Sunday, August 10, 2014

Selangor MB Saga - the disqualified & unqualified

As Malaysians we should be proud of our unique politics. For example, election polling in both the public domain (especially in Sarawak's polling stations in remote areas) and in intra-party affairs (even in urban centres for one particular political party, wakakaka) have the ability to cause power outage, wakakaka again.

Leaving that and the antics of the remarkable Election Commission aside, do you know that once the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) had a Malay as its party president, wakakaka - well, at least temporarily, wakakaka again.

no Ali but then a Baba

But on the flip side, the Barisan Nasional, the ruling coalition always headed (not bloody 'helmed', please) by an UMNO man, effectively the President of UMNO, was once (1988) presided (not bloody 'helmed', please) by a Chinese, wakakaka - this was when the legitimacy of UMNO was in legal dispute - well, at least temporarily, wakakaka again.

does that mean I was also PM, temporarily lah?


Then, as if the above two cases were not bizarre enough, PAS had a plan to have an UMNO man as PM should Pakatan Rakyat win the 2013 general elections with a ruling majority, wakakaka.

Kelantanese, you know


Now, we have a partyless assemblyman in Selangor who declared pompously yet pathetically “I will carry on my duties as mentri besar as usual and have been advised not to make any statements until the royal advisory council meets tomorrow. I will discuss the matter with the Sultan after the meeting.”

See, he's not referred to as the Royal MB for nothing, a man who obviously doesn't understand the democratic process and believes he answers ONLY to HRH.

Until very recently, I have favoured him over you-know-who, wakakaka, even though I personally don't think very highly of him (the former) as a people's representative, observing he's nothing more than a pure businessman who cares more about big corporations and companies' revenues than the ordinary people's problems, as noted so painfully in the Grand Saga toll oppression in Cheras - see my post The Man who would be King.

But since lately he has become insubordinate to his own political party, openly defiant of their instructions and disdainful of consultations with his Pakatan colleagues prior to making big and important decisions. I suspect, as mentioned above, he has some weird ideas he as a State MB answers solely to HRH and not to his party, coalition, exco colleagues or Pakatan's constituencies - note emphases as underlined.

Thus despite my trepidations about you-know-who, wakakaka, coming into greater play with his sacking from PKR, I applaud PKR's firm decision to expel this maverick who lacks understanding of the democratic political process. Such a person is extremely dangerous for the Selangor rakyat to have as their state's chief executive 

Even now, he still clings on, hoping and expecting a royal cum religious salvation, the latter from PAS. If indeed he is so saved, it'll be a enormous blow to the democratic process (to wit, the rakyat's voice).

Let's examine one possible scenario which I blogged on just recently in Helping Khalid Ibrahim stay on as MB Selangor, in which I suggested for Khalid Ibrahim to resign from PKR (too late now, he's sacked) and to apply to join PAS (still okay).

I believe the Islamic party will be only so glad to accept his membership application, as indicated by its Shura Council which has ignored Pakatan consensus to throw its unreserved support behind him in the matter of the MB position. In fact, the Malay Mail Online reported that PAS, strangely in the very person of Mat Sabu, may consider his application.

If, or should I say when it happens, the Selangor DUN will have its 56 ADUNs made up of 16 PAS (with its new member, wakakaka), 12 UMNO, 15 DAP and 13 PKR.

If PAS accepts his application, then that will definitely spell the end of Pakatan as it stands today, and I hope DAP won't be so undignified or cheap skate as to insist on hanging on to a by-then useless hopeless dysfunctional coalition.

This could possibly spell a new Malay-Muslim Unity Coalition of PAS and UMNO, providing them with 28 ADUNs (or 50% of the House) against what's left of Pakatan or Pakatan Version 2 (PKR + DAP), also 28 ADUNs - basically a 'hung' parliament.

But wait, I believe Hannah Yeoh (DAP) as the Speaker cannot cast her vote unless the House is locked in a split voting outcome, say, in a show of confidence on Khalid Ibrahim as the MB.

This effectively means it has to be 28 votes versus 28 votes before she can cast her Speaker decisive vote. But alas, for the new Pakatan (minus PAS) there won't be any 28 vs 28 votes as long as she as the Speaker cannot cast her ADUN vote, wakakaka, what a Catch-22!

