Friday, December 06, 2013

The 3 dilemmas of DAP

Whenever I whacked Anwar Ibrahim and/or PKR, wakakaka, My visitor looes74 would urge me to whack Najib and UMNO, and when I didn't, would accuse me of having a 'soft spot' for the PM, wakakaka.

Mind you, when I did, that is, whack Najib and/or UMNO, he seldom acknowledged it. Alas for poor kaytee, wakakaka!

 did I miss targeting my 'soft spot'?


Though I don't have to explain nor justify why I blogged on certain topics (or absence of) I will anyway, for I have a 'soft spot' for looes74, 'too' if I were to include my alleged 'soft spot' for Najib, wakakaka.

blogger writes on what he or she wants to write, which is why he or she becomes a blogger in the first place; sometimes the topic posted coincides with the wishlist of a visitor, but sometimes it won't, but when the latter occurs it shouldn't invite the sort of attitude that low-brow George Bush had threateningly and uglily displayed, namely, 'either you're with us or against us' or variants of it such as 'having a soft spot' for the 'enemy', wakakaka.

bully boys, like looes74?


An example of why at times I won't post certain topics is when I sense my effort on the topic would be so obviously ineffective in the overall blogging landscape, to wit, my posting would be a mere drop in the ocean, as would be in a post on, say, the case of a predictable outburst during UMNO's recent assembly, that of the call for 1Melayu instead of 1Malaysia, or even Najib's boast to his party gallery that UMNO had won the popular vote in many states.

Above two items would be bloody trite lah, wakakaka. Indeed, there'd be more than a few bloggers hopping, harping and hullabaloo-ing on those topics, wakakaka.

However, what attracted me has been FMT's article titled Leave if DAP stays with PAS, Karpal told. The owner of that reported statement is Tunku Aziz, erstwhile DAP member and former DAP senator, wakakaka.

More than a year ago I had written of his acrimonious departure from DAP in my post DAP's comedy (or tragedy) of errors with Tunku Aziz in which I also showed my 'soft spot' wakakaka for Tunku by explaining what I thought was hurtful to an elderly patrician gentleman. That's because I understand people like Tunku want respect due to their elderly and senior status. In that post I had concluded rather hopefully as follows:

Nonetheless, I feel rather sad that Tunku has decided to end his association with DAP and in particular Lim GE in such an acrimonious manner.

But I am glad that Guan Eng has firmly closed the issue in a gracious manner ...

his rift with DAP started from this, but sadly didn't end there 

... which alas, was not to be because following his departure from the erstwhile comradeship of DAP he lamentably went beyond the pale (went beyond boundaries of decency) when he questioned the ethnicity of Zairil Khir, the son of the late Khir Johari. I then wrote:

The fact is in doing so, Tunku would have had the Constitutional whistle blown at him for being off-side, while the reality is he had been hurtfully racist in casting a slur on Zairil's lack of Malayness, as that of a 'lesser Malay' because he was born a Chinese and subsequently adopted by Khir Johari - and let me repeat what I had written then, he broke my heart in that lamentable action.

Zairil Khir Johari, a 'lesser Melayu' to Tunku Aziz? 

Okay, I know that Tunku was hurt by Lim Guan Eng, and as hell hath no fury like a proud patrician scorned, he was no doubt getting back at the DAP sec-gen, but I was gobsmacked flabbergasted by Tunku's meanness towards Zairil ...

... and excuse my tautology of 'gobsmacked flabbergasted' but those two words were absolutely necessary to indicate my deep shock that a patrician like Tunku could become so 'ordinary', in fact 'ordinarily' nasty.

Consider how Josh Hong had described him in Malaysiakini’s Tunku Aziz and the Dewan Negara, relevant extracts as follows:
Coming from a prominent background (distantly related to the Kedah royalty) and having been very much a part of Malaysia’s high society ....., [...] 

This, together with his relatively liberal and diverse family roots, ...

Have the above been misplaced?

Also read my other BolehTalk post on Tunku Aziz titled Noblesse oblige missing.

So we have him at it again, this time against Karpal Singh, though in this latest episode (and I'm sure there'll be more episodes from Tunku Aziz, wakakaka) there is an unfortunate lot of truth in his taunt at Bhai.

