar aka Mammanlai has fucked up big time for his fucking MB Kajang circus.This pervert is a fucking fake or conman (penipu) who in the process fucked the Lims of Dap,KAU KAU.It is time for this fucking fake to be in Kajang prison or Sungei Buloh feasting on nasi kueh ikan.The faster this pervert is out of the way will be the better for the PR.Or else the PR is doomed.

  3. If he wants to be a real sultan, he should stayed neutral & remained above any politics.

    Otherwise, he should abdicate & join a political party!

    By saying what he had said, he apparently doesn't believe his role as a constitutional monarch is PURELY ceremonial. In fact, he double confirmed it himself in that speech!

    He is still clanging on to that obsolete sultan mutlak concept.

    Worst still, he think he can do no wrong! What happen if his choice turns out to be detrimental to Selangor? Can he takes the responsibility & faces up to the ultimate consequences, as the choice is his alone - under advised &/or otherwise.

    At least if the PR's choice is wrong, the Selangoreans can throw out the state government in the coming election, together with the culprits.

    Such choice is not written into ANY of the royal household of any States with sultan in M 'sia.

    This is also WHY respected constitutional monarches all over the world stay out of making ANY political decision. The choice is for the people to make via their ELECTED representatives, with a known recourse exists in the choice of recall in a new election!

    Perhaps, as Dato Sak has speculated - the sultan's speech was a political statement written by some background politician to provoke heartlanders' blind faith. He just read it, just like in most of the other previous occasions.

    If he is REALLY a simple mortal, as what Terence Fernandez trying to implied in his newstainment, then he SHOULDNT act like god, as in the current situation.

    Be a down-earth human & acts his chosen task as a true constitutional monarch - let the elected politicians make political decision, don't interfere.

  4. might be irrelevant, in fact i dun wish to comment much on royal, race n religion.

    the best abt democracy is the price paid for change of govt is the least. china did that 60/100 years ago, via a revolution n another revolution, if today the people in china decide to replace the current govt, they have to go through revolution, again. democracy could be a worst approach to select a capable govt, but still many times better than a revolution. mao zedong cannot be forever making the best decision no matter how wise he is. democracy in a way can allow people to correct their mistake, n not to blame anyone else.

  5. Kajang satay chilli4:45 am, September 29, 2014

    Anwar is past his prime in politics.He should bow out with his head held high,or else exit as a political pariah.He screwed up in everything he masterminded.From 9/16 to Kajang satays.What more or who he wants to fuck up again.He has done enough damage to PR,so fuck off,you fucking creep.

  6. PR politicians are like a bunch of schoolkids having egos like greedy gluttons.When criticized or annoyed they will challenge you to a fight in the school's backyard.Now LGE is getting caught up in this feeding frenzy,fucking the PAS guy upside down for saying not so good things about him.What a way to go,fuck everybody who does not agree with you.These PR politicians makes Umno's sedition act looks like a goldfish in a pond ?

  7. the new kampung man8:19 am, September 29, 2014

    LGE is not just fucking his critics upside down.He is not known as 'tokong' for nothing.He is worst than tokong,as he acts like a 'tangki' or 'ketong' going after blood slaughtering chickens when offering punters 4 ekors.Power when entrusted to crazies or 'tangkis' can be very dangerous.

  8. Anwar and Guan Eng,what the heck.These two are the same kind,abang adek.Power and lust sure do make crazy assholes out of unsane people.Power corrupts.

  9. the new kampung man8:47 am, September 29, 2014

    The Kajang move is a damn fucking jink for all PR supporters.If the pervert and his suckers did not start the fucking Kajang move,we all wouldn't be arguing and blaming the sultan and Pas.What about the fuckup Pkr and Dap.Nobody blame them for all this mess.

