Sunday, August 17, 2014

The 10-Day Wait

Interesting times.

A week in politics is a long time, and 10 days would be an eternity.

So we have to wait until 27 August 2014 to see whether Pakatan's nomination of the new MB (doesn't matter whether it's Dr Wan or Azmin Ali or whoever) will be approved by HRH or instead the DUN will be dissolved with a fresh state election called, even though Pakatan has an overwhelming majority of 43 ADUNs in comparison to BN''s 12 and one independent, a situation which doesn't merit the dissolution of the DUN.

The last part will be the more interesting part of the wait, and not who will be the new MB.

But one wonders why or how a legal-procedural situation such as the current one in Selangor could occur or be allowed to occur, where important decisions such as replacing a MB (or CM or PM) so as to enable a mandated government to continue running, have to wait for as long as 10 days in order for HRH (or HM or a YDN) to say yes?

In virtually every organization or ministry, there is an acting head when the official head is away, so as to ensure such important or critical decisions may be made.

Isn't there such an office in Selangor as acting ruler or regent when a ruler is away or indisposed? Sometimes a council appointed by the ruler could also act in the capacity of regent should the ruler's heir be too young.

Take the case of the Terengganu Sultanate - from Wikipedia we learn:

After Sultan Mizan was elected as Yang di-Pertuan Agong, he appointed Tengku Muhammad Ismail, then aged eight, as Regent on 12 November 2006. Because of Tengku Muhammad Ismail's young age, a Regency Advisory Council was established to discharge his duties for him. The council's members were Raja Tengku Baderulzaman, Sultan Mizan's younger brother, Raja Tengku Sulaiman Sultan Ismail, Sultan Mizan's uncle, and Federal Court judge Abdul Kadir Sulaiman. He was proclaimed as regent during a ceremony on 12 December.

As regent, he presided over the swearing in of Menteri Besar Ahmad Said following the 2008 general election.

I also recall that when the former (now late) Sultan of Perak (allahyarham Raja Azlan Shah) was ill and convalescing, his son then only the Raja Muda (now HRH Raja Nazrin Shah, Sultan of Perak) performed the state's royal duties not as the Raja Muda but as the Regent of Perak, basically with powers of the Sultan.

In an earlier period, from 1989 to 1994, when his father reigned as the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Raja Nazrin Shah was also appointed the Regent of Perak.

I raise this query not so much about the current MB situation in Selangor but more in general terms, because the lack of an acting ruler (regent) is an observable weakness in organizational contingency.


  1. PR is a pact, not a legal entity.U guys need to form a legit coalition presided by 1 bossy with same common goal. Setup a vision, missions and objectives to be fully adhered by all components in the party.

  2. Another fucking cibai royalist......kaytee, you are a fucking atheist......You violated the first tenet of rukunnegara......sucking up to that Botol Besar does not guarantee that you can return to Malaysia. Perhaps, you just stay in the boundary of Penang.......Kapish!

  3. the new kampung man4:10 am, August 18, 2014

    PR politicians are living in a very very sick world of their own choosing.They choose to f*cked each other's asses in the public courts of opinions.Next is BJ's for the public to view in plain sight.Sick,very very sickos we have in the pact that is suppose to be an alternative to BN.These sick b*stards should go f*ck themselves,kaw kaw and kaw.

    1. KT has already mentioned in a previous posting that from ONE MAN all these unfortunate, unpleasant, dastardly events are unfolding one after the other without end. All the past decisions and actions taken by this ONE MAN reveal conclusively that he is glaringly deficient in intelligence. He is not the brightest bulb in the room - this is now plain to all observers. However, to the bitter disappointment of all those who place their hopes on him, this ONE MAN makes up for his deficiency in intellect by having more than a surfeit of moral turpitude and slimy, traitorous conduct. Thus, as you and many other readers here have pointed out, the opposition pact is thoroughly fucked.

  4. Bersih is now a running dog of Anwar.It is suppose to be independent.We are fu*ked.

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  6. Kajang move is fucked because of Anwar's fuckup politicking.This lowdown penipu and sodomist is bound for Sungei Buloh soon.May allah have mercy on him.

  7. I very pity Anwar for all his wet dreams have evaporated into thin air.He tried to screw Khalid in the butt,but Khalid got the upper hand and screwed him very kaw kaw.Now the man is all set for his new style of living,Bamboo House.Khalid will retire as he is financially sound.Khalid has the last laugh .

  8. Problem too BIG to delegate????

    There were precedences, both inside & outside the countries, administrated along the line of constitutional monarchy. So how big/important is this Selangor MBgate?

    Or buying time for kataks to appear????

    Perak debacle was the prime example of this shadow play.

    Either way, political maturity is solely lacking in the post of ceremonial figure, never mind the initial of causality of the incident.

    BTW, BFM's Sharaad Kuttan has the same take as u, over the radio broadcast this morning.

  9. Politics have no boundaries.

    When politicians and critics like to say,there are no permanent enemies or friends sure do hold some truth.

    First Khalid.He has been there for Anwar and family and had been screwed kau kau.

    Then the coalition partners fucked PAS kak kau for backing Khalid.Now they are more than buddies.Hugs and kisses.Politics sure do make strange bedfellows.You bonked me I bonked you back.Just forget about how I fucked you yesterday,hehe.Very fucking shameless pariahs and bastards.

