Monday, August 11, 2014

Was it all poker bluff in Selangor?

Khalid Ibrahim informs us HRH is happy for him to continue as MB, and that if the exco members, particularly from PKR and DAP aren't happy about him as MB, they can f**k off, wakakaka.

Khalid's jubilant announcements came about after a 2-hour meeting of the Selangor Royal Advisory Council where Khalid was also present and during which he briefed HRH that he still has the confidence (support) of the majority of the Selangor State Assembly (House).

And may I just say that HRH would only have approved (as he just did) based on information that Khalid has more than 28 ADUNs supporting him to continue as MB.

But wait, would that information have come from Khalid Ibrahim himself when he was in today's Royal Advisory Council meeting?

Thus, we may surmise two possibilities, namely, that (a) Khalid has been actually informed by PAS and UMNO he has their en bloc support because he knows he doesn't have those of PKR and DAP, or (b) he had informed HRH of this support even without PAS informing him so.

While it's HRH's royal prerogative to tell Khalid Ibrahim to continue on as MB, I have to ampuan tuanku and wonder why HRH did not also interview the PAS and UMNO leaders prior to taking Khalid's words at face value.

In fact it would have been far better and seen by the rakyat as more balance for HRH to interview all 4 parties' leaders, namely those of PAS, PKR, DAP and UMNO, to gauge the veracity of Khalid's words, because obviously Khalid, as the very subject of Selangor's current political dilemma, suffers enormously from a 'conflict of interest' by being in the Royal Advisory Council briefing HRH on the current imbroglio which directly involves him.

Yes, it would have been great if HRH had interviewed/discussed the state's political crisis with the leaders of all the political parties represented in the DUN.

Let's move on to PAS and examine what appears to be its earlier-overt and now-implicit support of Khalid Ibrahim continuing on as MB --- 'now-implicit' only because it has declared it wants to remain in Pakatan.

In many ways, the outcome today is far far worse than the 2009 Perak constitutional crisis, when then the Perak people at least knew who was what, where was why and when was which, even if they might have disagreed with the position of Perak's allahyarham HRH.

By contrast, right now the interested and concerned public, especially Selangoreans, have no idea what had transpired to convince HRH that Khalid Ibrahim still commands the confidence of the majority of the House, ..... other than perhaps Khalid Ibrahim himself telling HRH it's so?

As I mentioned many times before, Malaysian politics is making the people becoming more and more divisive. The current outcome in favour of a jubilant and extremely arrogant Khalid Ibrahim ('extremely arrogant' vis-a-vis his imperious dare to the exco) will invariably and inevitably add to the strained and acrimonious divisiveness.

But regardless of whether PAS is truly supporting Khalid en bloc, we still mustn't let them get away with it, for it's in their ambiguous tap-dancing vis-a-vis Pakatan collective consensus on Khalid Ibrahim that might have given HRH the impression (or facts) they support him to continue as MB.

PAS must decide where they stand, together with Pakatan if they so claimed they want to remain in the coalition, or against Pakatan if they continue to support Khalid.

Their current naughty ambiguity has compelled even Ambiga Sreenevasan to admonish them for dragging their feet on the MB issue, reported by Malaysiakini as follows:

PAS has received a ticking off for its vague and indecisive position on the Selangor menteri besar crisis following Abdul Khalid Ibrahim's expulsion from PKR on Saturday.

Former Bar Council president Ambiga Sreenevasan said PAS should follow DAP's example and swiftly make its decision, for the sake of the Selangor people.

"DAP's response on the MB issue was quick and unequivocal. PAS should decide as quickly, because the people of Selangor deserve to know," she said in a posting on Twitter today aimed at PAS leaders.

"Pakatan should be aware that many in Selangor are truly sick of the present crisis. They need clarity fast," she added.

Okay, we are aware there's an internal tussle within PAS on the Khalid Ibrahim problem but nonetheless, remaining ambiguous on such a critical issue is not acceptable because the people, the rakyat, deserve better than the current air of uncertainly.

Ambiga is obviously not impressed with Khalid's boastful arrogance about him having the majority of the Selangor DUN's support, and she has now demanded that Khalid named those who support him. The Malaysiakini report stated that Ambiga twittered the query to Khalid, as follows:

am the Royal MB what!

