Thursday, April 10, 2014

Long-ish moderation?

Following my post yesterday titled Has Lim Kit Siang ignored my comments at his blog? and a wee email to his website I have received a response from his site's administrator that my comment has (finally) been posted, wakakaka.

Hell of a long-ish moderation ;-) I sure would like to meet the administrator (him or her?), wakakaka.

Just to share with you what I posted at Lim KS's website regarding the Malay Mail Online article Satellite data analysis suggests MH370 flew inverted to site of acoustic signals, which had annoyed me greatly because of its assertion that MH370 flew inverted to site of acoustic signalshere is it:

The following statements sound contradictory:

“Without fuel, assuming the crew were unconscious and no one was flying the plane, it would glide.”

“Engines have separate fuel supply, so the chances are it won’t go in with the wings level. With no autopilot correction, it would slowly turn on its back and go down at an angle and the wings will be ripped off,” the pilot was quoted saying.”

Firstly they talked about “Without fuel ….. the plane … would glide.”

In the next paragraph, they said “Engines have separate fuel supply, so the chances are it won’t go in with the wings level”, but if the plane is “without fuel” what does it matter that the “Engines have separate fuel supply”. That has been the contradiction.

I suspect the author or the pilot who was quoted had wanted to say (my speculations): “As the B777′s engines each has separate fuel lines (or supply), it is likely that the engines would have run out of fuel separately, causing an asymmetric problem.”

Continuing with that speculation of what the quoted pilot might have said (because while the reporter could have gotten the explanation on the flight event wrong, and reporters not being pilots very often do, the pilot is unlikely to): “In an asymmetric situation the aircraft would yaw and roll towards the failed engine, with the plane entering a spiral dive, until the other engine failed as well, whence then the aircraft would no longer have an asymmetric problem. Whether the B777 would remain in a spiral dive or regain symmetric flight in a glide would depend on how much altitude it had or whether it had exceeded its maximum structural limiting speed.”

Yes, in an controlled spiral dive, it’s possible the B777 might have exceeded its structural limiting speed and thus breakup with perhaps its wings being torn off. If such has been the case, then how could there be an inverted flight? The plane would have dropped down in an unknown configuration,

But if the B777 did not exceed its structural limiting speed in the spiral dive and had enough altitude to lose and regain symmetric flight in an engineless glide then there would not be an inverted flight as it contacted the sea in a gliding configuration.

Just going back to the beginning when one of the engines failed as it ran out of fuel, I believe the B777 like most modern high powered jetliner has a device called Thrust Asymmetry Compensation (TAC) which would have automatically prevented or at least minimized asymmetric flight when one of the engines ran out of fuel. In the TAC was working effectively, then less or even no altitude loss would have been involved to regain symmetric flight in an engineless glide.

I feel the news report has been too sensationalized. Not nice for the families of the missing to read of such a report that Flight MH370 ended up in an inverted position in its final stage of the flight.

Now, I might perhaps have been talking through my nose, misquoting the experts who advised me on the aerodynamics of flight, but the blogging-interactive point is I have presented a different view for the perusal and perhaps even gasp thinking of those who read Uncle Lim's posts. So such a technical comment, devoid mainly of politics and politicizing, shouldn't have taken so long to moderate.

Anyway, my confidence in Lim KS is somewhat restored, though I'd certainly like to have a word with his administrator for the exceptionally long moderation - maybe he or she went to Kajang to buy satay? Wakakaka.

So let's reward ourselves with some goodies, at least for our eyes, wakakaka:

Sweetie Yoon Eun Hye

Sultry Yoon Eun Hye


  1. Kaytee,you keep on posting pics of beautiful sweeties and Kit Siang's site administrator will do whatever you wishes.He will be going all out to please you,just to catch a glimse of the beauties.Hehe.

  2. Kaytee,it has been such a long time that I had seen a long comment being allowed to be posted in LKS's blog.

  3. Kaytee,
    I believe it's a she (Not his wife of course). Over in Din's blog, if I am not mistaken, his lovely wife would chip in in the moderation. And yes, his wife is much more "chio" than that Badak Najib's husband. Hahahaha!
    Well, lets wait and see if there is any repartee. Not sure LKS would do it on the blog but like what Karpal Singh has said & I quoted

    "We need a Parliament (forum) which is robust. Lively exchanges and repartee enliven what would otherwise be mundane and dull proceedings."

