Thursday, April 03, 2014

Lim Kit Siang a nodding Homer

As a long time admirer of Uncle Lim Kit Siang I've to admit lately I've been rather annoyed with him for what I see as his politicization of certain issues, namely Najib's declaration the MH370 flight had ended and earlier, the Major Zaidi Ahmad's case about him making unauthorized statements to the media on the EC's very delible indelible ink during the May 2013 general and state elections

Let's examine the first issue. TMI reported Uncle Lim calling on Ah Jib Gor to admit his mistake when he announced on March 24 that MH370 had ended in the southern Indian Ocean. Uncle Lim pointed out that Ah Jib Gor subsequently f**ked himself up (kaytee's choice of words, wakakaka, not Uncle Lim') by attempting to imply he did not mean that the plane had crashed or that there were no survivors.

Well, FMT has just reported that China’s ambassador to Malaysia Huang Huikang today said that Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak chose the right word when he announced the last position of flight MH370 in a briefing last week.

Speaking to reporters this afternoon, Huang defended Najib for using the word ‘ended’.

He said Najib had to use the word to avoid repercussions as the families of the Chinese passengers on board the plane are hoping that their loved ones are still alive.

Kinda slap for Uncle Lim in the face! Much as I am a DAP support (after viewing the big picture) and have admired Uncle Lim for many of his earlier statesmanlike announcements and proposals, I'm quite disappointed with him in recent times for what I see as his relentless politicization of some issues, a couple as mentioned above, thus in my mind he most assuredly deserved the verbal 'slap' from the Chinese Ambassador's words.

Why toy around with (politicizing) semantics when the end effect of Najib's declaration would have been beneficial to the grieving families - it avoided what the Chinese Ambassador has mentioned, to wit, repercussions as the families of the Chinese passengers on board the plane are hoping that their loved ones are still alive, yet, as I had written previously on what many may not realize,

... authorized legal and administrative processes such as the issues of death certificates which in turn would allow insurance claims to be lodged, financial compensation made, inheritance will of those now declared as 'deceased' read and executed, etc.

Without an official declaration of the status of those missing on MH370 as effectively 'deceased', all the above can't and won't be processed and would only further the sufferings of the NOK.

While we expect the western press to exploit every opportunity to indulge in their favourite sports of bashing Asian governments, entities and cultures, we don't expect fellow Malaysians to do so, especially in such a tragic case like MH370, where our collective first priority now is to help the families of those missing bring matters to a close and hopefully their emotions to also have closure of some sort.

Mind, this doesn't mean that Uncle Lim had been wrong in insisting on a Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) hearing of the MH370 case. He has been absolutely right in demanding that such a hearing (regardless of whether MH370's Boeing 777 black box is recovered or not) be convened.

Indeed a PSC on the MH370 loss is highly appropriate and much needed, where whatever dirt there may be, that can be dug up and even flung around, but in close door meetings where Malaysia's national interests are not impaired and its national reputation not washed like dirty linen in public internationally. Pakatan politicians must remember they too are Malaysians and thus should endeavour to protect Malaysia's national interests.

But alas, unfortunately politics in Malaysia have acquired such a deep set toxicity that will take years, even decades to be purged clean. For example, in the FMT article reporting China’s ambassador to Malaysia Huang Huikang stating that PM Najib chose the right word to announce the last position of flight MH370 in a briefing last week, some lamentable readers' comments have been:

  • Mr. ambassador , you don't know much about Najis. [But that has been the Chinese government's official assessment so WTF has that got to do with Najib?]
  • They are trying to bring closure. Lu tolong gua, gua tolong lu. Mutual benefit lah. The whole SAR Operation is a stage play. Money can not only blind people, It can turn them into a deaf-mute. Another 239 lives have become victims of global politics. [this is very serious allegations which as we know cannot be substantiated - an irresponsible and reckless accusation - see also next comment]
  • Braders talk - Najib to Ambassador........You scratch my buttocks I scratch your balls! Everything would be fine!