"Tan Sri, in the interests of the people of Selangor, please name those in the (state legislative) assembly whose support you say you have," she said in a tweet to Khalid.

"Even with PAS support, is it not hung," she asked further, to the extent of asking PAS central committee member Dr Dzulkifli Ahmad whether this is true.

Shades of 916? wakakaka, but I personally doubt Khalid will dare to respond to Ambiga's very relevant and legitimate challenge - like de facto leader, like de facto MB, wakakaka.

Anyway, as I had blogged yesterday in Selangor MB Saga - the disqualified & unqualified, assuming he does have PAS' en bloc support (UMNO is already in his pocket as announced by Muhyiddin Yassin), even with PAS' 15, UMNO's 12 and Khalid's own vote, that would only provide him with 28 ADUNs (or 50% of the House) against Pakatan Version 2 (PKR + DAP) 28 ADUNs - basically a 'hung' parliament.

In such a situation, as I had jokingly mulled on, Hannah Yeoh will undoubtedly resign as Speaker, leaving Khalid's faction of UMNO and (supposedly) PAS to pick one of their ADUNs to take over, which will then be fatal to their 28, wakakaka.

But it's unlikely PAS will support Khalid Ibrahim en bloc as hinted by Ambiga in her intent to ask Dr Dzulkifli Ahmad, a PAS central committee member. When queried about Khalid's claim he has sufficient support from the assembly, Dr Dzulkifli Ahmad, said: “We will all know when the time of reckoning comes”.

From all these, I believe Khalid may not have the required majority support. Thus, his arrogant and preposterous threat to exco member to quit is nothing more than a poker bluff to get rid of inconvenient opposition to his preposterous and pompous claim.

While our beloved Tunku Abdul Rahman loved poker for recreation, I don't believe what I suspect of Khalid's claim to be recreational in nature. 

Additionally, I am coming to a sad belief that he might have not informed HRH objectively - as mentioned, he suffered from a very severe case of 'conflict of interest'.

As reported by MKINI, PKR's Latheefa Koya summed it beautifully in her mocking (wakakaka) of a pathetic Khalid for daring the exco who do not support him to resign, when he was already sacked by the party.

Again, he showed his poker bluff arrogance in announcing he will interview each of the Pakatan exco members to see whether they should stay on or leave.

I say, they stay on and Khalid leaves!

On top of Ambiga Sreenevasan's demand that Khalid Ibrahim names the assemblypersons who support him, DAP and PKR have also told Khalid to Prove you have assembly’s confidence.

And it's telling Khalid Ibrahim seems to be avoiding calling the DUN to convene to demonstrate he indeed has the confidence of the majority of the House. TMI reported:

When asked if he had discussed with the sultan the possibility of holding an emergency state assembly sitting ahead of its scheduled sitting in November, Khalid said no.

"I am not the one who wants the early sitting."

Indeed, he wouldn't dare to.

As mentioned above, much as I dread to say it, I am sad to come to a frightening belief that HRH might have been unfortunately misled on the actual quantum of support in the House that Khalid Ibrahim actually commands.


  1. This has become a totally ridiculous situation, even if Khalid does have the confidence of an arithmetic majority in the house.
    Khalid Ibrahim propped up as Selangor MB with UMNO support. What a joke.

    The people of Selangor most certainly did not vote in an UMNO governement.

    What's next ?
    How is he going to get legislation through the house ? I suppose he would have to adjust the legislation to get UMNO support.
    How is he going to get the Budget through the house ?
    It would be ironic , given his miserly budget reputation if he had to open the floodgates to UMNO to get their support.
    If one or more Excos resign, what happens ? Replace them with UMNO excos ?

    All in all, its shaping up to be a blatant disregard of the will of the electorate.

  2. the mean machine7:51 pm, August 11, 2014

    Kaytee,it is good that the MB puppet show has come to an impasse.It is what will probably happen when one under estimate their opponents.The Anwar sworn blind followers like Rafizi,Sivarasa,Tian Chua and the pack thought that Khalid do not have the stomach to go through all this mud slinging.Well,let these fuckers and their master sweat it out.These fuckups have brought the PKR and the PR pact years backwards because of this screwup.

