Friday, December 06, 2013

Vale Nelson Mandela

The greatest hero of this and last century
He bore no ill will nor hatred in his heart
For those who persecuted him endlessly
In his new society he didn't set them apart

Like Buddha with compassion legendary
Bringing his children his people together
In unreserved love and hopeful harmony
Emperors, kings, all bow to him in wonder

Vale Nelson Mandela, requiescat in pace


  1. One man's hero is another man's terrorist.
    I knew innocent men and women who were victims of ANC terrorism.
    Rest in Peace.

    1. The French Marquis existed to fight Nazism, the American colonial rebels existed to fight the British (Redcoats) oppressors, the ANC likewise against the white supremacist Afrikaners. So do the Palestinians against the Israeli oppressors and land robbers. What terrorism are you talking about?

    2. I think you wrote a while ago in the context of the Tamil Tigers that a war crime is a war crime, regardless of which side perpetrates it - a powerful government or struggling rebels.

      Looks like your standards are very flexible and changeable by the minute.
      Or is it hypocricy ?

    3. Look at the context. Nazism, Apartheid white supremacy, Israeli neo-Nazism were/are evils which must be fought against. But the Tigers fought against and murdered their own Sri Lankans, all for a secession based on racism. Where's the comparison?

  2. Truly, a disciple of Jesus. He offered the other cheek, walked the extra mile, forgave and blessed his enemies.


    1. Yehoshua ben Yusuf was a Judean rebel who fought ferociously against the Romans, and was crucified after being caught. Nelson Mandela was more of a disciple of Buddha

    2. Hahahaha! Oh come on, just because Buddha is an atheist, you don't need to hijack this fella. The fact is Madiba a PIOUS crhistian. Time for you to return to your faith

      What's the legacy of Madiba? Forgiveness & Concilliation. Ah so, can you bury your bitterness & HATRED over Anwar just because he RAPED your sister's cat? Hahahaha

      P.S : Stop cheapen this great leader with your personal agenda. START CRITICISING YOUR LOVERBOY NAJIB

    3. The Jesus of the Bible was never an armed rebel. You have conveniently mixed him up with the arm rebels of his contemporary.

  3. The demise of Nelson Mandela sadden the whole world.
    When Mahakutty kicks the bucket, I bet there will be lots of joy, jubilation, celebration and
    Champagne popping .