One of my visitors cleverly suggested that in such a situation, Hannah Yeoh resigns from her Speaker's position to qualify to vote against Khalid Ibrahim, in what will probably be a speaker-less DUN, wakakaka - another bizarre case of unique Malaysian politics - plus a 'hung' parliament of 28 versus 28 ADUNs without any Speaker to cast a decisive vote, wakakaka.

And in such an impasse. whichever coalition nominates its member to be Speaker will become the loser, wakakaka.

Okay, assuming Hannah Yeoh doesn't abandon her Speaker's position (and wakakaka, why would she hang on as Speaker?) and the PAS-UMNO coalition wins 28 against Pakatan's 27, Khalid Ibrahim can continue being the MB of Selangor.

On paper, it looks likely that way only if Hannah Yeoh stays on as Speaker (wakakaka), or unless a couple of PAS' Erdogens daringly choose to vote otherwise. OTOH, Khalid may have a couple of PKR ADUNs faithful (wakakaka) who follow him into PAS or at least stay independent and vote pro-PAS (or rather pro-Khalid).

The other alternative is PAS (with its 16 ADUNs) nominates its own PAS man, Iskandar Abdul Samad as MB, with Khalid as deputy MB, wakakaka. Ampun tuanku, I speculate this option might just possibly meet HRH's approval.

But on another bizarre note a la Malaysia Boleh, wakakaka, PAS can of course nominate an UMNO man, say, Mohd Shamsudin Lias, currently the opposition leader in the Selangor DUN to be the new MB.

And why not when PAS could see fit to want Tengku Razaleigh as PM if Pakatan had won GE-13, wakakaka. Besides, Mohd Shamsudin Lias is a man, not like Dr Wan Azizah (or in 2008, Teresa Kok as deputy MB).

OTOH, if PAS looks at the strategic picture, namely GE-14 and after, it will vote together with PKR and DAP in a show of no confidence in Khalid Ibrahim. Does that then mean Dr Wan Azizah will become MB?

Personally I don't have much confidence in Dr Wan Azizah as MB. My assessment is not those of misogynistic PAS who just can't countenance a chabor (woman), any chabor, being the MB (or PM).

I fear Dr Wan, who herself admits she doesn't have experience in administering a state, may become a puppet to you-know-who, of course via God's gift to the people, wakakaka - hey man, messages and instructions can be sent to and from jail (unless he wins his final appeal), wakakaka.

I don't believe there's anyone in PKR suitable enough to be MB.

Too bad DAP is disqualified from nominating one of its ADUN as MB as it doesn't have any Malay ADUNs - Chinese and Indians are disqualified from being MB of Selangor.

That leaves us PAS, but alas, with its hudud-bent intent and its recent show of treachery to Pakatan policies, it can't be trusted. Then, Mat Sabu has stated that if a PAS man becomes MB Selangor, Pakatan will lose the state in the next election.

Additionally I read in the blog of Dato' Ariff Sabri (better known as Sakmongkol AK74) recently, that PAS has demonstrated its treachery before, to Semangat 46 in the matter of not fulfilling its agreement to appoint a Semangat 46 ADUN as deputy MB in Kelantan after winning the state election in Kelantan.

If PAS insists on its own man as MB, then PKR and DAP in heeding the words of Mat Sabu will be better off becoming the state opposition, so as to better prepare themselves for the next state election.

Pity we don't have a bloke like Nizar Jamaluddin. Pity Khalid Ibrahim has chosen his 'new path' as he was (before his 'new path') the optimal choice in a pool of the disqualified (DAP) and unqualified (PAS and PKR minus Khalid).


  1. so kt,

    whats your prediction come aug 17th when PAS meets?

    my take PAS will go thru the backdoor to grab MB position via this renegade MB. which means the PR coalition will fall apart. UMNOputras will be salivating. the promoters of KIdex will laugh all the way to the Bank.

    50m discount for one person but burden on millions.

  2. Let the speculation continue. However, I see PAS's gameplan is still on track. How the game is played out depends on who is the better chess player - PAS or PKR?

    If DAP has good Chinese chess players (in Sarawak?), it is time to listen to them & not ignore the unpalatable truths. PAS is asking for hudud for their Muslim faithful in Kelantan only, who deserve it anyway. Concede that & you'll be rid of the, largely, unprincipled PKR's inner circle's politics that has been distracting from economic performance. Economic performance that will curry favour with the rakyat, no end.

