Monday, December 16, 2013

DAP's cat among Pakatan's pigeons?

The MalayMail Online - DAP eyeing half of Selangor’s Malay votes in GE14

sweetie loves steamed salted eggs with minced kambing pendek

& steamed pigeon soup, wakakaka

Yesterday, during the Selangor DAP’s 17th state ordinary convention, outgoing DAP State Chairperson sweetie Teresa Kok urged DAP members to redouble their efforts so as to win at least 50% of the Malay votes in Selangor in GE-14th.

She said that in light of DAP's haul of the Malay votes in the state in GE-13 being less than 40%.

But she was nonetheless encouraged by DAP's success in the last election especially in the parliamentary seats of Puchong, Serdang, Klang and the state seats of Sekinchan, Kuala Kubu Baharu, Teratai, Balakong, Sungai Pinang, Sungai Pelek where Malay voters were more than 30% in those constituencies.

Sweetie has been right to exhort her Selangor mateys to work harder to win the trust and respect of the Malay voters in Selangor, for without Malay support, the DAP will be in danger of becoming what it has been accused of, an ethnic-centric minority political party.

May I just say the DAP has come a bloody long way since the days when most Malays see it as just a Chinese party headed (for f* sake, not 'helmed', okay? ) by Kah Pah Seng, wakakaka, thanks to more than 4 decades of demonization by UMNO ... which incidentally continues today, sometimes though UMNO's apparatchiks or apparatus, wakakaka.

Today, it can boast of 2 Malay MPs (Ariff Sabri in Raub and Zairil Khir in Bukit Bendera) and one Malay ADUN (Tengku Zulpuri Shah Raja Puri in Mentakab), though DAP needs more Malay pollies to win both federal and state seats - also see my post DAP's Ubah or Ubah DAP?

But ... but ... but ... won't sweetie's exhortation for DAP to go for broke in winning over at least 50% of Selangor Malay votes put the cat among the pigeons ... no, not UMNO cocks, wakakaka ... but the Pakatan, specifically PKR birdies, wakakaka?

The idiom 'put the cat among the pigeons' means raising an issue that evokes mucho concerns, even fears among some people, causing them to worry.

Panic liao lah, wakakaka

Perhaps/probably to assuage her Pakatan allies' fears, we hear from Malaysiakini that sweetie also said:

"Selangor DAP must help its Pakatan partners to recover seats that were in lost in the 13th general election. This include the parliamentary constituencies of Hulu Selangor and Kuala Selangor and state seats of Bukit Melawati and Kota Damansara," ...

... where incidentally the last was lost by PSM because of PAS' abysmal arrogant avarice in presenting the voters there with a 3-corner fight, a sad sorry situation which we all know would be won by BN, ...

... while in an earlier by-election, Hulu Selangor was, according to RPK, lost by then-PKR candidate Zaid Ibrahim due to PKR internal sabotage [sigh].

Alamak, Pakatan's worst enemies have been its own component parties.

So, will sweetie's battle cry to her DAP mateys to win at least 50% of the Malay votes in Selangor be seen as threatening to some people in Selangor Pakatan, wakakaka, who will once again demand disproportionately the lion's share of seats allocation, wakakaka.

I'll have 52 seats, you two share the remaining 19, wakakaka


  1. The first problem DAP needs to focus on resolving NOW is the increasing possibility that it will be deregistered.

    Pure confrontation with the ROS will not work. Denigratin the ROS through the alternative media will not work.

    1. If ROS wanna deregister DAP, they would do it sooner or later. One of the way, DAP would do would be through court. Yes, kaytee's method. But then again ever since Tunku's time, Malaysia ruling government got follow law one meh. How did local government from elected to appointed? What next, Thai style

  2. DAP's GE13 strategy of aggressively organising mega ceramahs in urban areas, assembling crowds of tens of thousands of Chinese likely frighthened many Malays into voting for UMNO/BN, even if they are not particularly fond of UMNO.

    So DAP's is arguably damaging its Pakatan "partners"

    1. Hahahaha! Hahahaha! You mean Anwar's style not aggressive mega ceramahs hah. But then again, DAP must come up with a task in recruting melayus. The abusiveness of Pakatan partners are just one of the few decisive problems

  3. Take the easy way out. Kowtow to ros.

  4. I hope she hasn't been smoking anything stronger than cigarettes.
    As things stand, DAP is seen as neglectful and insensitive to Malay concerns,at best, downright racist anti-Malay at worst.
    Don't keep blaming UMNO demonisation. Look at yourself in the mirror.

    Calling government officers "Kucing Kurap". Refusing to wear songkok in State assemblies, where they are the formal headgear, looking really disrespectful of Malay customs.

