Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Has Lim Kit Siang ignored my comments at his blog?

Yesterday the Malay Mail Online published Satellite data analysis suggests MH370 flew inverted to site of acoustic signals.

Lim Kit Siang posted the above news article on his website.

Last night I made a comment at Uncle Lim's website and provided my views on that part of the news which says the MAS B777 might have turned over on its back in the final stage of its flight to the southern Indian Ocean.

The news title MH370 flew inverted to site of acoustic signals is terribly sensational and misleading, in my opinion very misleading, thus I explained in my comment why I think so, of course after I had consulted some experts.

Thus far, Lim Kit Siang has not published my comments though from the time mark, some comments made later than mine have already been published.

Needless to say, I am somewhat disappointed because my comments were technical and not against DAP (god forbid) nor against Pakatan (wakakaka).

I wonder whether he's pissed off with me for posting Lim Kit Siang a nodding Homer, wakakaka. But he should look at it as a compliment because that was also a backhanded accolade to his high standards of politics.

Hmmm, is it Uncle Lim who personally moderates the comments posted at his website or an administrator he has entrusted the job to?

I trust it's an oversight and my comments will be posted soon.

But in the event it isn't by this evening, then I would have to come to a sad conclusion and with regret blog on my take as to the marginalization of my technically valid comments at Lim Kit Siang's website.

Amen, wakakaka.

Hey, what a miserable sounding post so what about another Korean sweetie, Lee Dae Hee, to whet your appetite, wakakaka.


  1. Aha! So, despite the Opposition's vociferous and much vaunted support and demand for democracy and free speech, free speech to them means as long as you say nice things about "us" and toe "our" party line then you can speak freely. Otherwise, all your comments will go "KAPUT" !!!

  2. The news title "MH370 flew inverted" is misleading, and anyway how could they tell ?
    It IS definitely possible the plane flipped over at the moment it ditched in the sea, as happened to Ethiopian Airlines Flight 961 when it ran out of fuel after being hijacked.

    The 777 is not certified to fly upside down, and as far as I know , has never occurred. However, my source says it can definitely fly as such.

    The 777's systems have been 100% simulated on computer, and in such a situation, apparently, the controls will continue to function, the jet engines continue to receive fuel and they will still produce thrust.

    The 747 , on the other hand, has definitely been flipped upside down , and continue flying before.

  3. Paid lip service support for too long.
    DAP has enough of you !

  4. The songs of distress
    Airing up in the blue sky
    The ballads of woes and cries
    Reasons will be hard to come by

    Experts will give opinion
    Every possible reason of why
    There it lies in our minds
    The simple truth the plane is gone

    The sadness flow in every breath
    The lives may just gone without knowing
    For some it could be a bad dream
    The pings in the deep ocean

    Some can't accept the sad episode of life
    The way has gone for such long miserable days
    Mirror mirror where is the image of shadow?
    The tears will keep flowing when the truth is found

    Pakatan and Bee Anne
    The political divide never dies
    So it is better to send them K-pop bands
    Tap dancing in their eyes

    Maybe they then realize
    They have common ground to party
    On a common interest of the game
    Making it worthwhile to hang it there

    So every tragedy changes will sail
    In the calm sea plotting for new direction
    Do we see it in our days and lives?
    Or it is back to the same record playing?

    We pray we hope
    A new way to look
    Of how we pick our leaders
    Managing the affairs of the country

  5. Hahaha... a long overdue, deserved comeupance....
    Got too swell headed when Malaysiakini published your letters a few times.

    Maybe Uncle Kit's assistants have flagged Ktemoc as troublemaker wakakaaka....

  6. Kaytee,
    I thought you said that you have made a comment in LKS's website. Under this link right?

    Oh I see, yours are under moderation right? Me too. Ah so? If you really have that urge of telling LKS about it, email it to him. He'll answer.

    Furthermore, it's malay male piece! While LKS must share some responsibilities, the onus lies with malay male. Isn't Rocky Bru associated with Malay Male? What a joke la, why does he need to piss off with you? Worst case would be Karpal like......"I have no time for small boy"

    Time to look at the beautiful chicks........Hahahaha!

    1. yes, but I don't think it's awaiting moderation because I have seen many posts after mine already published. I guess my comments have been scuttled, wakakaka.