  10. We already have an excellent model for Constitutional monarchy in a modern democracy, which is the UK.
    From past accounts, Queen Elizabeth has continuous and intense engagements with the British PM on matters of state. She gets updates on government papers through the well known "Red Boxes".
    Previous British PMs have described their weekly audience with HM as serious, heavyweight discussions.
    She does not take sides in politics, but state policies and decisions inevitably involve political matters.
    But very important - she never favours or criticises any organisation, group or individual in public. That way she remains a hard-working monarch who contributes to British government and society, but respected as being above politics.

  11. The argument with the Palace probably won't make much difference in urban areas for PKR. However, in mixed semi-rural seats, some support will go to UMNO as a results.

  12. Selangorian Singaporean10:17 am, September 29, 2014

    HRH is facing severe personal issues at the moment, some of his own making, but the most serious relates to his son and appointed heir, who is almost beyond listening to him now.

    PKR gave him trouble at a most unpropitious moment, and his reaction was understandably disdainful.

  13. Kaytee,when it comes down to politics,PR politicians are far far way behind Umno.Umno politicians,they close ranks pretty fast,unlike the Selangor MB fiasco.

    The dwarf has already being installed the most powerful man,besides the sultan in Selangor.And the PR politicians are still going at each other's throats.The Dap and Pkr still wants to taste Pas's blood.Without Pas,PR is nothing.Just like without Dap and Pkr,Pas is nothing.These three has to bonk each other to have triplets,'chap cheng kieh' to be successful in politics.So let them go fuck themselves kau kau.

  14. The issue of the ‘Royal Dilemma’ HINGES on the SD. The number of ADUNs who were purportedly signing the SD were 30, i.e. 13 from PKR, 15 from DAP, and 2 from PAS.

    Khalid was sacked by PKR, and later, after the aforesaid SD appeared, Khalid resigned as the MB. There was no issue here. Crystal? The issue of the ‘Royal Dilemma’ then HINGES on the SD signed by the TWO (2) ADUNs from PAS.

    If I am not wrong, the TWO PAS ADUNs have said that their SDs were specifically for Khalid to leave, full stop. I remember to have read that statement myself from the news? Thus, the aforesaid SD by the TWO PAS ADUNs was indeed a double-edged sword that cuts both ways. However, I must put in a caveat that I have NOT seen or read the SD.

    Let’s focus on the issues that are distinctive. What is distinct is; (i) the TWO PAS ADUNs did not leave PAS; (ii) PAS did not sack their TWO misbehaving ADUNs; (iii) PAS, did not support Dr. Wan; (iv) for reason(s) best known to them, the TWO PAS ADUNs neither want Khalid nor Dr. Wan to be the MB.

    So, from the foregoing, as far as Dr. Wan’s nomination is concerned, I would maintain that Dr. Wan might have got only 28 votes, i.e. 13 from PKR + 15 from DAP. The issue then HINGES on the HRH Tuanku Sultan’s decision.

    Based on the above facts, my observation/conclusion is: (i) HRH Tuanku Sultan was not involved in the sacking of Khalid or his resignation; (ii) HRH Tuanku Sultan was being incisive in postponing Khalid’s resignation until HRH can resolve the issue; (iii) HRH Tuanku Sultan did not interfere in the state administration or any party matters; (iv) HRH Tuanku Sultan has the right to be given a reasonable time to think of how to resolve the issue best; (v) HRH Tuanku Sultan was right in invoking and to rely on the provision of S.53(4) of the Selangor State Enactment; and (vi) HRH Tuanku Sultan has made the correct decision in appointing AA as the MB, who in His judgement is likely to command the confidence of the majority of the members of the state legislative assembly.

    Now, can all the present members of the Selangor state legislative assembly who are dissenting AA as MB, please stand up and be counted. Did I see zero from PKR, none from DAP, and zilch from PAS?

    Then, what constitution or convention had HRH Tuanku Sultan breached; or what wrong judgement HRH Tuanku Sultan had possibly made? Yes, I would accept HRH Tuanku Sultan's decision as justified. Daulat Tuanku!