Look, I may be someone who voted for and support DAP but I'm not the type who would Myrmidon-ishly snap at critics of the Rocket ship ...

... which finally brings me to the topic for this post, about the DAP's 3 dilemmas,namely:

  • To be allied to PAS or not?
  • To be more flexible in accepting new membership especially and particularly from Malays?
  • To be the same old DAP or a brand new model?

Of course the 3 dilemmas would be, nay, have to be inter-related in more than one way.

Okay then, as the King said gravely to Alice kaytee in WonderBolehland, let's “Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop,” so let's discuss the first dot-point, as prompted by Tunku Aziz's taunt, of DAP's difficult if not dodgy alliance with the Islamic party.

FMT reported Tunku saying:

DAP chairman Karpal Singh should leave [DAP] to save his reputation and high standing if he cannot convince his party to end ties with PAS, said Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim. 
“We have lost count of the number of times Karpal has bemoaned the fact that PAS leaders, his political allies, have remained defiantly unrepentant for their single-minded push for an Islamic Malaysia.” 
“Karpal should get his party out of the morally impossible situation because there is no future in a fragile, loveless and dishonest relationship with PAS, kept barely alive by mutual deception and political expediency.”

Of course Tunku was taunting Bhai with the (UMNO) intent to split Pakatan up, hopefully in time before GE-14.

Fast rewind to 1999, the year Lim Kit Siang and Bhai lost in the parliamentary election because many DAP supporters didn't fancy DAP's loose 'alliance' via the so-called Barisan Alternatif with a rampaging fierce, feral and frightening PAS, one that exploited and hoped to hijack the sympathies for Dr Wan Azizah, and overran her due to her inexperience (and reluctance) as a politician.

Lin Juo-yu, the Director of Graduate Institute of Southeast Asian Studies at Tamkang University, Taiwan, wrote a paper titled 'A structural analysis of the Malaysian 1999 general elections: Changing voting preference of ethnic Chinese and ...' in which he said of (one of) Dr Mahathir's election strategy in view of pending Malay-Muslim vote loss due to the expulsion of Anwar Ibrahim from UMNO:

To strike fear in the minds of the Chinese, the media was instructed to preach that if PAS came to power, Malaysia would become an Islamic state. By then entertainment and alcohol would be forbidden, women would be required to be veiled in public, minority groups would be deprived of their rights, and hudud (Islamic criminal code) laws would be applied even for minor crimes.

As a result, ethnic clashes might have erupted, and even the 1969 “the Accident on May 13” might have been repeated. Chinese businessmen and the Chinese middle classes were the main target of this negative propaganda.

Well, certainly PAS has shown its implementation of some of above (1st paragraph) in Kedah and Kelantan, and voiced (still does) its intention to have hudud implemented as part of syariah laws to replace the secular civil laws. One wonders what else it will impose should it come into power.

popular song in Kota Baru's unisex hair salon, wakakaka

It was precisely this fear of PAS which saw DAP supporters spurn both Uncle Lim and Bhai, and punish them into sitting out of the entire 10th parliamentary term.

From that unthinkable loss for the two DAP veterans, one of the saddest political moments for me was when I heard the story of Uncle Lim walking away from the vote-counting station after the election result was announced, all by his lonesome self.

the real and only Tiger of Jelutong
& not a mangy cat, wakakaka

Leaving that lamentable poignant scene aside, of a hero totally deserted in his moment of greatest (consoling) need, many DAP politicians came to realize the danger of political flirtation with PAS, which as an Islamic party won't, can't and will never ever compromise in its ultimate quest to have full syariah laws for Malaysia, ...

... regardless of the fact that there is not one single nation on this globe ruled by syariah laws with the hudud code of penal punishment serving as an exemplary model of an Islamic State - see my post Little evidence of justice in hudud-ruled nations.

Thus, much as my respect for Tunku Aziz may have cooled somewhat after his unbelievable, unnecessary and unethical sneer at young Zairil Khir, I have to grudgingly admit there is considerable substance in his remarks to Bhai, of the DAP-PAS alliance being an impossible situation because there is no future in a fragile, loveless and dishonest relationship ....., kept barely alive by mutual deception and political expediency.