Obviously those so-called Malaysians would prefer China to excoriate Malaysia and Najib endlessly. That's what I mean by Malaysia's toxic politics; and that's the sort of so-called 'Malaysians'(?) who love to have Malaysia and Malaysian institutions scorned by foreigners.

As for the second issue, one allegedly (though already self-confessed by Major Zaidi Ahmad) of a military officer making unauthorized statements to the media, the air force has seen that officer as violating military standing orders. Why must Uncle interfere in that pending court martial when he as a lawyer himself, knows that there should be due process of law without political interference.

Besides, an accused is innocent until proven guilty, and that the court should be the judge of that charge against Major Zaidi, and not Uncle Lim, a politician with naturally a political inclination.

One cannot automatically dismiss charges against a military officer on the basis of Uncle Lim's political perception or when the issue involved matters that have been deemed politically beneficial to Pakatan's cause or adverse to BN's position. It's not unlike what RPK had succinctly written about, that BN defectors to PKR are automatically canonized as saints while those who defected over to UMNO would be the slimiest of political frogs who sold their political commitment for money. What a terrible double-standard.

Military laws are not something dug out of the Cabinet of Evil to pummel a military personnel that the authorities have been suspected of not liking. It's part of Malaysian Laws and sanctioned under the Constitution of Malaysia, and in fact, inherited from British laws as have been our civil laws.

Some legislative peculiarities unique to the military may be seen in its laws on ‘desertion’. A military deserter if so found guilty (of desertion) by a court martial can go to prison on long sentences, unlike a civilian ‘deserter’ from his/her job who would get either the sack or be sued for breach of working contract [and if unable to pay up, presumably to declare bankrupt and no imprisonment will be involved].

Another extreme form of military law, perhaps now no longer in the books, relates to both cowardice and refusal to obey operational orders during wartime in the field, where the offender may even be summarily executed by the officer in charge. 'Summarily executed' means 'shot on the spot' by the officer in charge.

Then there's the mandatory requirement for military personnel who have been captured by the enemy to escape when the opportunities exist. Failure to escape under such situations will result in the personnel being charged (on their repatriation or after the war), with sentences up to two years imprisonment or a hefty fine or both.

Hence a military person is subjected to laws and disciplines very unlike those normally for civilians. Many of these laws have been designed to ensure the operational or fighting effectiveness and efficiency of the military would be maintained.

Thus we should be aware of this, and be less emotional or political, and not automatically accuse the military authorities for being politically vindictive in charging Major Zaidi for allegedly violating AFCI when he allegedly made unauthorized media statements or sent sms allegedly of a political nature.

Whether Major Zaidi will be found guilty or otherwise, let us leave that to the military court to decide.

In fact, Major Zaidi himself seemed to know what would be in store for him when he made the alleged unauthorized press statements. He was reported by TMI as saying “I knew there would be repercussions but I was surprised that the supplier and EC got away just like that while I am the one in trouble.”

Let’s leave aside for a moment his quite correct observation that ‘the supplier and EC got away just like that’ regarding the highly delible indelible ink, and the serial bullshit that the EC peddled out unashamedly as excuses. They were/are civilians and do not fall under military jurisdiction as Major Zaidi has been and still is.

Let’s examine his “I knew there would be repercussions” vis-a-vis violating Malaysian Armed Forces Council Instructions or Orders, such as making statements to the media without the Defence Ministry's authorization, and sending two text messages which were deemed political in nature.

Indeed, which military officer, past and present, dares to say he or she hasn't been aware of firstly, the apolitical requirements demanded of a military officer, and secondly, the Armed Forces Council Instructions (AFCI), specifically about making unauthorized statements to the media or making political statements (or messages by whichever media means)?

The AFCI have been in existence for years since the early days of the Armed Forces, and there have been personnel before Major Zaidi who were charged for violating some of those Instructions. So has Major Zaidi been vindictively charged under some recently created military laws and rules, specifically for a supposedly political-malicious purpose against him?

Just a reminder, Major Zaidi himself hasn't denied so, as may be seen by his own admission that his actions would bring about ‘repercussions’.

