Wednesday, April 23, 2014

PAS and its love of hudud

Malay Mail Online - Without support from allies, PAS to bank on Umno’s help with hudud

KUALA LUMPUR, April 23 — Faced with unyielding resistance from its allies in Pakatan Rakyat (PR), PAS said it will have to turn to its political foes in Umno to push through a controversial bill in Parliament that will pave the way for the implementation of hudud in Kelantan.

Without support from Umno, which PAS has in the past repeatedly refused to form a unity government with, the Islamist party will suffer yet another setback in its long-time struggle to introduce hudud, likely inviting more criticism on its commitment to Islam.

Under syariah laws, hudud is the section dealing with a class of 'crimes' and its punishments. The class of crimes include theft, fornication and adultery, consumption of alcohol or other intoxicants, and apostasy.

As can be seen, other than theft, the rest of the Islamic 'serious crimes' mentioned above are no longer considered crimes from a legal point of view in a secular or even non-Islamic religious world.

Certainly acts such as adultery would be morally and socially unacceptable but the most the 'moralizers' could do would be to either sermonize or frown on it, or both. Society could of course socially (but not legally) ostracize the offenders - that's the max.

But in Islam, the punishment for adultery is death by stoning whereas fronication earns 100 lashes and/or exile for a year ... and would be even worse and totally unjust if you're a Shiite woman in a Sunni country as was seen in the case of the Qatif girl in Saudi Arabia. The victims (a Shiite girl and a man), after being gang-raped by seven Saudi Sunni men (yes, the male victim was also buggered), were each sentenced to be flogged with 90 lashes and two months jail.

PAS has long been obsessed with hudud. If you read a wee bit about hudud, with its execution by decapitation with the sword, stoning to death, amputation of arms and legs, and flogging, you wonder at the mindset of its PAS proponents.

And the frightening thing is that religious laws (of all religion, not just Islam), purportedly from God, would actually be framed, decided, judged and dispensed by man. Thus, under a theocratic legal system, it'll no longer be a case of 'man proposes, GOD disposes'; instead and in reality it would be 'god proposes, MAN disposes'.

Don't believe me? Read the history of Jeanne d'Arc, and examine this list of unfortunates who were burned by the Roman Catholic Church, Church of England, Eastern Orthodox Church and Calvinist Church. Over in the Americas, the list would probably be even longer.

But so obsessed has been PAS in wanting to bring into our legal system this medieval code of punishment that they would even sleep with UMNO, whom they have described as evil and apostates, wakakaka.

And why is hudud considered medieval?

Judaism used to stone adulterers to death - recall John 8:7 which says "So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her", but it no longer does.

The Chinese used to drown adulterers in the nearest river or pond but they no longer do.

But the code of punishment in hudud has not changed since its inception nearly a thousand years ago.

In Saudi Arabia which has syariah as its legal system, apart from hudud, there is also a subset of laws called Qisas - if this legal system allowing retaliation a la 'an eye for an eye' is not medieval and of tribal origin, I'm not sure what it is.

But it's not God's law we are worried about; it's those mullahs, muftis and MF's that we are scared of. And you can be sure they will be the very group coincidentally exempt from the worst punishments of hudud.

moral police in action
but they know where NOT to go, wakakaka

BTW, can you remember the Zouk Club incident where the religious department officers made those poor nightclubbing girls squat in front of their ogling eyes to urinate? For more, read my post Theocratic 3 P's - prohibit, persecute & punish.

We'll just have to wait and see whether UMNO and the UMNO section in PKR will play ball with PAS.

snoop squad of moral police in action


  1. the gaffe guy who know's10:59 am, April 23, 2014

    Maybe PAS would like to implement Hudud in Putrajaya first.The Hudud laws will be more easily to pass if it is in Putrajaya.When those armless crooks are paraded for the public to see,there will be no need to implement Hudud in Kelantan.

  2. There is no Muslim politician who will publicly oppose Hudud.
    Its just not on, with the Malay-Muslim conventions as they exist in this country.

