Monday, December 09, 2013

Lil' hot India in Singapore

TMI - Singapore MP wants to turn Little India into alcohol-free zone

If those Banglas were to be in Malaysia, the riots might not have occurred (note: 'might not' because riots could still happen for other reasons, wakakaka).

Yes, I heard that in Malaysia they could apply for citizenship or at least blue IC, or marry our lovely sweeties to eventually became 1st class citizens of our wonderful beautiful nation, where they would be made into millionaires to purportedly 'protect' Islam, as we've been enlightened by UMNO's Mohd Haniff Koslan.

And they would have lived happily ever after, wakakaka.

And not only that but my dear Vango of Hindraf would then boast that the Malay gene pool would have been considerably improved by these "Malays", where Vango referred to them as "Malays" with an emphasis on the quotation marks, wakakaka.

But alas, they went instead to Singapore where I suppose jobs are probably-relatively better remunerated.

So, after several days of probably hard backbreaking work, missing their Dhaka weekend evening out, feeling lonely and blue while thinking of and missing gorgeous, hot and sexy Kanta, Mita, Sadia, Nipa and Farhana Nisho back in Dhaka, Rajshahi, Chittagong, etc, even up north in Rangpur, they would take the next best alternative, namely (no, not what you're thinking wakakaka), the happy brew ...

Farhana Nisho, Bangla's mostest hottie

... which someone unfortunately omitted telling them that too much of a good thing, like sex, tau-yu (soya sauce), salt, chili padi (Birdseye chillie), and santan (coconut milk), can be really bad.

When an unfortunate accident happened fatally to one of them they must have thought they were back home in Bangladesh (or for those Indians, in India) where a wee bus burning, beating people up and overturning-burning buses and cars (even ambulance and police cars, especially ambulance and police cars) would be the norm.

One question begs to be asked: Why were those Banglas drinking the good brew when they came from a land under syariah-hudud laws?

PAS please take note - not so much to nab those Banglas, but more to realize syariah-hudud laws won't discipline Muslims into strict self-imposed observation.

yummy Bangla hottie
I'd gladly give up alcohol for her, wakakaka

Even in India, alcohol consumption in public is frowned upon. Once I was in New Delhi with my aneh Rama. Both of us were sitting down to dinner at a nice lovely hotel where we ordered tosai or dosa (in India one can get a metre-long dosa, wakakaka) with pomfret curry and all the works. Naturally we ordered beer which we intended to round up with several shots of Mr Walker (the Black one).

just a small one, wakakaka

When the beer was served by a very nice and polite elderly waiter, I noted he looked after me with much dedication but missed pouring the golden stuff for my aneh which of course provoked a thirsty Rama to jab pointedly at his glass more than once. But mamak (uncle) after glaring at his 'rudeness' (no, mamak wasn't named Tunku Aziz, wakakaka) ignored him.

another wee one, wakakaka

So putting on my best smile which an 'ex' of mine once informed me was terrifying, wakakaka, I asked politely for mamak to fill up aneh's glass, but mamak answered:

"Sir, I'm most sorry but I can't!"

"Oh? Why?"

"Sir, he's an Indian. He should not be drinking alcohol."


Of course Aneh exploded, virtually yelling "I'm NOT an Indian, I'm MA-LAY-SIAN, Now, pour me my beer!!!"

Most thankfully aneh didn't say 'I'm not a bloody Indian', wakakaka again.

Bangla hottie

I'm not a Malaysian but a Bangla, wakakaka

To cut the story short, what with mamak and aneh glaring at each other like the other bloke was just across the Indo-Pakistani border, wakakaka, I told mamak to just leave the beer bottles on the table, and I would handle them myself - kaytee, ever the diplomat, wakakaka.

Anyway, back to our Banglas in Singapore. Several years ago I posted The Toddy Syndrome in which I penned:

The typically hardworking but unskilled Indian struggles at the lower scale of employment, earns enough to live from hand to mouth day to day, has no or little after-hours amenities, has many children as a result of their sole entertainment (not unlike Chinese farmers in remote rural areas), at the end of work dashes off to the local ‘pub’ for several tin mugs of watered toddy, gets himself pissed drunk to blank out his agonizing frustration, apprehension, worries, physical/mental pain, hopelessness and anger at his-fate-decided-by-the-gods, if not knocked out by the toddy comes home and, where in many cases, tries to solve his problems a wee bit by thrashing the hell out of his wife and kids.