And let's not mince our words, the alliance has indeed been one of political expediency which will survive as long as (a) there continues to be mutual benefits, and (b) UMNO continues to be in power to serve as a common enemy, and in the unlikely event of (c) DAP accepting PAS' desire for the hudud penal code of punishment as replacement for our civil laws.

But at the same time UMNO is hardly sleeping as its members have been bandying words like PAS-UMNO unity, Malay unity, Muslim unity and even the rather bizarre (but politically deliberate) act of coopting a PAS ulama by the name of Mohamed Kazim Elias into the UMNO Supreme Council, a process complete with and accompanied by the risible to & fro denials from concerned parties, wakakaka.

Of course the most popular phrase, the political saying now in vogue, has to be the PAS-UMNO muzakarah, though I sometimes wonder why we must use the Arabic word 'muzakarah' when there is a perfectly good Indonesian word with the same meaning, 'musyawarah', which in case our local Arab-wannabes are concerned, is also of Arabic origin but one so much used by Indons for so long that it has now acquired Indonesian/SE Asian pedigree, wakakaka.

Only PAS Mursyidul Am, Pak Haji Nik Aziz
stands between PAS and UMNO, but 
for how long?

And it's not as if a good many PAS members have not been receptive to the siren calls of UMNO's repetitive overtures as they are in the end not only PAS Arab-wannabe Muslims but also PAS Malays. After all, even our Esteemed Great One has shown his keenness in having a muzakarah with UMNO, wakakaka - see Malaysiakini's Pakatan Rakyat is open to dialogue, says Anwar.

Thus, the above plus the many times some PAS members have bared their hudud fangs have often made me wonder just for how long will PAS honour its commitment to the Pakatan alliance?

Indeed, how will DAP deal with its Islamic ally, an increasingly arrogant, hudud-hungry and hudud-impatient PAS who believes that total syariah compliance is now almost within reach so much so that Ustaz Afnan Hamimi Taib Azamuddin, a PAS Youth leader, who chairs the National Unity and NGO Relations committee, said: “We have a dream, ..... that one day, Lim Guan Eng, the chief minister of Penang, will ... recite the Kalimah Shahadah.”

The Kalimah Shahada is is an Islamic statement of faith, which affirms belief in the oneness of Allah swt and acceptance of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as God's prophet.

Now, I believe Ustaz Afnan has been totally sincere in yearning for Lim GE, a man no doubt he respects, and also other non-Muslims including kaytee gulp, to embrace the Islamic faith. I am convinced there has been no cynicism in his wish, but I really want to know how DAP in general and Lim GE in particular will deal with such an expectation by DAP's political ally?

any exemption in the Quran for blokes like me, gulp

It won't be an issue for Anwar Ibrahim, but Lim GE and dad? Let me be frank and say that I'm not confident of a win-win situation. No wakakaka here because of the total sincerity of Ustaz Afnan and the impossibility of his wish.

On DAP's second dot-point, DAP has been known to be a real tight ass when it came to admitting members into its fold, for the reason it fears frogs, unlike a 'taxi sapu' company operating in its vicinity, wakakaka.

But it is nonetheless a dilemma, because as gamblers would advise, unless one actually buys a lottery ticket one will never ever win anything, let alone the jackpot prize. Thus, unless DAP takes the risks to further open up its membership doors, it can never aspire to be a significant national party with many Malay MPs and ADUNs, and endowing it with considerable political powers.

Mind you, it needn't be like the next door 'taxi sapu', wakakaka.

And while it always have Malay members, these have been far too few, therefore it must exert efforts to induct more into its fold.

Of course its task haven't been and won't be easy as most Malays would (a) be suspicious of it as being a mainly Chinese party through years of UMNO propaganda, thus may feel out of place in such a party, (b) see it as an anti-Malay anti-Muslim party, though this perception has changed somewhat since 2008 when it came to power together with PAS and PKR in Penang and Selangor, and (c) probably prefer to join UMNO, PAS or PKR - the last of which had been Zaid Ibrahim's mistake (sigh).

alamak, where is my PAS adviser?