But let's leave it at that, and on the same token, Uncle Lim should bloody butt out of a military issue that is yet to be determined by a properly and legally constituted body.

In ending my post, Uncle Lim should console himself with what Horace, a Roman poet, once wrote, “Sometimes even the noble Homer nods, wakakaka, meaning what I have seen as his recent politicization of issues have been not his usual high standards of political performance.



  1. Ambassadors do not make comments just based on events. Their comments are made in the national interest and have a strong bias for trends. In this case the trend in the bilateral relations between China and Malaysia which is larger than MH370. Do not be too hard on LKS. He has made a tremendous personal sacrifice and surely there is still room for such people or have we all become The Ringgit Man.

    1. Well, we should look at whether Malaysia ambassador kenna called by PRC in Beijing for whacking. If it's true, no need to guess how angry PRC is. But then again money is king.........Who is the major shareholder for Penang 2nd bridge? Hehehehe

    2. Anon of 4:12 pm, April 03,

      as mentioned in above post I have always admired Lim Kit Siang and I believe I will continue doing so, but that doesn't mean I have to accept everything he said, as in the cases of MH370 case and the pending court martial of Major Zaidi. As I put it, Uncle Lim has been like the noble Homer, sometimes "nodding" (not completely infallible in his political statesmanship)

  2. Ambassadors are not well known to speak the plain truth. That's usually not their job.
    People who speak plainly as a matter of principle don't get very far as ambassadors.
    Not to accuse them of lying, but in public, they often varnish the truth, smooth out the rough edges, message the pain points.

    When diplomats say a discussion was "frank" it means it was practically a quarrel.
    When a meeting is "useful" it means nothing much was done. When they say they are "cautious" means they don't trust the other side.

    The Malaysian diplomatic service is a shadow of its former self. Most of the Malay-sian diplomats these days simply do not have the level of command of the English language to be effective international diplomats.
    Just good enough for "ikut perintah" only.

    1. diplomatic or otherwise the Chinese, Australians and other international leaders have supported Najib's statement that Flight MH370 came to an end in the southern Indian Ocean, and we too can't fault him for saying so because the MAS B777 had a finite quantity of fuel.

    2. KT,

      Re-read the two postings about diploma talks!


      WRT the 'diplomatic or otherwise the Chinese, Australians and other international leaders have supported Najib's statement' is again DIPLOMA talks.

      Besides, what do u want them to say - f**k najib, OPENLY?

      Behind the scene - najib has been 'cursed' for his 'ended in South Indian Ocean' conclusion purely based on mathematical conjecture, which even the originator of that conjecture, Inmasat, himself is dissociated with!

      Keep watch, something new is brewing! This time now, M'sia would be the REAL laughing stock of the world!

      Just wondering whether the blur-sotongs WOULD demand the en-block resignation of the current govt, never mind about rosmajib's heads!

    3. This is now confirmed!!!!!

      Watch 1: The Inmarsat-3F1 Doppler Data Do Not Exclude a Northerly Flight Path for MH370

      cf :

      That's ONE of the reason Inmarsat retracted her responsibility with najib's 'ended in South Indian Ocean' claim!!!

      More to come!!!!!

    4. Watch 2: The Southerly wild goose chase has played its role for making time for 'finishing job'!

      najib SHOULD 3X check with his in-law in Kazakhstan, whether his 'good' (ULD#14) has arrived safe & sound.

      MSS & HSD r exploiting on this trace for the world to see, so as to hide their truth intend.

      Now, whose the scapegoat?

      The passengers r all 'taken care off' - & this is on the blood account of rosmajib!

  3. Seriously, I am speechless when I read this

    1. ISMA is just another Perksasa, with some rednecked ultra nationalists sprouting bigotry. But if what MCA's Heng Seai Kie said about some PKR and DAP supporters (not necessarily members, like kaytee wakakaka) using the WeChat application and Weiboe website to instigate the Mainland Chinese (an accusation reputed by DAP's Lim Lip Eng) then those people have forgotten that they are Malaysians and haven't behaved like Malaysians. I hope Heng's accusation is not true.

