Saturday, April 05, 2014

Bernard Khoo @ Zorro Unmasked

borrowed from Din Merican's blog, a poster by Martin Jalleh

Regretfully I haven't much in terms of interactions with Bernard Khoo, who is more popularly known in the Malaysian blogosphere as Zorro Unmasked. However, I do know that like his heroic namesake, Zorro or in Spanish The Fox, he defended the people through his relentless exposure and criticisms of corrupt officials and their injustice.

But I once did share a few delightful word with him and also yarn about our common love, scotch whisky especially 'The Macallan'. Bernard told me the correct way to drink scotch would be to sit with some friends (who enjoyed the stuff), open up a bottle and slowly sip the scotch, and keep on doing so.

I have no doubt a good man like Bernard is now in a far better place and would like to humbly dedicate this lil' eulogy to him.

In Spanish California Don Diego de la Vega might have been Zorro
Tho’ in our homeland he had been none other than Bernard Khoo
But to our immense shock, grief and tears, our much great sorrow
Our respected silver haired fox (Zorro) has left us for yonder blue

I’m sure Bernard in that far better place will still be sipping away
His much loved ‘The Macallam’ tot by unending tot with an angel
Where he is, there’s no night nor darkness, only ever blissful day
Dear Bernard Khoo, Zorro Unmasked, requiescat in pace, Vale

Above eulogy also published in my other blog, KTemoc Komposes


  1. Kaytee,Bernard will surely and sadly be missed.This man sure do not mince his words.He is not like our politicians who made u-turns when cornered,instead the man will preferred to go bare knuckles.God blessed his soul.

  2. A formidable activist and a much loved teacher. May his soul rest in peace.

  3. Zorro, a hero among us....he shall live in our memories forever. RIP