Monday, April 21, 2014

British imported Indians and Chinese?

Malay Mail Online - Indians, Chinese imported to dispossess Malays of ‘birthright’, ISMA claims

KUALA LUMPUR, April 21 ― Indians and Chinese were brought into Malaysia to weaken the Malay identity and undermine the community’s birthright to peninsular Malaysia on the pretext of multiculturalism, Islamist group Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (ISMA) said today.

Accusing the country’s previous British colonial masters of the conspiracy, the group pointed to a claimed 350-million strong “Malay people” purportedly rooted here to insist that peninsular Malaysia be identified as a Malay and Islamic state.

“Malaysia is a huge province which has been settled by the Malays and hold the Malay identity for over 60,000 years, and has embraced Islam for hundreds of years.

Bloody British! But ...

I've a question, namely, what official multiculturalism or/and its promotion existed during British days?

As for the 60,000 years of Malay existence, I am not going to dispute that. After all, the history of the Sumerians started 6,000 years ago (around 4,000 BC) while the missing link leading to homo sapiens appeared only around that time (60,000 years ago) which means the ISMA claim makes Malays the first or earliest class of homo sapiens, and why not - after all someone got to be the first!

According to the Malay Mail Online article there are NOT 300 million Malays but only 30 million WORLDWIDE - Malaysia has 15 million (50% of 30 million).

For example, while Indonesia has almost 240 million people, only 9 million have identified themselves as Malays. I personally am not surprised because those Javanese are quite snobbish and don't recognize themselves as Malays, but rather Javanese.

I know the British colonialists brought British-trained Indians across from British India and Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) to be clerks, PWD workers-tradesmen (JKR's predecessor), postmen, policemen, guards, etc to serve the local British Administration and additionally to work as labourers in British-owned estates. But to promote multiculturalism in Malaya? Huh?

WTF man, Malaya was under British colonial rule effectively if not legally, and those Poms didn't give a f**k about multiculturalism among the natives.

They just told our ancestors to shut the f**k up if they didn't quite like our squabbling. Hence we had had unhappy blokes like Maharajarela, Mat Kilau, Dol Said, Chin Peng, etc. But multiculturalism for the locals by the colonial British? wakakaka, what cock talk is this?

As for the Chinese, in earlier days before there were silly stuff like passports, visas or even immigration officers they went where there was (rumours of) precious metal or work (which included trade), take your pick.

Precious metals? America (gold), Australia (gold), Malaya (they thought Malaya had silver, but they were quite please with tin, wakakaka).

Chinese woman wearing tudung


Work? They built the railroads in America and (together with the Indians) the rubber plantations in Malaya, all under the white men of course (well, initially at least, wakakaka).

they cut tunnels right through the Rockies

Chinese were certainly imported by the Yanks to do the hard work. But Chinese imported into Malaya by the Poms? For multiculturalism?



  1. Kaytee,
    I thought you wanna revisit barlow & chamber case.......Hahahaha! The show!

  2. You need to add that most of the women were imported as prostitutes to keep the men satisfied so that they could continue being worked very hard.

  3. Francis Light reportedly fired silver coins into the interior jungle of what is now Georgetown as the only way to induce the local Malays to clear the land. Conventional offers of wages had totally failed to motivate them to work.

    Malaya had richness in the land - tin , as well as fertile land which was well suited for rubber. The British quickly found that their biggest problem was labour.

    Sorry to say, the local Malays simply had little interest in working for money. Growing food on the land, netting fish from the rivers was good enough for most of them.
    The word "lazy" comes to mind, but Isma would probably get livid from this description.

    That's why the British had to resort to importing labour from China and India.

    By the way, a Javanese would consider it a real insult to be called a Melayu.

  4. KT,

    Why r u wasting time trying to argue with troglodytes who r bend on vainglorious themselves no ends with self-manufactured 'facts'?

    More so when these 'facts' r not been tested rigorously through the time honored peered reviewed process?

    This group of morons r like the proverbial one-eyed Jack leading the nation of blinds!

    Just biakan lah - havent the good lord reminds us time & again that before he destroyed someone, he would make sure he/she goes crazy first?

    On the other note - here is something to tell the world about the M'sia induced wild goose chase for the MH370 in the South Indian Ocean.

    This report is been subjecting to technically competent experts' reviews!

    'Up until now I have had no reason, in terms of physics and aircraft performance, to favour a southern path over a northern one, or vice-versa. Now I do. Noting that the southern route shown above is longer (of course) than the northern route – they last for the same length of time, but the northern one is at 421 knots, the southern at 481 knots, so that it’s about 14 per cent longer – I thought that the southern route might be excludable by dint of there being insufficient fuel to complete it.

    With this in mind I asked whether we knew the maximum possible range for MH370. Richard Godfrey answered as follows:

    I have checked Victor’s routes with respect to your point about fuel .

    The Northern Path is 3174.7 nm from KUL via IGARI, VPG, VAMPI, MEKAR, NILAM and Victor’s best fit co-ordinates.

    The Southern Path is 3507.8 nm using the same assumptions.

