Sunday, April 06, 2014

Floundering like a caught belanak

As a kid I used to catch mullets (belanak) with a casting net (jala) at a river estuary in Jelutong. When I landed them, they would be floundering, trashing around and flip flopping in desperation.

Poor Anwar - he now reminds me of one of those desperate belanak thrashing around, especially when he made rather wild unfounded and reckless accusations about the Najib Administration hiding or suppressing vital information on the Flight MH370 incident.

But alas, I notice he couldn't make up his mind whether the government is incompetent or competent.

In an interview with the London Daily Telegraph he said that with no trace of the plane being found after 28 days of search, that was at least the result of "incompetence", but added there was also "intention to suppress key information".

On the latter, if true as he alluded, then the government must have been very "competent" to be able to pull the  blinds over the eyes of more than two dozen countries, who are still involved in the search for MH370.

All those Americans, Chinese, British, Australian, Singaporeans, Japanese, Koreans, New Zealanders, Indians, etc must have been chong-ed kau kau in the face of Anwar's allegation that the Najib government had suppressed key information.

And what else did Mr Manmanlai tell the Daily Telegraph?

Well, this has been what the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) reported about Anwar Ibrahim's accusations:

He indicated that it was even possible that there was complicity by authorities on the ground in what happened to the plane and the 239 people on board. [...]

Mr Anwar said it was "not only unacceptable but not possible, not feasible" that the plane had not been sighted by the Marconi radar system immediately after it changed course.

The radar, he said, would have instantly detected the Boeing 777 as it travelled east to west across "at least four" Malaysian provinces.

Mr Anwar said it was "baffling" that the country's air force had "remained silent", and claimed that it "should take three minutes under SOP [standard operating procedure] for the air force planes to go. And there was no response."

He added: "We don't have the sophistication of the United States or Britain but still we have the capacity to protect our borders."

Wow, 3 minutes for the RMAF to scramble its fighter interceptors? Wakakaka.

Puhleeze lah, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, ask any air force air defence official whether that would be the operational (not training or military exercise) truth for an immediate interceptor scramble since/from the day we had our Australian-donated Sabres in 1970.

Other than during the various air defence exercises held under the Five Power Defence Arrangements (AFDA) I doubt any air force fighter pilot had ever been on operational 24/7 immediate standby, if a scramble within 3 minutes were to be achieved.

Wakakaka, the floundering belanak in desperate action.

Continuing with the SMH report on Manmanlai:

"I believe the government knows more than us. They have the authority to instruct the air force ... or Malaysia Airlines. They are privy to most of these missing bits of information critical to our understanding of this mysterious disappearance of MH370."

Mr Anwar indicated that it was a possibility that officials on the ground were complicit in what happened on the plane.

2nd wow! Just what did he mean by that accusation of "officials on the ground were complicit in what happened on the plane"? But wouldn't it be just the right tonic to rile up those grieving families. Nice shit-stirring touch by Manmanlai.

But to know what he has meant, as usual he would manmanlai wakakaka or lu taan ku ku (tunggu selama2nya), wakakaka.

And on what had he based all his accusations?

Just this, as reported by SMH (from the Daily Telegraph interview):

In an interview with the London Daily Telegraph, Mr Anwar said that he had personally authorised the installation of "one of the most sophisticated radar" systems in the world, based near the South China Sea and covering Malaysia's mainland and east and west coastlines, when he was the country's finance minister in 1994.

Yup, he raised a reckless wild conspiracy theory based solely on his boast (and no doubt politicizing agenda) that he, as former Finance Minister in 1994 "... had personally authorised the installation of "one of the most sophisticated radar" systems in the world, based near the South China Sea and covering Malaysia's mainland and east and west coastlines."

And what had Dr Kua Kia Soong (then probably as a DAP MP) said during the parliamentary debate on the Supplementary Supply Bill 1992? Just read the following:

“It has been alleged that the Marconi radar sold to us under the MOU – costing RM1.2 billion – is four times more expensive than the compatible US system which costs only RM300 million. This Marcello radar (by GEC Marconi) was to be integrated with the RMAF system, but it doesn’t work! It seems the RMAF prefers the US Raytheon system, a proven system. Furthermore, it seems the British themselves do not want this system! The RAF has given it up for the US Boeing system …”

So according to this parliamentary speech (check Hansard) the then Finance Minister, Anwar Ibrahim, purchased a radar system which was 4 TIMES more expensive than an equally suitable US system.

