Sunday, December 01, 2013

Three slaps on DAP's wrist

Time for me to criticize my fave political party wakakaka, yes, a bit of yang and yin to my lambasting of politicians. This time it is DAP who will be receiving a slap on their wrists from their supporter, kaytee, wakakaka.

There is a saying that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. We know that BN component parties, especially UMNO, have reached the latter stage, that of absolute corruption. 

I fear that unless we supporters of DAP give those DAP politicians, especially the ones in power, those in Penang and Selangor a kick in their bloody arse from time to time, they might unconsciously and unwittingly drift towards, and be susceptible to the first level of corruption which comes with a taste of nascent power.

I'm not suggesting that the list of my dissatisfaction with DAP has anything to do with corruption, but it has given me much disquiet.

Okay then, first slap on wrist - The current issue of Jeff Ooi's regrettable 'kucing kurap' has troubled me greatly, more so because I have supported Jeff in his odyssey from blogger to DAP MP. Jeff has been the person who inspired me to become a blogger, and someone I consider as a friend.

kucing so kecil only meh, why make a lembu out of it


I am not entirely blind to his 'weakness' wakakaka, where I know he likes, nay, loves to tweak others' noses and would really 'push' their envelope of tolerance to his insults and/or sarcasms. With his rather acerbic mouth, wakakaka, sometimes his antics have not been commendable, such as the 'kucing kurap' insult at civil servants. It shows a lamentable arrogance and disrespect to those public servants.

When his own party leaders started squirming at his faux pas, he should have taken note of their discomfort instead of defiantly saying he won't apologize. I have to say it has been Anwar Ibrahim who, while criticizing him for using the naughty phrase, also gave him a way out, by suggesting that Jeff might not have realized the severity of the insult due to lack of awareness of Malay cultural nuances.

Anwar even went to the extent of giving an example of this cultural misunderstanding by confessing he had once misused a Hokkien word which he subsequently was made aware that the word was a no-no. I believe Anwar has been extraordinarily gracious in providing Jeff a face-saving way out, an excuse to apologize.

karn neen nair lah, Ah Jeff ah, lu cheen chnea kuai larn, heh heh heh

Though Jeff has apologized for that silliness, I'm not all that happy with him for what I see as his rather stubborn and silly defiance in grudgingly and ungraciously asserting he had apologized only because of Karpal Singh. He stated"I will not retract or apologise but when Karpal Singh tells me to do so, I will follow."

"I can't retract as it has already been uttered. I sincerely apologise if it hurt the people's feelings. Thank you very much."

One should apologize for one's mistake and not because Bhai told one to do so. If that's the case then it's not an apology at all but only a favour or mark of respect or obedience to Bhai.

I hope Jeff will consider my advice as from a sincere friend and loyal supporter, that he should apologize sincerely and full-heartedly.

Second slap on wrist - Recently there was a brouhaha about Lim GE's official visit to Xiamen and Hainan, China, in early November to boost trade and bilateral ties. The criticism was that some wives, including his, accompanied members of his entourage.

what man, we only spent 35% of what BN had spent
trust me lah, I'm an accountant


Though Lim quoted state laws which allow spouses to accompany state exco members on official foreign trips, that was not the point because he was accused of previously criticizing BN leaders for doing the same thing.

Regardless of the fact that his entourage spent less than the BN, it's still a form of double standards in justifying his action when he had previously criticized BN for doing the same thing.

Though no corruption was involved I still don't like it because as a supporter I feel embarrassed by the undeniable 'cakap ta-serupa bikin'.

Third slap on the wrist, again no corruption had been involved and again directed at Lim GE - I refer to TMI's Guan Eng wants performance of assemblymen, councillors evaluated by independent auditor.

It may sound like a innovative brilliant move, a sort of independently assessed KPI for exco members and ADUNs, etc, but Lim GE must understand that politics in democracy is about enabling and ensuring the voice of the people is heard, and not about running a business for profit in a commercial-like company, as Khalid Ibrahim has been accused of in the way he manages Selangor as its MB.

Political leadership in a democratic government is about seeing to the will, welfare and wishes of the people. Precisely because of this, ADUNs have been elected by voters to the DUN to represent them and thus those appointed to be excos must not forget the will of the people. Of course the CM and exco members should provide the political leadership, policies and programs to meet the will of the people.

Thus it is, shall be and must be the voters who should and will assess the CM, exco members and ADUNs, and not for a bloody unrepresentative auditor to assess and decide on their performance as leaders in a state government.

