Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Stupid argument

Moronic argument No 1: People who hate Israel or Jews should stop using computers which have Intel processors as a Jew invented that.

Riposte: People who hate Chinese should not use toilet paper as the Chinese invented that in 105 CE, wakakaka.

&: People who hate Chinese should not wear silk as the Chinese created that in 1300 BCE, wakakaka.

&: People who hate Chinese should not use folding umbrella (especially at golf courses, wakakaka) as the Chinese invented that in 300 BCE, wakakaka.

More: People who hate Chinese should not eat mee noodles or koay teow (mamak mee rebus & mee goreng, mee java, etc) as the Chinese invented that (I don't know when and I don't give a f**k), wakakaka.

Then there's tea (wakakaka), lacquer, lodestone (magnet or compass), gunpowder, porcelain ware (what you sit on to meditate is generally made of porcelain ware, wakakaka), etc.

My point is not about Chinese proprietorship of items BUT about the stupidity of the above moronic argument not to use a computer with Intel processor if one is against Israel.

Why am I writing this? Because there's buggerall we can write about Selangor until PAS decides in f**king SLOW MOTION (heels dragging) about its commitment to Pakatan, and of course until HRH returns from his leave abroad, wakakaka.

But he said he has majority support to be lifeguard



  1. I want to see our lively protestors line up outside Philip Morris' and BAT's offices to protest against their Jewish shareholders. Or they should just switch to kretek or roll their own smokes.

  2. the mean machine8:09 pm, August 12, 2014

    What about condoms?Then we will be having those unwanted pregnancies and abandonment of babies outside firehouses,police stations,hospitles and not to mention the smelly public toilets.

    1. if you don't like Malaysia or Malaysian then don't use condoms, for Malaysia is the world's largest manufacturer of condoms, wakakaka

    2. US, which gets revenues from its businesses , supports Israel. Why boycott only Mcdonalds?

  3. The Islamic ISIS has probably been as or more barbaric than any of Israel's actions.
    But its OK. They are not Jews.

  4. I'm a fast food junkie. I love McDonalds.
    Keep politics out of mealtime.