Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas Everyone

I'll be having prawns, mangoes and champagne instead of roast turkey, pudding and beer. Ho ho ho, wa ka ka ka!


  1. Merry Christmas to you , KT ! and to everyone here too. Prawns, mangoes, champagne...oh, that means you are back in good olde Malaysia ? I was out shopping last Sunday....the crowd was huge at the Pavillon shopping mall...people shopping in a frenzy...a sure sign of a last hurrah before they must tighten the belts with all the subsidies removed and the barang naik, heheheh.

  2. Merry Christmas to you......Ktemoc.
    R U really an atheist ?
    Read about it somewhere, but not sure I remember correctly.

  3. i have fond memory toward christmas because i once stay in a hutan that got only orang asli, raja brooke n insect, river, hot spring, catholics cousin that attend eng stream school, catholic fathers n sisters. at that time, i truly believe santa is one who deliver me all the present when i wake up on christmas day. i think the reason i didnt become a catholic is bec i dun like sunday school n i cant understand the concept of god no matter how many times i listen to preach or read books including bible, however i like christmas very much. no fate i would say. but i was allowed the right to choose whether i want to be a believer, or not.

    raja anglo petra talk about chinese fought for chinese education, and he seem to hint that we have a role that cause the worsen education standard. but we are not one that demolished his anglo school, what we want is a right to choose, ini simple thing dia pun talak paham. if a product of anglo school like anglo petra can only twist n turn fact, and cant even able to tighten up his rhetoric, i think i prefer continue to stay next to orang asli, rajah brooke n the catholic father, than to attend a anglo school.

    1. How many beers have you been drinking ? Your writing here is really muddled and mixed up.

    2. Your english really horrible la woi. Hehehe.

    3. simply bec I am not anglo wakaka

    4. "i cant understand the concept of god no matter how many times i listen to preach or read books including bible"

      HY, cuba kau fikirkan macam mana Maryam boleh melahirkan Nabi Isa tanpa ayah?

  4. Seventh Day Adventist5:44 pm, December 25, 2013


    Christmas or no Christmas, Malaysia's Race Religion war goes on. The latest episode is JAIS is going all out to hunt for Christian groups which put up the "*llah" word in a banner at a Christmas eve function.

    Actually I welcome this case going to court, as it would be far more decisive compared to the Herald case.
    With Herald, the Appeals Court only ruled that it would not interfere with the Home Ministers power over publications. Like it or not, that is the law of the land.

    In the JAIS case, Jabatan Agama Islam Selangore are actually arrogating to themselves the power to dictate religious practice in a non-Muslim religion.

    My reading of the Constitution is that the government has no such power to interfere with the right of a religion to be practiced in peace. Doing so would be ultra-vires to the Constitution.