    - hasan

    1. hasan, you're right that Saari Sungib and Hansul Baharuddin were anti Khalid Ibrahim but not pro Dr Wan. They specifically said this and I blogged it as well.

    2. typo - 'Hansul' above should be 'Hasnul', my apologies to Hasnul Baharuddin

    3. Yr blind-sided argument about the royal interference is standing on a very flimsy ground!

      The number of supports that Kak Wan obtained is 30 & backed up by SD. Obviously u r using the SD as main2 budak - something put forward by that half anmoh & backed up using the Bala’s case.

      Never mind about what the 2 PAS Aduns claimed later about rejecting both Kak Wan & Khalid, they signed the SD for supporting Kak Wan as MB candidate. Her numerical majority was indisputable until the power to be wants to be side-tracked. & side-tracked they did, by giving all sorts of grandmother stories!

      U guys r telling the world that any bolihland legal contract IS NOT binding, until it suits u & u alone!!

      So, it boils down to ‘Dr. Wan might have got only 28 votes, i.e. 13 from PKR + 15 from DAP. The issue then HINGES on the HRH Tuanku Sultan’s decision.’

      Wait a minute, what is the count of umno, Khalid & PAS? Can it be truly 12 +1+{13+(2)} respectively? Do note that PAS’s bracketed 2 votes. Don’t forget, in the event of secret balloting, the 12 from PAS, could get smaller

      U guy really pandai, & no wonder we keep sliding in Maths & Science. U want to play dumb, go ahead, as there r people with eyes (& better arithmetic analysis) out there!

      It’s clear cut - there IS NO impasse, to allow provision of S.53(4) of the Selangor State Enactment to come into play.

      No such luck! Instead, the sultan makes 2 bad decisions unilaterally – retained Khalid as a care-taking MB & asking for more names, to prolong the issue.

      How could Khalid be retained when he has OBVIOUSLY lost the confident of the state legislative assembly? He even went ahead to conclude a legal contract, which any in-transitional care-taking authority SHOULD NOT legally do in all conscience!

      The asking for more names by the sultan, made this fiasco into a beauty contest – making a mockery out of the democratic election of the people.

      If provision of S.53(4) does need to be invoked by any stretch of gimmicky legal reading, then made the decision within the submitted candidates, whom, once again Kak Wan had a clear-cut upper-hand. One just CANNOT be chosen outside the submitted list. & Could this be the REAL reason for asking for more names?

      Even in the most outrageous dissociation of that majority, a wise sultan would had requested a sitting of the state legislative assembly & put the matter to vote – ie, letting the people making the final choice again!

      It tells the whole world, once again, that M’sian democracy with constitutional monarch is not what it is supposed to be! Just be caveat emptor. All this, is making ALL M’sians to be the laughing stock of the world, as far as any future legal sanctity goes.

      The current support that Azmin got, is ONLY proving the political maturity of the PKR & DAP leadership. No point dragging the issue any further, as in the Selangor ground & for that matter the whole of M’sia, the rakyats r VERY sick of this insensible wayang kulit - turning a simple appointment of an MB into political infighting, with the crown prerogative (wrongly exercised) thrown in. Nobody wins in this protracted impasse, if both sides want to play tough.U just have to live & let live.

      Moreover, this issue has successfully drawing some very clear cut conclusions by all rakyat of M’sia. We do have a sick governing system & change MUST be in the coming future.

    4. @ Anon 3.48

      Can you please do not jump here and there in your argument! You have no focus. Tidak ada kesinambungan hujah? My ‘kepala sudah pusing’ trying to follow and grasp your points.

      Kak Wan’s majority was indisputable? Have you seen and read the SD? Tunjuk lah SD, saya nak baca, and then perhaps I can agree with you.

      On secret balloting please don’t forget that among the PKR ADUNs there are also AA supporters. Kak Wan’s votes can be smaller.