While DAP has since 2008 lost some defectors of all races, including two ADUNs in Perak, wakakaka, it has otherwise been generally successful, but I reckon not successful enough in the specific area of more Malay DAP members being elected as either MPs (only 2 in Dato Ariff Sabri and Zairil Khir) and ADUNs (Tengku Zulpuri Shah Raja Puji).

As you know, I have always rooted for my Penang laang, Zulkfli Mohd Noor, a fairly long standing DAP member who came pretty close to winning the Bukit Bendera federal seat in 2004 - for more, read this - but alas, wasn't (for whatever reason?) put up by DAP in 2008 or 2013 very much to my disappointment.

Recently, I read that Zul had a falling out with the party though he still remains a member. This isn't really good for DAP's image to the Malays. I trust whatever disagreement exists may be satisfactorily resolved.

Then what about Aspan Alias? According to looes74 who knows every bloody thing wakakaka, Aspan could well have been MB of Negri Sembilan. He also has had a falling out with DAP though I am not sure whether he is still a member of the party?

The sad story of Aspan and Zul would be one where the party can't find enough seats for them but have been reluctant to sacrifice one of its selected candidates for new Malay members other than high profile ones like Dato Ariff and Zairil Khir.

However, there is only one way, but that will unfortunately bring DAP into a head-on clash with PKR and PAS over more seats, slices in a cake which is of a fixed size. The two Pakatan component parties have already bared their territorial fangs at DAP over allocation of both federal and state seats, but there is no other choice for DAP other than to negotiate real hard or in the worst case scenario, to even go it alone, a voting-splitting bad move as it may be.

PKR will take 52 seats, DAP and PAS can share the remaining 19


Two years ago, my Penang laang, Zul Noor caused an uproar when he gave PKR a taste of its own (greedy, selfish and power-crazy) medicine. Zul demanded that PKR surrender one Parliamentary and 5 State seats in Penang to DAP’s Malay candidates wakakaka.

But on second thoughts, DAP should not wakakaka Zul's assertion. It's time to assertively mark out a larger stake for itself, especially in Penang, Negri Sembilan, Perak and Sarawak. Tell Anwar it'll enhance his PM prospects, wakakaka.

I'm not sure what DAP has in mind but accepting the 2013 limited share will no longer be tenable for its new Malay membership and thus not acceptable.

Finally, the last dot-point, that of the question: To be the same old DAP or a brand new model?

I'm going to ignore the King's advice to Alice and leave this for another post as I feel I have already written quite a lengthy piece, wakakaka.


  1. Mu-Zakar-Ah translated means "You penis ah?" to mean like "You have balls". Given the
    Malay (and Malaysian) excessive liking for sex, me think that is why UMNO and PAS love this word rather than Musyawarah.

    sri hartamas

  2. Hahahaha, I have become infamous in the eyes of RPK. Of course, folks over in the Din Merican including Frank & your alter ego, CLF. I don't give a FUCKING damn to that man called RPK especially he kenna condemned by Haris Ibrahim & censured by Din Merican.

    Anyway, you have the fucking right to write whatever you like just as we have rights to have whatever perception about you. So, it's up to you. Like it or not, you have given people impression that Najib is your loverboy. That's not just my observation. Just read those commented in your own blog. Have you read Anil Netto's commentaries. See the difference between you, your so called si fu, RPK & him. Hehehehe

    As for your dilemma, My take is simple. Go back to the roots of DAP. Some of the UMNO so called propaganda got tiny weeny bit of truth. DAP was the Malaysian chapter of PAP set up by Devan Nair, Toh Chin Chye (Perak born) & Rajaratnam (Negeri Sembilan bred). How did PAP set up? Tha amalgamation of centrist & leftist sympathisers. If you have read the situation through facts, people would say.....Boy, PAP gonna implode anything just as your good alter ego, CL Familiarise (also staying in Aussie land such as you are always talk about China implosion. Both aussie lang. One (CLF) support Anwar & one (ktemoc) hate Anwar. Hahahah, you guys should meet & debate.

