Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bloody God-less Chinese Communists

Today RPK posted a new piece titled BLAME ALLAH FOR THE SELANGOR MB CRISIS in response to Dr Dzulkefly's comment about the two PAS ADUN who broke ranks with PAS to support Dr Wan even before the PAS council meeting had taken place on Sunday 17 August. He wrote, undoubtedly in sarcastic mode:

PAS leader Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad said that Allah made the two PAS state assemblymen defy their own party by joining the 28 DAP and PKR representatives in pledging support for Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail because Allah wanted to save Selangor.

That is actually a most interesting prognosis and I must confess I did not see it that way. I suppose I have forgotten my religious class lessons where we learned that nothing happens, either good or bad, unless Allah wills it.

I am glad that Dr Dzul reminded us because I have to admit that since I have been staying here in the UK these last five years I have been missing those religious sermons that I used to attend quite frequently when I was back in Malaysia.

I remember now Tok Guru Abdul Rahman Petani telling me that we can only plan but Allah decides. Hence we have to accept whatever happens, both good and bad. And that is why Muslims are forbidden from wailing during funerals because death is Allah’s will.

You can read the rest of his post yourself, but here in my post I wish to extract a few (unedited) comments from RPK's post as well as my morning-nothing-to-do-in-office-lah responses, wakakaka. Here goes:

(1) by OzRi UzNa:

Majority of Chinese people do not believe that God exists and even Adam and Eve though they believe does not exist at all... Majority of Chinese are all RACISTS, which they do deep down prefer their own RACE to succeed even at cost of another RACE.. And they are selfish,racist, greedy and spiteful people. I believe this comes about as they have a sense of entitlement, that they are better than other people but they have no responsibility towards other ,people in their own communities or abroad. Children are taught not to care about others strangers especially someone from a different races and so on.

My responses (in 2 parts, the latter on realizing an oversight in the former, wakakaka):

poster above made for kaytee, wakakaka

(i) OsRi UzNa, it may well be that some or even many Chinese Malaysians are racists but to assert they don't believe God exists is based on nothing more than your ignorance, sheer utter ignorance. Most Chinese believe in God (Christians, Muslims and Bahais) or gods (the non-Christians, non-Muslims and non-Bahais).

Few would be those Chinese Malaysians who are atheists, very few indeed - incidentally I'm am one, wakakaka. Even most of Chinese Buddhists have conflated their religion with Chinese folk religions and so believe in God known as Thean Gong (God of Heaven, sometimes the Jade Emperor).

As for another of your ignorant assertions, namely "Majority of Chinese are all RACISTS, which they do deep down prefer their own RACE to succeed even at cost of another RACE", I have no issue with the former, that most Chinese are racists (in fact, most Malaysians are racist, including and especially Indians and Malays), but I disagree with your ill-informed and very ignorant belief that "they ..... prefer their own RACE to succeed even at cost of another RACE". The truth is no one is more dangerous and harmful to a Chinese Malaysian than another Chinese Malaysian, wakakaka, because I suspect those involved in such disgraceful backstabbing would be those fighting for crumbs, the 0.23Malaysian crumbs, wakakaka.

(ii) Oh OsRi UzNa, sorry I missed out Adam and Eve in my comment above. Adam and Eve only exist in the Abrahamic religions and not in Hinduism, Buddhism, and other non-Abrahamic religions - in fact, in the Abrahamic religions especially Judaism there was a third person, namely Lilith who was Adam's first wife - you should be ashamed for leaving her out of your mention.

BTW, I have always believed that God made a mistake in making Adam and Eve Hebrews, leading us since to suffer forever from the fallout of their original sin. Had God made Adam and Eve Chinese (even racist ones, wakakaka0 then we would have been spared that 'original sin', for they would have ignored the apple (or fig) and ate the snake instead, wakakaka. No snake, no Iblis (Satan) thus no sin, wakakaka.

And to be fair to OsRi UsNa he replied:

Kaytee Moc Confucius is deeply influential on the majority people of Chinese more than Buddhism, Taiosm and also an Atheists who doesn't believe in existence of God including Adam and Eve. I know about existence of Lilith a female demon. Lilith as Adam's first wife is a medieval Jewish folklore in other words myth. Bear in your mind Supreme being, He makes no mistakes! You wrote: "The truth is no one is more dangerous and harmful to a Chinese Malaysian than another Chinese Malaysian,.." It's TRUE except national unity of the Chinese (Nationalism).