The evil toddy (even though kaytee loves a drop or two of this brew occasionally, in moderation) has become the straw to hang on for many socially-drowning Indians. Its devastating effect produces the syndrome, but the disease is hopelessness in an increasing competitive world that is rapidly leaving many Indian Malaysians behind. Their children are born into immediate disadvantage. Their community is looked down upon. They are assigned ownership of Malaysian crimes which cannot be attributed to foreign migrant workers. They have become the debris, flotsam and garbage of Malaysian society.

Though it was written with our local Indians in mind, I believe it could apply to those migrant Bangla workers in Singapore too, but I wonder whether they were imbibing toddy or the more powerful and more evil samsu?

But making such areas alcohol free would be a good start. Australia took this step some years ago when the authorities realized the gravity of alcoholism in conjunction with the proximity of a steady supply of said brew for some people. There's a very strictly imposed law where one cannot buy alcohol and consume it within a certain distance of the shop selling the alcohol.

Bangla hottie

You know, from the tragedy of the fatal accident and the ensuing riots, came one humorous tidbit which we Malaysians can related to all too easily. At a web forum, where most people were talking about the riots, the associated dangers and social issues, one bright spark who goes by the tweeter moniker of SkysoBlue remarked in the most practical terms, as follows:

"Pity future generations taking SS or history, need learn new chapter, little India riots 2013."

Wakakaka, but at least you Sings don't have a compulsory history exam as we Malaysians have, shafted down our throats with the blessing and order of UMNO.


  1. Kaytee,
    Singapore has come up with such fantastic scheme. If you were to come to singapore in the 60s & 70s with a long hair, you would be served last. Hahahaha! I believe kaytee must have extremely hippie hair then. Anyway, wait a minute, isn't that the same as Hoodooism kaytee extremely feared about? For Kaytee's information, singapore does have some form of acholic control. No selling of acholol after 12 midnight. No selling of acholol in certain sensitive areas including geylang serai & Kampung glam (where melayu istana located & quite near to Golden Mile Complex where those loverboys from thailand to whom even kaytee ogle trolling the area).

    Anyway, the locals including the YINDIANS & mamaks have extremely apprehension towards the so called migrants from Yindian continent. In fact, they are very apprehensive of the foreigners including those from PRC. Surprisingly when it comes to Malaysians, it seems no problem at all. Hahahaha.
    To which I part with this video. Kaytee, don't get angry lei......Mr Brown just poking fun as Rosmah. Oh yeah hor, you would love it when he poke fun at your nemesis, anwar ibrahim

  2. The riots have very scary implications for Malaysia.
    Have you been to some of the rougher areas of KL or Penang recently ? The typical faces there don't look Malaysian at all - local Malay, Chinese, Indians or others.
    They look like a piece of Indo, Bangla or Myanmar which has floated off and landed in Malaysia. Malaysia has the world's largest population of Banglas and Myanmars outside their own country.

    There are so many of them, if they riot, there aren't enough policemen in the country to bring it under control. The authorities would probably have to resort to live bullets, with the resulting massacre.

    Estimated foreign worker population of Malaysia legal + illegal = 5 million.

    1. Jangan risau.....calm a few years' time, these 5 million will form the base of the new "Malays" ala Vampire Vango, which will effectively bring up the Malay/Bumi population from the current 67.8% to 85.6%. Hidup Melayu, heheheh

    2. Macam ini...sudah tentu Melayu tak kan hilang di dunia ...... tetapi the physical appearance will be more and more rambut lebih keringtin, hidung lebih mancung, kulit lebih gelap dan lidah lebih ada rrrrr suara nya, wakakaka !