    My point is......Dilemma, dilemma everywhere........LKY need chinese base to keep PAP alive in singapore. DAP need melayu base to keep DAP relevant. Ah so, apa macam nak jalan. Enter PAS. I am not saying that we can't go through the long & narrow road. But Fuck la, you think your opponent bagi chance meh.......We are not as "eng" as freeloaders such as RPK ( Ask Hisham Rais la. By the way, DAP should recruit Hisham Rains instead). PAP already provide background history. So learn from PAP. Thread carefully lor........This is an uncharted territory which requires great care. Hence why people like the freeloader RPK & you not cut out for politics. Ok la, me too.

    Few things I got to agree with kaytee is DAP's ability of expanding melayu base. That means more melayu adun & MP candidates. Zul Noor right now is (RPK's definition) has become a cuckoo case but I fully support DAP need to expand beyond the 19 adun candidates

    To be continue

  3. Zul is more or less a gone case just like many wee prominent DAP melayus who have left DAP for one reason or another. Just go google. Aspan is still a DAP member. If only Anthony Loke can see the gem in him. Wait a minute, it's Anthony who brought Aspan & Sak into DAP.

    Aspan has a different idea of what kaytee might have. Though it may not be his words, I can smell that Aspan wanted DAP to sacrifice more cina seats to bring in more melayus into DAP. That means giving blue chips to PKR & pas......Hahahahaha, apa macam sikarang? Hahahaha

    As for PAS or even your nemesis Anwar go back to the warm embrace of UMNO, too bad lor. You are mampus anyway

  4. I like your humor.

    1) Now, I believe Ustaz Afnan has been totally sincere in yearning for Lim GE, a man no doubt he respects, and also other non-Muslims including kaytee gulp, to embrace the Islamic faith.

    gulp Wahahaha.

    2)It's time to assertively mark out a larger stake for itself, especially in Penang, Negri Sembilan, Perak and Sarawak. Tell Anwar it'll enhance his PM prospects, wakakaka.

    Easy to trick Anwar eh.? Wakakaka.
    Thanks for the humor You made my day KT.

  5. a) Zul is still a DAP member - has been for 24 years lah; he has just resigned from all DAP appointed or bestowed posts such as municipal councilors; I hope he'll be back in the leadership bracket but frankly I have been cheesed off with Lim GE's remarks that Zul's complaints were not worth commenting upon, in the same way as Anthony Loke had ungraciously insulted Aspan Alias' complaints - what's with these new DAP leaders eh? So arrogant so dismissive, couldn't even have the grace to say they'd look into those complaints?.

    b) not Anthony Loke who recruited Sak 47AK, 'twas Liew Chi Tong

    c) HTF would giving PAS and PKR some of DAP's blue chips help DAP Malays? Might as well DAP give those directly to the DAP Malay members like Zul.

    d) Anwar has never given up dreaming of returning to the Mothership, and when Nik Aziz retires, so will PAS - after all, PAS like PKR was a splinter of UMNO

    1. Kaytee,
      Like I say, Zul is a gone case just like your wee wee boy. Who the fuck is Zul when Fan Yew Teng can leave DAP, just like that. However, like I say before, I agree with certain things said by Zul particularly about having more melayus contesting in Penang under DAP banner.
      As for Anthony Loke, yeah, I kinda have certain issues with him over his treatment of Aspan. Anthony Loke recruited Sak & Aspan. Liew Chin Tong recruited Zairil

      Like I say, it's not his direct words. I am just guessing. Either Aspan meant that to sacrifice some non melayu seats to DAP melayus ( which Aspan felt that promise not fully kept) or exchange some non melayus seats with some melayu seats from PKR or pas. That hehehehe to the advantage of none other than your nemesis Anwar Ibrahim

      Lastly, even if the possibility of PKR & PAS returning to UMNO is getting greater & greater, what more you can do? The long & narrow way. Can meh? Idealists such as David Marshall, Lim Chin Siong & even Tan Chee Koon failed, you think can meh........

      Hence, follow the PAP method. Hope onto the tiger & deal with them later lor

  6. The Chinese are a shrinking proportion of Malaysia's population.In any case DAP is not supposed to be a 'Chinese party'. DAP needs to deal with the reality.

