Sunday, August 24, 2014

Black Monday?

The term 'black Monday' was used by schoolboys to refer to the first day back to school, usually a Monday. after the holidays.

And throughout history in the Western World, that term referred to a number of unpleasant events happening on a Monday, including an ethnic massacre in Ireland in 1209, global share markets collapsing in October 1987 and, in May 1954 in the USA, the Supreme Court's ruling against the southern states' busing and school segregation in which no doubt the word 'black' also carried a racial connotation, thus a 'Black Monday' only in the eyes of the whites.

Tomorrow is Monday, so will 25 August 2014 be a Black Monday for some* Selangoreans?

* while some others will be delighted, wakakaka

HRH the Sultan of Selangor has granted Khalid Ibrahim an audience on Monday. If, as feared, that HRH will accept the suspected advice of Khalid to dissolve the state assembly, Selangoreans will have a new RM50 million state elections within weeks.

But are we preempting the issue, by (a) suspecting that Khalid will so recommend to HRH, and (b) that HRH will even accept Khalid's advice?

The former suspicion, namely (a), has already been mulled over several times in the news media, though quite a few constitutional experts asserted that since Pakatan commands 43 out of 56 ADUNs in the Selangor state assembly, there is no ground for HRH to approve that suspected advice ...

... but of course, as Dr Aziz Bari also said (as reported by Malaysiakini) ... Nothing can be done if the Sultan of Selangor decides to dissolve the state assembly next week as he has the power to do so, ... though it will not be in accordance with Westminster tradition.

Highly respected sweetie Ambiga Sreenevasan, former Boss of Bersih 3.0, who had supported the dissolution of the Perak (not Selangor) state assembly in its 2008 constitutional crisis, gave her reasons for having a different take this time on the current Selangor 'wounded MB tiger' crisis, saying (non-italicized comment in parentheses are kaytee's extrapolation of Ambiga's statements):

A: Can you please stay out, You've caused enough trouble
A: How can lah when I'm the centre of the Boleh universe

“In Perak, the people voted for a Pakatan (Rakyat) government and the next day they got a Barisan (Nasional) government" (hence the DUN should have been dissolved to ascertain who has the people's mandate)

“In Selangor it is different. There is no change as Pakatan still holds the majority. This is why I supported the dissolution then (in Perak)” (but NOT now in Selangor).

But wait, there are two different issues in the current lamentable Selangor stalemate, brought about by Khalid Ibrahim, a partyless ADUN insisting on clinging on desperately to his MB position, a position he enjoys ONLY by virtue of him being previously nominated by a Pakatan state government, for an ADUN (Khalid) voted in by the people of Port Kelang ONLY by virtue of him being a PKR (Pakatan) candidate*.

* To be fair to him, the proof of the pudding in the voters support for him will be only known when he stands again in Port Kelang either as an Independent or under the banner of a non-Pakatan party. I hope he does that, if he dares, wakakaka.

The two different issues in Selangor politics are (a) the removal of Khalid Ibrahim as MB as he no longer enjoys the confidence of the majority in the state assembly - this became very clear when PAS finally decided to stop supporting Khalid, and (b) the candidature of Dr Wan Azizah as the new MB of Selangor.

Cukup minyakkah untuk perjalanan yg diingini?

It is the latter, to wit, Dr Wan as the new MB, that may give cause to HRH to dissolve the state assembly.

Yes, ye good olde misogynistic PAS is once again the maverick in Pakatan as it still withholds written support for Dr Wan. PAS has specifically prohibited its 13 ADUNs (minus Saari Sungib and Hasnul Baharuddin) to sign any Statutory Declaration supporting Dr Wan as the Pakatan MB.

A couple of days back, Saari Sungib (Hulu Kelang), one of the two PAS ADUN to first daringly break ranks with their party in their non-support for Khalid even at the risk of being expelled from their party, said "I'm anti-Khalid, not pro-Azizah", and that his signing a Stat Dec supporting Dr Wan had more to do with de-legitimizing Khalid Ibrahim's claim of enjoying majority confidence than to directly support Dr Wan as the PKR candidate to be MB.

