Friday, August 15, 2014

One man in Selangor

PAS Quartet say: We may stay on in Selangor till GE14

One man has caused so much damage to Pakatan.

One man has caused so much damage to Pakatan because another one man gave him expressed support, against Pakatan consensus.

One man believed him even when the one man did not have majority support.

One man's greed was the root cause leading to one man becoming a maverick renegade causing so much trouble to Pakatan.

One man's pampering of the greedy one man added to the problem of one man causing so much trouble for Pakatan, abetted by one man who couldn't stick by Pakatan coalition agreement.

One man!

One man against 30 or even 43, does the one man care?


One man is depending on one man to save him. The Malay Mail Online reports in Sultan has final say in MB crisis, Khalid says:

Khalid, who was responding to claims that he no longer commands the confidence of the state assembly, said that nothing can take place until and unless the state ruler is formally informed of the situation.

“The process of what happens depends on the consent and discretion of His Highness the Sultan,” Khalid told reporters when met at the Shah Alam mosque here.

When asked whether this includes the option of dissolving the state assembly, the Port Klang assemblyman said “everything.”

“That will have to be discussed with the Sultan,” he added, referring to calls by PKR and DAP for an emergency state assembly sitting to be held to discuss his position as mentri besar.

Khalid also denied allegations that he was deliberately clinging on to his post until November’s Selangor budget sitting.

Retorting to Lim Kit Siang who told the one man to resign for misleading HRH, one man arrogantly replied Write to ruler for explanation, MB tells critics.

Malaysiakini reported: Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim urged those accusing him of misleading the state’s sultan to write to ruler himself for an explanation.

“In addition, the sultan has decreed that I do not make any decision or announcement on the position of menteri besar until his majesty returns on Aug 27 for me to have an audience with him,” said Khalid in a statement today.

Now, only one man can save him.

Will one man?

One man has caused so much damage to Pakatan that Pakatan will never recover to its 2013 glory.

All because of just one man, one man, one man, one man and one man.


  1. n what abt me? i am all for 2 party sys, that's all. i have no ego, unlike the raja turncoat, i have no hatred n grievances thinking that no one appreciate my sacrifice n contribution, unlike the host best pal who sound like a vengeful blogger, n i am not a servent, unlike wakaka.

    u believe there is good politician n bad politician, i dun. like i always said, i dun see a diff btw azmin n khalid. too much power is the culprit.

    however i didnt realise mb could be so powerful until this extent, n that one man behind the mb oso can act n do what he deem fit regardless of what the people wants. we must stop all this n to change, from pm to mb to party chief to whoever. we shall continue to strive for a balance.

    1. cont 2 of2

      What about logic? Especially on the consistency of logic, suffice to say that this well-read half-anmoh SHOULD do more researches into the old Greek works of Plato & Aristotle.

      He has twisted the definition just like he so happily like to be quoted about the argument about the dog or the colour of the dog collar. He should reflect on what he had written before. As the saying goes, one’s past deeds (words) could very easily senjata makan tuan in the near future, as the case NOW. & don’t forget the Perak debacle!!

      In his argument of;

      ‘703,110 Selangorians voted for one party (BN) while 1,055,069 voted for three parties (PKR, DAP and PAS).’, he attributes ‘DAP and PKR want Khalid ousted. So that comes to roughly 700,000 voters. PAS (at least not yet) and BN do not. So that comes to about one million voters.’

      See the illogicality of his calculation? The easier way to look at this, is to count the votes of the assembly members not the number of votes of the constituents. & yet he chose otherwise! He obviously forgets that the gerrymandering & constituent dispositioning that he used to be so passionate about!

      The saddest cat-within-the pigeon-den play that he so used to master is fully haunted in this looped argument of;

      ‘In Selangor’s case, will the support from the 30 state representatives for Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail result in a change of government? Whether Khalid does or does not have majority support, it is not going to result in a change of government. So why does the Selangor Sultan need to make haste like the Perak Sultan did in Perak?’

      Is Khalid’s government a PR government now? Is it definitely NOT! If it’s not then what rubbish is he talking about ‘not going to result in a change of government’???

      This is REALLY a sad case of twisting & spinning!

      For what? to prolong & protect his cousin’s reign & reputation? What reputation? What reign?

      NOTE, KT – I’m not trying to used yr site to hit back at yr sifu. If it appears so, my apology!!!! Bcoz what I’ve written would not see the day in his blog, due to my argument. Yr site COULD be a good start to educate many blur-sotongs out there about this half-anmoh’s self-claimed psychological warfare.

    2. Let me be clear about one thing, I like and respect RPK and even accept a good percentage of what he wrote - those I don't accept I agree to disagree with him, civilly.

      I consider him as my friend (or if you insist, my sifu, wakakaka) and I hope he considers me his friend as well - I always believe there's no need to go feral on disagreement - look, as an example, I still love Miss Muffet, wakakaka

    3. Anon wrote (edited by me, wakakaka):

      U r quite right about that half anmoh - a vengeful, bruised-ego royalist, trying VERY hard to spin & to savage whatever left of his half cousin!!! 'The Perak Sultan was accused of being an Umno stooge for doing it. The Selangor Sultan is now accused of being an Umno stooge for not doing it.' He conveniently forgoes the fact that in the Perak debacle, the sultan had gone again the constitution, while in the current Selangor putsch, [deleted] In the Perak case, the deceased ex-sultan was wrong but pop-upped by our ever compliant judiciary. Thus, a precedent has been set, as all follow-up cases WOULD have to refer to this Perak case as reference. [deleted]

    4. So, u learn well from yr sifu!!!!!

      R any part of my counter-argument vigor, defamatory & seditious, such that u choose to 'edit' & delect????

      Where is the part about agree to disagree??

      Cock talk, indeed!!!

      Macam rat & snake in the same den,yes???

    5. I've been MORE than accommodating to you and your comments. If you're determined to criticize and thus insult the Sultan of Selangor (hence my considerate editing of your comments when I could have just deleted it) please do so elsewhere or in your own blog, and not here. I don't wish to be dragged into a potential seditious case - it's not worth it considering the commentator is Anonymous and the MCMC is trigger happy.

    6. Is it not obvious the turncoat is playing the race card, and trying to make dap the scapegoat? Cheap Anglo.

    7. Agreed with some comments here about RPK....... his latest twist and spin on the MB case is beyond disgusting. He likes to talk about INSULT and Tak Sopan and Biadap and Kurang Ajar. Actually lar.....he's the one insulting our intelligence with his half baked spin that even a 5th former could see through, wakakaka.......except for his small chorus of sycophant followers in the comment section, consisting mainly of a single race, very free with their 'cinabeng', ' DaPigs' bashings.

      Btw..... I myself got 'edited' several times by KT and I would like to thank him very much for his 'guidance'.....sometimes, the fingers on the keyboard shoot off faster than my prudence..... and once terlanjut, no amount of the swiftest of horse could pull back my rashness, what with our so kiasu gomen....trigger happy indeed as KT puts it. So please, KT, please continue to be vigilant on yours and our behalf, I beg your indulgence, Thank you once again :)

  2. No one remembers who started the ball rolling in this MB saga.The doctor is always right when he said that Malays (in this case all Malaysians) have very very poor memories.Hehehe.

  3. Blame Khalid for his greed for hanging onto power to spite Anwar and gang.Blame the family dogs and cats but do not blame one self for being the root of all problems.

  4. Ultimately the root cause comes from Anwar Ibrahim and his fetid maneuvers.
    Khalid reacted very badly, but we have to be clear on the source of the trouble.

  5. KT,
    Is TSKI still laughing?