    The best thing is to go for a snap election.Let the voters decide who they want to lead the state gomen.Let them teach the fuckups a very bitter lesson that they will never forget in their miserable lifetime.There is no doubt that the PR will still be the state gomen after a snap election,but at a very drastically reduced majority.

    Anwar,Sivarasa,Tian Chua and especially that big mouth Rafizi should scream till their balls fall apart for a snap election.Or forever keep your fucking mouths shut and remain a political pariah.

  3. Kaytee,call it poker bluff at your own peril.The way I see it,Khalid has got the numbers.Look what Mr Moo said.BN will throw it's support behind Khalid.Pas has invited Khalid to join them,since he is partyless after been sacked form PKR.And hey,if Khalid might or might not have the numbers,who knows.So do expect some crossovers from Khalid's camp in PKR.Got the numbers?Hehehe.

    I do not agree with what Pas did as they are in the PR pact.But am I dissapointed with Pas actions?Definitely not.Somebody got to stand up to Mr Manmanlai and tell him enough is enough.He is leading the PR pact down the path of implosion.Pas got the real balls and is telling Manmanlai and Rafizi to fuck off.In a game of chess it is called "CHECKMATE' matey.Cheers.

    Ps By the way if a snap election is being called,the swan song Bye Bye Birdie should be sung for the PKR.

  4. Piece of trivia - Belgium continued to operate without a govt for 20 months...and survived.

  5. The possibility of an Khalid/Pas/Umno and a few crossover independents from PKR will rule Selangor will soon become a self fulfilling prophecy.Dap better wake up instead of blindly supporting the power struggle of a few greedy politicians.

  6. KT, I had admired your incisive views. However, everyone has a weakness and this MB issue is showing yours.

    Khalid remains as MB until such time when he loses the confidence of the majority in the House. Would anyone hand his executioner the axe to chop off your own head? Besides, if Pakatan is confident of its majority, why dilly dally? Ask for an audience and each ADUN declares their opposition to Khalid. Simple, no? The only reason this is not already done is because Pakatan does not have the numbers.

    Until PKR has the numbers, there is nothing they can do to remove Khalid as MB. Even Lim Kit Siang is uncertain PKR has the numbers. Otherwise, why plead to all Pakatan ADUNs to declare? I don't think DAP is prepared to lose Selangor simply based on AI's say so. The fact that DAP endorsed AI's stand at their last meeting, was because HE was sitting right there with them. Why do you think he needed to do that? I am sure that if he tried to do the same at PAS' Aug 17 meeting, he would be unceremoniously shown the door.

    Beat around the bush as much as you like, but DAP & PKR simply do not have the numbers. And, it has indeed come down to a numbers game.

    Finally, the fact that Edmond Bon is representing Khalid in his lawsuit against his sacking, says a great deal of how thinking people view this whole sorry episode.

    An episode that should not have happened except that somebody is too impatient to grab power for himself. He has not learned from his failure to bide his time ....... for a second time.

  7. the new kampung man10:25 pm, August 11, 2014

    Once upon a time the most powerful politician in Malaysia,Mahathir Mohamad put tremendous pressure on his successor Abdullah Badawi to push him out of office.His strong speeches and writing on his popular blog Chedet and with the help of his supporters took years before Badawi finally called it a day.

    Did Mahathir asked for Badawi to be sacked from UMNO?I do not recall anything of this nature,but might have missed it.But Mahathir did have Anwar sacked from Umno.Why Anwar and nof Badawi?

  8. Your argument does not have legal basis. It is PR that has to have majority to overthrow Khalid. It is PR who has onus to show a vote of no confidence. Until then status quo maintain ie Khalid is MB unless in Perak case it's evidently clear. As of todate, only PKR and DAP oppose Khalid which is not a majority. Muhydin declared UMNO unconditional support unilaterally. PAS has said they want Khalid. Public knowledge is thus there is not enough majority to support Anwar. With UMNO's declaration, Khalid can form PAS government without appointing EXCO from UMNO. This is the position in law as of this date.

