Friday, April 11, 2014

Political snippets (21)

Snippet No 1:

We've a 100% chance of winning
My thoughts too, what a coincidence!


With Hubby & Wifey going for the party No 1 position, and the Dwarf, Royal MB & Apcet II Destroyer going for No 2 (with Ramachandran as an extra 'prop', wakakaka), and Nurul and Rafizi virtual shoo-ins for the VP positions, ...

.... with Baru Bian as an East Malaysian also a shoo-in for the 3rd VP, which leaves one last VP post, who knows, ...

... probably for Lim Chin Cheh, as a reward(?) for his Kajang sacrifice for Anwar or more likely Tian Chua or Surendran.

But what about Fuziah Salleh who I admire much for her humongous efforts in the anti Lynas campaign.

But doesn't PKR party election make it look more or less like UMNO with supporting cast from its own MCA and MIC? Wakakaka.

Snippet No 2:

KUALA LUMPUR: Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar has advised S. Deepa and her Muslim convert husband Izwan Viran Abdullah to settle their problem privately.

Khalid said the police were not worried about the safety of the six-year-old boy who was taken away from the mother yesterday because he was with the father.

Yesterday, FMT reported that the mother, who won custody of her two children four days ago, wanted the police to arrest her ex-husband for violating a court order by abducting their son.

“There are two court orders – civil and syariah. In this case it is best if the two can settle their problem,” said Khalid.

Great advice and terrific enforcer of the law though he doesn't know 'which law' to enforce, which incidentally makes me now think I too can be an IGP like him.

Snippet No 3:

Malayisakini - Moderate air quality in 16 places as at noon

Hmmm, should we show our 'gratitude' to Indonesia, and will UMNO please show the way since that's one of their favourite word, wakakaka!

Snippet No 4:

TMI - Officials says search area no smaller, denying Australian PM’s statement on MH370

The search area remains the same from earlier this week, say officials coordinating the search forMAS flight MH370. - April 11, 2014.The team coordinating the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has downplayed comments by Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott earlier today that searchers were confident they knew the position of the black box flight recorders to be within "some kilometres".

A spokeswoman for the Joint Agency Co-ordination Centre (JACC), headed by Air Chief Marshall Angus Houston, said the overall search area remained at 46,713 square kilometres, as the JACC had advised earlier today, reported the Sydney Morning Herald.

"That hasn't changed," the spokeswoman said in response to questions about the veracity of Abbott’s comments.

In a speech in Shanghai, Abbott had said that the search area had been narrowed.

"We are confident that we know the position of the black box flight recorder to within some kilometres," he had said, cautioning, however, that it was not the same as recovering the wreckage.

Najib should be 'grateful' (wakakaka) it's Tony Abbot who f**ked up kau kau, this time in saying something wrong about the search for MH370, or he (Ah Jib Gor, that is, wakakaka) would have been castigated by many Malaysians and/or accused of 'hiding' something by you-know-who, wakakaka.

Snippet No 5:

Malay Mail Online - No Pakatan consensus but PAS says will proceed with hudud plan

KUALA LUMPUR, April 11 — A PAS leader has insisted the Islamist party will not back down from pushing for hudud enforcement in Kelantan despite failing to convince its Pakatan Rakyat (PR) allies.

Dr Mohd Zuhdi Marzuki, who is a member of the party’s central working committee, said the party will seek support from wherever it can to realise the implementation of the controversial Islamic penal code — even if it came from political foe, Umno

Yup, that's what I like about PAS' principles, that to do God's work, one can also sleep with the apostate devils, wakakaka.

Non-political snippet:

The 'yin' to the above 'yang-s'

Kim Tae Hee

Darleeeng, you don't need any sugar, you're sweet enough

Kim Tae Hee
with her come-hither-look

Kim Tae Hee
she's just resting so please leave her alone


  1. “But doesn't PKR party election make it look more or less like UMNO..." which msia party doesnt? is that y u dun live here?

    1. Whlch party has got papa and mama and kak long holding important positions in the party?

      - hasan

    2. dap.

      anwar familiy dun hold position in state govt. but i think yr question is not relevant to kt assertion, which i have no clue what is that, is it dream team? i just simply tembak.

  2. Our IGP.....what would he do if the father is the one awarded custody of the child by the civil court and the one who kidnapped the child is the mother instead ? Would he sent his men to arrest her for violent assault and for kidnapping ? Or would he advise the father to settle this matter 'privately' ? That reminds me.....isn't there a case of a anak raja from Trengganu ( or one of the states in the Eastern part ) who kidnapped and brought back his two children from the mother who was awarded the custody in Australia ? to 'sweet dessert'.......ohhlala..... the divine Ms Kim Tae Hee.... ! Eat your hearts out, guys....this gorgeous will be marrying Rain in the near future....she has the looks and brain too ( "She had an average of ‘100′ for all subjects throughout her three years in middle school ) and graduated from the prestigious Seoul National University.