      It might have been a Malay Mail Online piece but re-publishing it on Uncle Lim's own website in whole means he has a stake in the thrust, tone and timbre of the sensationalizing piece. If he refused to post my comments (his prerogative of course) when I have said nothing against DAP, PKR or PAS except only technical stuff regarding the speculated inverted flight, I can only conclude he doesn't want my comments to tone down that sensationalizing of MH370 last stage of its flight.

      I have even email him asking for his reason for not posting my comments but I have yet to receive the courtesy of a reply, wakakaka. I'll do the decent thing and wait for a wee while, to see if he is courteous enough.

      Incidentally the Malay Mail Online is not associated with Rocky Bru, who is only the editor of the Malay Mail - full stop (but not "Online" which has a separate editorial team)

    2. Why not have a celebrity deathmatch with CL Flamiaris in Din Merican's blog? Hahaha! He's a chemist in aussie land (I guess so). I bet you would have a very robust repartee provided that Lupus is willing to strike back. He does strike with a vengenance. Hahahaha! Heck we would have an interesting debate on existentialism.......Heck me simple man.....need some understanding.......Hahahahaha!

  7. I'm feeling really horny just looking at your blog

    1. but I'm not gay orbisexual, wakakaka

      Anyway, jokes aside, these sweet babes are to be adored and loved in the most romantic and gentle ways, wakakaka

    2. You will adore and love them even more when you watched their latest dramas....han ji hye in "Beyond The Cloud" and lee da hae in "Hotel King", wakakaka.

    3. ya, will be viewing "Beyond the clouds" soon, once I;\'ve completed "I summon you Gold", another Han Ji Hye's soap yum yum. Incidentally, to see both Han Ji Hye and Lee Dae Hee together, the soap to see is "East of Eden" but then you'll be torn between two hotties, wakakaka

    4. That's amazing! You, KT?! Watching these kinds of Korean soaps?

      Aren't these type of serials aimed at dreamy, love-struck teenage girls, with their similar, almost unchanging story lines of cute, shy boy meeting cute, pretty, virginal girl; with lots of romantic, interminable soulful stares into each other's eyes.

      I have seen a few disjointed minutes of these shows here and there. All they did for me was to make my eyes glaze over followed by an overwhelming urge to rush for the vodka bottle and take a few swigs off it to regain my sanity.

    5. Wow....simply amazing...KT a Korean-drama addict ? Respect lah ! Btw, Anon 1:53 am, you could not be more wrong that the target audience is 'dreamy, love-struck teenage girls' ! Go to THE drama blog Dramabeans....from the comments, you would be able to elicit that viewers of Korean dramas ( those from the international variety, that is ) encompass a large sector, from Phd holders to medical doctors, scriptwriters wannabes, university students lamenting about burning the midnight oil due to their addiction to such dramas, right down to the very intelligent ajummas ( "aunties")...all giving very insightful feedback in enviable English.

      And another thing....many K-dramas are getting away from such cookie-cutter plots as mentioned above. Watch thrillers like Ghost, Three Days, Two Weeks, God's Gift - 14 Days, Confessions of A Murderer'...all short dramas of about 16 or so episodes and you'll be hooked !

      Or you might also go for the highly acclaimed 'The Devil' , 'Old Boy', 'Heartless City' 'Sorry I Love You', 'Mum's Real Upset'.

      Or good old melodramas ( Melos) like Giant, My Daughter Soyeong, You Who Roll in Unexpectedly, ......

      But whatever you do, don't miss the movie 'War of The Arrows' ! This movie is really nail-biting and with its fantastic cinematography, got an award in the Cannes Festival if not mistaken and some scenes reminds of The Last of The Mohicans.

      And yes, KT....Han Ji Hye in 'I Summon You, Gold' ( what a title ! hehe ) is a real sight for sore eyes, with her stunning outift when she's playing the role of the so-called 'evil' twin :) And although East of Eden is a rather old melo, it is still worthwhile, just to see our favs again on screen.

      Where to watch ? Well, Gooddrama is a very reliable online site with good to adequate English subtitles. Happy viewing

    6. wah you're more of an expert than most people I know. Am also watching "God's Gift - 14 Days", an interesting series about a serial killer and a guilt-struck maverick hero. The multi layers of discovery bout the serial killer has been well crafted.