... which encouraged me to reply:

OsRi UzNa Indeed Confucius has a deep influence on Chinese attitude, in the Sage's teaching and reasoning for 'order' in society where the King, Elders and seniors in royalty, society and family must be respected and not only that, shown to be respected whence then there will be order and harmony. Also, Confucianism has been about cultivating, practicing and promoting the 8 virtues of benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, fidelity, loyalty, filial piety and service to elders.

On this score, Chinese Confucians would be the most devout monarchists, which has been why China has an unbroken line of dynasties including the current communist dynasty, wakakaka. 

But more importantly Confucianism, unlike the very tribal Abrahamic religions, does NOT interfere with an individual's religious belief, which was/is why among the Chinese, Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism and folk religions exist side by side for several thousands of years. Only in Christianity and Islam in China were their followers taught to be intolerant of other religions.

What Chinese nationalism would you be talking about when even China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore can't even agree among themselves, let alone Chinese Malaysians.

(2) by Rama Chandran Muniand:

The Chinese have a master plan to takeover Putrajaya. But the Malays are not bothered to be used like Anwar and Mat Sabu! This is seen clearly, they rather listen happily Chinese and a few idiotic Indians shouting and condemning the Malay Royalties! They are. Power crazy ! Parties like DAP have a alterior motives! One puppet Malay will be a PM and a Chinese either LGE or LKS will be Deputy PM with an important portfolio to screw up the country! The puppet Malay will be Anwar or Wan Azizah ! Tun Mahathir said these so call Malay opposition parties are selling the Malay Rights! That's 100% true!

My response:

Damn it, those Chinese are taking too long (57 years) to dominate Malaysia, wakakaka. Pathetic lah. By the time they ever succeed, all of us (Mahathir, Anwar, Najib, Lim KS/GE, Khalid Ibrahim, Tok Haji Hadi Awang, and even young Khairy, Mukhriz, Dyana Sofya, and Mahathir's grandchildren) will be long gone.

(3) Kamarulzaman Kamaruddin wrote:

Chinese conspiring to remove Sultan? If these are true... mmmm..... do not know what to say.

I'm sure I responded but couldn't find it again in RPK's post. Never mind, if my recall is good, this was (as near as I remember) what I had written:

In Tunku's and Razak's days, all Chinese Malaysians were communists or potential communists or communist sympathizers. There was one behind every bunga raya bush.

Malaysia's My Lai - Batang Kali

Scots Guards massacred 24 innocent unarmed Chinese
and burned their village

Today, with communism all but extinct except in Cuba, all Chinese Malaysians are anti-royalty republicans or potential anti-royalty republicans or anti-royalty republican sympathizers. There is one behind every durian tree, wakakaka.

It's quite a revelation of what socio-emotional feelings some Malaysians have.


  1. Buddhism and Taoism never claim they are 'the one amd only' ways to :heaven' , unlike other religions.

    1. None would be threatened or killed for leaving Buddhism or Taoism !

  2. KT gia, u r truly into yr wakaka element!!!!

    Tabik spring!!!!

    BTW, so u do get a hand of that half-anmoh's trigger-happiness about censoring comments contradicting his 'taste'.

    So what did u write to deserve that blankness when he exercised his 'spurious right' about the ownership of his blog to censor yr coimment, regardless of the fact that he himself is transgressing on the grace of the WWW freedom space! (that applies to u too)

    1. you r either wrong or have misunderstood me. RPK has NEVER censored my comments. That I couldn't find one of mine doesn't mean he has. In fact it was so innocuous that there was no reason to censor it even if we are not friends.

  3. Shhhh,,,,KT....don't lah disturb rpk's boys and gals.....how low can you get, wakaka, when the famous ( or infamous, depends on how one sees him now ) Manchester blogger NEVER even once chastise or tegur his faithful followers...he only un sheath his claws at those cina who are without a doubt INSULTING and BIADAP and TAK SOPAN SANTUN, and RACIST to boot, wakaka.

    Btw...you have left out one "Akak" ( who is now a fixture at that site ), the one who speaks no england but barrel her way unhindered and unaccosted, bashing merrily at the "cinabengs" and the 'DaPigs', she who still claimed that LKS pee-ed at that infamous former MB's compound and that Teresa Kok sungguh biadap for that Azan brouhaha.