PAS had earlier claimed that their insistence on forwarding Azmin Ali's name as an alternative choice for MB was from HRH's intimation (usual but lamentable 'name-dropping' by an Islamic Party - sheesh), but which now has collapsed like a house of cards into a mere 'misunderstanding'.

wonder what's the equivalent of 'other' religions?

Nonetheless, these are undeniably very overt PAS non-support of Dr Wan, which could have been out of its misogyny or Pak Haji Hadi's anti-Anwarism, or both. Mind, I personally don't support Dr Wan's candidature as well, but for different and very secular reasons, wakakaka.

In its belakang pusing from a Pakatan consensus, though only on the issue of Stat Dec evidence of support for Dr Wan (but effective non support for her), it can provide enough grounds for HRH to dissolve the state assembly - the 'grounds' being that in kaytee's visualized words: okay-lah Khalid is out but Dr Wan cannot be in because she lacks majority support, and you mongrels (again kaytee's Ozzi-nized word, not HRH's, wakakaka) can go back to the voters to give you a fresh mandate.

HRH doesn't look happy

If that happens, as Dr Bari said, there's f**k all Pakatan can do, all thanks to PAS.

But will submitting Azmin Ali's name as an alternative choice for MB avoid the dissolution of the DUN?

Dr Bari does not support that, stating (as reported by TMI) Submitting two names for Selangor MB post allows palace interference:

"PAS has also made it clear that it will not nominate a candidate for the menteri besar position, so why has Azmin's name entered the mix? In my opinion, the Sultan of Selangor has[will then have] a reason to interfere in the state's politics because PAS has opened the door for him."

* re parenthesised text above, kaytee has taken the liberty of editing-clarifying what the TMI journalist meant

"All the Sultan of Selangor needs to do is to hand over the appointment letter. It is as simple as that. With the appointment letter, the state government will be able to resume its duties and carry out its responsibilities normally."

I agree. Back in 2008 in Perak, immediately after Pakatan won majority control of the state assembly, and the nomination of a Pakatan state MB was being deliberated, I chastised Lim Kit Siang for surrendering to the then-Regent a list of three names, instead of only one.

On 15 March 2008, I posted Lim Kit Siang opened Royal Pandora Box? in which I had written (extracts):

Alas, the parties have finally acquiesced to royal demands, with many of them forgetting that in a political democracy it's the political party which commands the majority in the State Assembly (outright or through a coalition, formal or otherwise) who picks the CM or MB, or at the federal level, the PM, to be approved by the constitutional ruler, only as a formal procedural step. [...]

Yes, the ruler cannot reject the candidate forwarded for his approval, save where, as mentioned above, there is perceivable concerns the candidate has a dodgy record or perhaps is infirmed, etc which may affect the proposed candidate’s ability to head the State government.

I then discussed both the Perlis' and Terengganu's fiascos in its respective MB-nomination. I concluded that post by blaming Lim Kit Siang (wakakaka), though being a nice bloke, wakakaka, I did attempt to explain why he did so:

Much as I respect, admire and have supported Lim Kit Siang, I believe he has been the one who opened the royal Pandora box when he abdicated the political rights of the DAP-PKR-PAS in deciding who should be the MB for Perak to the Sultan of Perak (as represented by his son the Regent).

Uncle Lim was of course attempting to minimise adverse DAP grassroot reactions to his party agreeing to a PAS MB when the DAP has the most number of seats in the coalition. So, he staged a public sandiwara (theatrics) of being against a PAS man becoming the MB of a State while pushing the decision making to the ruler.

He must have thought it would be brilliant tactics to abdicate the (publicly) difficult decision of accepting a PAS man as MB of Perak to the Perak royalty, but he didn't realize it would be bad strategy to surrender political rights to a constitutional monarchy, who through such small gains will shift gradually from a constitutional status to an increasing absolute authority.

The sadder irony of it all, and the most gross injustice to Uncle Lim, is he has been portrayed as a racist by some anti-DAP bloggers (and I am not just talking about the BN) as well as some Malaysiakini journalists and columnists, even though the issue has never been about race but rather, the PAS avowed political intention to make Malaysia into an Islamic State governed by Islamic syariah laws.

But as for most things in Malaysia, why let facts stand in the way of a good emotional (and sinisterly contrived) bashing of the DAP, specifically at the very figure of Lim Kit Siang!