We are also informed that his marvellous Marconi system was NOT compatible with the RMAF radar system, something that should have been known because even the British (RAF) themselves didn't want it as they went for a US system like what the RMAF did.

And was it working to the extent that HIS purchased system tracked MH370 into the Indian Ocean as he had boasted? Nope, it didn't and was left to the RMAF radar to do so.

There's currently a call for an inquiry into the Memali case where Dr Mahathir and Anwar should front up at the inquiry to answer questions. Maybe he should also be called together with Dr Mahathir to answer for his purchase of the highly expensive (RM1.2 billion in the 1990's) Marconi system which proved in the MH370 case not to be performing a la his manmanlai.

Finally, let us examine what he also said to the Daily Telegraph:
However, he later added that "the realm of possibilities is so vague, I mean, anything can have happened", adding: "Whether they [the authorities] are complicit in a terrorist act, I'm not in a position to comment."

"The realms of possibilities is so vague"? Yeah right, we might as well include Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, God's gift to the people, Raja Bomoh flying on his magic coconut while juggling his two nuts, and ... well ... as Mr Manmanlai said: "The realm of possibilities is so vague, I mean, anything can have happened".

What did happen has been pure grade vintage Anwar - really, if he was "... not in a position to comment", why the f**k had he made such a wild and reckless accusation?

But that has been a rhetorical question because we know the answer. I think it might have been a pro UMNO blogger (one on Dr Mahathir's side and perhaps anti Najib), Pak Kadir Jasin, who had written, words to the effect that Anwar does not fear being jailed but he fears being forgotten.

Thus Manmanlai has to keep saying stuff, not just for political gains but also to ensure he is not forgotten, least by the international community.

In this, he realizes that he has been outflanked by Najib on the international scene as even his former American backers now don't want to know too much about him or be too involved with him, not when the PM of Malaysia Najib is friendly to and accessible by the West, unlike Dr Mahathir. Then under Mahathir's hostile regime, Manmanlai was for the West particularly the USA, a useful person to be supported in Malaysian politics.

If his appeal is not successful, he knows he'll go to prison and worst of all, his nightmare, might even be forgotten. Thus, as I said, he in his current state of woe, has been like one those belanak caught in a casting net and trashing around, flip-flopping, floundering, gasping away in desperation and despair.

And the sky has NOT fallen down yet!


  1. Kind of sad how Ktemoc has been reduced to a BN Government apologist during the entire course of the MH370 tragedy and associated controversy.
    It is obvious that the pure , unadulterated dislike he has for Anwar Ibrahim distorts his brain processes into a kind of anti-Anwarista.

    Ktemoc has become a mirror image of those he claims to detest.

    1. Truth always hurt. And I have been watching and criticizing AI since Day 1 of my blogging (2005) so the accusations against me as variously a paid BN cybertrooper, BN apologist (and even DAP cybertrooper, wakakaka) etc are not new but totally predictable, wakakaka

    2. Currently, Ktemoc and Helen Ang's blog are very similar - two sides of the same coin.

    3. Yeah, and also KT have emulated Helen's practice of taking on those extremists' comments in the online media, those which we would normally ignore, but she have perfected into a kind of sparring commentary.

      However, Helen have taken her blog to new lows, like her recent linking of the behaviour of Malaysian Chinese to the dog killing incident in China.

    4. me emulate her? alamak, I started blogging eons before her lah, wakakaka

  2. Anon 19:21,

    I have been reading KTemoc blogs almost daily but never comment until today. KTemoc is and (I think) will always be a supporter of DAP. But unlike you, he is not a blind supporter. He would criticize any leaders whether BN or PR who he thinks deserved to he criticized. He would give credits to those who deserve them irrespective of their political affiliations. I think he gives constructive criticisms which are based on facts unlike some articles posted in Malaysiakini and the like. If Malaysian political bloggers emulate KTemoc's style of writing, racist comments among the races in cyberspace would be greatly reduced. BTW, I'm an UMNO supporter.

    1. "KTemoc is and (I think) will always be a supporter of DAP."
      How can that be true ?

      KT is against AI and PKR.
      That means he's no friend of Pakatan.
      Kill Pakatan, DAP will be doomed as well !
      Can he still be a DAP supporter ?