    Thank you KT for such morsels of sweetness....... it is more bearable this way, what with all the stupid antics of our so-called 'leaders'.

  3. Kaytee,in the PKR party elections,I am sure the fixers and butt rubbers will be at their best,fixing the dwarf to kowkow his rivals.But this time everybody will be ready for them.

    For the IGP it is called passing the buck.

    Last and not least,can your beauties show more cleavage.Haha.

  4. Frankly, as a fierce critic of both PKR and DAP, I don't see much difference in transparency and integrity between the PKR elections and the DAP CEC elections last year.

    Both have a severe lack of transparency, accountability and integrity

  5. On Snippet 4 re MH370, there is simply no comparison between Tony Abbot and Najib.
    Abbot may have made one or two weak statemens, but overall his performance and that of the Australian government in this search has been exemplary.
    They have continuously provided information as they arise, as well as making clear the limitations and uncertainties regarding the information. Abbot has regularly updated Parliament, made himself accountable to the public and the press.

    As for Najib (who ?) , the less mentioned the better. He's an embarrassment.

    Frankly, even Anwar Ibrahim would be a better Prime Minister for Malaysia, if the choice is just limited between the two. Of course, Ktemoc would extremely vigorously disagree....

  6. Kaytee,
    Ng Chok Sin is your good friend right?

    What did your good friend say about Kajang? What did Zaid say who to support? Is it MCA?

    Yeah, Zaid says we need more Chok Sing.........Hahahahaha! Fuck la or Patrick Teoh would say "Niamah!"

    Meanwhile his son........

    1. Zaid Ibrahim has steadily become a more and more ridiculous jester as his political fortunes continue to decline into oblivion.

      I can understand if he has no love for either PKR or Pakatan Rakyat.

      Deforming into a BN apologist is a complete repudiation of what he claimed to espouse just a couple of years ago.

      Only a few dyed-in-the-wool Anwar detractors like Ktemoc continue to regard Zaid Ibrahim with admiration. The rest of us treat him like the laughing stock that he has become.

  7. the mean machine5:40 am, April 13, 2014

    Anybody heard any more whispers of the' Kajang Move'.Or has it evolved into thin air.That is the fucking fuckups of big talk and no action of Mr Manmanlai and cronies.

  8. On Snippet 5 – re ‘hudud’: I have a lot of Non-Muslim friends. To them, I want to say this: ‘Hudud’ is not about race or religious supremacy. ‘Hudud’ is an Islamic penal code for the Muslims ONLY. It is mentioned in the Qur’an and therefore it is from Allah.

    I am a Muslim. Irrespective of whether I am a good Muslim or otherwise, if it is something from the Qur’an i.e. Allah, then, this is a paramount reason that I could offer, that I MUST and I HAVE to support and obey it. To do otherwise is a blasphemy. It shall be hell-fire for me in the hereafter - it is an oracular guarantee. Please understand and acknowledge this and don’t call me a racist bigot.

    If you said ‘hudud’ is barbaric and it should not be implemented, then you are giving me a choice of no choice and that is to disagree with you, and may have to go against you, intellectually and physically to defend my faith and belief. If I die in the course of defending ‘hudud’, then I will die a jihadist – it is an oracular guarantee too.
    Please understand and acknowledge this too and don’t call me a religious bigot.

    OTH, if you said that ‘hudud’ should not be implemented because the conditions in our country are not ready for it yet, then I can subscribe, accept and support that argument. We can sit down and intellectually define and discuss what those conditions or limits are. One example of the conditions, perhaps, when almost all Muslims in this country do their five daily prayers congregational at the mosques, like the congregational Friday prayers. I am willing and eager to listen to what are your other conditions, please.

    - hasan

    1. it's not the word of God we question, BUT the words of those clerics (be they Muslim, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists etc)

    2. Who is going to guarantee that hudud is for Muslims only ?

    3. "Yup, that's what I like about PAS' principles, that to do God's work, one can also sleep with the apostate devils, wakakaka"

      so what r u trying to imply with the above?

    4. A CB rant from a troglodyte!

      Died a jihadist? My middle finger for that blasphemous claim!

      A omiconcious & compassionate God DOESNT need ANYONE to defense Him or his WORDS.

      This claim was/is concocted by moron who had/had a constant wet dream with the spurious reward of 72 virgins (make very sure there is amble supply of viagra) in hereafter (hell???)

    5. this is as far as I will allow such comments to be made on this topic - any abusive remarks win't be posted.