    One way is to actively recruit and accept, truly accept Malays into the party. Many Malays see DAP 's outreach to Malays currently as sheer opportunism.
    Another way is, like an aging man or woman, just accept the reality of declining possibilities, just focus on Chinese ghettoes.
    PAS as an entity predates UMNO, so it cannot be said that PAS is a splinter of UMNO.
    Malay/ Muslim unity is an ideal everyone in the community yearns for. There is no denying it. You are wrong in interpreting it simply as symptoms of perfidy in either Anwar Ibrahim or PAS leaders.
    However, this unity will not be done at the cost of selling all principles.

  7. "Anwar has never given up dreaming of returning to the Mothership..."

    could it be u r one that dreaming? similar to the christian clerics predicted the end of the world, u have been dreaming about this return thingy for hmmm...10 years?

    looes, what so hebat about pap method? 2x5 dengan umno saja.

    1. Didn't UMNOites lost all its candidates in the predominantly melayu area in singapore? In any case, it's strategical tactics in manoeuvring troops in winning the war. In fact, every political parties are doing this except which one is more successful. BS ain't weaklings. The same would befall LKY's team if they fail in their fight to retain leadership.

      It can be done. Unfortunately, DAP may have to battle with PAS & PKR as it may infringe into their turfs. Notice why PKR & PAS refuses to yield more melayu seats to DAP. Ask kaytee la

    2. umno where got contest, compare apple to apple la, perhaps sabah n sarawak? dun sound exactly like those double std folks in helen ang blog, or the dap fanboys here. n what strategy r u talking about? pap won less than 50% popular vote, sound familiar? call the opponent communist, sound familiar? send the opposing side to prison under isa, sound familiar?

    3. HY,
      Ask Kaytee. How many seats did PKR contest in 2011 sarawak state election? How many seats did PKR win? Plus is Batu Lintang a DAP stronghold?

    4. how yr comment on pkr relevant to pap s-t-r-a-t-e-g-y? please elaborate. i am asking u. which year u want to talk? 1955 1959 or 1963? y 2011? might as well go to 2020.

    5. Read the Book "Men in White" or any books about PAP especially in the 50s & 60s. Start using your brain

    6. looes, you seem to be fond of referring to PAP when it has no place in contemporary Malaysian politics

    7. It always does, kaytee. If not, you can forget about including sabah & sarawak as part of Malaysia. It's because of Singapore & PAP, Sabah & Sarawak are cowed under the Ketuanan UMNO started by Tunku Abdul Rahman.

      Watch this! What did Dr Seenivasagam says? who is Syed Akbar? Who's Nuiraini Samad's daddy? Hahahaha! Hahaha! Who the fuck is RPK? Hahahaha! I rest my case

  8. "assertively mark out a larger stake for itself in Penang" ?
    ??? DAP is already overbearing in Penang. Such arrogance will just be its downfall in Penang.
    Penangites are notorious for disliking too "proud" politicians.
    No Penang Chief Minister has ever been allowed to retire gracefully, and I suspect the same will apply to Lim Guan Eng when his turn comes.

    1. As overbearign as PAS in Kedah, that see the total routing of PAS. If not because the former MB has passed away, I may continue with the beratement of PAS. As for Penangites, ask kaytee if Penangites seriously wanted to tui lam DAP. Remember people like kaytee has SUCKED UP to the bor hoot Tsu Koon for 18 years

    2. now now my dear looes74, you're quite reckless in saying I supported Koh TK. Pordah wakakaka

    3. Hahahaha, my yingeland no so powder as you but wait a minute, just like RPK, once upon of time, you do suck up to Gerakan. Admit la. Else how DAP lose till only left with 1 seat

    4. I didn't - take it as the truth or leave it

  9. A few words about Aspan.

    This guy IS not a good catch, like AK47. He is arrogant.

    1st, in demanding a state candidacy, knowing very well as a new & parachute contestant, that would cause a lot of internal resentment about local party royalists.

    2nd, deep down he is still a ketuanan kaki with strong perceived 'rights' as a favourited race. Just bcoz of that race tag, he demands, despite of his limited CVs. In fact one black spot about him is his unashamed insistent that NEP (as practices by umno) SHOULD be continue.