    2. aiyoh, don't you know that many DAP members hate PKR, and wakakaka, vice versa

  3. KT,

    What a re-runs of all the have-been! Then what’s the purpose, besides scratching yr irresistible itchiness of AI-bashing-inits?

    1)On the latter, if true as he alluded, then the government must have been very "competent" to be able to pull the blinds over the eyes of more than two dozen countries, who are still involved in the search for MH370.

    All those Americans, Chinese, British, Australian, Singaporeans, Japanese, Koreans, New Zealanders, Indians, etc must have been chong-ed kau kau in the face of Anwar's allegation that the Najib government had suppressed key information.

    This becomes CLEAR as days if one dig into saying of blind leader running down a nation of experts! Remember, the early wild goose chase in the Gulf of Thailand? The current search in South Indian Ocean could easily turns up to be another wild goose chase, used by 'someone' who jumped on half-baked mathematical conjecture to buy time for destroying the evidence!

    2)that was at least the result of "incompetence", but added there was also "intention to suppress key information".

    There were many indications of incompetence that the world is now known of. The "intention to suppress key information" can be easily brought to live by the example of not willing to release the cargo manifest to the Oz investigation team plus the latest change of wordings about the last words of the pilot with ATC. If these were NOT "intention to suppress key information", then what were they? Incompetence in infos handling? Wakakaka!!!!!

    3)Anwar, as former Finance Minister in 1994 "... had personally authorised the installation of "one of the most sophisticated radar" systems in the world, based near the South China Sea and covering Malaysia's mainland and east and west coastlines."

    U r hitting the wrong target HERE. The point is DCA has the right equipment to detect the ATB & yet was not doing so – WHY?

    The Alenia-Marconi system is capable of doing so & yet nothing, zilch was done about it! Incompetent personnel, system since kaput! Operators sleeping on the job? Tell-lah!

    WRT to the cost, once again IS/Was there anything touches by umno has/had NO ELEMENT of corruptions? & what’s the point to raise that monetary issue here? Anwar? What about those military HW purchased by pink-lip? Or I know, the RMAF radar detects the ATB - but...but was it bought by najib & wasnt the ATB detected on recorded play-back?

    4)"The realm of possibilities is so vague, I mean, anything can have happened".

    At this moment, that’s what it is – including yr pet theory of hypoxia, plus yr Pak Kadir Jasin’s wild take of his paid-master’s nemesis! No?

    This is a REAL disgrace of all yr write-ups filed under MH370!!!

  4. Nah, focusing on Anwar in this MH370 fiasco is just a diversion, possibly a deliberate one.

    Perhaps not Ktemoc, but others certainly have a vested interest in diverting attention away from what could be a huge BN government scandal.

    Anwar Ibrahim may be a bad man, but he's just a minor bit player in whatever factors are involved in the MH370 tragedy.


    After spending RM 325 Million on ESSCOM , Deputy Home Minister can only say "Close down the resorts".

    Not directly related to MH370, but relevant in the sense of illustrating how the Malaysian government spends large amounts of money on security with little to show when it comes to the Crunch.

  6. I love fishing… but freshwater fishing. I keep two sets of good fishing gear. Sometimes, I go off-road deep into the rainforest when I crave for the elusive and exotic ‘ikan kelah’. My adventures have been quite fruitful. BTW I remember eating ‘kelah’ at a small restaurant. It was RM270.00 per kg. I even took the leftovers home, kept it in the fridge and ate it slowly. Wakakaka…

    Some fish species like ‘puyu, betuk, haruan and toman’ can last days with little dampness or no water, whilst ‘belanak’ will die within minutes. Get my drift?

    AI is going to jail and I don’t give him a damn because I think he has asked for it. But I feel pitiful for his NOK though and thus I do not want to talk much about him anymore. Having said that I would consider AI’s opinion on the MH370 as a fair comment. I think he opined it as an insider to the guts and sinews of the superpowers.

    But I don’t give a damn either IF there are people or governments who are complicit in this baffling mystery. For God’s sake, Christ’s sake, Allah’s sake, etc. whatever, but importantly for the sake of NOK: Just send/bring the passengers and crew home dead or alive.