    6. ‘Hudud’ is an Islamic penal code for the Muslims ONLY. It is mentioned in the Qur’an and therefore it is from Allah'.

      one of the so-called hudud offences is alcohol drinking and you claimed to be from allah, pls enlighten me surah apa & ayat berapa? what is the penalty for the consumption dead meat, blood & swine which are strictly FORBIDDEN?
      stoning to death for zina, again what did allah say? tq

    7. Hasan,
      Never care about hudud as long as it's for Muslims only.
      But do the non-Muslims have a choice ?

    8. They are all the same....whether from the rural 'heartland' unable to do without their sambal belacan and tapai for their 3 meals a day or from the so-called top drawers of 'worldly' elite society sipping wine and spouting old England poems and quoting Latin. Strip them of the outer veneer ( the latter needs more than one stripping )....then we get more than a peep of the undeniable fervour, resultant from hard-wired indoctrination nurtured from childhood onwards.

      Dr M and his then-deputy failed ( not for lack of all-out massive trying ) to turn the countries in the East, especially Sarawak, into a 100% malay-muslim......and if these 2 'states' are unable to break away in spite of their now clarion calls for 'equality ', then we might have a One-Country-Two-System once Peninsula M'sia have achieved full Islamic State status.

      Whither the fate of the minorities ? Stephen Hawking's a brief history in time is most appropriate for DAP ( which party I supported and voted for )....the writings are on the walls for more than 2 decades now for the minorities.

  9. I am sorry. I am just back from a road treasure hunt game.

    @ anon 10.32 am

    I am just wondering how can we ever live with each other in peace, mutual respect and harmony. My 'praise' to your power of words though. Wakakaka!

    @ kampung lad 11.35am

    The answers to your questions are at your finger tips. The issue is whether you want to believe it or not. Some Muslims pray five times daily and believe in Allah but they have doubt in Allah's scripture and His Prophets.

    @ anon 11.42am

    From my training, I can confirm that 'hudud' is ONLY for Muslims. But the Nons do have a choice whether they want to be personally governed under 'hudud' law or Common Law. It is voluntary - no compulsion.

    - hasan

  10. dear hassan ,to you, your way of life, to me, my way of life. it has nothing to do whether one believes or disbelieves for only allah will judge. the problem is some of the criminal offences were invented in name of allah and forced upon the believers. crimes and sins are not interchangeable. ada kuasa sikit nak hukum dengan hukuman ciptaan sendiri. don't bother to entertain me as this topic is evergreen. i rest my case.

  11. Dear Kampung Lad,

    The Qur’an is a complete code of life in the sense that it is taken along with the Hadith and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). When reading the Qur’an, detailed rules and regulations regarding social affairs, culture, politics and economic are not found. The reader is therefore wondered to find that it does not even contain any detailed regulations even about ‘wuduk’ and ‘solat’ or ablution and prayer, which are such an important obligatory duties that the Qur’an itself lays emphasis on them over and over again.

    Mr Kampung Lad, it must be remembered that Allah did not only send the Qur’an but also appointed His messenger to demonstrate its teachings by putting them into actual practice. Henceforward, as Allah has sent His messenger along with the Qur’an, only the general principles and absolutely essential instructions are needed and not the details. Thus, the main function of the Qur’an is to present clearly the intellectual and moral basics of the Islamic way and reinforce them with arguments and appeals to the heart.

    As far as of the practical side of building of the Islamic way of life is concerned, it only defines the limits and bounds of every aspect of life without giving detailed rules and regulations. It fixes signposts for guidance at certain important places to show how those parts are to be constructed in accordance with Allah’s will. The actual work of building the Islamic way of life in accordance with the instructions contained in the Qur’an was entrusted to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who was specially chosen to set up the pattern of life for the individual and for the society.

    Therefore, ALL MUSLIMS must recognize that the Qur’an is the best guidance and that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is a perfect human model and that the Muslims community of Madinah (when the Prophet was alive) was a perfect society.

    As your handle has implied, please don’t you ever bother to entertain me with your ‘kampong’ intellectual comment. You have demonstrated to the world that there is nothing worthwhile that I could tap from you to reinforce my knowledge – not even a teeny-weeny bit. As the Qur’an does not teach you how to take ablution and how to pray, why even bother to pray, huh?

    Likewise, as you have opined:

    Say, oh unbelievers
    I serve not what you serve.
    And you are not serving what I serve.
    Nor am I serving what you have served,
    Neither are you serving what I serve.
    To you your religion and to me my religion.

    [Surah Al-Kafirun: 1-6]

    - hasan

  12. omg, i am disappointed with your explanation for i expected something different. i have been hearing this kind of standard 'story' for umpteen years. this is concerning hudud offences and has got nothing to do with 'wuduk' and 'solat'. it's about the INVENTED HUKUM. orang cakap pasal cawan, dia cerita tentang piring. whether my comments are of kampong or bandaraya type, it does not bother me at all. biasa la tu!