Yes OK, Lim GE can have an independent auditor assess the exco members' and ADUNs' performance for his internal consumption as a CM, but he must not project that auditor report into the public arena, because it will then be seen as and become an unfortunate political gimmick.

Worse, the process allows an auditor to usurp the prerogative of the people. This is totally unacceptable in a democracy.

I believe Lim GE has been a good CM, but nonetheless let's have less gimmickry and continued real representation for the people of Penang.

There, I feel much better and less constipated, wakakaka.


  1. As far as I'm concerned Lim Guan Eng has been an arrogant, abrasive, and ineffective CM. Same for DAP and PKR.

    1. then perhaps you should run of elections, win and then out perform BN and PR

    2. Every time the name of LGE appears, or for that matter, DAP........for SOME people, there is that 'echo' following their barbed comments...... ~ kampung buah pala... ~ kampung buah pala.. ~ kampung buah pala ~~ Wa ka ka it appropriate to quote Lady Mac Beth here ?...all the perfume of arabia will never rid this stain from my hand....buahahahaha

  2. Fourth, LGE is not Penang-larng. If he & the Lim's are worth their salt, he should take a national role to lead the interest of the party & PR in national issues and DAP's enterprise in each state.

    PS. The DAP sickness goes beyond the two states you mention - it includes Perak (which lead to PR's downfall), Johor with senior Lim there and their siding with AI on Chua Jui Meng... and lastly Sabah & Sarawak and maybe now even Kedah.

    Politics is a sick business and power messes with one's mind.

  3. I sense that Jeff Ooi's "Kucing Kurap" outburst, and his refusal to offer a real apology is damaging the DAP in the Government servant/ Malay electorate in a similar way Ahmad Ismail 's "Pendatang" statement damaged BN/UMNO in the Chinese community.

    Even today, 5 years after the Permatang Pauh by-election, the issue continues to hurt BN's image, especially because UMNO let Ahmad Ismail off with impunity..

    If DAP similarly takes little or no action against Jeff Ooi, it will remain an open wound, which UMNO will gladly dredge up regularly.

    It matters little if Jeff Ooi says it was not a racial comment. DAP should know perception plays a big part in politics, and the perception in this case is that it is a racist remark.

    1. Just like Anwar's 916 political gimmicky which kaytee has branded Anwar a damaged good. Ask people privately, what are people's impression on civil servants? Hahahaha.

      As for that anon, I got a solution.....Let abolish malaysia federation into indivual states

      Yeah perception plays a big part. Like Anwar's image......To Kaytee, he's a damaged goods

      To anon, I have a solution. Let disband federation malaysia into individual states. Case solved. Politics is sick. Don't talk lor

    2. Kaytee has been Anti-Anwar long ago, since the last century.
      916 was just an additional layer of issues against Anwar.

  4. I can only say that it's tough to be a politician or worst still leaders with high position. People expected politicians to be saints. Unfortunately people ain't god unless kaytee believes that he's God. Hence, seriously, I don't have any issues with Jeff Ooi's outburst. The only thing is not all civil servants are kucing kurap. That also reminds me of Tian Chua's comment of using the word mati katak on armed forces. Strange, that there is one fella called Tok Cik in Din Merican's blog didn't feel hurt over it. That guy served in armed forces.

    On the issue of the entourage, I felt that it's being blown out of proportion, simply because DAP is the federal opposition party. Seriously I don't see any problem with the comment. If not, why don't kaytee goes to singapore & ask LKY......Why necessary for his wife to accompany him on 33 trips? I believe kaytee doesn't have that FUCKING CIBAI guts because he would be fried chao tah by LKY

    This is a public televised hearing on the introduction of GLC. Even though there are only 2 opposition MPs in singapore, singapore goes to that extent of having public hearing

    As for the third point, seriously kaytee.....what the cibai fuck message you are trying to bring. It's ok to have independent audit but it's not ok to broadcast it because it smacks of public gimmicky. Huh, what the fuck are you smoking? Weeds? LGE should broadcast it along with the public hearings

    Seriously, anil netto has done a fair better job in his objective criticism. It focuses on public transport, environment & ecnomic sustainability. I suggest you should take a leaf from it. STOP PROTECTING YOUR LOVERBOY, Najib

    1. Ya, I do find it odd.
      Ktemoc is absolutely merciless ripping into Anwar Ibrahim (sometimes on good basis), but he does seem to have this strange soft spot for the corrupt hypocrite Najib.
      Rarely criticising Najib (as such) and sometimes acting as apologist when Najib's machinations cannot be denied.