    In short, he is a potential katak.

    1. I am sorry. I got to disagree with you on Aspan. I felt that Aspan is rather radical in his wishful thinking. Come on! why DAP should give up their hard earned seats to PKR or pas. To KAYTEE's nemesis, Anwar Ibrahim. Aspan is holding DAP kinda responsible in promising the melayus 10 seats from predominantly non melayu seats. Kinda yes or No. If DAP were to BE ALLOWED TO FUCKINGLY PARTICIPATE IN 74 seats, boleh la........DUE TO THE FUCKING ARROGANCE OF KETUANAN PKR & pas, DAP only get 50 seats to contest.......See the problem

  10. In Sarawak, it would be a very interesting case. Depending on how you look at, DAP has insititued a good brand name there. Even if people like HY insisted, everything DAP got in sarawak is due to Anwar TO THE HORROR of Kaytee (who still hasn't gotten over his's sister cat), DAP has done it well based on good solid background. However, now it's not the time to use the same old tactics in gaining more grounds. Thus, LKS proposes SNAP-DAP merger. Wait a minute, isn't it kinda like taxi sapu style, kaytee. Last heard that SWP under Larry Sng (Sng Chee Hua's son) wanna have a deal with DAP

  11. When are you going to write about the Tiger of Jelutong that has become a mangy cat/kucing kurap who ponteng voting on bills in parliament and sleep on the job on gerrymandering.???
    Need proof.??? Refer ...

    1. Read the article, it's his right to write or not to write. Even if he may be branded as Najib's loverboy. Frankly, I don't give a damn about Zul. Rather after 24 years, this is how much Zul Mohd has achieved in bringing in the melayus. I am more concern with folks such as Aspan who has far potential that Zul who seems to be relying on DAP's base rather than contributing it.

      Of course who has forgotten there are other prominent melayus in NS besides Aspan that Anthony Loke can tap on.

    2. F88k NS. We Penang laang are different - for a start we are better looking wakakaka

    3. the article accusing DAP MPs of ponteng was written by one Ravinder Singh wakakaka

    4. How about recruiting Nuirana Samad or her sister.....Hahahaha! For your information, his dad was one of the melayu PAP founder. I guess why not happen one?

      What about the come back of Zain Azahari into DAP..........Kaytee, you know who he's........Hahahaha

      The video shows the prowness of DR Seenivasagam.....Who set up Malaysia Solidarity Concil.....Which Party? Which leader?

    5. Dum loquimur, fugerit invida
      ætas: carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero.

      DAP is 50 over years late. Ask kaytee for help.......sure hah?

      For kaytee entertainment,

  12. Tunku Aziz is suffering from relevance deprivation day DAP rooster in the Senate and later a non-DAP feather duster. That clear as he has not attached any converts in UMNO. Now what will he do about the Shia who are considered legitimate Muslims even in Saudi Arabia? Will he join the "deviant police" in a Shia-bashing exercise about to come?

    1. That's why I say Zul Mohd Noor is a gone case. After 24 years residing in DAP, this is how far he can go to poseltysing the melayus. PAP took less than 5 years to bring melayus singapura into the fold. What more I can say?

      How about bringing back Zain Azahari? Hahahaha

  13. There are more than 3 dilemma. It doesn't involve PAS secret tryst with UMNO. Or Anwar chameleon attitude

    On one hand, I am supportive of Zairil taking over the interim commitee. Lee Guan Aik has been very ineffective running DAP kedah. I am not pitting blame on Lee but guess everybody know how fucking arrogant PAS & PKR is in Kedah. Resulting in PR losing the state.

    But then such action by LGE undermine local autonomy in Kedah. Much like what Anwar has faced in the past.......Headache! Headache

  14. Alamak....."looes74 is actually a nut case. He or she is suffering from mental problems. Another one is Baboo. They have serious mental problems judging by the way they post comments. I am beginning to suspect there is something worng with drmorsi as well. These people go all over the place and post nasty comments. And they will comment on anything and everything"...written by RPK

    We all know RPK's style...he's not one to mince his words, especially when it comes to demolishing characters/race, wa ka ka ka. Don't know who "Baboo" is but we all know Looes74 haha.......Btw, if one is a regular reader at M2D, one would of course without fail come across "drmorsi"....his comments are very OK one lah....very reasonable and most time logical... and his "tone" very polite. Lately, I find RPK himself is "something wrong", to quote him, kakakaka.