    'And We made them (Abraham and his sons) leaders guiding by Our command. And We inspired to them the doing of good deeds, establishment of PRAYER, and giving of zakah; and they were worshippers of Us'. 21:73

    the believers before the prophet never prayed? again this thread is about the invention of criminal offences. jangan terkeluar landasan sudah la.

  13. What ‘terkeluar landasan’? Didn’t you say “ hukum ciptaan sendiri”? Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is a human being. Dia invent wuduk? Dia invent how to perform the prayers? You tell me!

    Of course it is common knowledge that some punishments under ‘hudud’ have to be delivered by human being i.e. the discretion of the judges of the syariah courts of law! Hukum ciptaan sendiri? Maka bahawasanya tidak boleh diterima pakai?

    Read here:


    The penal laws of Islam are called Hudud in the Hadith and Fiqh. This word is the plural of Hadd, which means prevention, hindrance, restraint, prohibition, and hence a restrictive ordinance or statute of God, respecting things lawful and unlawful.

    Punishments are divided into two classes, one of which is called Hadd and the other Ta'zir. The Hadd is a measure of punishment defined by the Qur'an and the Sunnah. In Ta'zir, the court, is allowed to use its discretion in regard to the form and measure in which such punishment is to be inflicted.

    Punishments by way of Hadd are of the following forms: death by stoning, amputation of a limb or limbs, flogging by one hundred or eighty strokes. They are prescribed respectively for the following offences: adultery committed by married persons, theft, highway robbery, drunkenness and slander imputing unchastity to women.

    The punishments described above are the maximum punishments for the above mentioned crimes. These can be reduced keeping in view the circumstances in which the crimes were committed, the nature of the evidence, and the motive of the criminal with which he committed the crime.


    OMG... I am extremely disappointed with your "INVENTED HUKUM" !!! Wakakaka...

    - hasan

  14. no wonder some of the non-believers are making fun of the religion because of there are people like you who are addicted to inventing unsubstantiated hukum and forcing the believers to believe and obey. in islam, there are unquestionably samiri and paul equivalent. no, i did not invent any hukum. orang kampong saja. you said many things but you have failed to answer my simple questions. perhaps you did not understand them or just pretending. pusing sana pusing sini. pukul disekitar belukar. i have met quite a number of people having the same frequency as yours. nothing new. anyway, this blog is not the right platform for further deliberation. may peace be with you and my apology to 'ayer itam lang'. cheers!

  15. Hey you kampong lad, a Non-Muslim with multiple monikers in this blog, I know who you are. Why don't you use only one handle. A Muslim will not debate on 'hukum hudud' like you did. Stick to what you know best. May peace be with you too. Cheers my friend... and wakakaka..

    - hasan

    1. I have disallowed only the last sentence by Anon responding to hasan because he or she referred to an Islamic belief in a seemingly derogatory manner, but the rest is published as follows:

      **Keep wakakaka-ing, u need it like yr pal here to get out of the suit hole u dug yrself! Everytime, u lost an argument, u turned ad hominem! Post grad, eh? From those kangkung u or more like those who think u r wasting their valuable research space - like the kampong saying of occupying the jamban & not shifting. BTW, how could a self proclaimed jihadist understand invented hukum?**

    2. How much do u know about Islamic belief?

      R there anywhere within the Quran mentioning about the award of 72 virgins?

      So where do u based on yr understanding of the Islam?

      On the Book? Or hearsay?

      Another invented hukum by the great KT? My middle finger to yr pseudo-arrogant in pre-disposition about yr Islamic knowledge!!!!!

  16. @ anon - re via KTemoc 7.12am

    Who is the judge and the jury in this debate? YOU?!

    You've the right to express yourself. But to be vulgar, abusive and obscene is a misuse of your right.

    Your thinking is nothing but shoddy - wanting a blanket and collective punishment for ALL MUSLIMS and perhaps MALAYS. I may sound arrogant, but my arrogance still cannot match that of yours.


    - hasan

    1. Read again - where r the vulgar, abusive and obscene?????

      Mentioning of the spurious 8x9 virgins claim is vulgar, abusive and obscene????

      U must have yr head x-rayed! But then, it would be a waste of time since there is NOTHING there in the 1st place!!

      Her is that famous Reza Aslan interview with the Fox news;

      See the bloody parallel in his argument again someone writing/arguing outside his/her faith?

      MOST likely zilch from a pseudo-muslim like u!!!!

  17. these would be the last permitted mentions of the 8 x 9 sweeties. I'll not tolerate any more mention, well, not in this blog anyway, wakakaka..