    1. with Hannah Yeoh returning to the backbench the anti Khalid faction will have 13 PKR and 15 DAP = 28, enough to oust Khalid

  9. PAS is tap dancing and pirouetting because it is waiting for the right carrots that are dangled in front of it.
    I believe Selangor will go the way ofPerak, it is a matter of days and weeks when the frog leaping season is at its height.

  10. KT,now we have pakatan leaders coming out asking Khalid to prove that he has the numbers.Is it not that pakatan has the overwhelming majority in the Selangor state assembly.So why not have a show of hands among their numbers to prove their allegiance to PR,instead of screaming off their lungs for Khalid's numbers.Khalid is still the MB,so it is for PR to show him that his numbers do not add up.

    1. selangor constitution says only MB can convene an assembly - he won't. If no assembly has been called for 6 months, then only may the speaker convene one - he has sometime to play until the speaker is in a position to convene one, by which time tadpoles may metamorphose into frogs, wakakaka. What Pakatan may do, even without PAS, is to disrupt the running of khalid's administration - that's all.

  11. Pas has moral assets, Umno has Federal power, KI has the sultan. These three put together make a perfect brew. PR will become opposition in Selangor soon, just like in Perak. Kalid's numbers are in the shadows, but slowly revealing themselves. Crossovers from PKR has already started. Remember Hee Yit Fong or something?

  12. the mean machine3:23 am, August 12, 2014

    The horse has bolted and headed for greener pastures because of manmanlai,manmanlai,manmanlai.

  13. There are still lots of drama left.Khalid will be MB for at least a couple more weeks if not longer.Longer means that he has the numbers.If Pas throws their weight behind Khalid,many PKR aduns will cross over too.Who wants to go down with a sinking ship.Anwar is a good example of 'politics have no permanent friends or enemies'.He screwed Khalid kau kau.

    What I am dissapointed is the lowest level of gutter politics practiced by Anwar and his barking dog Rafizi to hound down Khalid.If Pas supports Khalid and PR loses Selangor,it is the end of PKR.DAP can still survive and might get even stronger,but PKR will sink into quicksand.

    1. Wholly agree with your observation. All it takes is for PAS to throw their lot in with UMNO in Selangor, and PKR will disintegrate. You know those b*ggers are only as loyal as the next fat post that they have. Honestly, given the way PKR has gone from hero (putting PAS and DAP together) to zero, perhaps it is time for PKR to disintegrate, lose the fat and reform/ revamp with only the idealist remaining. It will take years to rebuild an opposition front, but better now and ASAP then to let the current rot in there drag what should have been a viable opposition through the mud again and again.

  14. Anon as edited by kaytee, wakakaka:

    for [deleted], what will he not do?
    when your sworn enemy BN gives u the thumps up, its like a kiss of death. and it onlyl connects the dot to the [deleted].
    i met this idiot, a scrooge of UMnoputra, who was so freaking confident that this [deleted] MB will ride over all objections over KIdex. and i showed him my third finger that they are still good men in PR who are clean as white snow.
    khalid, enjoy [deleted],. may be when i am in your position i take it coz [deleted],

  15. I am really sick of this MB saga.I hope that a snap election is called so that the PKR can be punished by the people of Selangor.Sick,really f*cking sick,these hypocrites.

    1. Why not that cibai fucking PAS and..........RPK to be banished from Malaysia?

  16. Anon's comments as edited by kaytee (wakakaka):


    U gave too much credit to … royalty for his ignorance about current affairs, especially in 'his' state! He definitely knows! He is just an interested party from the way he ONLY listen to Khalid's view, without consulting the rest of the state assembly members, especially now Khalid is an independent!

    Khalid's arrogance is not baseless. He knows he has umno's backing, due to all the behind door secret deals. But umno has ONLY 12 seats.

    PAS’s 15 r not all in his pocket, even though the mass media would like all the blur-sotongs to believe it. It could be a 50-50 split at best, even though the PAS Syura council has given its support to Khalid.

    So, Khalid has only 20 (12 (umno) + 8 (PAS)) in his pocket at this juncture.