  5. Thank God that Mat Sabu is appointed as the PAS Commissioner for Penang. Together with Mahfuz, PR would be getting better if PKR doesn't ka ka cau cau

  6. Kah Pah Seng... Lol. That was a good one. By the way, what would be the English name? Bayee?

  7. Anonymous10:56 am, December 18, 2013 wrote (with my editing):


    Since u r a diedhard fan of RPK, here is a digress on his latest rank on monarchy & Non-Malay citizenship.

    The admin cant take what I wrote, perhaps u can.

    Dear RPK,

    I’m a history freak, without those fanciful titles. But, personally I think I can hold my own court in the case of some Malayan history.

    Yr current article leave me with a lump in my throat – need to clear it to remove the source of irritation, Thus I decide to write this.

    Maybe it wouldn’t appear in yr blog, but frankly I don’t care. At least, the lump is gone for me. Others? I couldn’t care less!

    BTW, what happen to the excellent contributions of the writers; Michael Chick/John Doe? They seem to have disappeared in yr blog?

    Anyway, here is goes.

    1)Of course, everything has to do with money. Monarch doesn’t survive on his/her own will (it survives onhandouts), lest so constitutional monarch. M’sia, as a kecil-mai developing country, having 9 surviving royal households to maintain, is REALLY a laughing stock of the world.

    Constitutional monarchy dictates that there should be ONE ceremonial figurehead for the country. But 9? The drafters of this agreement MUST be mad. The Agung is acceptable. Even the rotational selection among the royal households r OK. But why should the citizen has to support 9 (more, if those incidental posts, like Raja Muda, r included)?

    Who said so? (read on).

    2)Yes, an agreement cant be unilateral. BUT the key point is - were the signatories of the agreement bearing the ‘right’ to do so?

    The colonial British masters had that right as the sole representatives of the British Dominion in this part of the world. But cant said so for the 9 royal households.

    1st before the arrival of the British colonial masters, the boundaries of the individual states within Malaya were [deleted]. Even the boundary of the so called Malacca sultanate was hazy to say the least. There is actually claim that Malacca sultanate was ONLY a riverine serfdom happened to be exist at the right time & right location. When her time passed, she died, leaving minute traces of artifacts ONLY. That’s not the sign of an empire!

    [deleted]. The ... head could help to control the populace with the interested territory, saving them a lot of linguistic, religious & custom hassles. They had mastered such an act, from their experience in India. Add on with divide & rule, u get 9, so that there wasnt any particular one that would be powerful enough to challenge the Dominion later on. With perks & personal wellbeing, these 9 royal households played on.

    1of2 cont

  8. Anonymous10:56 am, December 18, 2013 wrote (with my editing):


    In fact, right in 1927, pendita Zaaba had this to said ‘mereka mewarisi beberapa tabiat perangai dan kebiasaan yang lemah dan rendah yang telah jadi lazim pada zaman nenek moyang dahulu kala itu, beratus ratus tahun lama nya mereka telah di perabdikan dan kena picit dan perah dan ramas di tangan pemetintah2 yang pada zaman dahulu itu-iaitu pemerintah2 daripada bangsa mereka sendiri.’

    In short, the agreement was NOT signed with equal parties. It was a show put up by the British colonial masters. What bilateral agreement r we talking about?

    Right from the beginning it’s already a one-sided affair – for the Dominion all the way. The sovereignty of the Malaya states were just a convenient & easy administrative tools.


    So, does such a one-sided 1948 agreement carries weight & should be honoured? The Malays should search their heart & answer this question truthfully!

    3)The citizenship of the Non-Malays used to be a touchy issue. There were quite a lot of them not born in the Malaya. But that include a lot of the Malays themselves too!

    If from (2) the sovereignty of the Malaya states is in question, then the 1948 agreement is in itself un-enforceable. Bcoz the issue of state citizenship was spurious & non-existence.

    The Merdeka Agreement that was signed 9 year later thus had no issue with the individual state citizenship – only the Malayan. & that right of conferring the Malayan citizenship lied with the British Dominion ONLY.

    So it’s ingenious of u to claim ‘And once one term of the agreement (1948) is violated there is nothing to stop whoever violates this agreement to also violate the other terms of the Agreement (Merdeka), in particular the part about the non-Malays being given citizenship.’

    Anyway, what right could Perkasa question the citizenship of the Non-Malays? Majority of the Non-Malays now r BORN in this land. Their citizenship is not up to anyone to question.