    2. Just based on that statement of 'malaysians-who-criticise-country-over-mh370-should-have-citizenship-revoked', these troglodytes SHOULD have banish to the other-side of the black-hole!

      Still thinking citizenship is given via their CB grace!

    3. Talking about Perkasa, you have to give some credit to Ibrahim Ali:

  4. The Lims, father and son, are now little more than shit-stirrers , deliberately causing problems for Malaysia

    1. Guan Eng has been very quiet on the MH370 matter

  5. the mean machine2:36 am, April 04, 2014

    Kaytee,not only did Kit Siang jumped on the bandwagon on the MH 370 tragedy.Your favourite politician Manmanlai(pronounced as man man lai) was jumping up and down like a drunken chimpanzee.So were many of the opposition leaders.It is shameful,lest to say try to gain political points on a national tragedy.Shame,a blurdy fucking shame.

    1. U guys MUST have yr brain removed!

      Opposition politicizes MH370 to gain political mileage?

      There r many, YES, not less the BN!

      If u imply that we should keep mourning quietly, then u r true to yr namesake!

  6. Where to get 3 to 4 tons of mangosteens on 8 March 2014 ?

    1. Dont forget about the lithium ion battery packs & the unaccounted for #14ULD!

    2. Usually the fruits are aplenty after May.

      But early March ?

  7. I disagree with your suggestion that the inquiry on MH370 be done behind closed doors.

    We are long past that point, especially with many suspicions raised both internationally and in this country, rightly or wrongly, that the Malaysian authorities have along the way hidden information and tried to "manage" the truth, until events and pressures ensured they couldn't be hidden anymore.
    The decades-old BN government culture of secrecy and lack of accountability - the two are intertwined - are a major factor in the mess we are in.

    Maybe not the cause of the tragedy itself , but that is still pending question marks on what the RMAF did or did not know / did or did not do on that night.
    It is definitely a major part of how the aftermath has played out on 24x7 global news.

    Whatever needs to asked and answered, must be asked and answered in public. If sensitive national security specifics are being examined, the committee can proceed in camera, but the gist of the proceeding must be made public.

    When the Space Shuttle Challenger, the pride of the US space program, blew up 1 minute after blast off in 1986, a Presidential Commission (roughly equivalent to our Royal Commission) was formed to conduct the investigation. Made up of respected public figures, its proceedings were conducted in public, and the report was made public.
    Major faults in the management of NASA and its contractors were uncovered. Dirty linen or not did not stop the determination to uncover the truth.

    Enough is enough. No more sweeping of dirt under the carpet.
    The accummulated dirt of 57 years under the carpet has now become a massive mountain.

    We owe it to the families of those who lost their loved ones in the tragedy.

    1. Rocket,
      Jibby & his plen, Kerismuddin have thrown away the key when they decided to go alone with any consultation with the oppositions especially Anwar Ibrahim from the very beginning. While kaytee may have been extremely upset over Anwar due his alleged screwing of his sister's cat, Anwar Ibrahim happened to be the Opposition Leader. Not to mention having 52% popular support.
      There you have it! Since you don't involve people from the beginning, every fucking cibai thingy happened in MH370 SAR.......IS FUCKING CIBAI BN/UMNO problem. No way of asking others to do kumbaya with you because you never involve the other sides from the first place......
      Even Mandela also POLITICISE the SKODENG MASSACRE...........According to kaytee's standard of course........FW DE KLERK was to be blamed for the escalating violence......That was on the eve of making a breakthrough between ANC & the white apartheids.......Whether FW DE KLERK ordered it is secondary........The point is FW DE KLERK was the president......The buck stops with him.....especially it's his government without the participation of ANC running the show


    2. Rocketman, on 2nd thoughts I agree with you that an inquiry on MH370 should be open to the public. What I had in mind when I penned this post was more about the RMAF in which I strongly believe any investigations into its role (or lack of) should, nay, MUST be behind closed doors.

  8. I fully agree with you here.
    DAP and everyone else should suka-suka hentam only.

    Imagine if Najib did not announce the finding from experts based on best data available as well as after being collaborated by at least one or two other agencies, Najib and our leaders will surely kena kaw-kaw if these findings somehow got leaked out to the world.

