Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The champion buffalo

yo, right up to my f**king neck in water


I am the rogue, the outcast, a pariah
Living in the shade of a yellow brolly
My personal position in straits dire
Due to my pathetic pompous hubris

In truth I am greatest, the mostest

Tho' thick skin like a water buffalo
No one can be like me the smartest
With a brain like an overripe pomelo

I can knock down friends and foes

Sting them like venomous scorpion
Knock them for six like dominoes
I am no less a right royal champion

Splish splash, we kerbau love water

Wallowing in muddy cesspool bath
Tho' you may find such filth a horror
We luxuriate in such a decadent path

Moo moo moo moo moo moolah
Wakakaka wakakaka wakakaka


  1. tuai padi antara masak
    esok jangan layu layuan
    intai kami antara nampak
    esok jangan rindu riduan

  2. When the dust settles, the state is gone !
    Chinese will never ever vote for the moon again because of its betrayal !
    PKR will be blamed for the mad fiasco created by AI.
    The rocket would be accused for 'sleeping with the enemy' !
    A tripartite coalition which shows so much potential falls apart !
    The dream and hope for change for so many Malaysians is totally shattered !

    1. And Raja Petra Kamaruddin will come to the rescue like knight shinning armour

      KNN and CCB........Hahahaha, time to chop some heads

    2. Come on, Looes, the self exiled knight as saviour?
      Enjoys life in UK isn't he?

    3. That was meant to be sarcastic and downright rude. While I kinda fancy certain royal celebrities including the current Princess of Wales and the long gone Kaiserin Osterriche, Sissi made popular by Romi Schneider, I loathe these royalists especially RPK. I wonder if we can have guilotine in Malaysia to do some choppings

    4. Princess of Wales?
      Today that'll be Camilla Parker-Bowles, wakakaka - you're welcome to her

      as I mentioned before, you've poor taste and are low class, wakakaka

    5. Makes sense Looes lives in a republic where he's "untouchable'!

    6. That one also long gone too........Whoops! Should be Duchess of Cambridge. Me low class.......You sure? At one time RPK may be barred from entering the Perak Palace while my parents can............Whoops! Another cat out of the bag.........Hahahahahaha!

  3. We will finally have a Muslim unity government in Selangor, which most Muslims yearn for.

    An UMNO-PAS coalition, will be for the best, locking out Manmanlai shit-stirring.

    1. Be careful what you wish for. It will result in Huddud in Selangor since Pas has more seats than Umno. Was that what Selangoreans voted for?

  4. After the dust has settled and the present screaming hyenas have met their match,from the ashes shall rise the phoenix,Nurul Izzar.She has shown that she has matured,by not taking part in the Kajang circus of political clowns.

    1. Hahahaha..... After My Bini, you are now suggesting My Baby. After LKS, its LGE. It looks like Malaysia tidak ada akal. We don't have anymore potential people in politics. We are like sole proprietorship...minta keluarga tolong. Either one is schooled under the tree or can only come up of Kajang 101 to deal with party discipline & politics - this is the present pool of politicians.

      Nurul's D Day is coming up soon.... she must tell judge why she wants divorce. Hope that the poor girl hasn't gone ahead to do this for the wrong reasons.

  5. At this point in time, this thick skinned buffalo is only useful for its leather rawhide. Makes a great leather armchair for PAS defecto MB to sit on. KI is actually staying as MB at the pleasure of PAS Hadi Awang, who is also the king maker in Selangor for now. That is until the next erection(election) when PAS will be history except Kelantan. Both BN and PR supporters will make sure of that.

  6. Don't know to laugh or to cry. Today Pas Exco said will resign if Khalid ropes in Umno reps. Does Khalid has many choices left? Can all 10 Excos be from Pas alone? Or are the 4 PAS Excos now getting 3.5 time salary for doing 10 men's job that they love the idea to be made permenant? Sigh.

  7. Would you guys say that the country/rakyat can be saved by honest, highly-principled independent candidates who are not aligned to any political party?

  8. Surendan,please shut the f*ck up.We know you are a manmanlai ass licker,and have since graduated to doing BJ's in lorongs.You want more dirt ....? Then shut the f*ck up.Hehehe.

  9. the mean machine3:09 am, August 14, 2014

    After this fucking Kajang mess and circus clown acts is over,I would prefer a buffalo than a clown for a mascot.

  10. the three amigos.6:46 am, August 14, 2014

    As far as I know and as far as the eyes can see,Anwar,Rafizi,Sivarasa,Surendam and Tian Chua's political are over.They will sink with their master of sodomy into the land of no return.F*ck them kau kau,says Saiful.

  11. The water buffalo alone
    Sinking into its cesspool
    Of muddy water and black dirt
    Moving its horns don't try to come

    Alone it dreams
    The king without throne
    Without a care of its surrounding
    The water buffalo wants its way

    The ripples on the water
    The rope lashing around its edges
    It never wants to see
    In its mind the glory of its throne

    It moos loudly
    “I tell you I am the king
    Look at me in the water
    Who wants to pull me away”

    The cowherd is coming
    Zooming by his motorcycle
    He isn't crazy like a fool
    He knows it's time to sell

    The water buffalo can't run
    It gets stuck in the cesspool
    In its dream “I am the king”
    The rope around its head...

    The cowherd takes the buffalo
    In the sunset of its dream
    “I am still the king”
    Pulling by its nose to the cage

  12. Buffalo? Korban is just round the corner. Democracy is made upside down by the powers that be. Sad indeed.