    7. incidentally, the Korean phrase "I summon you Gold" would be equivalent to our (at least in Penang) "Tua Peh Kong, poh pi waa huat tatt" (God of Wealth, bless me with prosperity) wakakaka

    8. Haha KT....I wouldn't dare claim to be an 'expert' but after a couple of years of K-dramas, anyone could easily discern the wheat from the chaff....and perusing good drama blog like Dramabeans helps tremendously.

      Me too currently watching God's Gift :) ....the leading lady Lee Bo-yeong is absolutely one of my favs who recently got not one but TWO (!) Daesang Awards , the equivalent of an Emmy for her dramas ' I Hear Your Voice' and 'My Daughter So-yeong'. Yes....God's Gift is certainly very well-crafted and multi-layered, with wonderful pacing and great chemistry between the two main leads.

      And you are absolutely spot on......I summon you Gold is quite the equivalent of our local way of imploring Tua Peh Kong for wealth, LOL. Trust you KT to open my eyes to this, kamsiahmida !

    9. Apology.....'Confession of A Murderer' is a movie, NOT a drama serial. Very riveting with a twist in the ending which will knock you out, hehe.

    10. Anon 10:02 am April 10,

      Thanks for your introduction to Korean dramas. The crime & investigation and other action series do sound intriguing. I may look up those. Icky love stories are not for me.

      Anon 1:53 am

    11. You are most welcome, Anon1:53 am.

      As mentioned, Gooddrama is a good site to view all F.O.C.....that site have not only Korean dramas and movies....there's also HK, Mainland China, Taiwanese and Japanese offerings ! You are spoilt for choice, to say the least....just click either for dramas or movies and you are off to a world away from mundane-ness :)

  8. It certainly belies his notion about the freedom of thought. Perhaps, his emotions transcend his mentality - one can be overly sensitive as one aged. Politicians must argue in order to survive. It is the basis for progress.

    Eyes peering, open neckline, slits and naked at essential areas – all devouring. Keep gazing and you will get exorcised. I must smoke hookah and sip tea at my favourite Egyptian corner tonight, to chill and transcend this internal conflict of mine. Wakakaka.

    - hasan

  9. Kaytee,now this sweetie sure is a beauty.You should post pictures of beautiful ladies more often.It makes me feel more energetic and a nice way to start the day.Cheers.

    1. Incidentally Lee Dae Hee was educated in Australia - I think in Queensland, wakakaka

  10. He has always censored contrarian views. Welcome to the club though you seldom (first time) been censored.

    1. Huh? Censored? Sure or not? Just Like Din Merican did it to you (I am not sure if he really did all the time) while Pak Bean aka Mark Shaibuddin (The one who called Tunku Tok Tam) preached freedom of speech in in Merican's blog.

      Oh come on, you motherfucker, don't be a sissy la! People don't post your reply, you cry father cry mother la.........Lagi2 set up the blog like this

      Don't be like that guy........Hahahaha! Else, the Lupus would really come over to your blog to have a celebrity deathmatch with you.......Hahahaha!

      Guys & Gals,
      Kaytee no good la. Post korean babes, never chio the chio bus/leng luis over. Yeah yeah the one with V sign. But then that NTU gal, Trinetta (NOT RELATED TO ANNABELLE) also damn chio right! And also must play music one........Hahahaha! By the way, Perth is kinda like little singapore........Hahahaha. It's like good old days.....1.17SGD = 1AUD. Sound familiar

      You old enough or not? Hahahaha! If not, please skip this song

  11. I have noticed Kit Siang's blog does post well reasoned contrary views.
    However, simply criticising the article or DAP, PKR, PAS or Pakatan isn't going to get in.

    Usually postings get moderated out because either
    a) The way the post is written itself is considered unwelcome.
    b) The particular poster has an unwelcome track history either on that blog itself or elswhere on the Internet.

    I couldn't tell about your posting not having seen it.
    You do have a track record in your blog which marks you out as strongly against Pakatan, 2/3 of it anyway, as well as its recognised leader.

    1. FYI, Lim Kit Siang has published one of my posts on his website before wakakaka. AI is PKR not DAP