But this time, should HRH dissolve the Selangor state assembly, we can't blame Lim Kit Siang again, but rather PAS. Amin!

Boss, why you no like me?

Aisehman, you could have been my Boss but
you chose to join the dark side of the Force!


And TMI has today reported As Selangor MB impasse continues, PKR prepares for snap polls which will marvellously give the Pakatan so-called partners another chance to stab each other in the back again as they jostle for seats a la Kota Damansara and Sungei Aceh, wakakaka.

Oh, here's a possible sting at the end of my post as per the tail of a scorpion!

What if HRH says (as per kaytee's crazy imagination): since there is no majority support for Dr Wan I have decided that Khalid Ibrahim will continue on as the MB until the end of his elected term as I assess he will do a good job for my state. He may select his 10 exco members only from Pakatan.

Now, wouldn't that be a truly Black Monday for Pakatan? Wakakaka.


  1. y cant blame lks? he chg his stance? he said so? he apologise? or he is a hypo as well?

  2. "Mind, I personally don't support Dr Wan's candidature as well, but for different and very secular reasons, wakakaka."

    do u mind telling us y? yr reason could tell whether u r a hypo or not.

    1. Dr Wan is a reluctant politician , as everyone knows. Once I posted she has been the Super-Sub, a regular substitute for Anwar whenever Mr Manmanlai was in trouble or unwilling to take up the chore (she was de jure PKR president while Anwar was the de facto boss who, as I suspected, didn't want to be labelled as a non-UMNO leader while waiting to rejoin UMNO).

      She substituted for her husband as (his ousted UMNO) faction leader after he was jailed following conviction for sodomy; after his release from jail she continued as de jure leader while he swanned around as de facto leader; she also took his position as MP for Permatang Pauh; and she replaced him as candidate for the recent Kajang by-election at the very last minute because of his court conviction, and now as the MB-designate.

      And let's not deny or pretend not to know that the so-called Kajang Bull was nothing more than a political manoeuvre to mainly satisfy PKR's internal leadership struggle (between Khalid and Azmin). Thus she now sub for Anwar as the next Selangor MB.

      Because she is an unwilling politician who only emerges to sub for Anwar, I fear may be manipulated by 'others'.

      This is a person who even could say her husband is God's gift to the people, hardly MB material.

      Additionally, back in the run-up to the 2004 general elections, she showed she couldn't handle PAS who opportunistically leapt onto her popularity wagon to hijack the PKR election campaign - she was lucky to survive as PKR's only MP and only through a re-count.

      As PKR President she has seen two party elections which had been shameful affairs - where was her leadership authority to control the two disgraceful process? What leadership or firm authority did she exhibit to manage those polls? If she couldn't even manage her party polls how would she the government of Selangor?

      In the end, we need to remember she was never meant to be MB-designate but only came in as the super-sub for Anwar, an unwilling candidate.

      Thus, in reality, practicality and performance (track record), all probably as a result of her unwillingness to be a politician, I assess she has not have the leadership and management skills, mental preparedness/willingness, as well as political savvy to be MB.

    2. Kaytee,
      So does Dr Ismail. Manipulated by others? Like what PAS is doing now. Hahahahaha! Okay la, just appoint RPK royal MB for life, case close

    3. u like to talk abt democracy, is azizah candidature bear any element of undemocratic? fact is she have the support of majority, her capability in this context is irrelevant.

      now lets talk abt yr personal opinion, which anyone can have one, but that doesnt mean it is not subject to disagreement, subjective experiences and prejudice are not a substitute for objective truth, for eg, anwar as de facto leader n to rejoin umno is irrelevant in this discussion, it merely reveal yr bias n prejudice.

      who is the pkr leader that lead pakatan to substantial win in 2008/2013? did lge handle pas better than azizah? dap oso wipe off from penang once, would that make lks n ks a fail leader? lge kena kicked out from melaka, dun know how to use excel, would that mean his leadership and management skills not suit for cm material?

      the most significant reason, like u said it, in reality, do u have a better choice?

    4. 1) capability is fundamental to political management and leadership of a state government, so don't be blinded by your loyalty to PKR to suggest it's irrelevant - after all, isn't PKR bashing Najib as incapable?