    Publilius Syrus, a 1st century BC, Latin writer of maxims, said: “The eyes are not responsible when the mind does the seeing”. And Jonathan Swift (1667 – 1745) English writer and pastor, said: “Vision is the art of seeing things invisible”.

    - hasan

    1. What happen in Semporna lately? As a Sabahan, ain't you going to do about it?

    2. I am not from Sabah. Why don't you go and ask S18?


    Your loverboy is going to Beijing next month to celebrate the 40th anniversary of his father's visit to China.

    Hope he gets to meet Zhang Ziyi. She has many questions that she sure would like getting answers to.

    I'm very sure he and Rosmah won't be taking MAS.

  8. Ha ha ha,If Mr Manmanlai knows so much,he would already be crowned as Mr PM'lai.Hehe,he cannot even be MB,as crowed by his cronies in PKR.What a big dissapointment by this sodomist wanabe PM.Anwaristas,what say you ball carriers.

  9. What I think, based on information which just doesn't connect.

    The Malaysian government is hiding information on MH370, and at least some of what it has stated are distorted facts.

    And Anwar Ibrahim, who still has plenty of sources within the government administration, has been given some of the information.

    Of course he will make an issue out of it, but it is not like he is lying about it.

  10. Kaytee,when I was working near Tebing Tinggi about 1 1/2 hours car ride from Medan in the eighties,a few days a week we used to go deep into the kampongs of Siantat,near Lake Toba.There we can have freshly slaughtered chicken,the long legged padi field birdies and of course the fresh wild arrowanna kept in cages at the river behind the shed aka kampong restaurant.The sambal belachan,the best I ever tasted.

    And of course not to forget the beautiful sweeties rounded up and put in camps,guarded by soldiers.There are two camps,one in Tebing Tinggi and one near Siantat.Go to Lake Toba or Brastagi and you will see the sweeties taken to the chalets on motorbikes.How I missed those days.

    1. Do u mean modern day comfort women!!!!

  11. The Bataks around the Toba region make excellent "Sate Babi", and its openly sold as such on the roadside.

    Those Ketuanan types who can't accept the idea of Christian Malays have a really edgy time in Batak territory.


    Kit Siang continues to be one of the most level headed and wise opinion makers in Malaysia over the MH370 issue.
    It was unbecoming of Ktemoc to attack him in his earlier post.

  13. Anon 12:27 pm,

    A nicer way of putting it,yes.

    Their cockles,with satay gravy is good too.The Bataks plus soldiers and policemen mostly Muslims drink like thirsty horses or rather like fishes in Chinese kopitems.Nobody made any noises about this.In fact cigarettes and beers are the cheapest in our region,about half the prices from Malaysia,because of these soldiers and policemen.And Indonesia have the most Muslims on this planet.Go figure.

  14. And not to forget the massage parlours.Not only Bataks work there,Malays too.The massages there are good,cannot lose Thai massage.

  15. the mean machine2:08 am, April 08, 2014

    Mr Manmanlai,man man lai,man man lai.No wonder Mr Manmanlai can never get to his destination,the PM'ship..Because he is Mr Man Man Lai.

  16. the gaffe guy who knows.3:34 am, April 08, 2014

    KT,it is curtains down for your favourite bashing and punching bag boy politician Mr Manmanlai.Manmanlai was never destined to be PM.If he was he would have been PM already.Mr Manmanlai should be grateful that he holds the post of opposition leader.That is as far as he can go.And if he goes to prison he will have nothing left,nada.He is an empty barrel,which of course we know makes the most noise.Hehe.

  17. Manmanlai floundering like a caught belanak?Hehehe,the specie of fish especially belanak has no taste.It is just a fish caught for sports,other then that they are used to feed ducks and chicken.Manmanlai or ikan belanak has no fucking class,especially if it is uased to compare to a low class politician like Manmanlai.

  18. What would Ktemoc do with Anwar Ibrahim in jail and silenced ?
    Probably close down his blog.
    He's not very convincing when he turns his attention to BN....

    Oh...wait a minute....there is still the Dwarf around. Not to worry, he's nothing without Nuar around.

  19. For whatever reasons you have against AI, feel free to share with anyone, but to throw stones at someone who has just fallen into a well (a literal translation of a Chinese proverb)? You won't know when is your turn coming..........

    1. 'twas a well he dug for himself, and thanks for wishing me well, wakakaka