      Yes, I agree with you that there is "no point dragging the issue any further because as you have said the current support that Azmin got, proves the political maturity of the PKR and DAP leadership". Hence, why don’t PKR and DAP just kick out PAS from PR? Kenapa PKR/DAP masih hendak tidur sebantal dan seselimut dengan PAS? Wakakaka…

      Hello Anon, why don't you have a name eh? So, that it is easy for me to know that I am engaging the same Anon.

      - hasan

    5. "you're right that Saari Sungib and Hansul Baharuddin were anti Khalid Ibrahim but not pro Dr Wan."

      i dun think so. their action tell otherwise. if pas take action against them, their stance would be more clear for all to see.

    6. Right you are, Anon 3:48 pm ! I've commented before about this hasan's keling sou.....and here he is again making his fool mathematical equation ! And so smug about it too....but then, that's how the term foolhardy came about ! Crap education produces crap students who then became crap pseudo intellectuals...this nation is crawling with such 'towering' princes of the earth, and with their sense of bumi-entitlement and religious supremacy...your guess is as good as mine where this country is heading to.

    7. HY, neither hasan nor I said that, about the 2 PAS ADUN who supported the ouster of Khalid Ibrahim but not necessarily the MB-ship fo Dr Wan - 'twas reported in the news as a quote from Saari Sungib

  15. God-King ???
    Just descendants of a Bugis pirate chieftain Daeng Chelak who obtained a franchise over what is now Kuala Selangor from the Sultan of Perak.

    He got it almost at trivial price, because Selangor was then a backwater of little value - tin had not yet been discovered.
    Just miles and miles of endless mangrove , peat swamps and unhealthy jungle, few navigable rivers.

    Frankly , it was the CHINESE migrants who played a huge role and transformed Selangor into the economic powerhouse it is today, through blood, toil, sweat and tears.

    1. nonetheless a concept of divine rule inherited from Hindu origins (Tarumanagara, Sri Vijaya, Kalingga, Sailendra, Majapahit, etc) but still held dear by the Heartland

    2. Based on RPK's rant, those Chinese r no more! They were all dead along the way.

      The present Chinese r just new imigrants, enjoying the fruit planted by the earlier Chinese.

      These 'new' Chinese have contributed very little to the development of Selangor.

      If just been 'new' disqualify u from claiming yr ancestors efford, then what qualification hamidi has, to justify his claim as a bumiputra?

      Skin color values more than hardworks?

      Any wonder why there r so many rentiering leeches among this tongkat addicted scums?

  16. It must have been very hard for HRH Tuanku Sultan to make a decision to appoint any of the ADUN as MB since no party obtained a majority of the seats.

    The MB relies on the goodwill of a coalition of the willing which seem to exist without a legally binding power sharing agreement!

    1. Coalition of the Willing6:20 pm, September 29, 2014

      No problemo....
      The United Kingdom, the world's 6th largest economy, is currently governed by a coalition of the willing. So is Germany, the world's 4th largest economy.

      Both are strong democracies, with UK institutions based on the same principles with which Malaysia's constitution is founded.

      The words in the Selangor Constitution relating to the appointment of the MB have no mention of any party, which is as it should be.

  17. My country, Bangladesh is an Islamic Republic.
    Proudly Islamic and Proudly Republican.

    You can keep your royalty for historical and constitutional reasons , but don't let unscrupulous manipulators confuse the issue.
    Islam and Monarchy are separate matters. There is no NEED for a Monarchy in Islam.

  18. Dear KT – Thanks very much for your support. I sincerely appreciate it.

    Dear HY – At Dr.Wan’s press conference, if I am not mistaken there were only 29 ADUNs. It could be just an indication but it was enough. As I have said all these nonsenses as a result of the Kajang Crap finally hinges on these TWO PAS ADUNs. This far, my reading is, those TWO ADUNs are NOT pro Kak Wan. So, how could it be 30?