    You say I say.....No "song". Must have people unleashing the "lupusness" & fart chamber (My tribute to Bernard Kohh) & sounds of "Niamahs" By Patrick Teoh with all his vulgarities in all languages including Hokkien & Cantonese dialects along with his taste of Chee Cheong Fun........Hahahahaha!

    Don't end up like sissy called ellese who started this blog........Kamsiah would be laughing like mad over that. Who is Kamsiah? Ask Hua Yong. Hahahaha!

    If you can't help yourself after seeing those photos posted by kaytee, please get a room &............Hahahahaha! Like Trinetta Chong had said in NTU graduation ceremony...........You fucking did it.........HAHAHAHA! Probably that girl with v sign may be a singaporean born in Ipoh.........Hahahahaha

    Nah, one song for you la

  4. Yoohoo, KT ... methinks your Goodies for the Eyes are wearing too much clothes -- they appear hot and sweaty. Less is better ... clothes, I mean. ;-)

    OK, lah, just pulling your leg. hahahaha

  5. Fuyoh…. Mana boleh tahan, mate! Wakakaka. You remind me of a book “Black Skin, White Masks”, I think it is at page 12 or page 18 of the book, Frantz Fanon wrote this: “When my restless hands caress this white breast I grasp white civilization and dignity and make them mine”. Pray, I remain brown skin and don’t have to wear a mask. Wakakaka... KT, goodonya too.

    - hasan

  6. Ahhh...Yoon Eun Hye ! ...... she is simply delightful in Coffee Prince...but her subsequent dramas/movie are very much less than delightful, the less said the better. However, her stardom status from her breakout role in C Prince lasted up till today, with commercial contracts pouring in steadily. Good for this gorgeous to feast our eyes, hehe. Thank you KT....for such delightful morsels to brighten up our days wakakaka

  7. Cibai Fuck la.......No wonder the whole morning I got toothache......See Kaytee, how malaysians kenna fucked. You win liao lor

    Eat this!

    Where the fuck is Marina Mahathir? What the fuck she is going to say........Like Trinetta Chong (Again not associated to Annabelle) might have say





    1. looes I know you're low class but even then when mentioning a lady like Marina, please be a gentleman and speak respectfully

    2. Lady?

      One should read;

      Is blood TILL thicker than water for a filial daughter in the course of social justice?

      What price is her justice, when as an 'activist' daughter, keeps her mouth shut about her recalcitrant father's racist rants?

      Then, there was this contradiction phrase about 'why cant my brother be rich' when asked about Mizan's corporate rescue by Petronas under her father's instructed 'patronage'!

      That lady title should be kept in reserve as mentioned by Josh Hong....

    3. will Nurul ever castigate her father for his 916 frogology and his UMNO "sins"?

    4. What sort of CB answer is that?

      Same like if u can cuckoo & steal, so am I. Yes????

      U just cant help to bring yr favourite bunching bag - log, stock. & barrel, into yr argument despite the glaring logic deficiency! !!!

      Have u lost yr mind, gloring too many Korean SYTs in yr idling time such that u brought out all those closet 'hamshat' to give their two sen worth about OUR other halives who help to hold the family, never mind about the nation???

    5. That is why BOTH the daughters should stay out COMPLETELY ! There are people who don't support either one of them. It stinks all the way.

    6. Anon of 9:28 pm, April 11, 2014

      No double standards please, coz what's good for the goose should be good for the gander too

      One man's meat may be another's poison, wakakaka

      wah, I am sprouting proverbs and idioms for you lah, so a last one, people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, wakakaka

    7. This ONLY proves that u know NUT about justice & fairness, within yr selective understanding of the whole scheme!

      Get someone to tell u what's '大公无私'!

      It has NOTHING to do with whether yr bloodline is mamak/anwar!!!

    8. I agree with your "It has NOTHING to do with whether yr bloodline is mamak/anwar!!!" because BOTH families are mamak.

      Not only that, both families have been from an UMNO background too, wakakaka, thus you whacking Marina would be also whacking Nurul.

      But at least Marina's activities and activism have better worthy humanitarian credentials. She also has more guts defending-supporting people like Dr Asri, Kassim Ahmad and Ambiga Sreenevasan in public

    9. Dont give craps about yr sweet-heart idol!

      The catch is in eating the pudding, & that time would come!

      If u still dont understand '大公无私', I can recommend some MatSalleh SYT in Oz to help u out.

      But then, where r u going to hide yr banana skin??????

  8. I'm a good Muslim, but I must admit your blog photos are giving me "inappropriate" thoughts...

    1. nothing inappropriate - it means you're a very normal bloke, wakakaka