    Does DAP really think that should Pakatan (as is) take PutraJaya, the squabble for the position of Prime Minister will end? This matter of Selangor MB is a glimpse of the future if Pakatan remains "as is".

    If I were DAP, I'd back the more principled horse. Then, trash out the compromises with just that one. Not the other, who is unable to decide but continually testing the political wind.

    Those among you, who have studied political history & philosophy, should go back & delve deeper into why the golden age of Islam lasted so many centuries and covered such a vast expanse of territory. Further, we owe that civilisation a great deal in terms of politics & law, civil administration, maths & the sciences, literature & the arts.

    The two (or 3) great Eastern civilisations have also contributed much to our present world. If Malaysia could only harness the best of all these - Islam, India & China.

    1. HAHAHAHAAHA! FUCK YOU LA THA PAS IS MORE Principled. Now I can see why it's Allah will that Gazan kenna punished........You muslims have sinned against Allah.

    2. @ looes74 . . . . . it's not only Gaza that's kena punished but the following pure, 100 per cent Muslim countries/territories have also turned into hell-holes, namely, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Pakistan, the Muslim dominated parts of Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria.

      The billion-dollar question is - do you think there are many in Malaysia who are hell-bent on dragging the country to join this distinguished club?

  3. I'm sure PAS n DAP will vote en bloc based on the wishes of their party.PKR no..some ADUNs with some carrot dangling will crossover -their trackrecords were not convincing.If the swing to happen..PAS+ UMNO and few PKRs ...mathematically this is a possibility n would not cost much.

  4. Kaytee,well we all know that anything to do with Anwar will eventually evaporate into thin air.His 9/16 coup,PM lusts,Kajang circus and ambition to be the world's most famous political clown,only the latter has bore fruits.

    Going back to his younger days.He was a student activist leader.Very ferocious.Always demonstrating in public.He was becoming a pain in the ass for Mahathir.Mahathir then took him into Umno so as not to having rub jelly on his sore butt hourly.Mahathir did not take him in because of his smarts,because looking at his track records he fucked up the education system.English was struck off the syllabus.Like Mahathir said,Malays(in this case Chinese also included) tend to have very poor memories.They have forgotten who put non Chinese speaking Malay principles into Chinese schools.No body remember oops lalang anymore.Was the education system about Chinese schools one of the reasons for the anti gomen sentiments.

    Just look at his personal cases with the gomen.Not happy take to the streets.It does not matter if his blind followers get tear gas,chase,beaten or kick by the FRU's.

    1. I don't think the Chinese have forgotten Anwar's role in the Chinese schools brouhaha...or the subsequent Ops Lalang following that. It's more like....two devils splitting up is Much Much better than having these 2 devils combining forces and having the whole nation completely under their thumbs....ruling with impunity. So be it....... if the rakyat have to make do by cooperating with the "lesser" evil. What choice do beggars have, wakakaka

    2. We also never forgotten Ku Li stands for Ketuanan melayu and kaytee suck up to him like lollipop

  5. It is going to take years for the Pkr to recover from this MB circus.That is if it will ever recover with this present leadership.A change of leadership will be the better of all options.They brought this drama,shame and humilation upon themselves by not been able to settle marital problems inside the bedroom.My best advice to these moronic apes.Go f#ck your own selves.

  6. the three amigos.1:47 am, August 11, 2014

    Politics have no permanent friends or enemies.

    Why was Azizah and Nurul formerly in Khalid's camp instead of Azmin's.Now that Rafizi and Anwar's f#cking Kajang move and the Selangor MB's chair,Azizah has gone from an Khalid ally to hubby Anwar's stooge to a sworn enemy of Khalid.

    Azizah and Nurul supported Khalid against Azmin because Khalid was there for their family when Anwar was makan nasi kandar in Sungei Buloh.Now Anwar has stabbed Khalid in the back and Azizah has no choice but to listen to snakey hubby and f#cked Khalid kau kau.What a happy ending of you screwed me first and I screwed your smelly ass back.

  7. If a snap election is held,pkr and not pas will be the loser.Pkr being the trouble maker will be reduced to the most half a dozen adun.It has already fallen apart with this internal bickering.Why so stupid to tell of bedroom roams in public.Stupid morons would only do this kiss and tell thingy.

  8. Now we have this f*cking Tian Chua asking Khalid to step down.Tian Chua has been kissing and licking Anwar's smelly ass for as long as his days in Pkr.Go do bj's in back alleys or go play and f*ck your ownself,you f*cking pig.