      Well....bloggers licence I suppose, but he should be prepared to defend his postions rationally since he claims to be an independent non-aligned blogger.

  5. Maybe in JO's mind, "kucing kurap" was meant to be "small potato" or "alley cats". However, he is unfamilar with the Malay naunces & in this case, it was seen as "mangy cats." JO's outburst isn't isolated - its "monkey see, monkey do" or his enviromental assimilation. After all, this is just another skunk on the "tokong's" coat tails. KTee is too kind... he wants to say something about DAP but is soft on his punches.

    Older Msians will look into DAP's roots. Together with PSM & PRM, these are the "idealist" parties mooting social change rather than along racial lines. Gerakan was a reaction against MCA rather than an "idealist" party.

    However, DAP v1.1 & 1.2 are totally in oppersite poles. We can understand even when Bhai use to shout "bastard" in parliment (well, many of us were turn off). But LGE exemplifies a departure of early DAP ideals and only proofs of political expendiency & realism - to "rule" like any other political party.

    It is untrue that we should not expect capable leaders - Angela Merkel, Reagan, John Howard to name a few shows us that one can lead with diginity and integrity. In DAP, maybe Bhai-Jr may lead the way. Bhai-Sr has seen the up's & down's of the party and isn't as arrogant not to know that failure may just be ahead. Its obvious from the recent DAP Penang polling, there are forces within that don't totally agree to give LGE a blank cheque.

    But as a barometer on what good leadership should look like - ask P Ramlee (see Kadir Jasin's latest posting). Wakakakaka.

    1. Huh? John Howard? I wonder why. Is it because Paul Keating call fucker Madhater a RECALCITRANT? Hahahaha! Who can forget the beratement of FUCKER CIBAI MADHATER by US President. Al Gore, Last check he has given 2 fingers to Madhater. Seriously, Jeff Ooi outburst is extremely mild. Even Karpal Singh's comment is mild. Wait till we hear comments from LKY. I guarantee you drop dead.

      Oh come on, I suggest you go through the hansards in the 60s, how Syed Akbar, Syed Hamid's daddy has so called TRIED to incite the melayus. HE BROUGHT IN "INFANTRY" from malay hinterland because singapore melayu tak ambil pots. Ask Zairil's daddy......How futile UMNO is in Singapore? Tunku got to make an exit plan for singapore. Else, UMNO WILL SURELY BE MAMPUS. Want fact, UMNO lost big in 1969 GE

  6. We've all been indoctrinated into thinking PAS is the "Malaysian Taliban".

    What happens when it is the "moderate" Najib's BN which looks the other way when non-Muslim historical sites are destroyed ?

  7. Here's one angle that deserves to be considered and that is J.Ooi may have had his exasperation and anger built up over time because of possibly non-cooperation by the municipal staff and other government employees who were employed by the government and whose sympathies and support are with the BN. It may be that these people drag their feet when working with the Pakatan Rakyat administration and may even go as far as sabotaging them in every way possible.

    1. agreed. But then, Jeff's sin was to take it out on the "messengers" the lower grade staff who were sent to meet him. Jeff should have hauled those biggies in.

    2. Hahahaha.....Hahahaha......I love my yes minister & prime minister series......Guess why? I believe if Jeff Ooi meet such civil servants, guarantee he vomits blood

      This is lagi fun. PPS (Private Parliamentary Secretary) for PM which is actually similar with Jeff Ooi. Jeff Ooi used to be the chief of staff for LGE. Listen to how this lady complained. No holds bar

  8. The greed of power play
    It will seep through in our heads
    When we sit on the throne
    Feeling the power burning through

    When we have the power to decide
    The game play in our minds
    No matter what the pages will write
    We will fail sometimes

    It happens to most of us
    Working in companies
    Playing the game of politics
    When the wind blow we feel the flow

    So it is better
    We shouldn't forget our roots
    Once we do we will fail
    The years of crafting lay to waste

  9. RPK is Pete and not Peter though William is known as Bill and Thomas has been called Tom.

    RPK condemned M'kini etc etc for spinning but he kept highlighting the "Malay" civil servant. To me he is just the pot calling the kettle black when he himself is as guilty. Just too bad that civil servant are made synonymous to Malay. Blame this on the most famous imitation Malay in the world.