Thursday, December 19, 2013

Some terrorists, some not!

TMI (from Bernama) - Man arrested for holding tribute ceremony for Tamil Tigers leader reported

A man was arrested while six others have been asked to surrender after a non-governmental organisation (NGO) they were said to belong to held a ceremony to mark Tamil Tigers chief V. Prabhakaran's birthday in Kulim, Kedah on Saturday.

V. Prabhakaran

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said the man, who was arrested in Kedah on Monday, was being investigated under Section 4 (1)(a) of the Sedition Act 1948 for allegedly inviting the public to attend the ceremony to pay tribute to the late Prabhakaran.

"What has this terrorist got to do with our country? Why try to invite people to glorify a terrorist?

"We see this as an act or attempt to influence or incite people to believe in terrorism."

I'm surprised Khalid Abu Bakar even has the time to comment on this incident when he and his men have been vigilantly busy at airports, seaports and other border entries to prevent the ashes of deceased Ong Boon Hwa (Chin Peng) from making a deadly ghostly terrorizing appearance in Sitiawan (Teluk Intan).

Ong Boon Hwa: "BTW, how does one say 'Peace Treaty' in Bahasa?"

I wonder whether Khalid Abu Bakar was in Dreamland on 18 September 2009, or maybe just applying to join the PDRM when then-Home Affairs Minister Hishamuddin Hussein stated rather sorrowfully he was sad to hear about the death of Noordin Top, one of the most evil and notorious mass murderers-terrorist bombers in the world.

Noordin Top was a militant Islamist terrorist in the Jemaah Islamiyah, a banned terrorist organization in Indonesia, one who made bombs to kill and maim innocent people just to strike terror in independent Indonesia.

Hisham croaked wistfully: “What he did was wrong. We don’t condone what he did. I am sad that we did not get to rehabilitate him, like we have done with many others, including Jemaah Islamiah militants. I am sad because a life is a life.”

Huh? Did I hear “What he did was wrong. We don’t condone what he did ........"???

Noordin Top

Now, wait a ding dong minute Hisham. Now, either you or your colleague, current-Home Affairs Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi had been fibbing.

Four years later almost to the day, on 21 September 2013, Zahid and his ministerial deputy Wan Junaidi, were asked to explain why the remains of two notorious Malaysian terrorists-bombers, namely Dr Azahari Husin and Nordin Mohamad Top, who were responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocent people, were allowed to be repatriated to Malaysia and buried in their respective birthplaces, while Ong Boon Hwa wasn't despite being a signatory to the 1989 Haadyai Peace Treaty?

Azahari Husin

Both Zahid and Wan Junaidi retorted that was because the two terrorists had not spilled Malaysian blood.

If that's Zahid's rationale then what Hisham said about “What he did was wrong. We don’t condone what he did ..." was not spot on, because by permitting (not just that, but assisting their families to recover) the corpses of the two murderous terrorists for burial in Malaysia, on the explanation that they didn't spill Malaysian blood, it's akin to saying they were not terrorists like Ong Boon Hwa, and that the Malaysian government didn't view their murderous activities in Indonesia as unacceptable to Malaysia, unlike the killings of MCP, notwithstanding the by-now-viewed-as-useless-or-dishonoured 1989 Haadyai Peace Treaty between the Malaysian government and the MCP.

But then what about MCP leaders like, for example, Syed Hamid Ali and Shamsiah Faekah who were allowed back into Malaysia to settle down as Malaysian citizens?

I support the IGP's admonition of those in Kulim who attempted to conduct rites for a dead Tamil Tiger terrorist but on his/the same argument I expect the IGP to investigate his previous and current Home Affairs Ministers for condoning the repatriations of the bodies of terrorists Dr Azahari Husin and Noordin Top.

And shall I suppose their bodies managed to slip into Malaysia because the PDRM was looking for only ashes?

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  1. Ok, I have to agree with you on this matter

    Now, you can brag about your loverboy, Najib having 52% of popular support......Hahahaha

  2. Is that why you are so afraid of your loverboy?

  3. Whatever the majority does is always right !

  4. Whatever this govt said, the underlying fact is Chin Peng is a Chinese M'sian who faught the colonial master to free the country from exploitation.

    For that fact alone, he is not allow to die & subsequently to be buried in the land that he fight to be free.

    Others, of lesser being & significant were allowed for this privilage, just bcoz they were born of the right race!

    This country is blind to true patriotism, but petty racism.

    Bcoz of his Chineseness, every excuses that could manufactured & imagined were brought to light to denial his Right!

    This govt deserves to rot for eternality for this small mindedness.

  5. Chin Peng and his cohorts killed many innocent people to install a communist regime.
    Please don't be a hypocrite calling him a freedom fighter. I
    Ong Boon Hwa was nothing of the sort

    1. CB,

      If Chin Peng's fight for the country, in his own way, is unacceptable to u, THEN, how about some claimed messiah's fight to bring his version of heaven on earth that caused MORE lives to be lost?

      Dont be selective!

      Every historical actions MUST be looked at & judged accordingly , to the time & prevailing situations. collateral damages r the rule of the war, whether it's just or not.

      Right & wrong, by hind-sight, more so as a late-comer blur-sotong, is just hypocritical to say the least.

      Ong Boon Hwa, was better than the father of the current PM. Razak's claimed of fame, as a founding father of M'sia, was built on the bloods of many Malayans (all races) due to his collaborations with the Japs in the Jap occupation of Malaya.

      Did this historical fact misses u? Or u r NOT taught? Or u choose to ignore?

      Back to yr tempurung & continue yr wet dream, OK?

    2. I was 10 years old at the time.
      Armed Terrorists stopped a local bus close to where I lived (no soldiers nor police, just civilians) ordered everyone off the bus except a few people they suspected of being "British collaborationists". They were burned alive with the bus.
      The horror of it has stuck in my mind and never goes away.

      No amount of clever propaganda can ever convince me Chin Peng was a nationalist freedom fighter.

      Where we you on 1949 ? Mother not yet born ?

      Why should Tamil Tigers be considered terrorists and Chin Peng and CPM are not ?

    3. I have a real life experience to tell, too.

      During the Jap occupation of Malaya, my village was always targeted by the Jap soldiers for constant raids.

      Partly bcoz the place was quite out of town, somewhere in Perak. Partly also bcoz we were majority Chinese.

      During the early day of the raids, many atrocities were commited by by these locust armies simply out of their own personal moods of the time. Young women folks were picked at fancy & raped, while men, of any ages, were tortured & heads choped off, again at the prevailing mood of these scum soldiers.

      There were NO one to turn to for help, except the MPAJA. The MPAJA finally success in driving out these locust soldiers, with themselves suffered a lot of casualties.

      With the locust army gone, the lives were hard but bearable back in the village again. We were happy to support the MPAJA, as without them we would more likely be decimated by these cruel Jap soldiers.

      So, apa macan tu?

      I have, since learned to move on. An eye for an eye, makes everybody blind! Especially in the case of war, the line of justices is blur during operations. It's kill or be killed, civilian/soldiers alike.

      So still blame Chin Peng, using yr 10 yrs old logic?

  6. 'Freedom fighter' is just another name for 'terrorist', depending on whose side is referring to him. Remember these people who were found residing in Malaysia?

    Haji Sama-ae Thanam of Pattani United Liberation Organization, living in Malaysia before being deported in January 1998.

    Teuku Don Zulfari of Council of the Free Acheh Movement, assassinated in Kuala Lumpur in June 2000.

  7. Perjanjian Damai

  8. The trademark of an instigator never change.