    @ Anon 11.52 - Yes, I am crap student in math and science; a crap pseudo-intellect who received crap education; but yet I manage to write some crap to rattle and to irritate you and to make you sick. Pordah! Wakakaka…

    - hasan

    1. As u've admitted it yrself - 'I am crap student in math and science; a crap pseudo-intellect who received crap education', so any wonder why u cant follow logical outlines & reasoning?

      Pusing kepala, jadi senang sh'ja pagi u. Tidak ada kesinambungan hujah? Memang 1st class (hon) dropout. Suruh belajar, nak menrempit. Lagi dapat sijil bohong. Tu lah, akibat nya!

      'Have you seen and read the SD?'

      The EXPRESSED intention of the SD is CLEARLY to support Kak wan's nomination as MB. The SD was declared publicly & sent to the palace as a supporting affidavit. Unless, like Bala’s, u want it to be play play only. Even then, there was no followed-up denial. So, reading it, actually WONT change its declared content!

      So, keep digging side issues for yr own distraction. Just remember, yr syok-sendiri arguments have no legal standing vis-à-vis the SD.

      ‘Yes, I agree with you that there is "no point dragging the issue any further because as you have said the current support that Azmin got, proves the political maturity of the PKR and DAP leadership". Hence, why don’t PKR and DAP just kick out PAS from PR? Kenapa PKR/DAP masih hendak tidur sebantal dan seselimut dengan PAS? Wakakaka…’

      What an illogical rant! 1st part said agreed to let it rest. Then followed up by stirring shit in questioning why PAS wont be kicked out! See, the oxymoron in this argument? This is a sign of self-induced schizophrenia – normally shown by vainglorious fool. R u??

      So u think u’ve managed to write some craps to rattle and to irritate and to make others sick. Pordah! U give yrself too much credit! U sudah terbalik faham nya. By so doing, y r telling what an idiot, publicly, u r!

      I wont continue arguing with u, as it's plain as what yr mindset is. Moreover, nasi suda’ jadi bubur, as far as the Selangor MB issue goes.

      WE have a mutant system of democracy with constitutional monarch, period.

    2. hasan / kt, i dun know, most articles i read mention the 2 support azizah as mb. not necessarily does not mean not support. look at the reaction of pas leader. having said that, i think hasan reasoning is pretty sound since pr do not seem to have a clear choice. move toward 2 party sys would offer more option in term of everything, i therefore not sure if this sort of justify hasan / kt, i dun know, most articles i read mention the 2 support azizah as mb. not necessarily does not mean not support. look at the reaction of pas leader. having said that, i think hasan reasoning is pretty sound since pr do not seem to have a clear choice. move toward 2 party sys would offer more option in term of everything, i therefore not sure if this sort of justify action is good or bad in the long term.

    3. AA is already the MB. It's also known WA is personally not keen. DAP has now (wisely) accepted the outcome, I suspect because it doesn't want to offend HRH as this would work against the party's image in the eyes of Malays.

      So best to move on. No point in dwelling over the constitutional niceties (or lack of).

  19. After 10 years and two General Elections, I have come around full circle.
    I voted for PKR in the last two GEs.

    The Kajang Move and the sick machinations which all the Pakatan parties engaged in have opened my eyes.

    I'm back counting myself as a BN supporter.

    1. open what eyes? r pr as corrupted as bn? talk abt race day in day out? but i do agree bn have many blind supporters like u.

  20. I will agree to him being hauled back to face the music IF, only IF DumNo also charge Isma, Rid One Tee, Ibrahim Ali, the Awang Tak Selamat gang, the cow head draggers gang, the Minister Rumah who said Chinese are not patriotic, the ex Judge who said Muslims never lie ( some one in authority please go through all the cases under him during his time to check for any miscarriage of justice ), and many many more of such ilk. Btw....RPK should also be hauled back too lah, that's only fair, right ?....why no Interpol looking for him....oops, no need for Interpol, he had openly advertised his kopitiam shop there and he even claimed that DumNo members and leaders had even visited him at his home in Manchester.