      2) why does my criticism against Anwar have to be only from my prejudice? It's known throughout the political circle that he awaited re-entry to UMNO - he even cosied up to AAB during the causeway-bridge debacle, ambushing AAB in Hulu Selangor, and suing Dr Mahathir and UMNO with regards to being sacked from his old post of DPM. It was widely reported (and I blogged on it on 13 Aug 2006),that when he was released from jail, he went to Ku Li for advice who told him if he wanted to regain power, he had to rejoin UMNO, and according to Ku Li then, Anwar AGREED. see my post

      3) as I have often blogged on before, parties do not win elections but lose it. In 2008 BN lost almost all of it, and again in 2013. Many people were ready to change, as they were in 1969 (where then was Anwar Ibrahim? Still in school lah). So Anwar happened to be around didn't mean he was pivotal to the Pakatan wins.

      4) you accused me of prejudice but what about yours? As I mentioned Dr Wan's track record and not sole performance that implied an assessment over a period of either achievements or non-achievement. So Lim KS and Lim GE might have failed once or even twice, but measured against a series of efforts in a period of time, they have proven their track record against that of Dr Wan, the latter basically of an abysmal one. Dr Wan's only positive is her personal character - because of her reluctance to be a politician she is seen as an 'innocent' and thus trusted and adored but in practical political leadership and performance terms she hasn't achieved much

    5. 'Kita sebenarnya tidak menjangkakan adanya pilihan raya negeri kerana sebelum ini kita tumpukan strategi memenangi PRU14'

      the above was reportedly said by Setiausaha Perhubungan Umno Selangor Datuk Johan Abdul Aziz.

      was he implying that the snap election is imminent?

    6. 1) democratic never assure capability, that i y i said her capability in this context is irrelevant.

      2) as usual, speculation, that is a talent i’m glad u monopolize

      3) i am talking abt azizah, see, u continue divert every debate to anwar. my point is exactly yys in 4) failed once or even twice, but measured against a series of efforts in a period of time. she failed miserably in 2004, but not so in 2008/13

      4) lks did highlights praise for azizah as capable woman deserving of mb post, unless u tell me lks is as senile as mahathir, or he is a hypo, then perhaps yr view do have ground.

      btw, who is yr prefer candidate, teresa again? everyone is now given a choice to choose, i of course support hy. but in reality ..... wakaka.

  3. I'm just disgusted with this fighting within and between Pakatan Rakyat parties. This has nothing to do with the welfare of the common people.
    I have voted for them twice - 2008 and again in 2013.
    I really feel betrayed and soiled.
    If we have the mandate returned to the people, which I hope the Sultan gives us the opportunity, I will definitely reconsider to return my support to BN.

    1. fighting is still better than one that allot our money among themselves, so that everyone r happy n the rakyat rugi.

      swing is okay, but dun give stupid excuse like those turncoat did.

  4. RM 3 billion is a lot of money. Whoever promise to build another palace may get the MB post? Just a suggestion, la.

    Better to have another State election and settle it once for all.

    Anyway, RM50 million is coming out from BN Federal Govt. And not from the State coffers.

    Can also change the State Constitution before election so that there will be no more ambiguity as to whatever Westminster system is adopted as to whom should have the final say in any MB nomination.

    Problem solve otherwise there is no end to politicking in Selangor until the next GE.

    Isn't that sensible?

  5. The situation hsa become more murkier by the day.

    On the basis of the PKR-DAP-PAS coalition having an overwhelming majority in the Selangor legislature, there should be no grounds for the Assembly to be dissolved.

    However, if the coalition is unable to convincingly support a candidate for MB - no thanks to PAS's refusal to provide formal backing for Wan Azizah - the Sultan could be within legal and moral grounds to agree to a dissolution of the Assembly.

    The request for more than one MB candidate's name to be submitted is unnecessary, and there is no provision in the constitution to require that.

    I suspect it is a slippery slope for the "Royals" to assert power to select the MB that they want. This is meant to be a constitutional monarchy, with the MB righfully chosen by the party / coalition which holds the most number of seats in the legislature.
    I'm sure the Agong did not require BN to submit another optional name for PM other than Najib, nor the Pahang Sultan require BN provide another name other than Adnan Yaakob.
    That Pakatan is a coalition does not make its choice of MB any less compelling.