  3. Aren't mob attacks at accident scences common locally ?

    1. I am not being racist here but I am sharing the sharing that I had long time ago. You know that Buntong, Ipoh is the only Indian enclave in Malaysia. My dad & I were on the way to have good food in that area when suddenly one motorbike trying to cross over ILLEGAL, justdrop down in front of my dad car. Next thing you know there is a hive of people gathering around my dad car demanding payment. Luckily the police passed by & nego the way out. They didn't look drunk to me

    2. The norm is that you stop at your own peril. Run if the car allows.

    3. That bugger fell down in front of our car. Who knows man if we cabut, the situation would be even worse than in Serangoon Road. Hahahaha. We should ask kaytee to try that in Buntong, Ipoh.

      The only enclave with Yindian majority. And it's a DAP territory now. Hahahaha

    4. Take flight to save own skin. Vehicle left behind would probably end up like those in little india ! Unless you could speak tamil !

  4. Our mata2 knows how to bash locals like anj.but when come to the blacks from the heart of darkness, mata2 are terrific and turn into kitty

  5. Many of the Banglas in Malaysia are hardworking, open-minded, savvy, street-smart (not bad looking, too, wakakakaka).

    Everything that our local Melayu are not.
    The local Melayu may well live to regret giving them Bumi status.

    1. Juju, your observation that the Bangla guys are not bad looking, presumably handsomer than our lelaki Melayu, should be good news for the Malay ladies because that will mean hubby will have stiff competition. That is to say, suami yang gatal will now not so easily acquire bini kedua, bini ketiga and bini keempat.

  6. Kaytee,this is a real hot beauty.

    1. y post title is meant to be a double entendre wakakaka

  7. KT: Must commend you for your drool-worthy selection of Bangla beauties pics. And especially that "yummy Bangla hottie" for whom you would "gladly give up alcohol". Just hope that the two objects which will not be named won't burst out of that skimpy dress (which everyone can see is barely able to restrain them) otherwise there will be another and much bigger riot by her countrymen.

  8. Singapore is just as dependent on low-grade foreign labour as Malaysia.

    Singaporeans now consider themselves First World citizens, bananas if you like, Yellow outside, but really Whites on the inside. Chasing the 4Cs - Condo, Car, Credit Card, Cash.

    All the 4D work - Dull, Dreary, Dirty and Dangerous are only fit for "Guest Workers", and the attitude gets reflected in how these foreign workers are treated - badly.

    1. This is anecdotal and from personal observation and not based on the results of any stringent official study (that is, if any had been done). Having being exposed to the Singaporean psyche due to having numerous relatives and friends there, one thing stands out - that is the majority of Singaporeans (that will be from the Chinese community, naturally) seems to be infected by the Lust-for-money sickness. Their conversation is mostly about how to make more money, about acquiring more material possessions - houses, cars, new and shiny electronic gee-gaws, holidays abroad, fine dining in expensive restaurants, prestigious universities for their children, etc. They seem to have lost a big chunk of their humanity which has quite clearly been willingly and gladly sacrificed on the altar of greed and materialism. Those who earn a high income are looked upon with fawning admiration while those who earn less than them are dismissed with withering, undisguised contempt.

      But this crass materialistic culture bites back, though. Their business people, who are employers, in their drive to make more profits and get even richer, have no qualms sacking their own Singaporean employees and replacing them with cheaper foreign workers. Going online and reading the news and blogs we are made aware that there is a sizeable number of unemployed university graduates there who have been unemployed for months and even years and feeling quite desperate due to the financial squeeze.

    2. sama sama la.....The only difference is that Singapore doesn't have a hinterland

  9. The Singapore minister obviously has no knowledge of human nature.
    Take a bunch of physically fit young men away from their homes, wives or girlfriends into a strange place for several years. Work them on very hard physical labour six days a week.

    They will need an outlet You don't think something else has to give ? .
    Its either alcohol, or gambling or prostitutes, or worse....maybe rape the nearest available smooth-skinned Singapore girl.......

    A couple of bottles of cheap whisky is possibly the least bad arrangement, given the alternatives.

    1. Brother,
      They already got the whole little india with themselves together with Deskar Road & Petain Street around the corner. Go google to find out about those infamous places in singapore. In fact, there is a thai centre in beach road. How many more outlets you want?