    1. Yes, so did Vincent Van Gogh? Do you wanna know what people say about RPK? Who is Pak Bean aka Mark Husny Shahbuddin? By the way, why didn't you reveal your name or nom de guerre.......AFRAID PEOPLE WILL for your sorry arse

      "Mr Bean April 14, 2011 at 12:25 am
      At the height of the controversy and exposé (and I am not one to take RPK popular as he is, seriously), I remember greeting the frenzy that had the Malaysian public dazed, with a fair mix of GLEE AND HORROR

      Horror at the thought that Malaysians treated out-of-court sworn self-serving statements as substitutes for the truth. SDs are not evidence but are heresay and not worth the paper that they are written on unless their makers attend court to give testimony – and when they do it is their testimony that is the evidence.

      RPK’s statements were in fact second and third and fourth hand heresay. They carry no weight. When I dropped by his blog it was for the COMIC RELIEF it afforded me. Cold, long winters there is nothing much to do.

      And glee, at the thought of how some people are so GUILLIBLE as to believe what RPK writes."

      Din Merican, ex diplomat says " I am personally disappointed that Raja Petra Kamaruddin should see it fit to get me involved in a matter where I have zero knowledge."

      Just read the commentaries, how RPK kenna whacked like nobody business. Kaytee should take up some law lesson from Pak Bean

  15. heck..was that grooming picture part of ancient history or i kena sai? long long ago i used to think it was already weird seeing my hairy indian friend combing his mustache +beard in the classroom and today, boys getting nail manicure service

  16. Those who keep repeating the mantra that PAS and PKR are no different from UMNO must be deaf and blind to the drivel emanating from the UMNO assembly at the Putra World Trade Centre.

    Neither PAS nor PKR behave or talk like UMNO. They are, of course flawed parties in their own way, but there is just no sense engaging in moral relativism here.

  17. Really pity you guys in MalayKorupsia.......the only things we really have no choice to buy from you is raw water and veges...almost everything else you guys are getting non-competitive.
    Well, you get the government that you wish for....

  18. Zairil Khir Johari doesn't really count as a Melayu la.....his upbringing is Chinese, and that is also the reason he fits easily into DAP. They make sure photographs of him in Baju Melayu get pubished all over the place.
    Its all DAP smoke and mirrors.

    Both his parents are Chinese. Khir Johari married his widowed mother late in his life, and formally adopted Zairil as his son when already a teenager (Khir had a daughter from his late 1st wife).

    He's legally a Malay (same constitutional clause as Ridhuan Tee and most of the Perkasa dudes), but lets be clear about reality.....

    1. that's exactly what Tunku Aziz sneered cruelly at him, virtually saying (like you) that Zairil is a lesser Malay-Muslim, in both your eyes but I believe, not in those of Allah swt

    2. At least Zairil did not write down as cina in one apllication form unlike what Madhater did in UM, Singapore. What did Mahathir write as his race? Is it Indian? Wanna bet? Come la to NUS registrar la.

    3. CB,

      How many of those mamaks in umno is Melayu tulin?

      Ask that question again!

      R u a born Melayu or a constitutionalized Melayu? Furthermore, how TULIN can u trace back yr Melayu ancestry?

      In fact ALL those who questioned Zairil's Melayu status SHOULD seriously question the same about the Melayu-ness of that often claimed 51% Malay population in M'sia!

  19. There is nothing sinister about the PAS ustaz's wish that the Lims, father and son would someday embrace Islam.

    Every good Muslim would wish that a person they respect/admire would, if they are an Unbeliever, would someday accept and embrace The Truth of Islam.

    I think there is such a wish among devout Christians as well, except Christians have been shown to be a lot more aggressive in proselytization. That's why they can't be allowed to refer to their Trinity God as "Allah" - its very confusing and downright dangerous.

  20. Your another penang lang has spoken