    And then DAP will also say Najib is useless for not daring to announce or attempting to hide the truth. As it is, it will make matters worst as Chinese relatives of mh370 passengers are already accusing our leaders not telling the truth.

    I wonder how LKS and PR leaders could do much better, given the many unknowns and complexities of the tragedy. It is not as if PR leaders themselves has been perfect in every way in the few states they administer.

    1. Rakyat,
      When you have nothing to say, say nothing. The problem with Najib is.......he's making an announcement that's remotely vague. You don't need a death certificate to press on with the claim
      This guy will tell you why.......Again it's always been the victims who are kenna screwed over & over again. Worst still one of the accomplices is kaytee.

      "In your letter you write that the relatives in their terrible situation of uncertainty should also think of compensation. Why?
      Bernd Gans: It sounds strange, but it‘s really important. Because the relatives have costs immediately. It is not pleasurable to talk about it, but it is like that. When somebody is missing, he is actually not pronounced dead. So a lot of arduous visits to the authorities and legal procedures are necessary in order to receive authorisation. And what happens when behind the missing people are the families to be supported – what happens to them? The relatives sit in hotels, waiting for news and they can‘t work.

      What should be done?
      Bernd Gans: We point to the Treaty of Montreal. There it is settled that every passenger with 100,000 special drawing rights is insured. This is a global agreement currency and corresponds to 115,000 Euros (RM517,000). 15 percent of this amount must be paid out, as soon as the beneficiary is identified. It must happen here and now – that was also delayed for us back then. That is our demand now."

      So fucker........Do you need Jibby to come out to make an announcement so that people can make claims as alluded by this joker kaytee?

      Isn't it a fucking cibai insults to the victims? Tell that to Bernd Gans......He lost his loved ones in AF447 accident

  9. Kaytee,
    Eat this

    Is it not politicisation? Plus I thought that Najib was the part of the signing of agreement between Bangsamoro & Pinoy land. What more are you going to say, kaytee? Defending the indefensible

  10. Wakakakaka...KT,

    Yr favorite bunching bag is at it AGAIN!

    Not ONLY he accused the BN govt of incompetent & hiding infos, he also sinisterly implied that there were possibility of officials on the ground being complicit in the incident

    He ALSO repeated his claim about the super-duper Marconi radar system bought under his jurisdiction.

    Will KT go ballistic ?????

    1. Nah! kaytee is thinking about bringing back cruxification........Guillotine......too painless.......Hahahaha

  11. In the aftermath of 9/11, continuing for at least a few years, there was a tremendous common feeling in the US to unite the country in grief and to support actions needed to prevent a recurrence.
    For a few years, there was a prevalent social political environment in America which considered it improper, even disloyal to question or criticize the government for its actions/ inactions before and after the tragedy. The Bush Administration cynically exploited that rare moment of commonality in the US, to initiate military invasions in Afghanistan , then Iraq, and to put in place serious abuses human rights at home and abroad.
    That lead to Guantanamo Bay, the Patriot Act, Abu Ghraib.

    Both family and past professional ties link me inextricably to MAS and the aviation industry in Malaysia. I have personally felt the pain of the loss of MH370.

    While we grief for MH370, we must equally not allow allow accusations of disloyalty to prevent getting to the truth for accountability and responsibility.

    1. Yes Subang! In fact, Tunku has EXPLOITED IT over the Konfrontasi. I bet kaytee would retort by saying sama sama to LKY. Hehehehe! One point kaytee would NEVER highlight.......While the oppositionists in singapore are very powderful to the extent of overtaking the country & subduing it to.........maoist style........In Malaysia, it wasn't the case. But then, kaytee would never say something bad about Tunku........Perhaps, he's indeed related to the fella who associated with a stripper in Aussie land nong nong time ago.......Hahahaha

  12. KT,

    Another of yr favorite diploma talk;

    Wondering when they said about 'its level best' - did they mean the sea floor of the South Indian Ocean?