    4)WRT the position of the monarchy, which was made possible by the political play of the colonial masters via the 1948 agreement, we should look at it logically. [deleted] Moreover, how could one get successive benevolent rulers from a royal household? History has proven many times that power corrupts. ‘Raja adil raja disembah, raja zalim raja disanggah.’

    The universal equality of man/woman is the norm NOW.

    5)Finally about yr RM1 proposal for the royal households under the PR controls states, it’s just a masak-masak play. Anyone with more sense would say this as rubbish.

    RPK has lost his touch, same as the argument about ‘Judaism and Christianity have deviated from what the founders of these religions had originally intended. Judaism and Christianity are no longer a form of government like how they were when they first emerged. Islam, however, has held true to its course. And this is what non-Muslims cannot seem to comprehend.’

    A dogma, be it religious/custom/social, that could not progress to match the changing requirement of the modern time is doomed to failed. & most of the time before it failed it causes untold damages to all and sundries.

    Remember that!

  9. "RPK has lost his touch", "monarchy vs citizenship".

    i dun think so, it is common for most umno supporters to indulge in binary thinking, or pretend to be one to serve their master, rpk more likely the latter.

    1. HY,
      RPK is being full of himself. It's inherent in royalists. Come to think of it. French Kings were once extremely powderful but then the last King ended with his head chopped off

  10. If you do a proper analysis, in urban areas including Theresa kok, more than 2/3 of Malays did not vote for PR. See

    If DAP is sincere about attracting Malays, their leadership must reflect one. Look at the list of dap state leaders. How can a party which advocate Malaysian first has a system which only promotes the minority in this country. Dap ask bn and others to be multiracial but its leaders need not be. People see this hypocritical power play. And please if you call zairil Malay none of you should ever condemn Mahathir's roots. Zairil is a son by marriage to khir and has no Malay parentage. He is used by LGE as a Malay because of his chineseness. LGE plays this racial card all the times though he condemns others.

    1. Hahahaha! all the singapore melayus in those 3 melayu majority in 1959 GE supported UMNO. If Zairil is of a mixed parentage, what about Mahathir then? What did he write as his race in NUS registrar? Look at many of the UMNO faces including Reezal Merican and ABD. AZIZ BIN SHEIKH FADZIR. What language Fadzir used during the parliamentary debate?

    2. CB,

      Now yr twisted ketuanan has extended to Melayu Tulin ONLY.

      Bravo! Say that to the faces of those umno warlords, & tell them to fuck off since many of them r just Melayu palsu, acting Melayu terlampau melayu to camouflage their tireless grip of OUR money.

      Sound contradicting as in ' if you call zairil Malay none of you should ever condemn Mahathir's roots.'?

      CB, then why MUST demand that the DAP leadership must have Melayu? Malaysian, not good enough for u?

      In fact, if u care to explore the hidden agenda - the unwritten one that ANYTHING represents a hints of power/glory, the Melayu must be represented, even though THERE is limited-ability or many scavenger-type Melayu roaming around, trying to piggyback THIS theme for personal profit - u would have noticed that that mamak is the granddaddy of the act.

      Zairil, u condemned as Melayu palsu. Then, what about AK47? An umno leftover wannabe of limited capability?

      Dont said 'LGE plays this racial card all the times though he condemns others.' Perhaps, he has a good political model. Yes?

      U yrself has been playing this merry-go-round theme all over yr writings. Is it a form of ONLY I can play it, u cant? Who r u but a 'kucing kurap' umno cypertrooper, to say that.

      Ketuanan couples with monopolistic grip of ALL things?

      What a tongkat mentality, through & through!!

    3. Dear CBMF

      You amaze me with your selective racism. Thanks again for confirming my point. If you understand English I was chastising people who condemn Mahathir calling himself malay because of his half Indian parentage but promote zairil as Malay even though he has no Malay parentage at all. Anything Chinese is deemed as Malaysian but when others don't include Chinese its call racism. This is the sick mindset thinking others can't see this hypocrisy. An action is right or wrong depending on who does it and not what the action is. What sickening value these people have.

    4. CBMF,

      Dont u dearest me. I have no pet like u! Not even vermin.

      WRT english proficiency, obviously u r the malaysian-ised (or more correctly umno-ised) hp6.

      Let me teach u some reading skill - as in the paragraph of 'Sound contradicting as in ' if you call zairil Malay none of you should ever condemn Mahathir's roots.'?', together with the whole write-ups!

      I would have thought that CB, like u would have learn that skill form some of yr ulamas's consistent chant of 'dont interpret the Quran by its surat alone. Read the WHOLE chapter' mode of argument.

      Obviously u r no! No surprise on that, with yr shown writing caliber.

      As far as 'This is the sick mindset thinking others can't see this hypocrisy.', u r already on show, as in the spotlight, for playing it through & through.