    Privately, many would be aghast at the thought of implementing Hudud, but they will not say it aloud.

    The most you will get is some feeble whining like "the situation is not yet right" or "need a wider concensus" from the less enthusiastic sections.

    What many fail to realise, the injuctions against e.g. Adultery, Death may be the "Word of Allah", but the prescribed punishments are definitely of human origins. They reflect the mores and rules of an ancient male-chauvinist desert society.

    Women were a part of a man's chattels, and adultery was a grave transgression, punishable by death.
    In a male supremacist society. a woman alleging to have been forcibly taken by a man had to be corroborated by several male witnesses (practically never happens) , anything else is not sufficient evidence.

    Theft of essential items in a materially poor desert society could have very serious consequences to the family concerned. They could die of thirst if you stole their water skins or their camels. Hence the punishment for theft was particularly severe.

    Violence and killing were actually quite common, often difficult to ascertain exactly who was right or wrong. Hence killings were allowed to be settled via "Blood Money" if mutually agreed by the family of the deceased.
    In a harsh desert environment, getting compensated for some family member who was killed was sometimes of more practical use than ensuring the killer receive severe punishment.

    We are a long, long way in time and distance from that ancient desert society, but the proposed punishments in Hudud are the same.

    Does it make sense ?

  3. About hudud,

  4. I believe PAS wants an excuse to form a unity govt with UMNO, and knowing DAP will never ever support hudud, this is a very good excuse to leave pakatan and join hands with UMNO.
    They know even if hudud is enforced, the big shots won't be affected, only the small fry will.
    And certainly they don't mind losing the non muslim support in Kelantan.

  5. Wonder how many Govt servants will be disabled persons after Hudud is implemented. That includes most politicians and their business cronies.

  6. Hudud is very effective.
    Saudi Arabia has very little crime.
    Potential thieves know they hands get amputated if caught.
    Violent crime is rare.
    Women can walk safely in public places.
    Most houses don't even have grilles.

    1. yes, just like the Qatif Shiite girl and a man who were BOTH raped by 7 Sunni Saudis; yes, like many Filipino maids who were raped by their Saudi bosses.

    2. Japan has very little crime and no hudud. Anyone care to explain that?


    4. It is not true Saudi had very little crime. It is just underreported especially the women. If the women reported rape but cannot produce witnesses, she will instead be whipped and accused of adultery if pregnant. No women dare even to step into a police station in Saudi Arabia. That is why a man trying to rape a woman in Saudi Arabia got stabbed by the woman. The woman would rather be jailed than be raped by the man and be accused of authority and whipped or she may even be jailed. And foreign maids had no way of reporting their masters who abused them. They can't step out of the house without a male companion who must be their relatives so how can they report the crime against their employers.

  7. PAS and DAP are just like the Sicilian Mafia and Russian Mafia banding together to run a new joint venture business.
    One cobra and another Viper.
    They will soon turn on each other.
    I wouldn't get anywhere nearer than a ten-foot pole.

  8. So everyone still waiting for the Soalan Cepu Mas. Will UMNO support PAS on HUDUD?

  9. Hahahahaha! Apa macam, your good friend Zaid Ibrahim said that after the death of Karpal, DAP become macam like MCA......Still support Zaid? Hahahahaha!

  10. Love hudud as much as they please, just leave out the non-Muslims !

  11. Under hudud, if a woman is beaten severely and gang-raped by several men, their semen found (thru DNA) in victim's body, their finger prints on her, withnessed by 3 non-muslim women, would there be conviction ? She does not have 4 Muslim men as her witness.

    1. No doubt it's adulterly !

    2. No, there will be no conviction because non-muslims cannot be witnesses and it also must have reputable muslim pious males. It is impossible to find.

  12. I am girl from saudi arabia I'm happy, because I of this country I possess the whole my rights and I feel like I'm the queen our Religion gave women their rights I am only doing my cooking and cleaning My brothers are buying the stuff that I want because we Ancod in the Kingdom and go to the market much