    As mentioned in a previous post, the maximum fuel range is 3336nm calculated based on a flight planned to Beijing plus 2 hours reserve (if MAS followed standard practice).

    In this case, you would be right to exclude the Southern Path.

    Richard’s calculations are yet to be repeated using the known fuel loading of MH370 at KL, which has been supplied by LGHamilton, but my present working position must be that – subject to the various assumptions that have perforce been necessary – MH370 most likely took the indicated northern route, and therefore would have crashed in the vicinity of Almaty.

    Until this analysis has been refined in various ways there is nothing much further to be said, and so I will end this post now with the simple observation that there are several substantial mountains ranges to the south and south-east of Almaty that are still snow-covered and not easily accessible at this time of year.'

    WRT yr possible argument about the highly militarized Northern path radar surveillance, here is a possible reason;

    '(i) They were asleep at the time; or (ii) Their radars are not adequate to pick it up amongst the other air traffic. (b) There are no indications of MH370 having been detected and identified through radar systems in Myanmar, India, China and so on (i.e. plausible northern routes). (c) My personal knowledge of the JORN system (which I cannot reveal in detail) indicates to me that it is unlikely that it would have been detected and identified by that system, and that viewpoint has been backed up by others (offline here) including an experienced operator. Note how I have written “detected and identified” in connection with all the above systems: that is, there might be a signal returned to the radar receiver, and registered amongst the stored (or maybe not stored) data, but it may not have been identified either by automated systems or the human operators.'

    More can be found under Duncan Steel's website if u can bore through those 'incomprehensible' mathematical calculations!

  5. how about the Chinese who arrived during the Malaccan Sultanate era ? the Peranakans who have lived in Malaya for generations before some young turks even got here ?

    and for those retards to claim that the Chinese were brought here by the Brits for multiculturalism. to these retards, pls go back to school & reread your Sejarah books !

  6. Isma wants to sing
    The old songs of the long gone era
    Living in the shadows
    Thinking how great they were

    During my school lessons eons ago
    It was said the Malays came from the Vietnam regions
    Traveling or migrated to Burma to Siam
    Eventually through South Thailand to Malaya

    They are the stock of the Chinese ancentry
    Breeding and changing of religion they were
    Through the years another stock was added into it
    The time of Majapahit and Srivijaya Empires

    The Hindus in their glorious years
    These empires controlled Indonesia and Malaya
    Even the early years of Malacca sultanate was Hindus
    Before Sultan Mansur Shah converted to Islam

    Even today we see the Hindus influences
    Amongst the Malays' clothing and customs
    If only Isma goes back to history
    They will learn and don't be a proud peacock

    The Malays on those period
    Lived on farming and the seas
    They had no interest to try new adventures
    What they had were sufficient to sustain them

    When the British came
    All for the trade and wealth
    They were in a hurry to make quick monies
    In the end they employed overseas workers

    The Indians and Chinese came
    Even in those early years before Malacca Sultanate
    The Indians and Chinese had arrived to the new land
    The Majapahit and Srivijaya Empires period

    We can't blame the satanic frogs
    They have found their influences fading
    Afraid to face the new reality of change
    They still cling to the old....

  7. In a real practical sense , the British "imported" the Chinese and Indians into Malaya, even though superficially, these came as free migrants.

    A large majority of Chinese and Indians who came to Malaya were indentured labour. They could not afford to pay up front for their passage.

    They were contracted to agents appointed by employers in Malaya, who paid for their passage, conditional on working for the employer until the debt was paid off.

    There was no passport and visa system in those days, but these employers would have required a nod from the authorities to bring in these indentured workers.

    It was effectively being driven by the British.

    1. The story of moden snakehead for illegal immigrants is pioneered by WHO?

      Ask the Indonesian, the Burmese, the Bangladeshis, the Nepalese in P M'sia & the added Pinoy in Sabah - they All have the same source!

      During the British colonial time, snakehead was unknown, as those Indian/Chinese indentured laborers, came with the helps of their family members who made it first here long before the British heard about Malacca!

      If there is anything to say about this group of people, we should cherish their pioneering adventurist spirit in the face of ALL odd!

      The often told story of hardship at home was only a push factor, their willingness to take risk, against unknown future, was the REAL pull factor that saw them ventured out to the far unknown, in looking for better future/reward.

      Just think that there were billions of them, all facing the same socioeconomic hardship & corrupt regime - why only these group of pioneers ventured out?

      That tells a lot about them & also their decedents!!!!!

      U have ONLY yrself to depend on, period - unlike those modern snakehead inventors, who profit on the misery of others!

  8. KT,
    Trying to read ISMA you'll get headache,
    Trying to understand ISMA you'll get heartache,
    Trying to believe ISMA? At your own risk la.......

  9. KT,
    Instead of arguing why/how/when the Indian & Chinese ended up in MALAYSIA, somebody should present a case to Malay-Muslim-Malaysian.... The question is : Would it better, worse or no difference if all the non-Muslim move out of Malaysia tomorrow. They can decide whether to keep Ridhuan Tee and those Tamil Muslim who wanted to be classified as Bumi-putera. TedNg

  10. Replace , "Indians and Chinese", with" Indonesians, Filipinos and Bangla", and the article will read the same. The children of this generation will face the same problem.