    Rightly or wrongly, these people have finally found their niche at rpk.....getting bolder and untiringly raucous by the day....getting away with untruths, pure lies and racist threatening. Who knows, may be rpk is doing some noble national service, although he's no longer in tanah air ni, he still can that what, right ? maybe he's trying to increase the 47% for Umno ? wakakaka.

    1. Best way to deal with rpk is to ignore him !

    2. Ignore him indeed!

      The way he writes nowadays is clearly picking fights with cinabengs, Dapigs, Republicans & the old scores.

      U gotta give him credit for reversed psychological tactic in presenting his twisted argument, which could easily confuse the blur-sotongs out there.

      However, it wont works for many who knows & that infuriates him even more, for these r the people whom he wants to convince most!

      He has a big bruised ego that's looking for channel to vent. He also misses the attention that he used to get.

      Out there in Manchester, he is nobody unlike back in M'sia everyone used to look up to him for his past brave & egoistic adventures.

      The frequent visits by M'sians to his kopitiam in England, makes him even more nostalgic, compounded by his lamentable craving for the past attentions & advancing age.

      In short, he is just a lonely man looking for attention!!!!!

    3. You are right!Nowdays nobody cares the so-called RPK. A man with no balls!

    4. Anon 10:44.....couldn't have put it better myself......the HUGE, HUGE bruised ego of rpk stood out like a red, throbbing sore thumb every time he vents, haha.

      Ahhh....how far down a man can fall from the top !

      And the reversed psychology writings.....best he just give up lah.....it simply reveals how BAD he is at such stuff....even a student still wet behind the ears are not convinced lah.......best he sticks to expose, but then now tak boleh dah....what to expose ? He digs and digs at PR and managed to show some sand being sold and some such stuff which MACC could not even act on, much though that Umno outfit would love to get some real beef to nail these opposition leaders kau kau, wakakaka.

      But admittedly he was best when he pulled off the huge gigantic rug to reveal ALL the Umno dirt and sins...that was how he contributed the best to the nation....ironically, that great work of his was the main thing that opened the eyes of the rakyat and contributed greatly to the 51% that PR now got. Now he's trying to undo his work with this twists and spins.....aiyoyo....not working lah. Quite pathetic and quite pitiful too, as he hammers away everyday in that far off land....I said PITIFUL as I can fully understand his hatred towards Anwar who is NO angel at all....but then rpk has too much bile....marah lah Anwar, marah lah whoever that's helping Anwar to sideline you, but why must he took on an entire minority race just because of the beckoning of one grande old man ? By doing that, it shows the true color of this man rpk......revenge, anger we can understand, but lacking moral integrity, willing to unfairly run down a whole race, to declare that this race is full of shit and deserved another May 13 is a big NO NO.

      At his age, best he cool down a bit...heck, cool down A LOT.....for his own health and well being. What's the point of gaining the whole world but his soul befouled by shit....alamak.

    5. The ferosity rpk attacks cina makes people wonder how he copes with his other half !

    6. Raja but not Petra7:25 pm, August 20, 2014

      Its cari-makan mah...his other half understands that very well, since she is Chinese.
      Chinese of all peoples will do...almost... anything for money...as long as the price is right..

    7. "Chinese of all peoples will do...almost... anything for money...as long as the price is right.."

      Methinks Malays too are 'Chinese'......the Malays will do almost anything for money. Umno people are proof of this.

      Wait a minute.....alamak.....Indians too are 'Chinese'....the Indians too will do anything for money. Plenty of proof around election time.

      Aiyoyo....what about the Mamaks ? Aren't they the Jews of Malalysia ? Mamaks are notorious for doing anything for money.

      Guys....can you are see the above nonsense when shooting off like that ? So easy to run down an entire race. Pordah lah Raja but not Petra 7:25 pm !!!

  4. Ever since the Half-Ang Moh was "turned" his articles have become more and more outlandish, more and more ridiculous. Often times he is no more than a Shit-Stirrer.

    Sorry to say, I'm left wondering how Ktemoc still has such a high esteem for this (now) gutter operator

  5. Perhaps some people are sore when someone speaks the truth about them? Not I believe RPK 100%.