      Still want to twist?

    5. CBMF

      Kahkahkah. Your out of point rambling to hide your racist nature doesn't work. People are not stupid and see it through. Thanks.

  11. Although I know the type of game Ellese is playing but then there is a certain element of truth in it. ANYWAY, THE DEVIL WILL ALWAYS INSERT SOME LEVEL TRUTH IN ORDER TO ADVOCATE THEIR CASE.

    For kaytee's pleasure

    3 Now the serpent was more crafty than any of the wild animals the Lord God had made. He said to the woman, “Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’?”


    2 The woman said to the serpent, “We may eat fruit from the trees in the garden, 3 but God did say, ‘You must not eat fruit from the tree that is in the middle of the garden, and you must not touch it, or you will die.’”

    4 “You will not certainly die,” the serpent said to the woman. 5 “For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”


    6 When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it. 7 Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves.

    8 Then the man and his wife heard the sound of the Lord God as he was walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and they hid from the Lord God among the trees of the garden. 9 But the Lord God called to the man, “Where are you?”

    10 He answered, “I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid.”

    11 And he said, “Who tol

  12. This is a very interesting dig

    It seems that DAP at the very early stage sprung surprise on UMNO. Is that why UMNO so afraid of DAP more than any political parties including PKR? Perhaps DAP just ike Gerakan can form government in negeri sembilan

  13. DAP is not the answer to Malaysia's woes. There are very few altruistic politicians or that matter leaders around. LGE's biggest problem is EGO.

    "The ‘rakyat’ of Malaysia in reality is a subject of a neo-feudalism. Martha K. Huggins quoted ‘A primary characteristic of neo-feudalism is that individuals’ public lives are increasingly governed by business corporations’. Echoing on that quote, our life is dictated by the interest of corporations and politicians. The business corporations that invest millions in politics shape the direction of the county. It is not the votes that matters, it’s the millions.

    We are such fools to believe that we have the power to change the political landscape. Our primary role in the neo-feudalism is to work for the sustainability of the system and ‘donate’ our income in name of tax for the benefit of corporations and politicians. The taxation system is part of neo-feudalism ploy to keep the upper class richer." Natesan Vishu, "Oh! Malaysia"

    Can we dispute this view? If not, then flaming Malaysian problem along racial lines will make it worst. For Zairal, its a DAP game but for Ridhuan Tee, he is a champion along Perkasa. If truth be told, many Malays are having a good laugh at Ridhuan. At least they got one thing right about the Chinese... willing even to sell their mothers.

    But the issue isn't about who is Malay, Chinese or Indian but the state of affairs. Last time counting, prices will rise in 7 key areas and GST wil cover what is not already covered, even death! Next hit will be rice subsidies since Malaysia's output is below required consumption. Thai imports will not be subsidize.

    Knifes from certain connected parties are out for the PM... suddenly the tide has changed with certain pro-UMNO bloggers. Then resources are being poured into other bloggers to defend and shield the PM. Ellese, if you still think DAP is a problem, then you are one like so many others that are brainwashed by people like Ms. Muppet. DAP is a problem but the least of our problems. The predominant ethnic group needs to get their mojo going & corrected and not follow neo-feudalism, Perkasa and other crackpots like pseudo-RT.

    1. Hahahaha! LGE got EGO issue. Then what about Anwar? Kaytee can explain in one long thesis. Huh, who is flaming along racial lines then? LGE?

      Good! Good! Neo Feudalism. What's your solution? Shall we have an anarcho-syndicalist society as promoted by Hisham Rais? That means RPK would be kaput. To know this

    2. Didn't realise you responded. Your reading of the Malays are wrong. For example they respect Ridhuan tee.
      DAP approach is a major problem to our social construct. Its not the least of the problem. Its arrogant aggressive double face approach left many resentments and are pushing Malay more to the right and become more aggressive. Of course bn has its fair share of blame but denying dap hatred approach to the equation will not solve it. Weved become more polarize and racist. LGE cannot call everything non Chinese as racist but defend purely Chinese play like DZJ as Malaysian. As a result of this we get many Chinese on one side of the fence not willing to give and take thinking they own Malaysia. Isn't this the same thing they complain about the Umno. Too much shit for social conciliation.

    3. You speak of our present day social construct. Where is its genesis? DAP has been around for donkey years since Merdeka. So are we saying they have evolved? DAP was around when Malaysians still sat in coffee shops & mingled. There were venacular schools even then, so we cannot blame polarization to the schools.

      But having said that, yes DAP version 3 has changed from the days of Patto, V David, Lee Lam Thye, Fan Yew Teng etc...