  11. Everybody is sent here by god !

  12. Kita Mest Belajar Menatasi Masalah Tanpa Lahirkan Masalh Baru.

  13. There was nothing sinister about the large scale immigration from China and India in the 19th century until the early 20th century.
    It was an opportunity + demand vs. supply situation.

    The Malays were too unmotivated to work the tin mines and rubber estates.

    There was a strong labour demand which was then fulfilled by other means. As the overall Malayan economy and the Chinese and Indian population grew, there were plenty of other opportunities which arose in commercial and trading activity.

    Again, the Malays were unable or unwilling to fullfil these business opportunities.
    So, that attracted more migrants.

    Simple as that.

    If Isma wants to find someone to blame, they have to look at the Malays themselves.

  14. Lets examine a more objective situation, which may help the Chinese, especially see the logic of situation.

    Australia seems to attract Malaysian Chinese immigrants like flies.

    They are free to pursue their economic and business affairs there, and their private and religious lives, but they have to fit into an Australia where the reality is the definitive legal and social framework is that of a White, European country.
    I would add Christian as well, but since the White Australian population itself is now largely non-religious, that is a decreasing factor in the society.

    This is true in spite of all the talk about multiculturalism.

    And the Chinese do accept it, the choice if they don't is they should look to migrate elsewhere other than Australia. Take it or leave it.

    In the same way, the definitive social and cultural framework of Malaysia is that of a Malay-Muslim country. Yet the Chinese, especially those aligned to DAP, have continuously refused to accept it, and harp on "Malaysian Malaysia".
    This is very unhelpful, even dangerous to nation building.

    1. The product of the destructive social engineering, the result of the degeneration of the country once proud and excellent education......., of the one fraudulent mad man pm. As they grew older, they become more stupid

    2. Where is yr timeline perspective?

      Present day Oz vis-a-vis colonial British Malaya???

      Yr ketuanan mindset has lost ALL relevancy about the establishment of a multiculturalism during the onset of Malaya.

      Did u realized that at one time in distant past, the population of Melayu at Malaya was a minority in comparison with the Chinese Malayan? So what cultural framework r u bull-shitting about?

      Muslim - that's is ONLY a present day political gimmick to garner sympathetic votes! Just look at how r the majority of the Melayu Muslim lives nowadays under the ketuanan cartel?

      In short, without the inputs of the Nons, there would POSSIBLY be no Malaya! Burn that thought in yr sick mind, CB!

      What's more dangerous to the nation building is the continuous haunt of islamization, tongkat ketuanan & forced assimilation against the founding principle of secular multiculturalism that the founding fathers had agreed upon!!!!

      Perhaps this paragraph should be re-written as - 'And the Malays do accept the secular multiculturalism, the choice if they don't is they should look to migrate elsewhere other than Malaysia. Take it or leave it.'

      Dont u dare saying that the Melayu has no where else to go!!! There r many migration examples that u people dont admit & yet happened right in front of yr nose!

      The Nons have the equal right for the claim of Tanah tumpahnya darahku, no less!!!

      The fact of the matter is THEY have more claim, which they DONT profess, for building up this nation through their blood-sweat-&-tears contribution, that's now been put to rot just in ONE generation of mismanagement!

      Yr ONLY claim now in yr superior right lies in quantity through rabbit-breeding process & project-M! Anything else, more worthy for a nation building process?

      Troglodyte! - goes back to yr cave & sleep well under the double-up tempurung. The world outside IS not for u!

  15. "Malays" came to the peninsula in about 700AD from Yunnan, China. They were never here for 60, 50,40,30,20, or even 1,000 years ago!

    The British also imported a lot of other things like a universal education, rubber trees, tin mining equipment, oil palms, gambir, etc, etc. Yes they even imported bicyles! So what?

    So what does all these things matter? UMNO is worried it is going to be wiped out electorally. It knows that relying on the Raja Bomoh is worse than useless-- even that Tee Abdullah fella says that it has made the country a laughing stock in, of all the places, Eygpt! So it makes up stories to justify the looting that is taking place. None of that filters down to the poor Malays anyway.

    1. you hit the nail right on the head when you stated "UMNO is worried it is going to be wiped out electorally." But the next political party to head the government will still be a Malay dominant one

  16. Kalau tak suka , boleh balik.

    1. sama sama sahaja!!!

      Pariah lagi bodoh sombong!!!!!!

      Dari mana ke yg kau ujuh?

  17. UMNO will be in control for many decades more.
    March 2008 was the high water mark for the Opposition. It has been downhill since, as their lies get found out one after another.

    The Malays and the Indians did not buy the "Ubah" slogan. Its just a Chinese phenomenon, a political dead end.

    With Anwar in jail, the situation will get even better for UMNO. I quite expect him to die of AIDS in Sg. Buloh.

    Wishful thinking about UMNO being wiped out will not get you anywhere.