    There might be some kataks from PKR, but nothing more than the possible 6 from the dwarf’s camp. But this is an unknown - as Azmin & Khalid have not been in the best of terms for as long as the terms of PR’s MB. Unless Azmin can accept a formula of been a deputy MB till Khalid’s term end & take over his longest-dreamed job!

    Even that comes to ONLY 26! Tak cukup for Khalid to stay put!

    Khalid knew about this & yet still bodoh sombong about his insistent in keeping the MB post, even though it's morally wrong & constitutionally weird & unacceptable to do so when he is been sacked by the party who nominated him to be the MB in the 1st place. He throws his maruah to the drain, for the want of political syok-sendirism!

    Thus, here comes yr royally consent THAT Khalid counts so much. Here's where the wish-washy part of the Selangor state constitution play her role!

    The royalty has [deleted] enact the power of the 'supreme' royal authority right from the beginning. There r ample examples within the Selangor state, pointing to this trend! Now, he is going the way of his Perak relative to re-enact the infamous Perak putsch v2.0.


    So, this MB crisis is going the way of a constitutional challenge about the role of the monarchy, partly due to the wish-washy interpretations of the FedConstitution, partly due to the ascending hard attitude of the royalties in the country in ascertaining their long lost feudalistic authority.

    This COULD be the beginning of [deleted] causing the lost of respect for a once well-regarded Lord President/sultan by all & sundry in M’sia.

    The impartiality of the Selangor royalty in handling this MB crisis WOULD, once again, accelerate the [deleted] attitude of the M’sian masses!

  17. So what happens when all those SDs by ADUNs are published and made known to the public. If it shows the MB don't have the majority support of the State Assembly members?

    The MB is a big fat liar and to the sultan too.

    Will his head be chopped?

  18. It's the season of the frogs again. Umno has power. Pas has heaven. Khalid has 3 billion and contracts. The common ground is Malay Muslim, which is welcomed by the sultan. What does PKR and DAP has to offer?

  19. Big Boss, what do you think of Nat Tan's latest views?

    "Another theory as to why Khalid has been killed off in PKR runs parallel to the reason why Anwar was killed off in Umno in 1998 — because he was becoming too popular.... To top it off, a poll conducted some years ago even found Khalid to be more popular among regular voters than Anwar. All these factors created increasing impetus to remove Khalid as a threat to Anwar"

    True, by convention Khalid should follow party lines and quit. Has the Great One ever followed Westminster convention when ousted or losing a GE?

    Following Nat's one, two steps... it makes sense even about the PAS thingy. Khalid is not the problem and never was. Therefore, it would be wrong to say that he is sly & conniving. Let us say... he has out witted the Great One and for that, kudos. Every step PKR takes, its checkmate in public perception.

    We hate to say it but we should listen a bit more to the Ang Moh Kia's "I told you so"

    And HRH is one brilliant person... he refuses to meet PKR. Why should he? Let Rafizi's wish come true... have fresh elections. Let UMNO field Khalid and promise Selangorians he will be MB with Noh his assistant... that is what being buggered feels. Wakakakaka

  20. You don't know Nat Tan, do you? I have known him via the blogging network since 2004. He was a fanatical anwarista though unlike the rest he was also a gentleman, being the scion of an upper class family.

    In those days he used to ask me why I "hated" Anwar whenever I blogged against his idol. For him then, not to love Anwar or to criticize Anwar, would/must be to hate his Great Leader, wakakaka.

    In recent times he had a falling out with Anwar and has switched his allegiance and devotion to Khalid Ibrahim, which he now defends with an earnestness as he used to for Anwar, wakakaka.

    On HRH's refusal to meet Dr Wan, and indeed it's his royal prerogative, nonetheless I believe it'd present an incorrect perception to the rakyat that HRH listens only to Khalid while ignoring Khalid's opposition which may be legitimate - this is particular acute in the present crisis of confidence in Khalid as the MB.

  21. KT is correct about the perception HRH only listen to KI while ignoring Wan Azizah. There is no report saying that KI has shown prove of majority support. HRH just take KI's words as truth? Snubbing Dr Wan request for an audience? What if she has in hand 29 sworn statements of support to show to HRH? But then we don't have the courage like the late Jelutong tiger so we just have to sshhhhh.