      However, after May 13, the government emphasize the whole concept of Rukun Negara similar to Indonesia's Pancasila. Malaysia's turning point was Mahathir's appointment of Anwar. In order to neutralize PAS, Anwar was let loose (the new element being religion besides race). The rest is history. If Tun had only kept Musa Hitam or for that matter handled KuLi much better, than history would have been different - especially in your so called social construct.

      Secondly, the present government does not know how to handle the digital age well. Its a forgone conclusion that the genie of globalization can't be put back into the bottle. Therefore, the release of propaganda whether paid or otherwise should be controlled.

      During Tun's time, people will not make so blantant statements like Malays, Chinese, Indians are...... in a way, law restricted the free tongue. Therefore, Malaysia needs a racist law whether its applies to a LGE, Ms. Muppet, Papa Gomo, Alvivi, Perkasa, Hindraf or RT. Pancasila is still the golden rule in governing Indonesia's 300 million people compared to Malaysia's miniscule 27 million.

      As for RT, we can leave that to another day but a short note.... its only your opinion but think the Straits Baba & Nyonya that can't speak Chinese and adopt the adat, the treatment of early converts under Tunku, those adopted and those that try to ultra everybody else. I think you get it.

      A Najib isn't a Tun and as for the media & marketing, he isn't savvy enough (Gangnam, CNY greetings... he was duped by his consultants & former tourism minister). The Chinese can turn either way GE14 but if there is still a jaguh kampung (Anwar) who can still outshout the present or new UMNO leader, then...cest la vie... that's politics, the nature of the beast.

  14. Kaytee

    Helen Ang in number one in pointing out what she perceives as DAP 2 face behaviours, lies, racist, evangelist, red bean troll, LGE, Hannah Yeoh obsession, now Regina Lee fetish. Jerusubang Scissorati

    What the fuck is wrong with her? Are we missing something that DAP have done to her?

    1. Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet
      Eating her curds and whey,
      Along came a sweetie DAPster,
      Who was more beautiful than her
      And pissed Miss Muffet up to this day.

    2. unbelievable shallow!

    3. should be 'unbelievably shallow' and not 'unbelievable shallow', wakakaka

      maybe 3rd time lucky as "all good things come in threes (not trees)" wakakaka

    4. Thanks, but still shallow right?

    5. but if your Yinglish is so bad, would you know the very meaning of 'shallow', a word which incidentally describes what you want to describe, in a highly subjective manner, wakakaka

    6. i express my opinion wrt yr writes, i never claim my view is objective, n of course u n everyone here could draw a different view, what's the problem? it seem excellent eng never lead one to become a better reader, or listener, but more likely a grammer checker. pity. n shallow.

    7. Newton's 3rd Law ler, wakakaka

  15. Hello Anonymous

    Why is miss muppett behaving like this. What's her beef?


  16. Kaytee - you ultimate teaser!!!

    Pray tell . Who is the sweetie DAPster- any hints please? The suspense is killing me.


    1. wakakaka, my lips are sealed lah

    2. No need to crack yr head over this simple KT quadrant. All one has to do is to track the most talked-about sweeties Dapster in Ms muppet's blog.

      Ever heard of the phrase that used to describe the human opposite sex!

      That's one reason that packed her in the same rank as that Melayu wannabe - rT.

      The other reason is simply by the fact that she had just celebrate her 3M visitor mark. An envy that would put KT hard to emulate, with the only hindrance that KT is a Penangkia of higher (?) stuff.

      Sexes is NOT the issue here, as there is strong indication that another male Penangkia would go her way if he couldnt resist the reward of money (like that despicable sell-yr-mother rT), plus that fame of hitting well-ringing blog marker!

      The umno right-wingers would keep her blog busy. All u have to do is just avoid that site like plague. Eventually, the choir would be silenced, as there could only be that much of songs one could sing within that group. It would die/half dead just like that infamous deminegara. Zero effort needed!

    3. I'm very happy for her 3M. I achieved my first M years ago, on a night which I shared with a sweetie who did the footwork for me and identified that my 1000000th visitor was from Kuching ;-)

      Alas, in the new version, the original sitemeter I had on my blog(s) was disabled by which has its own sitemeter, so I have lost track of my total number of visitors since I started KTemoc Konsiders, other than I passed my 1.6 M

    4. just as an exercise of interest, I checked that logged KTemoc Konsiders' total page views as 1,622,704 (since started the tallying of my blog), which if added to my earlier sitemeter tally (before took over tallying) of >1.6 M means I have >3.2 M visitors. But I wonder whether's 'page views' would be the same as the earlier sitemeter's 'visitors'?