    We've got so used to 57 years of uninterrupted BN rule , we forget that the system is quite able to accomodate a non-permanent coalition.

    The UK is currently governed by a coalition.
    Australia has been governed at various times at both Federal and State levels by the Liberal- National Party coalition, including the curent Abbott federal administration.

  6. "the Sultan could be within legal and moral grounds to agree to a dissolution of the Assembly."

    30 is not moral enough?

    1. mana 30? The 2 PAS rank-breakers said they are anti-Khalid but not pro Dr Wan

    2. HY... I think KT makes a lot of sense, perhaps you should be ready with your anti scorpion venom serum!

      - hasan

    3. I thought they signed the SD.......hehehehe

    4. "The 13 PAS state assemblypersons in Selangor will not sign statutory declarations (SD) to support Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail as the new Selangor menteri besar, the party confirmed today."

      every article i read mentioned 30 n 13. mana u baca ada 28 except yr own speculation earlier, so hasan is right u make lot of sense, very close n only 2 less.

    5. when Saari Sungib and Hasnul Baharuddin broke ranks with PAS initially, they did sign the SDs, but subsequently they said they did so to get rid of Khalid and not to support Dr Wanm per se - see my post above. People can belakang pusing from SD lor

    6. HY.... As I see it, it is all about Azizah (Anwar) and not Khalid. KT is right absolutely. Look at it this way... Pro Azizah = 28 and Not Pro Azizah = 28 (1+2+13+12).

      So, as per KT's crazy imagination: "What if HRH says: since there is no majority support for Dr Wan I have decided that Khalid Ibrahim will continue on as the MB until the end of his elected term as I assess he will do a good job for my state. He may select his 10 exco members only from Pakatan".

      Thus, HRH is still right if he decides the same. Daulat Tuanku. If it is so, the remaining PAS Exco should resign, and let Khalid chooses a new line up to form his government.

      Hence, my suggestion that you should be ready with the anti scorpion venom serum!

      - hasan

    7. bro, in this episode, i dun particularly support anyone, i still think khalid is not as bad as some trying to portray, i dun really believe tmi latest writes on hadi. as long as it is not one from umno/bn, i am fine.

    8. as Aspan said... kerana terlalu berpencak dan berkeris, akhirnya menikam diri sendiri.. I think Rafick was right about this RR and meek should give one good f... on RR's back. O Lord.. I feel like buddy holly...

      - hasan

    9. well, at least I had been right in that HRH has instructed KI to "hold the fort" until his royal self decides on the new MB. I wonder whether KI will continue as per HRH's desire if Pakatan doesn't come up with 3 names each, wakakaka. And if so, KI is likely to pick his 10 Pakatan exco from PAS, all from PAS - that will make Pak Haji's wet dreams come true. Dirgahayu Pak Haji's Malay Unity wakakaka (but if Malay Unity, what about Islam?)

  7. It is very likely the outcome today will be a dissolution of the Selangor state Assembly , trigerring a snap election.
    Khalid Ibrahim is in vengeful mode, and HRH is very irritated by various elements in PKR.

    Those rooting for a snap polls are hoping, and making an assumption that Pakatan will be voted out, to be replaced by BN (they hope).

    However, it is quite likely , the outcome of a snap polls will still find PKR-DAP-PAS in power in Selangor, perhaps with reduced majority. So it will be back to square one for HRH, after forcing RM xx Millions to be spent on the polls.

    After that what ? Another constitutional crisis AFTER unnecessary snap polls ?

  8. root cause to the perak fiasco because there's no law prohibiting wakil rakyat to become katak. selangor caused by one person.

  9. I'm still wondering how these Pariah Mongrels who call themselves Pakatan Rakyat managed to delude Selangor voters into voting for them not once but twice in a row.

    Hopefully Selangorians have now wised up to the utter uselessness of this unholy alliance at delivering good government

  10. Just like you cibais [deleted] who masquerade yourself as bumiputra cheating all [deleted] over here. Pordah la

  11. KT the soothsayer, surprise, surprise, after meeting the Sultan, KI decided to do the honourable thing, he told the Sultan he supported Kak Wan. So now it's 31 vs 25 even if PAS were to sleep with UMMO. Wakakakaka .............