  10. Ten days of sweating is not enough.Ten weeks would have been better.Let Manmanlai sweat a bit more .He likes to play politics and create chaos in PR.Maybe that is his get out of jail pass.

  11. As a known anwar basher, u should digest this;

    From District to State to Nation by sakmongkol AK47.

  12. HRH has a big personal headache right now, concern his son and designated heir.

    He has make an urgent overseas trip to work on the crisis. This is a Big One, with huge ramifications if he can't resolve it.

    The government MCMC has resorted to blocking the website which announced the news, but the Internet being what it is, once international news websites pick it up, it is impossible to stop, like trying to stem the incoming tide.

  13. In September 2013, when Julia Gillard lost the support as Leader of the Australian Labour Party, she resigned as Australian PM, and Kevin Rudd took over as PM.
    At the time the Labour Party held the majority in the Australian Parliament.

    She had lost "the majority of the House" hence it was correct form for her to resign as PM per the Westminster Parliamentary system.

    It did not require a Vote of No Confidence in Parliament as she understood the rules of the game (I'm not sure if its formally codified in the Australian constitution).

    Khalid Ibrahim is still staying put as MB - "Come and shake me off if you can" - even as PAS joins PKR and DAP in withdrawing their support for him (2/3 of the Selangor legislature).

    He either does not understand Parliamentary democracy, or simply saying F/U to all the rules.

    He will likely ask the Sultan to dissolve the State Assembly, even though it is really unnecessary, because the PKR/DAP / PAS coalition has a clear and very comfortable majority.

    This is way, way beyond whether Anwar is a bad guy (he may well be), or Wan Azizah is suitable to be MB (she may not be , for various other reasons not related to her gender), or how awful PKR is (it is awful).

    It is about the fundamental rules and form of Parliamentary democracy.

    1. you're right. In the Australian case, the Labor Party together with some independents owned the majority in parliament, thus have the right to appoint the PM. When Julia Gillard lost the confidence of her own party (not the entire parliament) she made way for another candidate nominated by her Labor Party to take her place as PM.

      It is interesting to note that Australia is like Malaysia (and thus Selangor) in being a nation with a constitutional monarchy. In the Australian case, no royal (or her representative in OZ, the Governor-General's) approval was required before the nomination of the PM-candidate. The royal "approval" was only a formality, conducted/given when the new PM-candidate drove to the GG's inform her (at that time, Dame Quentin Bryce).

      Somehow, here in Malaysia, especially of late, the required royal approval seems no longer to be a formality as before, and where a few monarchs seem to be involved in the selection and approval of the MB (and presumably one day also of the PM) candidate a lot more than would be required of their constitutional roles.

      My belief is that Khalid Ibrahim must leave RIGHT now as he no longer has the mandate, FULL STOP. As Dr Bari said, "Khalid Ibrahim holding on to his menteri besar post following the latest developments is akin to "stealing", and he should return what he has taken to its rightful owners".

      Anyway, in the current "Malaysian" situation where HRH may probably want to participate proactively in the appointment of a new Selangor MB, or even to dissolve the DUN though Pakatan's commanding majority does not require such a drastic action (Khalid's scorched earth revenge), Khalid can still hand over the running of the state administration to the 4 PAS exco members, or an interim (acting) MB be installed by the ruling coalition until HRH returns to either formalize the interim MB as the approved MB or not approve the person.

      But allowing Khalid Ibrahim to hang on for 9 more days is not democratic and acceptable. Look, HRH can be contacted by modern communication means. Why is this not being done?

  14. Khalid should hang on by all means until the sultan said so.Or else we might have an illegal gomen.Besides who is going to swear in the new MB?Anwar aka Mr Manmanlai?

    1. And then Khalid declare "how can I defy the HRH's wish to have me continue as the MB, I would then be termed as treacherous" wakakakakakakaka.....

  15. I'm strongly suspect that a dissolution will occur - and UMNO gains a few more seats after that plus it makes PAS/PKR/DAP grind over which seats is yours/mine - all good for UMNO.

    1. Does it makes sense calling for dissolution ?

      PR - 44
      BN - 12

      With its two third majority, there's absolutely no reason to call for a new election. All it needs is the appointment of a new MB.

      Dare they call for a dissolution and brave all the maki hamun from the rakyat ? Just like the last straw for the rakyat was when Khalid sacked the 6 exco causing him to lose the last ounce of sympathy for him, this dissolution (if it ever come to that) will cause such outrage that Umno might not gain anything from this as it might have hoped.

    2. Totally agree that it would make no sense - but when UMNO has only 12 seats (+1 from Khalid), haven't they got more to gain than to lose?
      Plus now PKR & DAP will be mulling over the number of seats that PAS might lose; or even those those PKR might lose - a new state election may very well have Pakatan lose their 2/3 majority. And it sounds so nice for U-Know-Who to say "let the people decide", and that gives UMNO a chance.
      Learning from Perak - we know who supports an UMNO govt.
      - City

  16. the new kampung man7:17 am, August 19, 2014

    A very big blunder by Anwar.I hope that the MB will ask the sultan to dissolve the assembly for a snap election.It is good if PKR lose half it's existing seats.Let the voters punish Anwar for fucking with the rakyat.

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