  9. the mean machine6:55 am, August 11, 2014

    KT,what Anwar did to Khalid can be considered and interpreted as sodomy(iii).F#cking a man in the back is consider sodomy,or am I being wrong in my assumption?Hehehe,Mammanlai's life style will never chance.Neither will bad habits.As the saying goes you can never teach an old new tricks.

  10. Maybe the disintergration or self implosion of PKR is Anwar's get out of jail free pass? Or else how stupid can this man be,bringing his own party to it's knees.Hehaw hehaw,donkey laughing.

  11. The longer Khalid hang on to the MB chair,the more Anwar's scalp will become botak.He just couldn't stand the sight of Khalid still the MB,even for an extra minute.Anwar has become a chief pariah of all pariahs

  12. Parti Katak Rimba

  13. Khalid should just sit tight and see what else they can throw at him.
    I suspect the PKR armoury is now empty.

  14. the mean machine9:35 am, August 11, 2014

    I am very upset at the way Manmanlai and his katak Rafizi plotted and brought down Khalid by firing him after every means of getting rid of him failed.So as a last resort for these back stabbers was to get their yesmen and c#ck suckers and fired him.

    This ex-felon,soon will be a two time felon.If he succeeds in his appeal instead of going to Sungei Buloh,that will mean only one thing.The bringing down of PKR to a useless weakling was a deal by you know who(trojan) to escape jail time.Hehehe,soon the rat will be out of the bag.

  15. the new kampung man11:03 am, August 11, 2014

    From comments posted,Anwar is getting screwed kau kau.Anwar is a very shameful political animal who will [deleted] to fulfill his political wet dreams.Khalid was like family to Anwar's children and Azizah when he was in Sungei Buloh and he fucked Khalid good and proper

  16. Don't get too carried away with conclusions from the Anwar comments posted here.

    This blog amounts to little more than an anti-Anwar gay bar.

  17. Anwar has two horns, cloven hooves, demonic eyes and breath smelling of sulfur.......
    Really devilish bloke, righto...

  18. God's Gift to the Nipple pushes strongly for his woman to be the head of the state. And thru her, he and his beloved Jambu Boy can run the show behind the curtain. Nice arrangement!

    A well-known blogger had expressed his fear that the state's comfortable bank account, a few billion in the black, will very quickly disappear without a trace, if greedy, amoral schemers get to occupy the MB's chair.

    The woman is an accidental politician. Her career previously was in the quiet world of academia and medicine. She was, very reluctantly on her part, dragged into the rough-and-tumble world of politics due to the troubles of her husband, who, of course, is God's Gift to her, and she will do anything to help him.

    Right from the beginning of her new career one can see from her demeanour that she is like a fish out of water. In all those political gatherings, you can clearly discern from the expression on her face that she was feeling uncomfortable and that she wished she was somewhere else instead of in the midst of all that hubbub. She herself has honestly admitted that she knows nothing about administering a state, and, if we could see into her heart, cares not a whit about politics. To force her to take on the job of Chief Minister regardless will be a total, unmitigated disaster.

  19. Tempted to comment, as your article is so interesting, wakakaka. I can see that most politicians are unprincipled and only think of what they can get out of the party and the people. So far had any politician in power, Pak Lah excepted, resigned voluntarily when their party asked them to, or when any mishap occur when their ministry is responsible? I had read ministers in Korea, Japan, and elsewhere who did.

  20. KI rejoins Umno, forms Islamic Unity gov. with Pas with consent of HRH. Everybody happy except PKR and DAP.

  21. PAS ni umpama Mencuri isteri orang lain apabila rumahtangga orang lain bermasaalah.

    DAP harap sangat nak jadi Cina Buta tetapi malangnya isteri orang lain tu nak yang bersunat.

    UMNO Cuba nak jadi CIna Buta tetapi benda anu tu dah tak naik lagi kerana Batin lemah.

    Mungkin Mike Tyson Akan dapat Tarik minat kut kerana ramai yang terdengar cerita, mana-mana isteri yang telah ditidurinya tak tertahan anu Nya.


  22. ancient chinaman says, PKR is destroying its own great wall and making a surrender to umno. what harm can khalid does to PR govt if he sits around right to next GE? and by making this kajang move, and fails, the crown jewel would have gone to the pink panther. with this, proven rafizi is stupid.